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VF900 on a 7900gt
voltage question
Cooling Question
Thermalright HR-05-SLI Review
Problem w/ Zalman vf700 on 6800
Cooling the hsi chip
new delta
ds4/6 chipset temps
is this a good airflow design to you?
Broke plastic that holds down clips for hsf
hsf cooling compatiblity
CPU hsf
cooling question
How do I find out the temp of...
Fan control programs
Zalman CNPS9500AT
my cpu and chassis temps
ultra thermo control fan? ultra ram memory cooler?
Weird temp wuestion/probelm
Peltier condensation question
24 volt power, need to make quiet
need a good 40x40x10mm fan...
pump psi requerment....
Ghetto AC cooling
Ghetto Cooling
GOT more cooling on my chipset
ga-965p-ds3 thermaltake fan failure please help distorted readings
HSF for ATI x600 AIW?
Looking for 1500 btu heatsink
Evercool Turbo 2, worth anything?
Check this out--ubercooling
A8V/M2N32 - nForce Chipset cooler?
Cooling suggestions for CM Stacker?
XP-90 Versus SP94
suggestions for a nice vga fan to ziptie to this but i dont know any good small size
So i found some beefy fans....
best ram and chipset cooling
Upgrade from XP-120 to Ultra-120?
speedfan mistake, or major cooling problem?
Ultra high temps!
775 to 478 Intel stock
Ultra120 + P5B Dx ?
Can Panflow Hi Speed be powered from MB??
need help choosing cooler
Complete cooling overhaul.
cpu fan positioning for intake?
air cooling question on my rig..
ANTAZONE Chipset and GPU sinks, wth!?
Enermax ENLOBAL fans...anyone used 'em?
Silent 110V fan
Ultra 120 on an Abit NF7?
Overheating Question
best air cooler for this system....
Fan controllers
need advice on HSF
heatsink on 7800gt
System needs new HSF
Hard drive heating my case?
Laptop ontop Hotel AC Unit
setting up a Yeong Yang YY-0221 Server Case
Where I can get a Thermalright HR-05-SLI?
Help me choose the HSF
Too Cool
Will this cooling build survive?
6600GT AGP Heatsink Needed, Suggestions?
2 questions before i hack up a heatsink
Will these fit/work?
Heatsink Brand
Anyone using Zalman CNPS9500? Need some help.
Arctic Freezer 64 Pro or thermalright xp-90
Need more cooling on my chipset
Cooling layout, would it work?
Air Cooling Antec P180 - Advice Needed
question with my liquid cooling
The death of fans? New technology promising
Ninja temps on an OC'ed Sandy
AMD Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego not cool enuff?
Aftermarket cooler for a 7900gs
best heatsink for e6600
Do i have problem with this kind of temp for my CPU?
Cooling idea, what do you think?
Any suggestions for an Oil-Pc Mod? (pic inside)
attaching heatsinc--Adhesive?
400cfm of Yate Loons and Increasing! (56K NO FRIEND =X)
Info on fan controler needed...
system fan for the gigabyte ds3?
D805 @ 3.9, XP-90C + Delta tri-blade high speed = 50 idle/68 dual prime temps
Is this good?
Cooling Monitors
Advice on Cooling my System
Best air cooling?
p4 seti rig @ 61c
Cheap heatsink?
Best vga ramsinks money can buy?
VGA Ramsinks, How good do they have to be?
Who makes the best case fans?
CPU Temps too high?
need some higher speed 92mm fans, recommendation??
zalman for my 7600 gs
Which will I see lower temps with?
Looking for a fan
software cooling...
might sound weird but...
Titan Amanda- aircooling + pelt, looks neat!
Thermalright Ultra-120 & DFI nf4 Ultra-d
NV Silencer or Accelero ?
6 120mm Panaflo/Antec fans - $35.00 Shipped!
where to find the backing plate/mount for Ninja??
infinity vs ninja plus
Best 775 socket air cooler w/o bracket
Help with "Thermal Event"
coolermaster stacker 830 fan bracket questions
Thermalright Si-128 CPU cooler review
Quiet Fans
can a noctua-u12 fit on a p5b deluxe?
Massive Passive Socket 370
my temps suck
From these temps, does my Ninja seem mounted right?
Tuniq t-120 back in stock at Xoxide.
s.939 3200 heatsink?
Thermalright HR-05 SLI Chipset Cooler Review
4 pin fan
Ridges on base of heat sink?
