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[HELP] Gaming Laptop Cooling Advice
Tuniq TIM Review
How are my temps? I7-950 48-55C
Hey guys i have a few questions for you pros
5870 Fan Replacement.
H100i - Do I have to use Corsair Link?
Tuniq vs Prolimatech Review
Current COOLING and PSU enough for my new Build?
new TIM
CM 212 Evo
Thermal paste bubbles? would appreciate some diagnosis!
scythe mugen 3
Best Cpu Cooler Rosewill Blackhawk Case
Sticky white thermal paste?
FANs: and my problem with them. [discussion]
Any way to paint a Noctua NF-F12?
Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo 2 thermal paste question
Coollaboratory Liquid MetalPad
Cooling questions
general fan question
APU Cooling (noise sensitive)
Arctic Accelero Mono Plus GPU Cooler Review
Asus HD7870 heat problem?
Need help cooling my pc
de-Lid the IB chip
Thermal Paste nowadays?
2nd CPU Fan Good or Gimmick...
Intel i5-3750k temps
Using 775 cooler for 1155
Controlling 2 pin Molex fans?
Temperatures too cold?
Motherboard not recognizing new 4-pin fan
Arctic Accelero L2 Plus GPU Cooler Review
New fans? New case? Both? Water cooling?
Fractal Arc Midi cooling
can someone recomend a cheap an reliable water cooler?
spot fan
Rosewill Challenger - Intake/Exhaust help!
Which of these cooling options
Indigo Extreme with Apogee Drive II
Computer Fan Controller Survey
bgears b-Blaster 140mm Case Fan
Had to RMA my H80.
Just ordered some GT15's.
GPU temp question
Scythe Grand Kama Cross rev B vibration
Most silent i7 3820 cooler
I'm Gonna Lose It! Help Me Decide on Fans!
So I got a Corsair H100I yesterday
Question about horizontal vs vertical Heatsink mount
CPU Fan Recommendation for CM Hyper212+?
Help me tweak my setup please!
S.O.S. I need assistance please.
How Hot should My CPU when Overclocking?
Please help me connect my fans !
GT AP 2150rpm fans ..... IN STOCK
Looking for a 120x120x??mm case fan
Looking for CPU Cooling suggestion.
diy fan controller question
aftermarket cooler for asus sabertooth x58.
Toshiba Satellite Fan Mod?
help me get the most out of my fans
I got a i7 2600k but I can't OC it!!! What cooling should I get?
Arctic Freezer 7 Pro rev2 or Arctic Freezer 64 pro
Improving CPU cooler performance
Water Cool Loop - Need Advice
How to remove push pin from heatsink?
Upgrading fans on a Noctua NH-D14
no more Scythe?
Z77-ITX compatible cooler?
Hyper 212+ included paste - any good?
Fans for Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO?
Arctic Freezer 7 Pro rev2 andi7 2600k
corsair h100???
HD6870x2 Cooling
H60 corsair upgrade
Thermal pad
What do you think about hybrid cooling?
corsair h80 in elite 310?
low noise 80mm fans any good ones?
i7 3770k overclocking
i7 3770k overclocking
What kind of cooler for gaming rig?
fix seized video card fan?
My temps have rose all of a sudden
Awesome new air cooler technology
Lubing old fans
PWM splitting versus fan controller
Cooling AGPs that normaly dont have heatsinks
Best Air Cooling for 1366?
isopropyl alcohol percent
[OMG]Disturbingly hot laptop
Can my fan controller handle these fans?
help sleeving and replacing connectors
regular heatsink vs corsair h60
Which one is correct
Best way to clean case fans?
Time to choose a fan(s).
PWM fans
Fan Controller Question
Cooling a AMD Phenom II X4
Stock HSF Cooler for 3570K - OK for Stock Speed?
What is the best 240 radiator?
Corsair H60 vs H70
Placement for probs
First Amd build need heatsink advice
Where to buy 7970 copper spacer?
Airflow Questions
Rosewill Challenger cooling ideas
CPU Fan Control Options (Automatic Mode)
Zalman CNPS20LQ CPU Cooler - ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe mobo problem
Should i match fan speed?
Quick Question... CM 212 EVO w/Xeons
Alternative 40x40x10 24v fan
PS3 cooling? waterblock vs. submerged?
AMD fx 6100 3.3Ghz and CM 212 Evo Combo
Need assistance w/ PWM controller + a certain fan - Delta PFC1212DE PWM 3.24
Help finding a component
Tips for a New Build!
Cooler Master V6 vs. Xigmatek Dark knight
Are my temps okay?
Fan- What speed is ideal
120mm fan recommendation
Opinions - Swiftech MCR220-DRIVE Radiator with Pump
How does this config cool?.
