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How would you cool this (pic)
SILVERSTONE RL-FM91 92mm For Zalman mod ?
positioning of fans..
XP120,90,90C v Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu
New thermaltake chipset cooler?
PS2 cooling
New 478 cooler desired!
X2 3800 Not Overlocked....60c Load?????
need a heatsink sugestion
Is the Thermalright Ultra 120 the absolute best air cooler in existence?
acceptable temps for zalman
New? Zalman Chipset cooler
Scythe Mine Cooler vs. others....
Zalman VF700-CU x850agp artifacts?
raedon 9800 pro cooling
Aquagate R 120 any good?
Stacker 830 or Water Cooling
-451F = 500GHz OC O_O
Big Typhoon Idle/Load 40/48 ~~ Put on 130cfm Delta now 32/35
It's hot in here
ATI card needs new cooler...
New Heatsink
Review on Zalman Super Thermal Grease :)
TT fan, is this true?
Summer woes...
Fixing broken heatsink
beefiest fan controller available? how can i make a bigger one?
good small A/C unit for comp room?
172x150mm Fan: For Free
7900gt temps down 10C
Where to buy Tuniq Tower 120?
Thermal Tape
Your Thoughts?
vga card cooler fan died
Enermax fans.
How's this for lapped?
The term blow hole?
Zalman 9500 review
Googles new super pc
Fan Controller Advice
Thermalright Ultra 120 (for skt 478)?
Socket 423 Cooling?
Cooling a XFX 7800GT
Will an Arctic cooling Accelero X1 fit on a 7600GT?
6800XT Cooling
Mosfet, Memory, and Vreg Cooling (Lian Li V-Series Only)
Quiet Cheap Fans
How many fans do you have...lying around?
Best air cooling for amd?
VF900, 7900GT and Sonata 2
Unusual Case Cooling Idea and Diagram.
AMD X2/FX60 stocker
Is the 7700cu AM2 compatible?
to use or not to use?
Fanless SI-97 /w Duron900
Do I need Southbridge cooling? :S
Swapping heatsinks
Thermalright SI-120 insufficient?
My Review For Sytrin/ KuFormula VGA Cooler on X1800XT 512MB
Zalman zm-stg1 thermal compound?
Hot Duron 600 needs a cold beer
9700pro with a vga cooler issue
Will a new heatsinc really help me? PLEASE READ
Will the Thermalright Ultra-120 fit inside of an Antec P180b?
CPU Temp Jump From Cold Boot
CPU 955 Case Suggestions
Cooling a k9N Neo-F northbridge
Splicing a PC fan with an AC/DC converter
Simply Cooling Question
Quick question about a fan
Need main board cooler for Asus A7V133
Will the Ultra120 work with Conroe and AM2?
looking for a decently cheap lapping kit
Proper mounting of an SI-120 on a P5WD2-E
Stupid fan question...
Thermal Wattage
Switch going from 12v to 7v question
for those who always need more fans
The future of air cooling? And you can get in on the flawed 1st attempt..
Is something wrong?
Accelero X1 doesn't fit 7900GT's?!?!
My vacation and morons
Novell ways to pull a decent amount of air into a case with limited space needed
What Video card HSF should I get?
Asus video heat prob
23° drop in case temp!
Plugging computer fans into wall sockets (DC -> AC conversion)
I didn't expect that
best cpu/gpu heatsinks for an 1800xt
Best HSF for 939 proc
How do these temps sound?
Best S478 cooler for ~$25-$35
Dell 8200 :(
Intel Pentium4 5Ghz.......
Vacuum pumped CPU cooler?
Help me mod these old heatsinks to my 6600GT
Quite casemods for Antec 3000B: need advice
anoyone thought of using a stock opty hs on a gpu?
temp monitor software
this has to be a software problem
Massive increase in case temperatures
My Ultra-120 results.
something in my case sounds like a hairdryer
Fan grills or filter
AS5 on the heasink
Ram Heatsinks for 7900 GT
System hot, lots of fans...wth?!
Need help cooling my 6800nu
Dual Opteron Cooling..
New controler from Aerocool
SI-120 and Lian Li v2000b
Evaluate my new cooling solution, please :)
LGA 775 Cooling
chipset temp dropped only 3 degrees Celsius?
How accurate is the motherboard sensor?
Sonic Tower woes... botched mounting job?
Summer Tempertures: Are You Feeling It?
Rise in temps with a lapped heatsink?
Extra temp showing up....
Worth the vid card cooling swap? *pics*
suguestions on cooling my hddd's?
thermal paste on dual core?
BTX fan reversal.
the usual what should i get thing
XP-120 still a good HS?
