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Delta GFB1212VHW
Fan on right side panel? Why basically noone uses one?
easy and safe cooling mod
Which Fan Controller ?
Is this an acceptable NB replacement?
PSU fans as case fans?
CPU Cooler
Aero lite 38cfm fans. anyone use this?
Scythe Ninja or Thermalright SI-120?
Cooling options available for x1800XL?
please help the n00b :)
Sythe Ninja / Lian Li V1000
coolmaster hyper6+ fit?
Zalman 120mm heatsink in BLUE?
Zalman 9500 Fan Mod
5.25" Bay Freezer
Which are best 120mm heatsinks?
Which are best 120mm heatsinks?
Cooling Question
ummmm hi :p
S754 AMD64 DTR cooling question
Fan controller / temp prob
does anyone have this with a8v deluxe?
Something quiet
How to improve laptop cooling?
Scythe ninja
What should I ask for this Christmas?
Microcool northpole
XP-120 orientation ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe
Freezer 64 or Freezer 64 Pro?
wacky cooling..
Sunbeam Tuniq Tower 120?
Good skt A hsf ~$20
CPU cooler reccomendations
Reccomend a Quality Thermal paste/grease
Do the retail 939 fans work with s754?
Thermalright loose Clip solution
Gfx card cooler
Northbridge Cooler
Cheap fry's northbridge fan Mod for A8N-SLi deluxe
quick way to quiet up rig?
Article Silver 5 almost like glue???
0 RPM reading?
New Hardware, now front intake CPU fan ducting, results anyone?
Skt. 939 H/Ss
Question for the Abit guys
How to remount your XP90[pix inside]
How do I remove an XP-90 easily?
x1800 XT cooler design by Artic Silencer
a flurry *hahah seasonal pun....* of questions about heatsinks
x3800+, My experience changing cooler box for Big Typhoon
the perfect case for using 120mm fans for silent cooling
is my paste ok, or does it need reapplying?
changed motherboards..now CPU temp is much higher?
Considering TT Sonic Tower...fan recommendation?
Help Choosing Radiator Fans
Artic Cooling Silencer 64 will it work on S939??
irql_not_less_or_equal BSOD due to overheat?
Optimizing the AMD Stock Heatsink
How far away to keep case/fans from...?
Sandwiching a TEC between CPU and Heatsink?
Bit of help with a heatsink
help out a heatsink noob
Enermax fan controller question
Vigor Gaming's Active TEC CPU HS!
Raptor sandwitch
Good HSF for X800GTO˛ w/RAMsinks
panaflow+nexus okay?
Burning out 3 pin mobo fan headers?
does anyone sinked their sound card chip?
XP-120 Problem
quiet 80mm fan
rheostat/fan controller
Freezer 64 Pro Memory Clearance
Two 7800GTX with VF700-CU
Tuniq Tower 120
2500+ Barton temps?
Higher RPM?
Gotta Love Ebay
Scythe Ninja with BIG fan(delta~) anyone?
Is there a special tool I'm going to need to install the XP-120 HSF?
Unique Laptop Cooling?
Sick of Spending $$$ on Silenx Fans, Help me find Fans as Quiet, for less money.
Loud Panaflows?
Trying to disable cpu fan speed requirement
SpeedFan 4.27 -vs- PC Probe II
fan mount, what is your method?
Yuri's Quiet and Cool mod
Problem with fan on XP-120
Got it installed!
Concerned with my CPU temp's, need some advice
sonic tower, need help, fan in the
Fan Controller
Cooler Master Vortex TX
Advice on cooling S478 CPU - Prescott 3(E)GHz
NB fan dying...
Heat pipe coolers and sub zero air temps
case temp vs chipset temp
SILENCE and Fans
Is a fan even needed?
power supply temperature
Scythe Ninja Fan Clips
HD temp
cooling a mATX?
Recomendations for cooling my soon to be new build.
Laptop cooling! solution for hot problem
Best way to mount PSU? Exhuast up or down?
Whats the best CPU AIR cooler i can get for P4 3.73, Asus P5WD2, Corsair 5400Ul ?
Fan controller question.
Help Northbridge Cooling DFI NF3 Lanparty UT 250GB
New to the Forums, need some advice.
XP90-C Bodge job.
Trying to figure out strongest HS for the job
What are the levels in CPU coolings. EX: 1-Liquid Nitrogen, 2-Liquid cooling, 3-Air..
What all the levels in CPU coolings. EX: 1-Liquid Nitrogen, 2-Liquid cooling, 3-Air..
