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Cooling with Air: HSF and flow opinions needed.
Why are my temps so darn high?
Idea to cool p5w dh North Bridge..
Best Memory cooler?
Review: Scythe Infinity vs. Mod'd Zalman 9500
need help with tuniq tower 120
Can I fit the stock Socket 939 cooler onto Socket A?
anyone have this fan controller ?
**Guide**P5W-DH Cooling Mod (Pics)
High MB temp..
TT 120 not as good as Zalman 9500
Thermalright HR-01-775 and Sidewinder
E6600 + AS5 + Tuniq + 25cm Fan = Good?
another fan question
2 fans push pull
Which is the best thermal paste?
Scythe Infinity vs. Mod'd Zalman (also, a future ducting project)
New system running too hot ??
new chipset cooler dual heatpipes
Tiger K8WE Coolers
Blue Orb II and e6600
Opty 165 & Ultra 120
San Ace 120mm Fan
wait this cant be right....
"CPU Fan has Failed"
Where can I get plain heat pipes?
VapoChill Micro...relatively new concept to me personally
Tuniq tower backplate
When attaching temp probes...
8800gts COOLIN MOD!
Peltier Help
Scythe Infinity Ultra 120 VS HR-01 VS TUNIQ Tower 120
CM fujin ? u guys see this ?
Which memory cooler
Powercolor X1950 Pro/XT with Passive Cooler
Scythe Infinity Ultra 120 Mod....
Info on Noctua fans
Tt Big Typhoon, VX, Sonic Tower or Katana any user could help?
will these fit a scythe infinity?
Tuniq 120 + P5W DH Dlx
Need help attaching Panaflo to XP-90!
Cooling for an ancient CPU
Advise : case selection
Mounting AMD heat pipe
Skythe Ninja -- beware!
Question about TR SI-128 performance.
Help for a cooler?
Cpu Cooling Fan
so i finally decided to see what my northwood puts out
What Features Would YOU Like to Have In a LCD Fan Controller?
NEW HEATSINK!!! Scythe SCASM-1000, Post Reviews here!!!
Anyone Know of a Ninja CPU Cooler
Looking for a good air filter
Where can I get these?
Tuniq Tower Mounting Question
Laptop Vid Card over 110c
Vantec Stealth
help getting laptop cooler
I want the best Fan/heatsink i can get for AM2
argh, power supply cooling!
Pulse Width Modulator Heatwave
40+ heatsinks compared
Oil cooling....
tower heatsink vs. ...classic(?) heatskink
Northbridge HSF for p5b (not Deluxe)
Please help me organize my fan placement
Core 0 = fine, core 1 != fine
P5B-E plus and Noctua NH-U9 ?
What to do, what to do?
Quad Core = Water Cooling?
fan cooling all but 1 drive
Intel D945PPR Motherboard monitor
Heatsink weight
Temperature Sensor Placement
Please help me overclock X6800
2 questions in one tread
*Pics* The Engineering of a Heatpipe Heatsink...
hey everbody, do i have to keep my windows open?
Flush mount fan controller...4 Pin
120mm PSU fan has recently become loud
Low profile and easy to install
Northbridge cooling
cooling gpu's
I need a fan controller...
Can Tuniq Tower save my cpu?
ideal tuniq temp at 3ghz
need some help
how good is the MiniTyp 90
Newbie to the forums
Will this mess up temps?
Needs suggestion
Thermaltake A2018: Slow it down!
Most conductive metal that can be melted with torche?
Ultra 120 + Yate Loon(s)
Tuniq Info....
DIY Fan Switch
Which heatsink would gain the most from this?
Tuniq Tower and TT Armor case w/ side fan - does it fit?
Tuniq Tower 120
Oc'ing old rig
whats a good cube type case?
Looking For A AMD 939 (Really) Low Noise Cooler
which way to mount xp90
TEC + Tuniq/Ultra 120/etc..
Speaker In PC = Zero Noise
silver 5 compound
what is the best 120mm fan for a heatsink?
TT Armor 90mm fans?
Zalamn cnps 9500 AM2
Socket A HSF??
Good Fan Controller?
AMD 64 3000+ Quiet fan cooler?
Best Active Air Cooling out so far?
cheap heatsink for pentium 820D
Northbridge love!
Busted one of the clips on Intel 6300 HSF! Where to get new one?
Any decent 120mm led fans?
HDD Cooling needed?
3.5" fan controlers that will completly shut off the fan?
Heat Pipes and Reverse ATX case
3 fan control mod
Ahhh, winter near the Gulf of Mexico ... (E6400 @4.0ghz)
Why i love Wisconsin in the winter.
Any PCI Fan controllers?
