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Uh oh.... wrong case for my Big Typhoon?
Socket A Heatsink Input Needed What is the best!!!
vantec tornado...AHHH MY EARS!!!!!
Wait or jump? New comp problem!
VGA cooling alternative?
Cheiftec/Chenming case owners
I HATE my nForce4 h/f!!!
SPCR List O' Quiet Heatsinks
New OPTY 165 Install
Is Ninja with 80cfm 120mm fan pretty much best of what aircooling could do??
xp90c fan size + fan direction (general)
Northbridge heat! Nforce 4 Ultra passive cooling
AMD XP 3200+ STEPPINGS HELP!!! SMART PEOPLE NEEDED!!! xp 3200+ steppings!!
OK to run Radeon 9550 without fan?
Fan with ""inlets"" on the side? :-/ 53CFM and 24 dba? :-/
The ethics of air cooling
The Dilema: Watercooling or high-end air?
140mm Case Fan: Aerocool Streamliner
XP120 compared to a 120MM rad setup
Thermal Compound
Gradual Cooling at powering down
How do you cool your system?
SI-120 and XP-90 mounts
Best way to put my ihs back on?
Gaps, fans and inefficiency
Reccomend A Heatsink Compatible With A64 3000+ s939 And A8V Deluxe Mobo
setting up an XP90c
Not enough air on new system ? Random crashes
watercool or air cool
alternatives to Thermalright HS/fan
Installed Arctic Cooling unit on GeForce 7200GT (Pics! 56k = NO!)
Can't change PSU fan
cooling two 6800gt,s
Fan Question
9800 pro at 60c?
Installing a new GFX Cooler
Socket A 120mm
need some fan placement help..thanks in advance!
coolermaster aluminum
What the !??! is going on?
Neo2 chipset fan...not ANYMORE!!1
Asetek Vapochill XE II
silverstone nt02 or keep my D 920 heatsink?
Fan Controller/BayBus for 6 fans?
165, 40C idle w/ Ninja and YL 120's?
Microcool Northpole or Swiftech MCX159-CU for EpoX 8RDA3+PRO?
Which is better VGA cooler
Dimmer switch with AC Fan?
WC Kit vs. XP120
Is my temperature guage accurate?
YL 120's + Ninja ok for OCing & Benches?
Cheaper Alternative to SilenX Fans
Cooling for Future Rig
HSF for Opteron 165
Overheating AMD XP Mobile
I just did some heavy duty surgery for the first time just to have much better coolin
Quiet Cooling Rather than Overclocking
Opteron Cooler
Looking for fans + HS, help me out..
Modded a dell?!?? WHAT!?!?
I got a Zalman 12cm HSF and artic silver 5 thermal gel
Side Door Mod
Nforce 4 chipset cooling - a8n-sli deluxe - options?
Place to get a Heat Duct?
A quick cooling question.
TT ALX 800 Socket A Heatsink on 939 Mobo?
Push or pull air?
Over Heated Intel CPU
Its getting hot in here...not good
winter temps or as5?
good temp after lapping!
Converting a 4 pin fan to a 3 pin MB plug?
Akasa Evo 120 Heatpipe Cooler
I am rather disappointed.
Installing CM Hyper 6 on a P4cE-800 Deluxe
Panaflo U1A on a mobo header?
Good Quite Fans 120mm.
Will my cooler fit my antec p180
New cooler for my SocketA rig...
need a very slim 80mm fan
What is more imprtant to an Overclocked CPU Cooling or fast memory?
How sufficient would this be ?
Northbridge fan making noises
eVGA Copper vs NV Silencer 5 rev3
Project Twister
getting too hot?
which is better: CNPS9500 or Big Typhoon
bring fan back to life?
Best Thermal Tape for RAM Sinks on Videocard?
GeForce TI4200 Overheating...
DFI Chipset Fan
Does the Zalman ZM-MFC1 work just like the Sunbeam?
At it's BEST: AIR COOLING.....or should I say, conditioning?
few questions about cooling
best aftermarket air cooling for vid card?
Scythe Ninja - does push or pull matter?
Freezer 64 Pro - Leave AMX-1 on or apply AS5
Weird ? Someone please explain ?
XP120+Panaflo >>>> Zalman CNPS9500
Sunbeam Rheobus - is it good enough / how many fans?
need urgent help, I cant remove my scythe ninja!
This is by far the best cooling, -10c for free... =O
Is this enough cooling for this machine?
Switch to heat pipes?
Is this fan OK plugged into my 4-pin CPU header???
NEED ADVICE: Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 1 VS Zalman VF700-AlCu
Same Nexus 120 used on Ninja?
Official Project "Brain Freeze" Article in Progress
Questions About Cooling An AMD 1200 T-bird
humidity and cooling
It has begun. "Project Brain Freeze"
Why is LN2 the "Holy Grail" of cooling?