If I wanna put xp90 on a P5b deluxe...
SpeedFan problem?
whats more accurate a64info or asus pc probe
what a cool freakin fan idea...
help me decide-HSF selection
Need help picking a Thermalright Heatsink Please
3200+ Venice Overheating After A Year
case temp too high?
4 fan 3.5" fan controller 0-12v?
Highest cfm 120mm fans
AC accelero X1 is the fan intake or exhaust
Are these temps ok?
Best Fan
Cooling a P4
Universal Heatsink for socket 478 and intel core duo?
Checking on Temps?
heatpipe tower HSF's from Dell, cheap, but good?
Air Vs. Water
Which cooler for Saphire x1900xt 512MB card?
Zalman CN9500 vs Scyth Ninja
High Temperature G-Card
What to use to cut factory stamped case grills?
5.25" bay fan
Air Conditioning
My ultra-120 results
Case temp to high?
ultra 120 fan question
new some new fans for tsunami dream help me :D
I need some help
7900GTX cooling question
Laptop Heat
My temps...is this allright?
SPCR review of Aerocase Condor
Increasing Volts on Conroe
DIY ramsinks! By ME =D
Quick CPU cooling question
maze 3 on agp 6800gs?
Fans boot, but nothing else will.
What Thermal Compound is good & what do you use?
Stock AMD Heatsinks with heatpipes?!
Need A CPU heatsink/fan (air cooled)
Coolermaster ATCS
Naked Turion and Stock HSF
core 2 duo 40c idle
AMD 64 x2 cpu HSF
Is this a good NB heatsink??
I just attached a 50mm fan to my DS3 NB with super glue
Removing fans in favor of silence...
Nautilus + Lexa Question
A Quick Sunbeam Rheobus Question
Wire Melting Point
XP-90c for AM2
Zalman NB-47J Northbridge Cooler
Is Plexi-Glass a good insulator?
Help with a cpu heatsink?
fans that fit in pci slots?
quietest 120mm fan?
memory cooling?
Question/Opinion About Case
Prime95 causes temp DECREASE??
Quiet 40MM fan for Swiftech chipset cooler
should i use a brace while installing vf900?
What NB cooler will fit under my Big Typhoon? Pics....
What direction to mount case window fan?
120mm Fan into House plug
Anywhere stock the HR-05-SLI in the UK?
Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 64 and AM2?
I had my cpu fan on backwards, lol laugh
Bigwater 735 or Aquagate R120 or Equivalent Air Cooling?
High Temps w/ AC Freezer 64 Pro
noisy fan after oiling
CPU overhearing all of a sudden?
hr-05-sli does it worth it?
getting the lids off heatpipe on DS4
gluing a broken fan fin?
Running Mach ll GT Phase change 24/7?
scythe ninja rpm
Best wc system for 400?
Zalman 9500..Is there a AMD to Intel conversion for this?
heatpipes for sale?
which heatsink for amd dual core w/ removed IHS.
Asus PC Probe detecting MB temps = Northbridge or chipset temps?
Thermal Paste - Which is the best
Ice case cooling?
Passive Water & Dry Ice Tower?
Want advice for silent cooling of 6800u
best air cooling right now.
thermal paste - remove or just add on
Best Cooler for X850Pro...
could use some help with ultra-120
New Chipset Cooler: Thermalright HR-05 SLI
Case Fan / Etc
Mobo Temps
Active Exaust, Passive Intake System (Most effective fan setup?)
What HD eclosure will work with a TT Armor Screwless Case?
Will it fit
Best Cooling For Pentium d 930
Cooling for AM2
Cheap 7900GT Cooling?
Does Active NB cooling really make a difference?
cheapest 120mm fan
what kindof temps will i get?
Need recommendation on NB cooler that fits under BT for my DS3
lg 775 socket
Motherboad Fan Header Voltage?
will air cooling ever be as good as water cooling?
dual core temp monitoring
Thermalright SI-128 Review..... WOW!
I need to cool my ram...
Ultra-120 vs. Tuniq Tower
fan replacement on v700
graphics cooler
What ever happened to OCZ'z phase change for the masses?
Will removing my ihs help much?
THG The Oil cooled PC Link inside.
get it while you can @$60!!!
Cooling for the LANboy?
zalman 9500 and core 2 duo
Question Ultra 120
quietest 120mm fans
thermalright's new future chipset cooler
Best way to apply new thermal paste
Make fan spin faster?
vantec ccb-a1c on x700 agp?