Will not POST unless motherboard (yes, mobo) is very cold. (new to me)
help meh plz
Quiet PC
Lapping a Heatsink? Worth it?
XP-90C and Delta 3 blade?
Keg-o-rator cooled Computer!!!!!
New System,, Idle @ 70 deg C ???,
A new cooler problem - please help
holy! this CPU cooler is HUGE!
New Asus Silent Square
Which Cooler...XP90C, XP120, Zalman 9500 or Aquagate Mini ?
Quiet, quiet, quiet, case.
not enough mobo fan sockets?
Fan Upgrade for OC Athlon 64 3200+
Fatility Zalaman?
Some quiet 80mm fans?
Planning on overclocking amd64 3200+ to 2.5/2.8ghz-whats a good heatsink/fan??
something bad involving my NB or RAM
XP90 vs XP90C ... is it worth the money
do northbridges really need a fan?
2 80mm vs 1 120 mm:better airflow?
Coolest temps on Air...
Hole Saws?
Ditching the Vantec Tornados!
Thermaltake Silent Wheel 120mm fan
Heatsinks IHS/non IHS fit...XP90,SLK 948u
Fastest 120mm BLUE LED fans
SI-120 w/ Panaflo or TT BT
AC Freezer4 fun - LGA775 fitment and Intel retail frameless 92mm PWM fan mod
Question for someone with Antec P160W series case
Need 92mm & 120mm Fans
XP90 vs XP120
To Air or not to Air?
Where to buy Freezer 64 Pro?
Cooling by INTERNAL fans.
Looking for 120mm fans - read inside for details
What 80mm fans?
How to attach fan on P5WD2-P
new cpu fan, what to get?
Case Flow?
Will a CNPS-7000a fit on an Abit ic7-G Max2 Advance mobo?
Need help cooling opteron 170
P4 cooling advice
Is NB Cooling indispensable accessories to NB?
this cant be right...?
Visualizing Airflow?
Should I switch CPU coolers?
The "Show off Pics of your Cooling" Thread
Bent heatpipes?
Freezer-64 HSF question
Xbox 360 Cooling Question
Two Cooling Questions
ATI Silencer 4 work for X800XT R423?
need more pressure on cpu
How do I take this apart?
evaporative coolers in a computer room
Tips for removing Stock GPU Heatsink?
Is a standard mounting bracket or plate possible?
Hardcano 13 Alarm
Evaluate my airflow
Quick question about the XP-120 setup
thermal throttling causing problems
What is inside the XP-90 heatpipes?
your chipset temperatues
"official" maximum cpu temps
6800GT cooling and temp changes and questions
Weird vortex
Opteron cooling
How can I get my MB temps down???
Swiftech MCX478-V Passivley!?
regarding a xp-120
Zalman ZM-NB47J on A8N-Sli Deluxe
Does the Material of Case affect Temps?
Cheap x800 GTO can go faster than a stock x850xt. But need more cooling?
What fan for Scythe Ninja?
I love me some cold weather
GPU core too hot! (6800gt)
Fans and amps
Quick help with electrical problem
quite server rig 1.2
need help with my cooling mod idea
Can Cold Weather Effect System Performance
The surgery was a success! Big Typhoon is on the case!
where to put the thermal probs
Which cpu cooler
What is the best VGA Cooler?
Will this work?
Trying to install Big Typhoon....Please Help!
Where to be a warped silver plate?
Simple question for XP-90 owners
OK I'm starting to like the way koolance thinks.
Best memory heatsinks?
Swiftech Copper Ramsinks
STASIS NB Chipset Heatsink Concept
Which air cooling to use?
MX1 Vs. AS5 My experience!
sycthe ninja backplate
Cooling change's
Review Request - Mod/admin Read!!
how to make your 12v fan run at over 12v
x800 cooling systems...
Are there thick quiet fans?
thermal throttling in windows
fire risk, or heat damage?
removing heatsink
pci bracket fan cooler
Ati Radeon 9200 Se
thinking of switching coolers
Is it just me or does that look like a zalman?
Anyone try mounting extreme cooling on thier video card?
EPOX EP-9NPA+ chipset cooler
X2 Cooling, Ninja vs. BigTyphoon vs. Sonic tower
New Water Cooling Setup
What price would you pay?
Fan not going the right speed
LF: reasonably priced temp monitor
Can air cooling handle 2800MHz +
Socket A Cooler
Where to put temp probes...