80x15mm Fans
lain li v1000 and clean wiring
STASIS IceStorm NV7800C5
Cooling the mosfets on NF7-S v2
New Stock Config: TEMPs TOO HOT!! HELP PLZ
Fan Wiring
thinking bout getting an xp90c
Zalman 7000b and A8N-SLI.. compatible?
80mm to 120mm fan adaptor?
XP-90/120 temps....
Can anyone recommend a good controller?
Fan controller seems slower than normal molex?
need acrylic side panel
temp monitoring
265.1 CFM @ 54.4 db
Fan orientation
zalman 120mm coolers and the a8n32sli board
antec p180 water cooling
7800 gtx cooling prob
System Temps Seem Hot
Presario 2100 cooling solutions
passive options for socket A?
How to attach a scythe ninja the second time around.
I's A L I V *w/pics*
How long until the CPU dies?
Cooling for dothan/ct-479 with no modding?
Basic Question
9600PRO temp. meter
Thermaltake BigWater 745 Water Cooling Kit
Best CPU cooler without too much noise
what's a good 120mm fan for my case?
Quiet Cooling without sacrificing performance
Lapping Worth it?
Most popular cpu heatsink for gpus?
HELP.....92 mm FAN!
CPU way too hot!!!
Spec me a cooling solution
thermalright xp-90c or xp-120?
y splitter for 2 fans
Me Ghetto rigged cooling...
BFG 6800GT cooling problem
Big Typhoon OK in DFI Lanparty UT Ultra?
How do you know your CPU temperature?
Air cooling an Opteron 170
Replacing IHS with flat heat pipe?
Best fan for an XP120???
time to go water cooled?
What kind of temp drops and/or voltage increases could I manage with this upgrade?
evga 6800GS
Zalman? Will it fit
confused on HSF. help pls
fans with molex AND 3-pin tails
Stock FX-55 cooler... What to do...
Arctic Coolings new Accelero coolers
Fan controler and fan setup?
Antec P180 fan direction placement for best airflow
project comp Feed back PLEASE
Cooler for 7800gtx 256mb
Thermal Probe Placement on an Opteron 175.
Vga coolin?
replacing my northbridge cooler with a old socket 370 cooler(i think)
Vegetable Oil Cooling
Clearance with the TT Blue Orb II
psu affecting airflow?
Cooling Harddrives
AMD Athlon 64 - Idles at 130+ F
cooling a farm of 1.6lv D1 systems - help!
Review sites for cooling systems
panaflo to motherboard?
P5WD2 Premium NorthBridge HSF (955) - What's availible?
Hmmm Saphire's Heatsink looks a bit....familiar
Removing the Zalman VF700-CU RAM Sinks?
Spare 80mm fan
**Advice Needed - Best Lanparty UT Expert Water Cooling Kit**
Is my video card overheating?
AC Freezer 7 Pro for LGA775 Results...
Zalman and SLI?
K&N AIR filter for PC??
Just a few questions before I buy
Help with finding the right heatsink/fan!
Arctic Silver 5 or Ceramique?
Where 2 get Antec tricool fan & good dust filter?
CPU Throttler?
Cooling Woes
Speedfan temp3 reading127c HOT!!
Looking for a good pelt cooling guide
Fan speed controllers for a 92mm Tornado?
120mm fan grill?
How Hot is Too Hot?
AS5 on North Bridge
Automatic Fan Speed Control
power supply temps + overheat protection question
Is this too hot?
Cpu temp software? what to use?
Papst 170mm Fan
Lost Fan Clip -- SP-94
anyway to make a fan go faster?
Can anyone recommend a decent heatsink that used the default AMD mounting system?(K8)
Cooling X800GTO
Help me make my fans work....
well this SUX
VapoChill Micro Xtreme?
Is this normal?
Temps on mobo
Normal Temps for Opty 165 & Big Typhoon?
18-23dBA 44-60CFM 120mm fan, realistic?
Should I make this fan push or pull air?
Cpu glued to Heatsink
New Zalman toys
Can't remove Ninja backplate
eVGA 6600GT Stock vs Iceberg
Any one tried this unit?>>>sunbeam-theta-tp101
needing some cooling advice for upgrade
Psu heatsinks
Install Big Typhoon Before or After Motherboard in Case?
Stock AMD64 fan
What happens if you put too much AS5 between CPU and HSF?
whats the best heatsink
RAM temp high?
Decent Socket 370 HSF with minimal noise
best performance/price ratio between Si-120 and Scythe Ninja
fan controllers
best heatsink option for asus p5ld2, Si-120 or Scythe Ninja?
enough fans
connect3d X800GTO HSF
ducting for 120mm fan
XP-90C FX owners pls read
How hot is too much?
air for video card and cpu?
extremely quiet cooling
Anyway to dissasemble a fan?
i want some air going to my video card.
