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1st time watercooling.
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Push/pull set up.
A7V333 and 3 sticks of ram!
rheostat knobs
my very first attempt at casemod
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folding ???
What heatsink is best for a 2.26b processor?
Suck or blow?
URGENT - > Windows XP Users..
Conductive Greese or Silver Laquer?
Turning a Temp. controlled PSU into manually controlled?
maximum limits of overclocking
A source for copper and aluminum locally
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Rounded cables all the same?(copper braided)
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PICS of my awsome water cooling system (and rig)
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Swiftech MCX478
dust proofing
Huh!? What the HECK!
Clear case, better cooling?
Sufficient Heatsink?
AMD Athlon XP 1800+
Vapochill Mod (remove heat pads)
swiftech waterblock experience
WOW...temps are down 10 degrees already
Need a heatsink quick!
PICS! Of my water
Best P4 Cooler
j/w what a good temp is for a cpu and a mo bo?
MBM5 and TT Active Memory
anyone replace KT3 ULTRA HSF on northbridge? I need to!
i dont know what the problem is....
Do Asus boards really read higher?
Finally started building my blocks
Which is the best waterblock?
Problem with thermaltake volcano 7 HSF
Ghetto case cooling...
Pelting the C3
Would a Crorb be better then the 9700 stock cooling?
Best 120mm Fan ?
Check this cpu fan out. (pic)
hows this
Best heatsink/fan for P4 2.53
-MAX478 compatible with ASUS P4T533 ??
How to mod fan voltage?
i need help please
Not sure where to post? 3pin molex connectors
need advice on hsf
NewEgg bargain cooler?
Wow... thats odd...
2 CPUs - 8 different temps!!??!?
Can/Should I under volt my MB
Will this cooling solution work?
Need advice on case kooling (koolance)
quietest 120mm fan
Water block shootout with the big dogs!!
Info on Spir@l problem with Poly Top cracking
H2O Cooler Users Here.
sk6 with weak fan?
READ READ There are much better stuff for heatsinks than copper!!
OC help
peltier setup
I need a severe lesson in Peltiers.
Things needed before setting up Prometeia?
Hoot ! 1/5 divisor question ?
Mr. Natural Bios
How to make a 486 run at almost 9000MHZ
Is my design feasible?
Any OC.com Member make waterblocks?
Some questions
Anyone heard of this watercooling company?
Help filling Swifty H2O-8500
Eheim 1048. Good deal or ?
Watercooled, cannot overclock 1%
watercooling help
PSU reccomendation
distilled water in contact with air
120 mm noise
Links needed ->science project
Water Cooling ??? Price ???
cheap watercooling
Radiator suggestions?
Water cooling NOT HELPING?
Prometeia Problems
Rip Ttgi 520 Watt
Arctic Silver III thermal compound, TWO 80mm case fans for $8
Actualy Increasing CPU Speed
Rubber Foam = Silence?
Which MB with nForce2 Ultra 400
will PCI Express change the ATX form factor?
c02, n02
The Top Of The Line Parts For A PC?
which version has better potential for overclocking?
My total immersion plans...
What is your method of connecting wires?
need vendor that doesn't overcharge for shipping a fan
Screen Shots
Liquid cooling
Best Place to put Heater Core?
Where to find SP94 heatsink
Fans info
Fans in U.K.
where to buy SP-94..
Good Case ---- Your opinion is Needed
best water-cooling kit/case?
Hummer and Airplane Picture
Panaflo Fans
water cooling prices and suggestions?
Vendor reccommendation needed....
Make Shift Water Cooling
can anyone help me?
Best Kit's?
The P4 stock cooler mod?
Anyone make cheaper prommies?
Cooling system on Ebay
AS5 lost in the mail?
could a D4 pump handle all this?
Custom water chiller 150$ !!!
where can I buy glacialtech silent breeze in USA?
Need advice on PSU
Poll: Zalman Reserator Temps...Post them in, please.
Want to get into water cooling?