PSU Cooling: fan change:
Best liquid cooling option for my CPU?
Any ideas on how to make the most silent build?
Silenx Ixtrema Pro 120mm fans...any good?
liquid metal thermal compound
Tuniq Towers in stock?!
ridiculous 2-120mm fan cooler master heatsink, ginormous!
Holy monkey! did anyone else see the Ultra 120 is out?!
My Monument (in progress) to Air Cooling
Logisys CF206=nice
asus a8n-sli deluxe with MCX159-CU
Should I buy a different 120mm fan for Ninja?
video card fan
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
looking for a 160mm+ fan.
fan extension cord
Lapping with 400 grid paper?
Delta 120x76mm GFB1212VHW - In Stock @ Sidewinder
i need to cool down my componentsq
L.E.D. Fans - which are good?
CPU Cooler
Monitoring Software
AM2 cooling
gigabyte 3D Galaxy WC kit & AM2
XP-120 + IC7-MAX3 = System Failure, NEED HELP!!!
Slot A Cooling
Why would OCing lower my temps?
Rediculous air cooling OC! (Pics)
Scythe Mine- (ongoing) results!
CNPS7000-Cu mounting
graphics cooling
Good or bad? Or neither?
Opinion on silverstone fan for h/s
Best air cooling?
SLK 900A wanting to overclock plz help
With the Thermaltake Big Typhoon fit in my case?
Chipset Cooler
Cooling Advice Gigabyte 3D Aurora
A64 so939 cooler reccomendations.
Which Cheap/Quiet Socket A Heatsink?
x3 120mm Quiet, Which Version?
$6.25 10 minute quite VGA cooling solution!
Odd watercooling question
What is a good temp monitor for my laptop.
Temp question?
Thermal Sensor?
Heatspreader sucks, lap or remove?
Random computer restart? Heating issue?
fan controller question
Is Millenium Thermal no more?
silent vga cooling
Replacement clip
AMD AM2 Heatsink Compatibility List
Do RAM sinks really work?
epoxy + ramsinks = bad?
Cooling for 805 D on an ECS mobo
Looking for a specific sized fan
CM crossflow fan
Should I worry about my hearing?
Any help for computer newbie installing ZALMAN CNPS9500
is there ANY aftermarket cooler for 7800gs?
Overkill? Probably
How to best apply artic silver?
Motherboard temps
Installed water cooling system tonight, 1st time overclocker looking for advice.
Easy way to get a fan between 7v and 12v?
Best Air Cooling For ME?
Is this sufficient?
Thermaltake Silent tower 102 fit in DFi ?
I need Help!!! CPU going 125Cē
im overheating but i dont know where
Installed Big Tyhpoon now my mobo temps are high
TEC idea...
Am I Right??
socket 478 xp-120 vs. big typhoon
remove air duct for summer?
6800 Ultra -Cooling?
Dual CPU Cooler Concept..
s939 silent cooling
My PC is Heating My Whole Room
Antec, Thermaltake, Masscool?
AMD Dual core HS made to fit video cards?
Replacing big typhoon fan..
Will Big Typhoon damage my mobo in a tower?
Cooling solution for Dimension 4700
Combo phase change/water cooling?
scythe ninja fit on an abit an8 board?
Abit Says CPU temp 34 and Speedfan has one which is 41C
CNPS9500 with a high CFM fan (pic)
passivly cooled geforce 4
an 8" by 8" fan???
CPU temp with Windows Xp 64...
Can speedfan control delta fan EEFB0812HHE
NF7 Mosfet sinks.
Noobish case fan Q...Silverstone FN-121 mounting?
Coolin idea :S ??
Why are my temps so high?
Hi, first post from me. CPU temperature issue.
CPU Temp is very high...
What is the meanest, loudest fan out there?
what the hell is this
Fan controller
My New Watercooling Setup
Fan controller
Guide: 2pin pwned
good budget vga cooling for your 6800, 6800GT
ok which one of you....
Need a CPU Fan (939)
VF900 and 7900GTX- anyone done this?
It's time to consider cooling the back of your motherboard (pics are results!)
2 to 3 pin converters
Fanless cooler for ASUS 6800XT AGP?
what's the best air heatsink for skt939?
Will it fit?
Sanyo Denki dB vs. Panaflo
5 Computers and room is getting too hot, any suggestions?
HSF quandries with Asrock 939 Dual mobo
Cooling Solutions For HP Pavilion
Best cooler for X1800's?
Anyone have Zalman VF700 or VF900 Graphics Coolers?
Anyone that might own a Smokey grey SilenX fan: Don't clean with alcohol!
Cheap CPU Cooler for a stock 820
Service / Company Build Water Cooled PC
Tuniq tower question
Big Typhoon vs. CNPS9500
Gutted fan stacking - why do it?