Suggestions on how to remove the Scythe Ninja backing plate.
drop 6 drgrees in 2 min
Fan controllers and temperature sensors (i know, i know)
12v to 7v without buying fan adapter?
Wine Kooler
PC-DL VRM Running Hot
Which fan controller for a reasonable price?
What's the best chipset cooler in the market?
Smart Fan, cutting off sensor and controlling speed afterwards
Cooling AMD X2 with Thermaltake CL-PO114
Help..Does this case have enough fans for cooling?
Are these temps right???
Northbridge cooling
new thermalright HR-01...anything promising?
IR Image camera for temps check up?
Would this case be good for my rig?
Scythe Ninja best of the best?
Turbine fans- specs
External temp prob/meter
new gpu fan needed- UK based
building a computer :cool:
120 fan w/ PWM connector
cooling a graphics card
Higher temps as time goes on
is Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 same as Arctic Cooling 64 Pro
Ghetto fan filter
hr-01 vs xp120
A8N-SLI Prem., x2 4200+, Antec P180. Will this cooling work??
ZALMAN Fatal1ty FS-V7 is any better than the ZALMAN VF700?
stock fx57 heatsink
quick question about fan filters
will a xp-120 fit on a asrock uli 939 board?
Zalman CNPS-9500
I just ordered the XP-120, what 120mm fan should I get?
freezer 64 pro vs. xp 120
video card cooling
socket A heatsink..
Getting an Arctic Cooling OUT?
side windows
(Possibly) Stupid Question
VF700-Cu in SLi pics
Ode to dust...
REVIEW: Coolermaster Aluminum 120x38mm AAF-B12-E1
Speed fan no work :(
SLK-948U and TT Big Typhoon lose to Stock Opteron DC Heatsink??
Big Typhoon temps on Prescott 3.4E @47C
Cooler Master Centurion 5 - FAN PLACEMENT HELP??
Big Typhoon Stock 120mm FAN - IS IT ANY GOOD?
SLK800 or Volcano 12 heatsink? (skt A)
Fan adapter
Aerogate 2 Thoughts
what temps are too high for my rig?
Is BIG TYPHOON suppose to Be Loose?
Case Cleaning Grossness
pentium d 830 which sink and fan x-qpack
Scythe Ninja on a K8n Neo2 Platinum?
Do you think this setup will work??
Just a little question...
Where to find insulation for Direct Die system online
Adding fan into top of pc case
Questions - temp readings
competition for most silent fan?
How to set Minimum fan voltage?
Best Automatic fan controller?
More Amps on fans means higher output? (More RPMs?, Higher CFM?)
SI-120 Review
Opty 144's, sythe ninjas, and backside cooling.
Does anyone have a Thermaltake Tower 112 heatsink on an Athlon64?
Best Hardrive Coolers?
How to manually control rpms on a temp fan
Need some fan advice.
The best use for old heatsinks
If it's cold outside, get yourself a tube! [Lots of pics]
Best Quiet 120mm Fan
Big Typhoon owners
Question regarding a Vantec Tornado
Panaflo RPM sensor
How do u mount 120mm on xp90?
Reversing A PCI Fan Blower
O/C advice for DFI LP UltraD
CoolMaster Case - DO I NEED NEW FANS??
I Need Some Advice X800GTO2
Is this why my AMD is so hot and underclocked?
SLI cooling
Coolermaster Aluminum 120mm fan in stock!
XP90 or SI120?
Cpu fan needed for amd 3700+ socket 754
MassCool Ac-Pac400 PC AC!
GeForce 6600GT Fan
Issue with Thermaltake SilentBoost K8 and A64
My Adventures In Custom 6800GT Cooling!!!
P3 Slot 1: where have all the coolers gone?
Lapping Guide for Heatsink
good northbridge heatsink/fan (without the 2 push pins)
best fan controller...what do you think?
Top Notch Air Cooling HS w/ the ease of install & removal of the Thermaltake CL-P0075
Mechatronics Fan Connector to regular 3-pin connector? (pics included)
xp-90c help please
Ghetto Case/Fan Mod cools temps nicely.
ARCTIC COOLING Silencer64UltraTC L.... Any good?
thermal fan controler....
Big Typhoon help please....
Why you need to check your heatsinks for dust... lol
Big Typhoon: Bad in case w/ No Side Vent?
Big Typhoon compatibility
is thermal tape also electrically conductive?
needa bolt on a clip HS. any mod ideas??hi gu
250cfm 140mm $7 denki
Cooler Master NanoFusion TIM Review
Sinking a P4C800-E Deluxe
A good heat sink for socket A then to 939
Quiet 92mm fan
question for ninja users
Wire guage
Silenx and Peter Kim, Exposed.
