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zalman ram sinks
NEW "Bubble-pump" HS/F from Akasa
ninja.....cooler from hell.....dfi rip
radiators/fan placement
Bad contact with heatsink and GPU?
fan grills...
Just contructed a snorkel today (Dialup warning: pics)
New Coolermaster heatsink
help me pick a heatsink!!!!
a good air cooling rig
PWM Cooling Mods
Best socket A cooler?
DFI SLI-DR Expert Chipset Fan
XP-90, now running hotter?
Tuniq tower + better fan
air cooling an o'ceed X2 4800+
So is it safer to just use a hardware fan control?
What a little time, no money, and spare parts will do...
Jing Ting Chipset Cooler on DFI Ultra D?
TEC overheating
ninja-in what position does she perform better
anyone know of a software monitor that says the cpu and gpu temps?
TT Big Typhoon or ZALMAN CNPS9500 in a Lanboy?
The X850 Cooling solution!!
video card cooling
BT + AS-5 = 41C idle?!
Reccomend a cooler for ATI X800 XT PE
what to buy on a budget..
Heatsink recommendations for p4 3.4 prescott?
XBOX cooling and the Thermal Pad witch hunt
What time is it??? Iiiiits temp time!!!
HOLY CRAP!!!!!! look at this price
decent 92mm socket A hsf
where to buy water cooling components
cooling a 7800gt
Used to be 32C Idle, now 46C???
Scythe Ninja Custom Fan Bracket
New: Thermaltake Mini Typhoon
Stock opteron 165 fan at 5000 rpm
Whats The Highest CFM Case fan in 80-92-120mm
Amd Cooling Problem
Need heatsink help fast, ordering CPU (Opty 165)
Lowflow with the airflow
fan in PSU gone bad:
7800GT fan is very loud...
cpu running too hot
Best air cooling for a naked 165?
The SysXtreme RAM & MOSFET Cooling Bracket for DFI SLI-DR Expert & RDX200 Users
Is this HSF suitable for a CPU with the heatspreader removed?
TT Smart fan on 80-120mm adapter, anyone tried this?
is there a automatic fan controller?
Games Stopping w/High Heat
AMD CPU running hot. Help please!
VapoChill CPU Cooler or BigWaterSE + Thermaltake Valcano?
max PWM temps on DFI boards?
when is the VF900 comming out...
New fan for my big typhoon...
Using a P4 bracket on AMD chip?
looking for fan controller with specific features
Speedfan Help
check out this new VGA air cooler...
Accelero X1 vs NV Silencer 5 rev3
New fan for stock Opteron 165 HS, Need today.
fast vs quiet
Currently available AM2-compatible HSF's?
Which One?
Black Box video cooler
80mm fan that displays temp on fan blades
New Offset Heatpipe Chipset Cooler for NF4 Boards
Abit IC7-G NorthBridge Cooler
Case Fan Recommendations
High temps with Thermalright SLK-947u
change fan speed w/o jumpers or rheostat?
Modding a thermaltake big typhoon
K8 asus premium northbridge fan! where to find!
VGA Cooling (NVIDIA 6600GT) Help!
XP120 isn't cutting it, what to do....
4 on pull, or 2 push/pull?
Different thermal pad thickness for Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 5
removing thermal adhesive
I thought this was kinda funny!
xp90c, about to install..
Scythe ninja fan shroud?
Can you find these cheaper? or an alternitive maybe?
Broke the fan on my Hs
broken screw on mount
Mosfet Cooling Q-
Air ?'s on X2 3800+
silencer ?
"daisy-chaining" fans ok?
fans on ram?
Slim sized fans?
Cooling Questions
Unsual high temperatures
Cooling for a Pentium 805
NV Silencer5 VS. Stock Leadtek PX6800 Cooler
What's better Xp-120? or liquid?
Great 478 cooling Ghetto STyLE
extra fans
Recomendations for inexpensive water cooling solution.