The Leafblower 508GE
Temps so high you will cringe
Best 7900GT cooler?
Are my temps legit.
VGA Ramsinks, Stick, or not to stick.
Are my temps ok on a 3800+?
cpu cooler Q
Sunon MagLev 40x20mm fan
Best way to remove old cool paste
[Pics] Core 2 Duo Retail HSF
custom mod side panel??
Cooling options for my rig
Thermalright XP90/ AMD 3700+
Temp monitor?
Cooling a Pentium D 805/Conroe
Heatsink for 'naked' A64
which 120mm fan would be quieter?
Yet another 'which cooler' thread
Opinions on a good cooler
intresting cooler
Jing Ting Northbridge Heatpipe Cooler, alternate suggestions
Cooling for my X1800GTO
6 Fan Controller Curcuit Help
Questions on Air Cooling the Gigabyte DS3
Broken Socket 939 HSF mounts
Cooler for an E6300
Which cooler to buy..?
Nexus Disktwin / Scythe HDD Stabalizer
Is this Ultra any good?
Water cooled shirt
Question on Zalman 9500 Heatsink
Cooler for 9800 Pro
6800 temps ?
Air Filters and Greasy Dust
Best skt478 Cooler for ~20 Bucks?
Northbridge Sink recommendation?
Everybody goes bigger bigger bigger but I want lower lower lower!
Only downfall of watercooling
crazy fan controller setup (aka "thats what happens when u have too much stuff")
I need advice on cooling my case
2 pin fan, DC12V
Minor dilema on Heatsinks: What should I do?
Whats the scoop on TEC's?
Thermal tape: not sticking...
Have motherboard sensors improved?
7900gt cooling
Will it fit?
Cooling issues
which cpu cooler for 939
P5W DH northbridge replacement heatsink question?
Highly disappointed with Accelero X2's in Crossfire
Air solution for naked a64
Which Fan/Heatsink is right for me?
Applying thermal paste help
Si-128 compatibility with AM2
Need advises!!! Processor Fan/Temperature
Holy damn, way too hot.
Methods of temp checking.. what is best?
How to mount a fan - a little tricky
Heatsink Fan: Suck or Blow?
A few cooling questions...
heatsink fan/fan
My temps...and your opinion !
Help me round up parts
stupid front bezel.....
about to press the button....
25mm fans provide more pressure at low RPMs?
pc mod 120mm hole on window panel?
Open case versus closed case
Conroe Cooling suggestions
Everest Dual core Temperatures
Has anyone figured out how to...
Thermal paste to affix heatsinks?
VGA cooler reviews?
Temps on 7900gt extreme (520/1500)
140mm fan experience and where to buy?
Cooling solution for 7900gt
M0T0RH3D's results XP90-C w/delta tri-blade 3.4 northwood 478
Typhoon not cutting it? Or is it the summer heat.
An alternative to thermal compound.
Thermaltake Big Typhoon & AM2
TT Extreme Spirit II - Any good?
Thoughts on this CPU Heatsink
Cooling an old Barton...
TT Sonic Tower with 2x120mm fans on it
Why are most of all new HS not HS?
Asus A8V w/ 64 3800+ Temps Too High
Good HS for a D940 in a P180 Case??
Anyone ever try an air compressor??
Custom Case Design
SLK947u fan clips
What CFM 120mm fan should I get for my Ninja?
Big Typhoon & Ultra 120 Compared(My Results)
Anyone tried this Scythe Product?
With so many decent HS out there its hard to tell...
arctic cooling freezer pro 64 in a8n32-sli
PC getting HOT!
Should I go with a fan on my mobo chipset?
Cold Air Intake (Dry Ice)
Temperature issues! Old Sk-7 + Athlon XP 2500 + Epox Mobo
nForce2 Ultra Chipset Cooler
Aluminum Heat Sinks, I Found some..
Heatpipe HS design flaw
To dolip or spread...that is the question...
Do I have sufficent temps?
Best case for this!
Fan configuration
need fans for a stacker 830
Any reviews of the SI-128 out there???
Zalman CNPS 9500...
Does an Ultra 120 adapter for socket 478 exists?
Best "A" socket cpu heat sink
chipset cooling - 40mm fans??
am2 heatsink
Best CPU Air Cooling?
scythe kamikaze and Mobile P4
how to attach these to my Ninja?
intel pentium d and thermal monitor 2
Thermal Tape?