How to make the Tuniq Tower compatible with Am2
Question for Lian-li 1000 plus II owners
standoff for retention bracket?
recommend thermal paste
SPCR Roundup of 120mm fans
XP90c with a fan just as good as a tuniq?
Xp-120 Good For E6600?
zalman connector mod
Different Temperatures - which one is right?
Fan Duct problem
High Ambient Temps
CPU Fan?
AMD's recommendation for TIM
which fan for tuniq tower 120
Trusted fan manufacturers
HR-05-SLI, fan or no fan
P180 vs Cooler Master Praetorian Vs Lian Li PC-7b II Plus
where is the tuniq tower available?
fan controller to control for 8-9 x 120s
Fans running slow on Gigabyte DS3.
Celeron running hot need advices
Scythe Ninja Plus Rev B CPU Cooler
Tuniq Tower Question...
coolermaster mars cooling unit
Better 6800GT cooler - must fit with adjacent PCI slot in use
CNPS9700 LED or Scythe Ninja?
CPU not seated perfectly due to mobo, is there a fix for this?
thermalright ultra 120 or turing tower?
Need a cheap 120mm fan
Northbriged chipset cooler
Advice on Airflow
Is it just me or is there NOT that much airflow trough the tuniq tower?
Zalman cooler does not fit on AM2 board even though it supports 940 socket
New Builder Radiator Install
small heatsink for 775?
80mm case fans Quite>CFM
high performance cpu fan!
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro with....
Looking for a good temp sensor.
CPU Cooling for celeron 331
Aftermarket graphics card cooling?
Is a Delta FFB1212VHE supposed to be *this* loud?
Jing Ting Chipset Installation...
Need a new cpu heatsink for socket A
DigitalDoc 5+ and Yate Loons 140mm
Successful air duct install - my short story
Cooling Newbie
Cleaning off thermal compound.
Just Noticed Something Odd!
What are Good 80mm Fan these Days?
C2D and Hyper48
Good quiet heatsink for Ultra Microfly?
Hyper 48 and AMD socket 939
Corsair's New RAMsinks on Dominator Series (DHX)
Thermalright Chill Factor Thermal Compound
This doesn't make sense...
whats a good chipset cooler.
Air Cooling Results With Thermaltake Armor Side Panel w/250mm Blower
I need a quiet, good performing low profile fan...
How to get heatsink backplates off?
Need to unmount CPU before replacing thermal grease?
Mounting Big typhoon on naked CPU
best peformance!
MasterCooler Eclipse Air Cooler
1+1 = 2? two fans slapped together
Interesting fan article on SPCR
Can you have a fan shoot air into another?
Which one to go for...?
Need suggestions on ideas of cooling this microatx desktop case
Am2 cooler on a lga775 mobo !!!
Tuniq on A8N-E
aqua gate mini 120
Mounting intake fan in a tricky spot
What Case Has the Best Airflow?
Heatsink that fits Lian-Li v600B?
Help... Thermalright Ultra-120... now not posting
intresting find: Vortex Tube
The new Zalman 9700 vs. Thermalright Ultra-120
Difference between CPU diode and socket temp
what's the top HSF for socket 939/940?
AM2 CPU Cooler, What is the best for overclocking?
Recommend me some fans please.
Air flow question.
suggestions for CM Stacker-T01
Tuniq Tower in Antec case?
Was mounting tuniq tower and of all thing, the screw broke!!!
Lapping Stock X2 Heatpipe Cooler
Thermalright xp120 hitting Ram
What is the best silent fans?
Convection & surface structure
Temps question
Nocta or Tuniq Tower?
Review : Thermalright HR-03 on X1800XT 512MB
Help me with proper airflow..
extra heat sinks
My Jing Ting Active Chipset Cooler review with install.
xp 90 fan
Best heatsink for a Conroe E6600 in a Lian Li 60PlusW
Will all this fit on my motherboard?
Thermalright Ultra 120 results
5.25 Bay Fan Mounting
thermalright vs. AS5 paste
Some general temp questions..
Help on changing my cooling solution...
Heatspreader - is it worth?
cooler master mars
VapoChill products?
Tuniq Tower at XPCgear.com
about to change 80mm psu fans
I have my tower standing up, will the Tuniq Tower 120 be to heavy?
Need advice for a 70mm fan only
thermalright xp-120c enough to cool c2d?
Sunbeam fan controller hot to touch?
Sunbeam Theta Fan controller Problem
Slowing down PSU fan without voiding Warranty
Possible to control a fan this way?
Thinking of going to air cooling.
Calling all Sytrin KuFormula VF1/PLus Owners
*NEW* ASUS Silent Knight
sunbeam rheobus remove leds?
what do I need to get to 3.2ghz stable, with good temps?