Zalman ZNPS9500 Fanmate 2 question
questions about: A New Approach To Water Cooling
Stay with xp90 or upgrade to Scythe ninja?
does it fit? (ATX case+XP120)
2 and 2 is 4
Scythe Ninja vs Ninja Plus
VF700-cu and 6600gt
help! my comp is too loud!!
best cpu 120mm heatsink
Best Heatsink for A64??
Thermaltake XP-120
Ghetto Vents!!!!
How do i get my load temps lower
Poll: What would you want in a cooling system?
fans fighting?
Will a Big Typhoon fit on my MSI K8N Neo2 Nforce3?
Air cooling guys!
Most reliable and quitest 120mm fan
The Best Air Cooling Fan ?
Installing Zalman 9500 on Opty 165, Asus A8N-E
ATI x1800xt water/air cooling
Anyone use the Nexus 3.5" Fan Controller
Help! Hotter than Expected
5.25in bay blower?
Toothpaste+vaseline Adventures!!!
Akasa amber fans vs nexus real silent fans
Cooling down X850XT PE
purified synthetic diamond heatsink
RAM temps on Crucial Ballistix
panaflo fans and thermalright fan speed constant?
MSi K7N2 delta n/b fan
Can I improve airflow/temp
New Antec Tri Cool 120mm fan not working?
Icelandic Fan Cooling system by ElGringo
Looking for a good fan controller.....
Pentium cooling
House hold products clean thermal wax?
Cooling IS7 chipset
Low Profile NB Fan
Adda fans
how can i get speed fan to auto adjust my fan?
HSF for a 3800 X2 or opti 165
Prescott Temp.
Replacing a DFI Lanparty Ultra D heatsink...
Weird.. just plain Weird..
Air "bandwith?" question on a little getto setup
Think this fan would help my airflow?
Why Higher CFM fans sometimes don't perform as good as you'd expect on a sink..
SP-97 for an A64?
something wrong with my silverstone 120mm fan?
I cannot believe I did this
Decent VGA cooling
si-120 vs BT lapping/secure
Cooling Chipset on UT nF4 SLI-DR
Whats the difference between the AC AT5 and AT4?
vf700 cu + 7800gt ?
Aerocool GateWatch and CoolWatch - Thoughts?
Fan Grill Making an ANNOYING humm, help?
Electrical tape or shrinkwrap?
XP 120 Fan Direction
CPU runs 5 C cooler with side panel off
Where to get older computer cooling stuffs?
Best under 40 dollar cpu cooler
PSU controlled Fan cables... what do u think?
BEST CPU Cooler for my new system
NVs5 (rev 3) and SLI
Masscool HS-K4H
XP-120 --> Big Typhoon?
About time! Low profile heatpipe NB cooler
Calculating 'M' for Xeon MTBF and heat calculation
Advice Needed: Cooling X800XT PE
Need help choosing fan controller
Whats the best heatsink for NF7-s?
I wish more fan companies wouls include grills.
Need Help Controlling Fans
System temps ok??
AC Accelero
What's this about 80mm to 120mm fan adaptors?
Looking for 2x 120mm fans
Tuniq Tower the new aircooling star?
Side Panel Fan?
case runs hot.
New Heatsink/Fan combo for Opteron 146
Alternate source for "Vantec" Torando fans?
Questions about airflow in my case???
Did I miss something?
Can someone cool my CPU?
Nexus Fan/Light Controler Hack
xp90c vs big typhoon
Wrong Temperature Readings?
How does the Zalman CNPS7000B-CU perform?
Good Deal On Fans?
Zalman 9500 on Asus a8n-e ok?
Thermaltake Tower 102 - CL-P0015
Need cooling advice...
Air temps..what do you think??
Speedfan Problems!
Shin Etsu X23-7783D testing and thoughts.
air cooler advice pls
Recommend a good fan controller.
looking for parts for pwm cooler.