Tempurature problems
Guide to lapping?
Where to buy canned air?
How to cool a xbox360?
What is this thing???
Broke a blade on my fan, need a replacement. What's new, what should I get?
Thermal Interface Material Needed
Jing Ting Forcetake Offset Heatpipe Chipset Cooler
Searching for fan controller
Silencer 5 VS Accelero X1
****nazlE! Did I buy the Wrong Heatsink?? Ninja
Fan Identification
best 60mm fan
north bridge cooling solutions needed
CoOling NoOb
GPU cores are so shiny!
Opinion on cooling
Opinion on cooling
Gold fan grilles?
Good opportunity to overclock ^_^
What is an acceptable temprature for...
Will my case be cold enough?
Good fan controllers
need to lap my ninja?
Freezer64 Hotter than Stock?
Help building computer
ZALMAN CNPS7700 and P4P800 de luxe
New probe shows that motherboard CPU temp is totally off.
Best Thermalright SLK?
What cooling options do I have for the mofsets near the CPU?
What do you recommend me to blow air
Heat Sink Recommendations for a tight space?
Case Flow
6800 Ultra Overheating, Suggestions?
Just got this bad boy.
Scythe Ninja or Ultra-120?
CoolIt FreeZone
ati silencer 1 concerns
A similar fan?
Bravo Thermalright!
New sythe water/air cooler thing
how do these temps look?
New build is quite hot
Cooling issue with southbridge
better cooling help
AM2 Mini Typhoon
Zalman CNPS8000 Cooler Stinks!
XP90C Cooler?
Slot cooler- a thin one?
very good initial results with ultra 120 on conroe
Big Typhoon temps
finally a monster rheostat for the big deltas!
new thermalright cooler on the way...
Question on shrouds
A Word of Warning, Scythe Ninja owners
Is it just me? Hyper 48
Case fan filters?
PWM control
Any cpu cooler that comes with retention bracket?
Thermalright ultra-120 + oc'd Opteron 165
Tt Big Typhoon uninstall problem.
Need a case fan- a specific one
cooling cpu/gpu
Socket A cooler in the UK?
fan setup, what do you think?
Help me lap my Freezer 7 Pro!
These temps just do not seem right.
Big Typhoon Question
Help Install case temp sensors
whats best water cooling radiator type?
Lots of quesitons from a first timer
Scythe S-Flex SFF21F in UK, interested?
sythe ninja+___=quiet cooling
Best stock cooler for any graphics card
Mosfet Sinks
s478 cooler
Best cooler?
Antec P180 without VGA-duct
Help me make a choice
New cooling for geforce 6200 (PCI)
Variable speed fan
Case and CPU cooling help.
Gigabyte - 3D Rocket
Ghetto AC Cooling!
Where to put 5th fan?
airflow plans - critique
conroe retail heatsink/fan?
Removing thermal paste
Aspire changes its name
Zalman CNPS9500 vs the CNPS7700-CU
Uninstalling Heatsink..need help
Intel D 805: temps don't seem right?
Fitting a Northbridge Cooler on Abit IC7
help with temp. Big Typhoon problem
Installing a scythe ninja on S939
Big typhoon installation
Use of Brasso to remove tarnish
Good cooler for x1900xt?
Need help keeping my MB cool.
Need heatsink recommendation
Hell yeah, go the big typhoon
laptop cooler? 700M
Intel 775 HSF on 478 board?
Fan Swap - Thermaltake Big Typhoon ???
good fan filters?
Thermalright XP-90C which way the heat pipes should face
is my hard drive running too hot?
Best cooling for AM2
i need to cool down my 6600 GT
Whats my next option?
MOSFET Heatsinks - EPoX 9NPA+Ultra
P4 Prescott 3.2 cooling
CPU955 Temp Frustration
Removing the OTES off an Aw8 and what chipset cooler?
Cooling advice for Asus A8N-VM CSM and Aspire X-QPACK
Recomend me a fan...
never realized how loud the nexus silent 120s are
Scythe S-Flex SFF21F UK pricing and availability?
Mounting a 90mm fan over my g.skill ram
How would you cool this (pic)
SILVERSTONE RL-FM91 92mm For Zalman mod ?
positioning of fans..
XP120,90,90C v Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu
New thermaltake chipset cooler?
PS2 cooling