Lowest useful temp on CPU?
kingwin KWVC-3 problems
Video Card Cooling Mod
"Holy acidic thermal paste Batman!"
Where does one buy Delta EFBs?
Butane cooling
how do I check the temps for everything?
strange ThunderBlade
Help! Upgraded cooling, now unstable...
Best performance/DB for air cooling opteron
a good, well coolin case <$50 CANADIAN
Which heatsink between these two????
Need a good 60mm fan.
Why go sub zero with pelt?
NF4: Fan control software
extreamly low temps
92 mm vantec tornado case fan
Northeast Cooling ?
Best case Fan
Will this work?
Will the Ninja fit?
x2 cooling?
Dual-Core Cooling recommendation
92mm cpu fan recomendations
XP-120 Orientation Tests
Cold weather
Good cooling... right outa the box
Arctic Cooling ACFZ64 Freezer 64 CPU Cooler?
XP-120 or Scythe on DFI?
Fan glue?
Antec P180 cooling tips (air)
Run without Fan?
Why do you say this pump...but others say this one?
Prescott at 89C??
Can the Big Typhoon be transplanted?
Changing the fan on Zalmann CNPS9500?
which gpu cooler
Willamette meets SI-120. Ha.
Question: Will this heatsink fit my motherboard? Answer inside!
How to monitor your video cards temp???
and why wont you fit?
best heatsing for 939 socket , X2 on A8N32-SLI deluxe
stats of a fan??/
Akasa Cool Blue Chipset Cooler (AK-210)
xp120 or sythe ninja?
Been out of it for a while, Best Socket 940 barring noise?
p4e s775 idle/load temps?
Insanely loud 80mm fan....
Swiftech NB cooler worth it?
Red Rosewill
Which setup would run cooler?
Changing NB Heatsink
Athlon 64 Cooling poll, H2O or air
Athlon64, Arctic Silver, how?
VGA Cooler
Thermal paste decision, not AS5
My Zalman VF700-cu experience
using asus probe now to monitor temps, any way to display in systray?
Were can I find Air-Duct Mod?
need a heatsink
120mm cpu fan?
Power Circuitry Cooling
My XP-90C vs. XP-120 experience
video card cooling (help needed!)
Blower Reccomendation
Check out this cooler for DFI chipset :)
power supply temperature
Thermaltake vx Thermalrite
Best CPU Fan for SLK-947U
Just your opinion about temps...
XP90C over XP90?
XP-90C tarnish easily? About to buy..
Dual Xeon cooling solution
Loud Fans
Buzzing...possibly caused by a fan but not sure which one
Prob the most quiet fan?
magnetic field near a pc
How to calculate fan dba & cfm?
DOH! am i the first noob to do this?
Good fan setup?
Artic cooling ??? good idea/ bad idea ??
What do you guys think of this fan?
Help! Did I do this right?
ThermalTake Big Typhoon - Possible Fan Mod
wich one cools better?
Good Fans
quick BT question
Worth cooling the chipset better??
Fanless XP90 on A64 Venice
Zalman CNPS-9500
Temps for Intel 830?
Super Quiet Fans
Video card cooling question
recommend some coolers
Need Help on X1800XL Cooling (Duct Mod)
SOOOO tempted to get one of these
Splicing fans into 2 wires?
Need Cooling Advice
Simulating AirFlow Patterns
quick question..
Any 3rd party chipset Cooler suits DFI nF4 mobo??
cheapo air duct!!!
7000cu on Dothan...
Just trying to stay COOL
How is this cooling?
problem with stock intel hs fan
Most Efficient Air Cooler
thin 120 mm fans?
Round IDE Cables
Thermaltake "Big Typhoon" 0.8Kg HS(6 heatpipes) w/ 5500rpm 120mm fan + 120W Peltier?
How do i set up my fans
Need Chipset Cooler (for K8N-DL)
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
on a hot summer's day...
Fan wiring issue
New cooler from Austria - Noctua NH-U12
Quick question about by XP-90
Power for my comp
Which way should I turn my fan?
Effects of churning on CPU temperatures
VGA Cooler - Zalman VF700-AlCu ?
Which heatsink? + fan setup?
Zalman Rules
Convert any Socket 478 cooler to be used on LGA775 motherboards
are these good temps?
Panaflo noise question
Is AC NV5 Rev.3 Available in AUSTRALIA????
Increase Fan speed
Need help finding specs on this FAN
My Air Cooled Monster
whats most quiet/effective
Big problem with Zalman 7700al-cu
Freezer64 or CNPS7000-ALCu
Whats a good...