Best heatsink for MSI K8N Neo Platinum?
finnaly got my big typhoon.
Just want to make sure...
Think ive got enough?
Scythe Ninja to replace stock intel 2.4C fan?
Wanna move a lot of air with one fan? Try this.
Thermaltake RX K7 - Your Thoughts?
Air cooling for my 7800gt
Thermaltake Heatsinks
Arctic 3 or Thermalright
Zalman VF700-Cu Replacement items [help!]
How do you guys attach additional fans?
Clean off that dust!!
northbridge temp
60MM fans
thermal paste on other components, edge of cpu
thermal paste: is it ok to apply to the sink instead of cpu?
XP-90 or Big Typhoon
xp-120 w 775 adapter too tight?
Urgent: NV silencer woes
120mm Orange 4-Led Fans ... Who Sells 'Em?
Fan Spacers Worked for Me!
Finally a true cooler for the DIMMS
hsf for prescott, any good?
My rig with a SI-120
Overclocking with a stock fan??
Do I need to buy a new CPU fan?
Antec Sonata II fans
Looking for Pair of Budget S939/940 Heatsinks
Zalman 9500 and IHS removal for pentium d
best thermal paste bar none?
Improve Airflow - Tt Swing - HD Cage Rack
Zalman doesn't cut it anymore
Fan Recommendation..
OMG Delta 120mm FFB
Airflow + Fan Placement
What a difference one fan can make.
PLEASE HELP....Scratched Heatsink....PLEASE HELP
beat my record
what you prescott people must need
Need to get the hot air out of my case, what do i do
Who runs there cases on the floor?
Chiller build
invalid tracking number from Jab-tech???
A question regarding the workings of heatpipes
sli-dr NB cooling
512mb GTX heatsink modded for 256mb GT
Cheap Way to Cool a 7800GTX !
130mm fan in 120mm housing: ThermalTake Silent Wheel Case Fan
Asus X-Mars CPU Light Cooler
Techy fan controller project? What say you?
putting hs on x700 agp
Fatal1ty set or Kingwin AS-3000?
Liquid Cooling for 7800GS
Extra fan for CM Hyper 6+
Good news Bad news!
Fans on side panel
@Zalman Fatal1ty (CPU)
Wireing Case Fans... **HELP**
All Motherboard Component Heatsink Options???
Need A list of HSF's that work with IHS removed
Zalman or Ninja ??
Antec 120x25mm Tri-cool fan problems from P180
fan..raises temps
Modded my Linksys Wireless Router today...
Any 92mm fans that undervolt quietly ?
Xp-120 on opty 165 with no IHS
what speed does your cpu fan run at?
old thermal paste re-applied to a cpu
question about temperatures
How do you mix silver adhesive and AS5, 1:1?
Passive air possible?
which way to face arctic freezer64 pro
Ultimate case fan
Cooling soluions? 4800+ cooler?
Athlong 64 X2 3800
Scythe S-Flex 120mm Fans
CPU cooling question
regarding a Zalman VF700-
Thermosyphon? Here or gone?
Acceptable heat levels for MB temps?
TECs in reservoir. (useless?)
fan controller?
Zalman CNPS7000B-cu Not fitting on NF7.
Big Typhoon
Is this a good idea?
Q about tri blade delta's
My Passive Project (mostly passive)
Heatsink decision
Heatpipe based Northbridge HS
New AMD Heatsink with copper tubes
case cooling will my idea work ?
XP-90 question
Akasa Eclipse62 Blow Hole Mod with pics
4 New Case Fans
Socket A
Heatsink for 6200/6600 AGP?
I need to cool my Video Card -- NO PCI FANS!
Have you compared........!!!!!!!
Resorator One Plus - Modified
Cable running and Airflow?
Quiet 120mm fans?
Need chipset cooler for dead chipset fan on A8N-SLI Deluxe!