Thermaltake Aquarius II question
50c temps with water
The ultimate Chiller
Need some advice
Pelt cooler experiment (pics)
Barton 2500+
Water boiling point
dual processor
WC rig in testing phase - Need help
p4 30cap
Thermalright's customer service is messed up!!!
ok so i blew up my psu... is there anything else it'll take with it?
My Dream Machine Finally Finished *PIX*
How Can I Do This?
Electrical engineer questions ASAP
Cutting through 1mm thick steel
cutting through the metal
What rad can fit 3x120mm fans?
Radiator placement
Water Wetter or other mixtures?
Fast Reply please
Where could I get a Glaciator!!! for CHEAP!!
Method for cutting blowholes.
need more voltage
What's so special about MPs?
Best H2) rig/case mod ever
this has got to be the sexiest thing i've ever seen
ASUS A7V266-E & Alpha PAL8045
Need help with an Avatar
How do I get in touch with the people at overclock-watercool.com?
Why can't I connect to Millenium Thermals website
Need help...
Aluminum Case
Problems ordering from Danger Den
Which Motherboard to get
best place? fast responce plzz!
4pin Molex Tailed Peltiers, where?
what card to get???
Help! Computer won't recognize HD
Fanless PSU?
overclocking 1.4 athlon
program called toast? what is it
Know any good cooling webshops.....
what type of mushkin memory do i get for my mobo? need responce quick.
different overclocking between os's?
Why r there holes in my case frame?
How many people have done Hoot's 5v trick?
Our friends at Newegg
antec powersupply
Can you bridge power supplies?
what site to order from?
Parts to Order
what spare time can yield
enermax 651 + 156w pelt...
I know this aint coolin but i need a quick response. HELP!!
Help ME!! Overclock!
Need inputs on this case. Lian-Li 15 bays
Is my motherboard holding me back?
burn-in proggies
Thermaltake CL-P0024
TT120 fan question...
Streaching the budget
$20 for a 5C decrease in temps
Zalman VF 1000
Final decision, which one?
Arctic Web cooler back on the market
themalright mosfet cooler
Just bought TT Big Typ VX & AS5; need advice on break-in period
Opinions on these two setups for quietness
Quietest Cooling Method
ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 what do u think?
heatpipe chipset coolers
Some advice please
CPU Heatsink Doesn't Get Hot! Please HELP!
Fan controller for super Delta fans?
Anyone running 2 HR-03 Plus on SLI 8800 please post pics ...
Where to get molex to 3-pin adapter?
Fans and Rheobus question: Working as intended?
Which heatsink for E6600 ?
Help with a VGA Heatsink install.(it's not actually compatible)
New Q6600 G0 Stepping cooling
Low Delta between idle and load temps generally equals a good mount right?
Finished my new build! Please look at temps
Question About Cooling for my BRAND NEW system
Monsoon II lite and other TEC coolers
Help with my mini ninja...
Thermal compounds: which is best?
Arctic MX-2 paste
40C idle 60C load - is that a high delta?
After Market 8800GTS Cooling Options ..
New forms of CPU cooling??
Zalman 9700 vs Thermalright Ultra 120
Help me cool my EVGA nVidia 680i LT A1 chipsets!
Improving the stock 8800 cooler.
SilenX strikes again
How-To Apply Arctic Silver Products
Tiny wind engines
Tuniq Tower 120 50C Idle! WTF
How can I lap my AC Freezer 7 Pro?
Do you Lap the CPU or just the HS?
Accurate cpu temp program?
8800 cooling, (280? Watt monster)
how does Thermalright IFX-14 Heatsink work
Does AS5 go bad?
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme fan clips
Where to find 775 backplate in the UK?
8800 regular temps?
Thermalright Ultima90 is out.
Best method of cooling my new pc
Better way to secure Big Typhoon VX?
The Tuniq Moves!
Question about the Antec 900..
Building a new Foxconn / AMD 5600+...
Thermalright Ultra 120E and ABit IP35 pro
how do i get into the bios
CPU Heatsink Opinion question
Safe Core 2 Core Temps
Looking for a brick and mortar in CT
Beer Cooled PC
Tt Big Typhoon, qx6700 woes
Lapping the TR-120Extreme Necessary?