SPCR's Fan Testing Methodology
G80 cooling with HR-03
Aftermarket Northbridge Cooler?
Too Much or Just Very Hot
ThermalTake Big Typhoon?
enz660's Acoustic Foam experiences + Asus Vento Cooling Mods
Vapochill Micro Opinions
Fan Comparison: Scythe S-Flex vs. Thermaltake Thunderblade
Antec P180 vs. Antec Nine Hundred?
Temperature Conflict
GIGABYTE GA-965P-DQ6 Socket T (LGA 775) and cooling quiery
Modding a 939 HSF for Pentium 775?
Need help on a SI-128 on Gigabyte mobo
Keeping hair/dust out of case
Passive Air, Suggestion Please
P5B Deluxe + Ultra 120 + HR-05 - possible?
no thermal paste? what should i do!
1200mm High cfm, low noise?
HR-05-SLI Motherboard Clearance
So what's the story on weight/size?
only a heatsink on a northbridge possible?
Best air cooler..?
Big Idea
heat sink and fan for 4800+
Best Non-Tower Heatsink
Whats a QUIET C2D cooler for a desent price.
Cleaning thermal paste from the CPU?
Heatsink/Cooler for ATI x1900xt card?
Some zalman vf700-cu questions
Air conditioned Computer
Hooray Denki! (pics)
I want to sand/lap my heatsink - but I'm scared
i think i may have a problem!!
Thinking of putting my Case in my window
New Zalman 9700.
coolng failure
24V fans
ZALMAN CNPS9500 installation tips....
ramsink. akasa brand?
freezer 7 pro and 120mm fans
freezer 7 pro
Good airflow (kinda quiet) 120mm LED case fans?
ZALMAN CNPS 9500 AM2 Mobo Support
Removing HD cage for 120mm fan? Question
Heatsink News....anything?
most annoying fan problem ever
Air Cooling for e6600
Need fan for SI-128
need new heatsink
Chieftec Fan-Duct
AM2 cooler for Abit mobo
Silverston FM121 question
Noctua NH-U12F
Whats the RPM of panaflo fans??
A 6-baybus with 6 fans, a light (twin tubes) , & a gaming OC
Lapping modded Zalman & CPU - extra 5 degree drop.
Sentinel - Midtower Quad-SLI WC and Vapochill Project
Make sure your fans can spin....
Scythe Ninja + P180?
Temps going crazy
ECM fan?
Need quiet and efficient HS/F for moms computer
so, which cpu/mb temp util is right?
2 questions...
Anyone else kindof like their LOUD pc?
Water cooling for less noise
Laptop coolers - Do they work?
zalman ZM-MFC 1 LED problem
140mm + Fans?
e6300 idling at 42c w/ Scythe Infinity
Antazone gpu cooler review (im soo sorry for the delay)
ZalMAN9500_HaCK - Final Temp Results
3 High Performance HSF's
stacker heatsink
HS/F for an un-capped opty
When will they be here???
Triple Blade Deltas?
Best Socket A air cooling?
Is this a good cooling fan for a 3700+?
Buying the best watercooling system under $350...need help in selecting one???
Zalman 9500_HACK - fan mod cut 9 degrees!
SilentX fans - Junk or Godly?
Question on Core 2 Duo Heatsinks
120mm Fans: Yate loon or Pana Flo
upgrading the zalman resorator 1 plus with danger den equip???
Air cooling VS water cooling!!!!
any 120mm flexible cooling ducts?
zalman resorator 1plus vs. dangerden maze4? Please Help
upgradeing CPU heatsink fan
What silent cooler will fit on this?
The current system i am building
lapping: how to ensure heatskin contact?
Gigabyte North Bridge cooler needed?
case temps r horrible
anyway to make a XP 120 work with corsair XMs Pro ram on the NF4 Ultra D
AMD X2 4800 Stock Fan?
A8n-SLI DELUXE stock nb cooler
Video Card too hot?
Horrible Experence with MC14 Ramsinks!
Which TIM for my Liquid Cooling? AS5 or Ceramique
Thermalright's Top3 heatsinks review
Need some advice....
Highest on air?
Zalman CNPS9700
Ninja Plus Rev B Fan Connector Question
I need a Socket 939 Fan\Heatsink
7950GX2 NON water?
AC 64
my computer is over heating
Tuniq120 vs Ninja vs Ultra120 Madshrimps test results.
Scythe or Noctua?
core 2 duo which heatsink?
Amanda TEC?
is the zalman vf700-cu any good
PCI card doing its best Texas chainsaw massacer impression
Fanless heatsink for socket 370?