Need advice on how to use this res
H100i(maybe H100i) or XSPC RayStorm RX240 Watercooling Kit
Corsair SP120 (High Performance Edition) On a motherboard connection problem
Alternative 140mm fans for Hyper212 Evo
Ps3 or Dual CPU - Circuit of Watercooling the good Méthod
Fan Placement - CPU cooler or side intake
Custom VRM/VCORE and Motherboard Cooling is it worth it?
What are these for Q_q
3rd party replacement
Noctua NF-F12 - Zaward Golf G3 - Alpenfohn 120 Fan Review
Replacing TIM - How often?
Good temperature for i3 3225?
Bad case, wrong fan, or ill airflow?
TRUE Spirit 140 w/ 3770k temps
5.25" temperature and fan speed display
Replacing fans?
AM3+ FX processor too hot
Thermo-electric cooling
Speedtest + Windows 8 question
[HELP] Intel CPU seems too hot
Cooling solution in a SG09
Opinions On Closed Loops?
replacement for V6GT
NZXT Releases the Kraken! AIO CPU Coolers
Corsair H50, loud pump?
Throwing my heatsink in the freezer
How do I configure the mCubed HFX 112 T-Balancer miniNG Fan Controller?
Corsair H100 in Zalman Z11 Plus? HELP!!
Horizontal 140mm Intake Fan?
Arctic Accelero Hybrid 7970 GPU Cooler
Thermal paste compound?
Anyone have an aftermarket CPU cooler in an Antec 300 case?
Athlon 64 stock cooler or Phenom stock cooler?
Temp monitor?
cpu fan died, whats a good fan? shrouds?
58 degrees celc. with stock athlon 2 cooler help??
Overclock E8400 and Q9650
CM Hyper 212 EVO too big?
Quiet LGA 1366 Cooler
Enzotech MOS-C1 in Canada? Or alternative heatsink
Cooling my FX-8150??
Noctua NH-D14 Temps
CPU cooling for GA a55m-ds2.
Noctua NH-D14 Space on Mobo? Will it fit?
Need help identifying this heatsink
Temps with H80 cpu cooler
will my new coolermaster hyper 212+ work with my mobo ?
My Water Cooled BTX DELL Dimension
Never Added Fans Before...
i7 3820 temps with Coolmaster 212 evo
temps with H60 fail?
80mm fan Cable Short..
High amp auto fan control
Copper Coil
How many RPM is sufficient for Casing Fan ?
Cpu fan is loud(new build)
Best CPU cooler for insufficient space?
Do 3-pin fans run at full speed all the time ?
Still Trying to Figure Out Which Fans to Get
Zalman 9500 breakdown
Thermal grease mixing question?
What fits FM2?
i5 3570K stock HSF "stutter" starts
Newbie needs to know where to start?
1-to-4 PWM Fan Splitter Question
Corsair Air Series SP120 Fans - Will they work with a Fan Controller?
What are my best cooling options in an SG08 case?
My first overclockers post!
Quick advice required on Arcitc RC RAM cooler.
Push-pull with dissimilar fans?
Atric Cooling Accelero 3
Will a Cooler Master 212 Hyper 212+ work with a 939?
Heatsink Does Not Working Properly
Air or Water cooling? Help i7 3770k
measuring fan rpm's
Zalman CNPS9900MAX-R vs CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo (NOT Plus)
corsair h80 question
i5-2500k stock cooler
Arctic Silver 5 vs Cooler Master Hyper 212 paste
Anything better than megahalems yet at a siimilar size?
advice needed please re. o/c'd i5-750
Cooling error when trying to overclock.
Temp sensor locations?
GPU cooling - Dual GPU cards.
Fan speed controller on case
MSI Z77A-GD55 Aux / 3770K temps
Which Mosfets to Cool on ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3?
Mobo cooling
Painting GT AP-15s
HAF X. Now H100 or Air?
H60 or Air cooling?
Thermometer installation
Zalman CNPS9900DF CPU Cooler Review
anyone have info on Thermstrate Phase-Change Thermal Compounds?
Antec Kuhler 620 Custom Install Q's
Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15
Liquid Nitrogen related old or new idea ?
How to setup my fans ?
CPU Fan, not always speeding up
No Case cooling
is this right Cooling system?
Really funky temperaturess with HW Monitor
Advice for a novice?
Heatsink fan recommendation
H80 pump speed drops off for no reason
Hi, I am having some problems. It might be caused by overheating. Any help?
To cool or not to cool and how to do it.
Finished H80 and 2600k lapping
Adding case fan
Cooling solution
Why is one fan spinning at one third the speed of what it's supposed to?
Just bought a Hyper 212 + questions about Fan placement
Air flow and component placement
New CPU - High temps 100%
Fan controllers
Stock cooler better than aftermarket?!
Noctua NH-D14 orientation?
none permanant thermal adhesive
3-pin fan hub?