Are Stock Intel Fans Standard?
Do prescott chips generally run hot?
best simple quick instal HSF upgrade
Zalman ZF700-CU on 7800GT, load temp > 70C?
FBL08A12L -vs- FBA08A12L
newbie question about case measurements
Copper Heatsink: Reducing Base or Fin Height?
Problem running delta 120 mm fan
Thermalright XP-120
Mosfet Sinks on P5WD2-Prem
slight misjudgement of CPU fan...
RivaTuner + fan speeds
New HSF to be required for AM2 - Anandtech
p180 + Ninja = ?
Passive Cooling on Linksys Gig-8-Port Switch?
Trade in my XP-90C for a scythe ninja on a Antec P180
some cheep fans
North bridge
Cheap Sanyo Denki 120x120x38mm fans?
TT Big Typhoon Vs. SI-120. Reviews?
How to mod an Intel Stock fan???
Question about Panaflo L1a
stock 1800+ heatsink enough to cool Barton?
Active cooling for NorthBridge/XP-120
Thermalright SI-97
Is My Fan Fixable?!? Please Help!
Will A TT Big Typhoon Fit Into A Sonata 2
Cooling Recomendation
HSF reommendation for my EVGA 7800GT
Panaflo U1A's OWN!
northbridge hsf upgrade...
XP90 vs Vapochill Micro Extreme : My Test
Does this sound right to you?...
Do heat pipes work with cold?
Readily available, silent, good quality fans?
Replace 7700cu with CNPS9500 LED
HSF for 6800 or 7800 series card
HVAC guru needed
Wicked air cooling with a Ninja
Best heatsink for p4 478 abit it7 max2 v2 & lian li V2000a?
Fast AND quiet 80mm fan
Custom Northbridge Cooler..?
I want to make my computer laptop-like silent, please help
AS5 scared the crap out of me!
psu (cooling) hell)
Nforce4 Zalman Passive/Active 1/2 speed fan mod
Stopping and starting of fans
How is this possible?
case fan at 5000rpm
Ninja Install
Evercool VC-RE VGA Cooler Opinions
Northbridge Nforce4 interesting find
Vaporchill Micro
Hard Drive Cooler?
Need to cool o/c X800GTO
Please Post: AMD/INTEL Heatsink:what is the best
OMG! Can this be true?!?!?!?
Best Air Cooling HeatSink with High CFM Fans
Anyone know of any sales/good deals on any heats sinks for a 939 socket?
Thermaltake Venus 12 alright?
X2 heatsink better than the stock one with my Venice?
Big Typhoon #'s
quick answer, typhoon/si97a/sp97
Pure Copper HSF w/ Opteron 165, 30 Idle, 63 Load???
TJ-06 Recommended Heatsinks
Delta 220.1 cfm ear killer
SI-97A and 120mm fan
AMD 64 bit cooling quick question.
a testament to air cooling...
Trouble installing the Big Typhoon
Scythe Ninja or XP-120?
Cooling for my 7800gt
Peltier for use as a cpu die simulator,
Is there a market for lapped heatsinks?
AMD stock [60mm] fan vs. 60-80mm adapter
silverstone nt02 on D920 at 50C normal?
Stock Heatsink with TT Fan?
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer compatible with 6600GT?
xp90 or xp90c?
Trying to find this vendor....
i've read, but still have some questions
Got Two delta fans but dunno what to do with them?
Uh oh.... wrong case for my Big Typhoon?
Socket A Heatsink Input Needed What is the best!!!
vantec tornado...AHHH MY EARS!!!!!
Wait or jump? New comp problem!
VGA cooling alternative?
Cheiftec/Chenming case owners
I HATE my nForce4 h/f!!!