Temp Fluctuations on e6300
Slight Better cooling for LASY people 775
Best Heatsink & Fan For INTEL LGA775
Core 2 Duo OC Thermal Spec
Modding an Aero 7 Lite
Thermaltake BigTyphoon - $23.99 Free Shipping
Normal increase?
My blue LED fan
x2 3800 and coretemp
New CPU Core Temp software
System fan vs CPU fan
Can you put the thermal sensor under the proc?
Tt Hardcano 13 Troubles...
Is ths cpu cooler any good?
quick review of watercooling before purchase
2nd fan on ultra-120
AS5 vs. no-name
Good 939 cooling/not ungodly loud?
speedfan problem
Oh masters of Cooling I summon thee
CPU fan error???
Can I shut off the CPU fan?
5.5" Fan Controllers
Fan issues
Fan too good to be true?
Scythe Infinity vs. Ninja vs. Mine vs. Ultra 120. Max OC help.
WTF happened to my zalman 9500led
Metal polish vs Lapping?
Fan speed and Freezer 7 Question
Northbridge cooler
Ambient Temperatures High - Advice/Suggestions Appreciated
stock HS question
Negative air pressure VS Positive Air pressure
What Chipset Cooler to buy, Board has no through holes.
thermalright V1
Heatsink Modding DONE, HUGE improvment.
Best cooling for ASUS P5B-D...Thermalright Ultra-120 or Scythe Infinity?
New mount for heatsink...
To lap or not to lap or go H20
Temp Software
REVIEW Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro with PWM
REVIewed Aritic Cooling8L 12L fans
REVIEWED Accelero X1
Lapped e6600 + Heatsink Results + Zalman Super Thermal Paste
AM2 Temp Concern 58-60C?
Infinity, SI-128 or Ultra 120?
which fan?
Smart Fan Values
ASUS P5W DH Thermal Monitor...
Zalman 9500 vs. Stock on E6600?
Is this the Best/Quiet 80mm Cooling Fan
P5W DH Heatsinks on BTX Case
temps dont change when I up the voltage
Temp increases after Scythe Mine fan swap
Thermalright HR-03 - x1k Owners Rejoice!
Thermalright SI-128 on Neo2 Platinum?
Remove Big Typhoon Sponge?
Chipset cooling
How do I determine the cause of heat problems?
Should I be concerned about these temps?
120mm Fan reccomendation
Heres what I think!
Cooling IC's on the back if a 7900GT
Where to buy VGA heatsinks?
Lapping CPU, Heatsink, And using Zalman Super thermal Paste
Replacement for Tuniq Tower 120
Dead Fan?
754 HS help
CPU fan not stoping
CPU Fan, In or Out?
Burn, Baby! Burn!
Xclio 16 blade fans?
7800gt load temps
Excessive noise from Fujitsu-Siemens RX100 S3
look what i got in the mail today
Reaching Silent
Can you recommend Scythe Fans or an alternative?
Need a recommendation (video card cooling)
I need a good fan controller...
REVIEW: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro & C2D e6600 OC
AS5 for e6600 Stock Cooler?
Review: Scythe Ninja Plus on Dfi Ultra/X2 4400+ :)
***Carbon Nanotubes*** CPU Cooling
thermaltake sonic tower
Scythe Infinity: Mounting a Thick Fan
Sunbeam Rheobus works with 24W Delta (190cfm)?
airflow engineering
Fan header sensor cutoff
Cooling for 1900xtx
accelero x1. two thumbs up
Scythe Infinity In A P160
is isopropanol the same as ethanol?
Thermalright XP120 on X800GTO; Pics Inside.
Extreme air for conroe??
70mm fan recommendations
Help me choose...
Cooler Made for 7800GS
Can I mod a 3-pin 12V fan to 5V?
cheap mosfet cooling
Which temp should I look at?
HOLY HELL! Mainstream TEC Cooler FOR AMD and INTEL!!!!
cooldrive 6 Q
Which of these is better
What chip fan will fit in here? ~ pic
Looking for a very compact NB cooler. + ghetto cooling pics
Passively cooled 6200
will this work?
120mm fans
Redneck Cooling
Quiet 80mm case fan?
Help for Accelero 2
7900 gt heatsink
blue orb 2 question
Faulty XP-90 or underpowered fan?
artice freezer 64 pro next step up would be ?? need new cooler :)
Broken Retention bracket
Cooling question for non-o/clocked PC
Temperature concern
SI-120 on P5B Deluxe Mobo?
Stock Heatsink on P4 2.4B
Titan heatsinks?
Ionic cooling? 0db sounds good.
thinest 120mm fans
Amazing Turbine cooling!
best 120 fan for mounting onto thermalright120 heatsink
Does this blow or what?
Mini atx in car?
Help with Temp is this to high