Chiller for Radiator? (some advice)
Good 120mm fans
Quick question about thermal paste
Oh cooling gurus.....
92mm in an 80mm? 92mm in a 120mm?
80mm with 90mm blades
Akasa Fan Voltage Reducer
Fan controller for Deltas
Applying Arctic Silver 5 to HSF/CPU
Connecting NV Silencer 1 (rev2) to PSU?
Liquid Metal" heat conducting paste, What is it?
the ever upcoming question of T-Line or Res
Mosfet Heatsinks...
120mm fan swap due for PSU, which one would be 'safe'?
PWN4GE mobo cooling
New Comp >> comments?
The best thermal compound
How many fans is too many?
Here it is ...again ... How hot is too hot
Need 4 or more probe temperature monitor
120mm Fan Choice for X2 and SI 120, Quiet setup
Looking for new HSF
My new rig, finally assembled!
arctic cooling nv silencer 5 rev 3 rocks
nf7-s v2.0 and zalman cnps7000b-cu mod?
crazy ideas
What do the numbers mean
pD Temps? 70c ?
only 5 degrees separation
Lapping GPU?
CPU thermometer still there after lapping?
Lapping Pictures
New Sytrin case with pelts built in??
Man do I love this time of year
COOLER MASTER RT-UCL-L4U1 (Blue Ice) Chipset Cooler
Best Passive Heatsink for LGA 775
Zalman ZM-NB47J Northbridge Cooler
Zalman Thermal Adhesive
NewAMD64 Build Too Hot - Help !
I Have An Extra Heatsink.
Need help on choosing a HS.
Delta/XP-120 Duct?
just curious...with computer window/doors
memory heatspreaders...
Fan controller help please!
do fan filters restrict alot of flow?
Navi is very happy.
Build for my son's Daddy, ME...
Need help decreasing the load and idle temps of system
Am I Overlooking Anything?
Coolermaster Caviler 3 and cooling...
Winter Ductmod, Condensation?
can anybody recommend a good 92 mm fan?
Cool is Cool
120mm Fan Choice
Taking care of my Video card heat
ice cooling
Lapping CPU
recieved my GFB1212VHW today
broke ANOTHER panaflo....what next?!
SpeedFan, Fan Controller Software
Best HSF for Athlon XP?
Thinking of upgrading my SFF water cooling
Couple noobish XP-90 questions...
think im gonna run some stealths
Question on a Panaflo fan...
Need Help Chosing RAMsinks - Copper OCZ's or Aluminum WLUK's?
Possible Super Ghetto Fan
Lookin For Adapter
Delta Fan Database
question about delta tfb1212ghe wires
Lian-Li 7 plus case fans
F+HS for AMD 3800+ 939
Need some cooling help
Do I have screwed up airflow or something?
Delta 190cfm rules!!
Thermaltake Tide Water VGA Cooler Review
temps ok?
Must ASUS A8N SLI Prem have air cooler for CPU?
What offers better cost/performance? Water or phase?
Can I use mineral oil in place of water to cool
6600GT Cooling
help finding a water cooler for the chipset dfi sli-dr
disabling leds in a fan + fire hazard question
Zalman CNPS7700-Cu noise?
Zalman VF700-cu (or alcu) owners, post your specs
Best 120 mm fan
A8N-SLI Chipset
How hot is too hot?
question about intel chipset fan!!!
Opinions on the thermaltake big water se
Question about a new fan
The Pit-falls of using tower-style sinks
Help I can't install stock heatsink ..
How hot is too hot?
6600GT with Thermaltake HSF
Where can you buy Thermal interface double side tape?
would this fit...
X2 with SLI on DFILANparty cooling idea
Cooler for my X850XT
To Watercool or not?
I'm an idiot
Thermaltake's Big Typhoon CL-P0114 or Swifttech MCX6400-V Heatsink?
Need a good and cheap fan controller for my Tornado
Desperate Nforce2 Cooling
My Zalman CNPS9500.. temps and pics!!
arg...screwed up my fan
Project: Ugly Casemod
Speedfan + custom RPM?
Duct tape
5v mod
Cool-Matic 7800 Cooler and Swifttech H20-Apex Extreme Duty Series
New heatsink??
How insane would this be...
Capping an evap tower?
Software for hi temp shutdown
going for complete quietness
Noob Here
Fan Placement A8N-SLI Lian-Li PC70
Arctic Cooler NV5 REV.3, Bad news!!
Lapping...gimmme the rundown