Better fan for my Zalman 7000B-cu??
939 HSF >?<
mobile a64 hsf?
Dont Stack Fans
Big Typhoon thermal compound question
Cooling? or.. maybe something else?
PSU fan clicking problem
2.8c and 7000cu, to hot?
Low Profile x850 cooler?
i see, so i am allowed to make silent fan posts, just not repost links to closed ones
HSF Mounting Trouble
Fan Idea for Heatsinks
Newbie with a couple questions
Is this pulling air away from my rad or putting air in?
So Wait. Im not allowed to post a Quiet Fan Post?
Anyone esle try thermaltake giant 3 yet?
Delta or Panaflo Heatsink Fan
zalman for 3800x2
need quiet fans.
CPU over heating
Why so hot?
Zalman9500 with Asus A8N SLI Premium
Measuring water temps
GPU Thermal Grease Change
About to buy: BigTyphoon or Scythe Ninja
The Quiet Fan List
Arctic Silver 5 Help
PC running hot..need suggestions on HSF
Copper vs. Alum. (or combo)
Best 80mm blue led fan with good noise/cfm ratio?
AMD Stock HS with a Better Fan (s939 HS)
Size tubing and fitings different...*PICS*
Winter Temps!! dont u just love em??
What HSF to use with Opteron 146?
Check out this awesome relay switch
Heat Sink Clearence Question
Can I mount a 120mm fan on an XP90C ?
i need some help please xp-90
LGA 775 Best Cooling Solution...
Hows Stock Opteron Dual Core Heatsink?
Athlon XP 3200+ - Running too hot?
Can AS3 go bad after being applied?
80mm Fans with nice CFM:dBA
Cool Sempron
Is this Phase Change any good?
Green Cooling
which heatsink
SI 120 > stock
Stock heatsink fan question
Best VGA Cooler?
This Cooler Any Good?
XP - 120 Compatibility
So.... I Purchased a new Panaflo 92mm Fan...
Little help from the air cooled guys?
Copper Base
Fans...Help me make a choice!
Thermaltake SilentTower Heatpipe
rankings of cooling goop
7v mod on fan, make it permanent?
Xp-90 Install Problems
Server Cooling
advice on which cooling
Reduce air cooled CPU temps by up to 10C!
HELP ME with my FAN arrangement! To shroud or not to shroud...
Heatsink Recommendations p4 3.2 prescott
remove your heatspreader to drop 10 celcius
Automatic fan speed adjustment
chipset fan
CPU Heatsink/Fan Help?
Need some quick advice..
Need help
High temps ....
New VGA cooler, by Evercool
Anyone using the Sharkoon Silent Eagle fans
Clearance Issue? DFI NF4/XP-120/V-1
TEC Thermostat?
Cooling Nightmare..... Need Help!
My first case mod.
Suggestions for future water cooling
CPU @ 255 oC?!?!
p4 ht 3.0 over heating.
Fan question...
Should TT Smart Fan II's be replaced?
Thank god for acrylic and silica packets
Quietest Panaflow Model?
Possible air in my w/c??
fan controler?
Something to keep an 830 D cool
Temp dropping
somthing pwned my fan
Just ordered a Big Typhoon...plus this is my first post!
case with lots of bays
Newb question-regarding removal of heatsink
CM Stacker 830 with 7x120mm 220cfm Delta fans...air cooler's paradise?
Cooling Pad
Zalman VF-700: Fan Replacement
Watercooling Suggestions Plz!
Delta GFB1212VHW
Fan on right side panel? Why basically noone uses one?
easy and safe cooling mod
Which Fan Controller ?
Is this an acceptable NB replacement?
PSU fans as case fans?
CPU Cooler
Aero lite 38cfm fans. anyone use this?
Scythe Ninja or Thermalright SI-120?
Cooling options available for x1800XL?
please help the n00b :)
Sythe Ninja / Lian Li V1000
coolmaster hyper6+ fit?
Zalman 120mm heatsink in BLUE?
Zalman 9500 Fan Mod
5.25" Bay Freezer
Which are best 120mm heatsinks?
Which are best 120mm heatsinks?
Cooling Question
ummmm hi :p
S754 AMD64 DTR cooling question
Fan controller / temp prob
does anyone have this with a8v deluxe?
Something quiet
How to improve laptop cooling?
Scythe ninja
What should I ask for this Christmas?
Microcool northpole
XP-120 orientation ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe
Freezer 64 or Freezer 64 Pro?
wacky cooling..
Sunbeam Tuniq Tower 120?
Good skt A hsf ~$20
CPU cooler reccomendations