Phanteks cooler, will it fit?
cpu/pci slot cooling questions
92w TEC && OCZ water block
Weight of air coolers
noctua p12 vs s12b as horizontal case exhaust
Cpu without fan
Cooler Master V6 GT or Cooler Master TPC-812
fan controller question
Kuhler 620 installation issue
New System, Temperature Problem, need tips on fan-placing/airflow etc. (amatuer)
CM V8 or Corsair H60
res. fitting in case question
GTX570 GS GLH heatsink issues
Which cooler? (i72600k+asrock z77 extreme 4)
In or out
Fan controller recommendations?
need help plugging side fans
Are my temps ok?
take off stock back bracket yes no?
AMD Athlon 64 x2 core temp difference
Fan controller? How does it work?
Zalman 9900 MAX or Cooler Master V8?
This cheap water or air
Software vs Hardware (Fan Control)
Best way to apply thermal paste
Antec big boy 200
Solution to the sleeve bearing problem?
Fan Modding Questions
In a cooling dilemma, need opinions
Arctic Alpine 11 Plus Heatsink Review
case fans
H100 issue, but still cool temps
3 pin fan to 4 pin on motherboard
Removing 3-pin male from female connector.
How to deep clean 6870 heatsink?
Where else are Reviews?
Case fans which sockets.
Is my laptop heating up too much?
corsair h40 to h100
Need some advice on cooling GTX 460
NB heatsink idea: cutting heat pipe between NB/SB
CPU and GPU cooling questions.
Is the preapplied thermal paste on a stock AMD heatsink any good?
What temps should I be seeing for a stock 3770k under a Hyper 212 Evo?
Need advice for casing top fans
New To Liquid Cooling
Help with cooling for my system
Looking for cooler for i5 3570k
How do I lap mosfet ramsinks for videocard?
Peltier Thermoelectric
Best watercool for overclock(ONLY FROM CORSAIR)
Help me
Rear Fan for this case needed?
Artic Silver 5 Thermal Paste Help
First time doing a 7V fan mod. Everything set and ready?
104 deg C!! Afterburner keeps shutting off
Custom Cooling HD4870x2 - could use some help
Quick changes in temperature a problem?
Overheating i7-2600k on launch
looking for i5 3570k cooler - 4.4/4.5ghz
bottom of heatsink?
What fans am I looking for?
6950 - Unisink/mono/fullsink from stock heatsink and aftermarket GPU sink?
Aftermarket CPU Cooler on ASrock z77 pro4
My ATI Radeon 3870 HD Is Getting Extremely Hot?
Need a replacement NB heatsink
Help with h100!!
How NZXT Sentry 2 works ?
cramped cooling environment
Overheating of Hdd during gaming in my new sff system
CNPS10X Performa vs Hyper 212 evo
Good and Quiet i7 Heatsink w/ Fan?
this cooler upgrade or downgrade?
which cooler is better for i7
Thermalright backplate doubt 1155
Scythe Kaze Master fan controller...
Accelero L2 pro - 9XXX series?
Corsair H100 & HAF-X
New Rig Builded First Time
HR-02 Macho
Hyper 212 Evo odd temps
Most powerful low profile air cooler?
Got bored... decided to do some ghetto mods
Rear thermaltake fan not running
Noctua NH-L12 for FX-4100
CPU Temp Software.. Error
Computer Room Exhaust
Best fans for Fractal Design Arc Midi case?
Aftermarket VGA Coolers?
Hot watercooled system
Watercooling noob! Help!
PHANTEKS PH-TC14PE and Corsair Carbide Series 400R
Is this a good cooling flow?
Important corsair h100 questions!
What do you guys do with your old heatsinks?
Xigmatek Aegir placement on AMD board
S775 quality cooling for short money?
Cooler Master TPC 812 vs H80?
are my temps reading wrong
Applying MX4 paste to a QX6700 & 8800GTX?
Koolance PC-2 replacement pump & res ?
will this short-circuit anything?
What was the name of that thermal tape?
Replacing Every Fan in my PC
South Bridge Cooler
Looking to upgrade my stock cooler on 3570k.
Any recommendation on 140mm Fans
Lamptron FC10 Fan Controller Review
Cpu cooler for over clocking?
GPU Fan control
Are these snap rings going to fit on GTs?
Cooler for my CPU
[NZXT] Announcement Regarding our FX-Series Fans
Push-Pull Question.
Asus P8Z68-V PRO Z68 - CHA_Fan1 RPM issue.
Radeon HD 4350 cooling
Gentle Typhoon - open motor
Need help on case cooling...
help with a height restriction for air cooler
lapping cpu and heatsink temps
Laptop Cooling Pads
Cooling headaches: Air vs Water
Applying Zalman ZM-VF1000 to Asus 8800GTS Video card
200mm Bitfenix Spectre Pro not getting 900rpm!