Heatsink on right? / Temp ?'s help appreciated
HR-01+ vs Ultra120E and XIGMATEK HDT-S963
does arctic silver expire?
PCI/PCI-E slot covers
Best Air Cooler 4 q6600
Another backside cooling brought to you by ThermalRight
Ghetto mount needed for NB fan
Thermalright ultra 120 exteme fit in case?
680i SLI NB/SB idea.....
Vantec ThermoFlow Fan Question
quiet CPU cooling for HTPC
Should Infinity fins be hot
Official "I lapped my stuff and didn't take any pics" thread! ;)
Scythe Ninja Plus Fan Question
Hmm quick question.
Are there any fans that I need to reverse?
Noob Lapping GeminII
how does my air flow design look?
Question about fan placement
E6600 cooling issues Please Help
Hooking up case fans help
Just recieved cooling supplies; what now?
Help a Newb figure out cooling for a Q6600 G0 Stepping
Fan Clearance?
Thermalright U-120 Extreme - movement when mounted
Temp monitoring for vista 64 and e6750??
P180 Stock Fans
Coollaboratory making a new metal TIM
Need chipset cooler 8800GTS + A8N-SLI DLX
Which temp should I go by
Best air cooler for my 7900GS?
20cm fans and larger - king of the hill?
Arctic Cooling Accelero X1
Opteron woes
quick question: best vga cooler for 8800gts?
How do you know if watercooling kit fits ?
Whats your Intel LGA775 stock HSF base made from ? Copper or Aluminium ?
What to do with old HSF?
Fit - hard to find answer!
Lapped Ultra 120 Extreme Pic
OCZ Vindicator Or Scythe Ninja
This should keep my PC65b chilly, right?
how do people measure their ambient temps?
Quick review.Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX
Zalman thermal paste question
Fan Direction/Placement
RAMSinks for 7900GS
Why is my 8800gts not getting any cooler?
Good 120 mm fan for heatsink.
Putting together new build
How often do you need to re-apply arctic silver 5
Deltas or Yates?
q6600 - 44C idle
first time lapper, got some questions
Scientists convert processor heat back to electricity
Does my hard drive need a fan directed at it?
Zalman Multi Fan Speed Controller ZM-MFC2
Good CPU cooler for a Q Pack case.
anyone know where i can find the serial numbers for the vf700 and arctic freezer 7?
Thermalright V2 GPU Cooler anybody?
Please help me identify this fan connector...
Tuniq TX-1???
Critique and comment on my case airflow
Crest - Refreshing Vanilla Mint!!
Ultra 120 Extreme Different Mount
Can't Change CPU fan speed :S
I need a lot of help with installing case fans.
changing thermal paste
Need Help Shopping
V1-Ultra; Simple mod for great temps!
Thermaltake Armor Jr. cooling solutions
Need Help With Air Cirulation
Cooling Concerns...
Cooling the Mobo's fets.
IFX-14, my review
q6600's stock cooler
Good fan for ultra-120 Etreme
Fan silencer Pads
Ultra 120 Extreme Mounting
mounting issues and fixing them
Should I remove ram heatsinks' TIMs before applying ceramique?
4 years old MX-1?
Delta FFB1212EH 120x25mm High Speed
wats this crazy talk about using a cpu cooler for the x1950xt?
packing thermowell with what: increase response time
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme purchase location?
Tuniq Tower 120 rant
umm.. HOT MUCH??? 75*C+
Best thermal tape?
Stock HDF Overclocking...
best cooler for:
quick question bout gemini & sonata III
quick question - how to apply as5 on gpu?
Pintable Fan Templates
Anyone on here have the Lian Li PC 61 case?
Chipset cooling options for XFX 650i Ultra board?
CUTTING a 140MM fan to make it thinner?
temp monitor
Anyone used a "Room Air Purifier" to help with computer dust?
Who stores their Arctic Silver in the fridge?
ultra 120 extreme in armor
Uh... bent pins.
Will ultra120-ex fit in sonatta 2?
NOCTUA NH-U12F with 2 Fans? Anyone?