Jumbo Heatsinks in a Cramped Case with A Poorly Placed CPU socket
ibm motherboard heatsink question
I need help urgently with opteron 165. (FAN & heatsink)
Laptop Cooling - sm fridge
Will blue orb II fit on asrock 939dual?
Need help designing Delta fan controller
Passive NB cooling solution for DFI NF4 UT Ultra-D?
Arctic Cooling Accelero on eVGA 7900GTX
Pump shuts off for 10 mins, display is now distorted
What Size Threaded rods
Trying to build quiet/cool rig, need advice
What thermal paste/grease should I use on my NB?
What to look for in a new old HSF?
Zalman 7700 + LianLi PC-6x + Asus A8N
List of air coolers that fit AM2
How quiet are AMD stock HS?
need new fan for amd HS
Best Heatsink+Fan Combo?
Thermalright Series HR-0X
looking for a thread
A very stupid (but very important) question.
Heatsink for a P4 mobile? Need help!
Tuniq Tower Power!!!
Artic Silver in my Vaio Notebook
Please Critique My Case's Airflow Setup
Improved and Improvised 7900GT Cooling?
should I replace Big Typhoon fan?
Overheating question(s)
Choosing a cooler for a 7800GT
Review- Zelman VF700-CuLED
Is a cpu fan necessary on an xp-90 no overclock?
blue orb 2
Idle temps are 24c...ON AIR!
Epoxied hs.... i would like to remove
need opinions on 120mm fans for P160
accelero .. how is it for gpu cooling
22 dB case fans, loud?
6800 Ultra OC tip...any...
Zalman7000B vs ???
Why use a fan controller?
Why would you want...
Thermalright SI 120 on Extreme Edition S.478
CPU Air Cooling Roundup@Madshrimps
office water cooler instead of radiator/fan
help, need new fans for Antec P160 Case
XP 90C Vs XP 90
Need Heatsink Advice :)
is the scythe katana better then the zalman cnps7000B whatever 80mm
this is why you need good cooling...
I need a retention mechanism for a socket 478 board.
thermalright's newest on it's way - competition for big typhoon?
Thermalright XP90C vs. Cooler Master Hyper 48
Can I change the orientation of a Arctic Cooling 64 Pro HS?
Can a Big Typhoon fit in a Coolermaster TAC-T01?
Need a quiet Socket A setup
All DFI expert users and 7900gt users....
CPU fan speed?
Optimum GPU air cooling
Thug Joined: Apr 2006 Posts: 9 ThermalRight SI-97 V's Gigabyte G-Power Pro
Quiet air cooling?
Vapochill Micro
Antec P160 users, a favor...
Zalmen 7000-AlCu
GFB1212VHW in stock soon?!?!
HS/Fan for DFI NF4 Ultra-D
Aerogate 2 annoying
Air Pressure Restriction Experiment
My Zalman VF900 Experiance Review -- 56k warning
Fan size on stock S939 cooler.
vf900-cu vs. vf700-cu
Custom Copper heatsink..
MBM5 monitor
Need opinion on 120mm fan!
Stupid question regarding AMD 64 Stock Heat Sink.
Fan mounting on 4pipe X2 cooler
Quiet and cool computer...
Need a 939 Heatsink deal.
cooling stuff
Should I do this?
CPU cooler
Heatsink:Blower or extractor?
Good/Easy to install Fan for 7800gs
You people and your modded vga cards....
Update-- for the review of Blue Orb II
anyone use Thermalright V1 Ultra on X1900?
Need a little help
7800GT VGA cooler round up
Thermaltake Rocket cooling kit
AS5 On Nvidia 6200tc GPU?
Cooler Master Hyper 6+
Who makes this MASSIVE VGA HeatSink?
Right potentiometer for the job?
Aftermarket HSF for non-OC?
Thermal Controllers, and Fan Controllers
Does the Big Typhoon Blow Up or Down?
Socket 775 HS
V1200b Plus Vs P180b - which would you choose? Wrong Forum, sorry
Northbridge fight!
Mounting an xbox CPU HSF w/ epoxy+shim?
How hot?!
Zalman ZM-MFC1 fan controller
VF700-CU dosnt work with 7800GS... say it aint so!!!
Cooling Ideas based on "Knock on Wood"
[Retired Sticky]My guide to silent, high-performance air cooling
37 idle, 47 load on Big Typhoon?
6600GT mods (c00ling)
Internal Fan..
first time water-cooling
SonicTower Vs Scythe Ninja
AS5 vs Ceramique
Big typhoon mounting pics?