Should the fan in the heatsink come off?
My pc is running too hot
Fan Controller Software
Need Help installing noctual D14
212 EVO alternative fan
Stock vs 212+ 3570k temp logs v2 (UPDATED with undervoltage and pics)
AS5 and Hyper 212+ Method?
Exhaust/intake setup
Can I put 5v Fans on a Mobo Fan Header?
Arctic Accelero Xtreme Plus II and XfX Radeon 6950 - i'm dying here
Watercooling a Gtx 570 SC.
2 pin fan header wiring question
Arctic Accelero Xtreme III Review
Can AP-29 be turned into PWM Fans?
Best Cooling for Under £30?
Corsair 800D Case fan help
Hyper 212 Plus on a M5A97
Sensor Monitoring
Do I definitely need a stronger cooler? What happens if I don't?
Noob watercooling
Thermal Paste
cooling paste
50mm PWM Fan
Can my case have internal fans?
Did I completely fail at mounting my megahalems?
Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo II and S1 PLUS Review
need help with a heatsink.
Cooling the 3770K (help)
High temps on overclocked i7 930
San Ace 109R1212T1H142 possible PWM?
Mystery temperature - help needed.
Mobo Mosfet Cooling - Cheap Options
Wait or upgrade Coolermaster V8 for Ivy 3570k
Need experts advice(Cooler Mod)
Is this good airflow to combat heat coming from video card?
AM3+ Advice?
CoolIT Domino ALC Liquid Cooler
Water Cooling Attempt 2!
h100 3930k thermal compound?
Flow Diagram Okay?
Removing exhaust fan grills
Front case fans not working, but LEDs on them are working
case fan
Do i need to fit a fan grill above my cpu cooler?
AMD Phenom II X4 945 Cooler
please advice !
Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 fan problems
Is it worth it??? Cooling Question!!
Powering 40mm fan with lithium ion battery
[Info] NH-D14 Cooler installed - Results inside
Mineral Oil PC
Questions about Sanyo Denki fans
PWM deltas etc controlling
Corsair H60 Connector issue
Heatsink Compatibility?
Bus lines under hsf stand-off screws?
Fan Controller w/ White LEDs?
Zambezi Fx-4100 overheating
How many fans can you run off of one molex 4-pin
Cases that fit the Corsair H100.
Can I oc to 4.5 ghz using this cooler?
CPU Temperature
Installing H50 in CM 430 Elite
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus or Zalman CNPS9900MAX-R CPU Cooler
CPU Temperature
What cpu cooler for a i5 2500k
Intel core i7 920 temps with CM Hyper 212 evo
CPU Cooler Choice/Fit Help
HAF X Side Panel Mod
Controlling the Ultra Kaze 3000
Freezer 7 Pro rev 2 fine with 3570k?
Help to find a good cooler
Overclocking fx 8120 with CM Hyper 212 evo
Corsair H100 vs Noctua NH-D14
Vantec 92mmx38mm Tornado fan worth the noise?
Vantec 92mmx38mm Tornado fan
Need very fast fan help! Noctua NF-F12PWM or GT 15's???
TT Frio and Corsair Vengeance
Push/Pull Fan Resonance?
Most Effective Cooling For Heavy Overclocking
fan cable kits
Replacement fans for 212+ evo ?
h60/h100 question
580+ZALMAN VF3000F
120mm Fans for rad
CPU Cooling fan wiring
Scythe Katana 4 CPU Cooler Review
Stock vs 212+ 3570k temp logs
Sandia Cooler: Silent, dust-immune, and almost ready for prime time
Newbie in need of help with thermal paste
Contemplating Between Coolers
Temperatures with Corsair H80 & 3930K
Counter-rotation fans
Massive cooling problem...faulty heatsink?
ivy bridge cpu cooler
CNPS7000B-AlCu mounts?
i7 930 needs cooling solution
Keeping dust out of SILVERSTONE HTPC
TIM application okay?
Best E7200 cooling option, other questions
Static Pressure Importance in Pull vs Push
Using Precision X and Speedfan
whats a PWM fan?
Summer time blues....
Northbridge Mosfet overclocking heat
i7 930 overclocking questions
Chrome Colored Tubing
HAF 932 Replacment side fan
whats the best 120mm fan for watercooler (the age old question)
CPU cooler for AMD
FANS 101: Going Scientific.
Can temp drop this much with fans on?
Eco Coolit/H100 mounting brackets
Link case fan to GPU temp
Some help with fans
Recommendation for good 140\120mm fans for controller?
Coolest liquid cooling setup
Testing DSkool Miniature Compressor
True Spirit 140 worth every penny!
Which fan controller case or motherboard?
Help with positioning case fans
Prolimatech heatsink works with LGA1155?
Bitfenix spectre or Spectre pro?
Now concerned about airflow...