HR-03 fan mount
Ultra 120 Extreme - Advice needed.
A nublet to temperatures enquires about his e6400.
Good oil for fans?
Is it Possible to Keep Dust Out by Using Lots of High CFM Fans?
Tuniq tower with different fan...?
Thermalright IFX-14 Released
Could someone explain to me on why my temps are so darn high Ultra 120 - extreme
Tuniq Tower +Q6600?
AMD->Intel Cooler
Need help on this PWM case fan! Please...
Temporary gluing/attaching a fan?
Help me pick a thermal tape
Need a notebook cooler.
how i gods name can you cool a gx2
Need help replacing stock 8800gts heatsinks
Making water cooling changes for q6600
Shin-Etsu Thermal Pads
Got any ideas for intake fan mods?
controller for tornadoes
Problem removing the Scythe Infinity
TT Big Typhoon good enough for E2160 OC?
SEI fans...
New case with good cooling + CPU cooling
Is it water or air cooling??? Thermaltake CL-W0037 - it cant decide
?? Ultra 120 with two fans ??
Is this possible...
Need a fan controller
How good are the stock fans on Thermaltake Armor?
Peltier or Water for Q6600
Do I need two or one HS for my AMD & upgrade system?
CPU shut itself down after too much heat?
In praise of the Zalman 9700
Die temp or socket temp?
For those who tried sharkoon fans, please post here
15C drop with new Thermalright Ultra 90!!
Fans in my stacker 810
Cases / Fan - Newb Question
And Idea for a really cool advanced fan controller... does it exist?
AM2 Heatsink for HTPC case
vantac tornado
The BEST performing thermal compound as of 7/17/07
Ultra 120 extreme + lapping + Coollaboratory Liquid Pro thermal paste = no go right?
Tuniq 120
Accelero S1 Accident. Oops!
Help with cooling plz.
DANG Dang Dang... my 120 Extreem does not fit
need a special hs.. help
Ultra simple fan controller....anyone can do it.
THE BEST performing Heatsink as of 7/15/07
Zalman ZM-MFC2 question
CPU Idling at 43* c
AC MX-2 Paste outperforms AS-5.
looking for heatsink/fan
AS 5 or white stuff that came with Thermalright CPU Heatsink?
CPU cooler question...Thermalright Ultra 90.
Will fans on the backplate side of a case work?
Need some advice
problem with zerotherm x815 gamer edition for 1900xtx
Thermalright HR-01-775 with orange fanduct in Europe?
xbitlabs.com: Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme vs. Super Coolers
Need help with GPU temps
6800GT: Zalman VF900Cu or Thermalright HR-03 Rev A?
Need fan recommendation for Thermalright HS...
Hard drive cooling advice?
My Thermalright HR-03 Plus Experience
Q6600 + big typoon
OK OC heatsink roundup is a bit out of date.
HS for AM2 that doesnt require stock mount
Cooling Dell Precision 650 dual 3GHz Xeons
Will it fit?
140mm fans... No selection :(
Those Ultra 120s really work...impressive!
Advice on GPU cooling
International Shipping?
HR-03 Plus compatibility with Ultra 120 Extreme
The Zalman 9700
New HS Worried about Temps
Intel® ALCT for QX6800, wondering how good is it compared to highend air HSF ?
One more how're my temps thread [tr u120x]
Just got some Arcticlean and arcticleanse!
Need your help, Looking for a 120mm Fan 1200RPM - to 3500RPM + evga 680i thermal
Taking off the heatsink from the processor...
XP-120 AM2 Compatable?
CPU fan recommandations
Temperature Monitor program
topless with a big typhoon troubles
Fanmate 2
7600 GT reaches 79c Whilst gaming
Cleaning a finned heatsink
Asus Silent Knight Compatibility
Is It Safe To Do This To Cool My 6600GT
Need Help Quick!
Thermalright Ultra Extreme and Swiftech Apogee
Does e4300 Need After-Market Fan for Mild OC?
Watercooling Just for my GPU
I need a good fan contoller.
e6600 Question about my temps.