SPCR List O' Quiet Heatsinks
New OPTY 165 Install
Is Ninja with 80cfm 120mm fan pretty much best of what aircooling could do??
xp90c fan size + fan direction (general)
Northbridge heat! Nforce 4 Ultra passive cooling
AMD XP 3200+ STEPPINGS HELP!!! SMART PEOPLE NEEDED!!! xp 3200+ steppings!!
OK to run Radeon 9550 without fan?
Fan with ""inlets"" on the side? :-/ 53CFM and 24 dba? :-/
The ethics of air cooling
The Dilema: Watercooling or high-end air?
140mm Case Fan: Aerocool Streamliner
XP120 compared to a 120MM rad setup
Thermal Compound
Gradual Cooling at powering down
How do you cool your system?
SI-120 and XP-90 mounts
Best way to put my ihs back on?
Gaps, fans and inefficiency
Reccomend A Heatsink Compatible With A64 3000+ s939 And A8V Deluxe Mobo
setting up an XP90c
Not enough air on new system ? Random crashes
watercool or air cool
alternatives to Thermalright HS/fan
Installed Arctic Cooling unit on GeForce 7200GT (Pics! 56k = NO!)
Can't change PSU fan
cooling two 6800gt,s
Fan Question
9800 pro at 60c?
Installing a new GFX Cooler
Socket A 120mm
need some fan placement help..thanks in advance!
coolermaster aluminum
What the !??! is going on?
Neo2 chipset fan...not ANYMORE!!1
Asetek Vapochill XE II
silverstone nt02 or keep my D 920 heatsink?
Fan Controller/BayBus for 6 fans?
165, 40C idle w/ Ninja and YL 120's?
Microcool Northpole or Swiftech MCX159-CU for EpoX 8RDA3+PRO?
Which is better VGA cooler
Dimmer switch with AC Fan?
WC Kit vs. XP120
Is my temperature guage accurate?
YL 120's + Ninja ok for OCing & Benches?
Cheaper Alternative to SilenX Fans
Cooling for Future Rig
HSF for Opteron 165
Overheating AMD XP Mobile
I just did some heavy duty surgery for the first time just to have much better coolin
Quiet Cooling Rather than Overclocking
Opteron Cooler
Looking for fans + HS, help me out..
Modded a dell?!?? WHAT!?!?
I got a Zalman 12cm HSF and artic silver 5 thermal gel
Side Door Mod
Nforce 4 chipset cooling - a8n-sli deluxe - options?
Place to get a Heat Duct?
A quick cooling question.
TT ALX 800 Socket A Heatsink on 939 Mobo?
Push or pull air?
Over Heated Intel CPU
Its getting hot in here...not good
winter temps or as5?
good temp after lapping!
Converting a 4 pin fan to a 3 pin MB plug?
Akasa Evo 120 Heatpipe Cooler
I am rather disappointed.
Installing CM Hyper 6 on a P4cE-800 Deluxe
Panaflo U1A on a mobo header?
Good Quite Fans 120mm.
Will my cooler fit my antec p180
New cooler for my SocketA rig...
need a very slim 80mm fan
What is more imprtant to an Overclocked CPU Cooling or fast memory?
How sufficient would this be ?
Northbridge fan making noises
eVGA Copper vs NV Silencer 5 rev3
Project Twister
getting too hot?
which is better: CNPS9500 or Big Typhoon
bring fan back to life?
Best Thermal Tape for RAM Sinks on Videocard?
GeForce TI4200 Overheating...
DFI Chipset Fan
Does the Zalman ZM-MFC1 work just like the Sunbeam?
At it's BEST: AIR COOLING.....or should I say, conditioning?
few questions about cooling
best aftermarket air cooling for vid card?
Scythe Ninja - does push or pull matter?
Freezer 64 Pro - Leave AMX-1 on or apply AS5
Weird ? Someone please explain ?
XP120+Panaflo >>>> Zalman CNPS9500
Sunbeam Rheobus - is it good enough / how many fans?
need urgent help, I cant remove my scythe ninja!