6600GT Temps
CPU fan to Mobo or psu?
need opinion on 120*38 fan
Fan rated for 0.44A is it safe to connect to mobo?
fan help
Please help me.. What's better?!
CPUIDLE seems not cool down my sempron
NorthBridge Chipset Cooling help!
Need a quiet PCI-Slot blower
Where can i learn about which cpus...
Thermalrite XP-120...
Another, I need a new HSF thread.
ways to help a 7900gtx cooler cool better?
Cheap price for Thermaltake 112 on eBay
fitting arctic 5 rev 3 on 7900GTX?
Is it ok to open the window behind my case?
3800+ x2 heat problem (zalman fatal1ty)
AS5 really stinks!!!!!
The heatsinkfactory.com sux....
Hot GPUs
What is the difference between these two GPU Coolers?
New Thermal Compound at SVC
what would the pros recommend to cool this set up?
Thread for Selling my gear?
? on VF700cu RAM sinks
new ninja?
What are acceptable temps?
Please help with my overheated CPU
Can this be right?
805 cooling update
High temp for .13 Newcastle?
GPU Cooling
Questions about dryer ducts
Air cooling help which one is better?
Need Suggestions to Fill the Void
CoolIt FreezeZone CPU Cooler, are you ready to buy?
New Liquid Metal Thermal Paste Available at FrozenCPU!
reverse fan on heatsink...what happens?
Overheating problem
Please help - water cooling no-flow!?
Does this OC seem about right?
3-Pin (Fan) Y-Splitter Question
Fan query
water + d830
Should I put a fan on my Ninja? Which one?
Opty 170- stock HSF or aftermarket?
NV Silencer or Vf700-cu
Should i buy new northbridge heatsink?
My Air Cooling
DFI Chipset Cooling
My review- Blue Orb II
Arctic Freezer 64 Pro
Need new heatsink.
What Cooler? No IHS
KuFormula VF1 Plus
Does this look like a good cooling purchase?
Something for SSS to test for us?
best air cooling I can get for VGA
My results - Logisys 3D Blue LED Edge Fan Kit
Modding arctic coolng freezer 7pro
CPU Temperature question
Nice one as5!
XP-90C and DFI Ultra-D Compatibility question.
Is 60* C load too hot for a P4 640 3.2?
pure copper heatsink ---> no temp change?
Ears are bleeding!!!
XP90C question
Passive northbridge cooling...
cooling query.
Best cooler for 754 NewCastle
Cut the back of your Lian-Li V1000!!!
Northbridge Cooler
478 Heatsink/Fan Advice?
Cooking oil for liquid cooling!?
80 to 92 adapter?
What is the best heatsink for me (Opty 146 wanting to OC!)
Cooling the 805d...
XP-90 or ZALMAN CNPS9500?
Evercool WC-202 vs Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro and ARCTIC COOLING AVC-AT5 Rev. 2 72
My new cooling idea
Delta part numbers
Cooling Solutions for the 920 Presler.
Heat Issue
Thermal Pad question
Swiftech backplate OK for an XP-120?
arctic silver 5 and its true performance
MSI K7N2 delta NF2 north bridge fan
More fan questions!
My first Gheto MOD and was at work...
XP-90 with a 92mm to 120mm adapter?
Upgrading NB cooler?
panaflo on h/s = bad airflow?
Fan controllers
Should the TT BT be rigid?
7800GT thermal paste swap >.> higher temps
speed controller for Delta?
screw shaped fan?
Vantec Tornado on Akasa AK-913?
Any way to change the RPM of fan?
Looking for HSF
Arctic freezer 7 and d830
Installed the BT today! Opinions needed!
Running 3.0 GHz Xeon w/out heatsink...
Comair-Rotron fans - 115v, any good?
This ought to make you delta fanboys drool
Lapped my Freezer 64 pro
new iCute Coolive Mid-tower Case mATX with 250mm fan!!
Need new cooling
Cooling help
is hydrx conductive?
mainboard temp
VGA Cooler
New Delta! 16*c idle
Motherboard Monitor
Thermaltake Tower 102 with 2 120mm fans?
How many intake fans per exhaust fans? CFM intake:CFM exhaust
Cooling with drops of water
Shrouding an XP90C to take a 120 fan worthwhile?
whats a good conventional cooler for p4 3.4hgz
250mm case fan?
7900gtx and Accelero X1
AMD FX-55 San Diego Temperature Ranges
Colling for Conore
Additional cooling for a Lexa case?
Lapped quad-heatpipe AMD Cooler
Added a side panel fan, pictures inside!
Problem Running Two 7v volt modded Fans...
Best Air Cooling Solution for Opteron 146
Zalman VF900
Value of having a side panel fan