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Arctic Silver 5
do i need to cool my 10k rpm raptor?
My Rheobus wont work!!
suggestion for a gpu cooler
AS5 with IHS Question
80mm to 92mm fan adapter
good heat sink for 64 bit 3000+
Getting the most out of NV5 Silencer...?
Dorm Friendly?
What do you think of this 120mm case fan?
Difficulty removing fan... thing
Cooling sudgestions for a socket 939
How to remove memory heatsink
Standard Fan Controller Q
STASIS Production Upgrades - Delrin is in the air...
Copenhagen Cooling
Redoing what BFG Screwed up....
Which would you choose?
Where to buy a new video card heatsink?
Will this fit into my Silent tower?
what is the difference
Is cooler masters 24.4 DBA Case Fan quiet or not
WC question, possibly stupid...
Not satisfied with i915GMm-HFS bundled cpu cooler?
Help with 939 silent cooling
WTH is this? I need this.. lol
How to mount a TT Big Typhoon on a DFI NF4
very very Best Video Card Cooler for 6800 GT's.
Where can I get male/female 3 pin fan connectors?
Do the PSU and Fans come with the case?
High end P4 cooling??
3200+ stock running 49*C/57+*C
best place to get AS5?
northbridge cooling
Overclocking my cpu fan
Fan arrangment in my case
Better airflow: Sonata or 1080PLUS
Is the Vantec Iceberg a good NB cooler?
Fan on motherboard not turning
Quality s939 compatable cooler for OCing
Good cooling from DELL?!!??!!
Disassemble an 80mm fan?
where to buy a temperature probe
Is this a HOT temperature ???
New A64 LBBLE 0521 Proc / Temps Good?
The Best CFM/DBA Ratio Fans in 80mm - 120mm Sizes. Discussed Proven and Displayed.
Very cheap and quiet socket A coolers.
Compatibility of Thermaltake Big Typhoon?
fitting Si-97 today!
Golden Orb 2 a rip-off?
52.24CFM at 21dBa realistic?
Arctic Cooling FreezerA - great cheap cooler
OK.. what fan should I get for my 640?
Case Temps Very High
SP-97 vs SI-97 vs SLK-947
How do i remove thermal pad? seems to have melted!
Regarding 80mm Panaflo Mediums: ball bearing or hydrowave?
anyone notice this?
Awesome fan speed controller.
so i'm looking at getting a new heatsink
Major heat problem
How to install AMD Venice
cpu fan or something is making a sharp noise
cooling power of a zalman cnps3100cu+
extreme 1,400CFM speed controlled
xp-90 questions?
Silencer on X700pro
Cutting off Side Panel Fan Grill
Globe Fans
Help!! My comp is WAY too hot
Keeping Your Computer's Case Cool.
adding some ice in the box :)
TR NB-1 on KT600
What fan should i use on a SI97 for quiet yet cool performance?
Will a modded Zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu w/a Delta Tri-blade outperform an SI-97?
Modded ALPHA PAL to WATERBLOCK (cooled by Chiller)
About to SCREAM
How does one mount a SLK-947 onto an NF7S v2?
bios and desktop idle temp difference?.
Venice Core installation
my air conditioner
AMD and stock coolers
rate my temps plz :)
Recommendations on LGA Heatsinks?
my cpu is hittin 90C? help?
Temperature vs Clocks?
Volcano 6Cu+ Hacked to NB *56K WARN*
Thermaltake Armor Fan Setup PIX
I need some opinions on my cpu problem
ISO: 80mm fan, ~30dBA, ~40+CFM
Most powerful fan?
tempature controlled fan speed adapters
best heatsink and fan for me?
Cooling NB
fan controller needed!
motor oil as fan lube?
Extreme Edition 840 and XP90c
Heat between AMD and Intel
Got/Getting a new heatsink? -- Read this!
Coolermaster BLUE ICE!!
Power boost on initial startup for fan?
Cleaning CPU -new heatsink
Software Fan Controllers?
need advice , making my pc silent
1 Knob on Fan controller FRIED! :(
Does arctic silver go bad?
upgrading cooling on Barton
X800XL Aftermarket HSF?
inspire me!
HELP with Graphics Card Cooler
Stuck ..
Suck or Blow?
Stock cooling limiter...
Heatsinking Mosfets (Questions)
Super blower
sinking Mosfets
How often do you shut your computer down?
My buddies 560 is HOT!!!
OPEN side panels + Fans, OR CLOSED panels + fans? Please help!
Motherboard Sensor is wrong?
Alright what am I to do?
Found some nice fans in a 5 year old pc
Why not just use small A/C for Computer/Room?
Good cooler for skt 775
zalman or scythe ?
zalman cnps9500
Testing my Laptop Fan???
SI-97A for K8
Are there any reviews of the Vapochill Micro?
Antec SuperLAN Boy + Big Typhoon?
Temperature Probe & RPM Sensor Questions
Artic Cooling Freezer 64: Any good?
CPU idle @ 46, loaded @ around 52C good?
Looking for a good heatsync & fan, help me choose
Thermaltake Hardcano 13 / battery
Blown Ice Machine from Work!
Awsome Heatsink (Slinky-esque)
Best coolant? Need your opinions!!
What kind of cooling do you use poll (July-Dec 05) (Retired Sticky)
Whats the Better NB HS? NB32J or NB47J
Buy New CPU Heatsink?
Super water cooling type thing
Thermal paste
Good heatsink no wider than 80mm?
Temperature on XP-90 Heatsink
The balance between intakes and outakes
Cooling an ATI x700pro card
P4 2.6GHz Northwood Cooling Question
Reverse Flow Cooling
Vantec "Nexus" 5 1/4" fan controller
Desktop AC?
BFG 6800 GT CF Vs. Leadtek 6800 GT - The debait of which has the best cooling.
Cleaning Heatsink
Best 92mm fan for CFM Vs. Noise??? please!
Plan for Thermal Take Armor. Pic!
Can I get any better on Air?
Specs on this delta
HELP!!! Huge temperature
ASUS P5WD2 Premium and CPU Fan Header
Panaflo L1A in the UK!
PSU fan mod... effective?
Extreme Prescott Heat
case and fan choices
Looking for cheap case
What's the current *best* cooler.
sonic tower
Arctic SIlver 5=Static?
Temps and hs
P4 running nice and hot, time for new cooling!
Need advice on lapping xp-90
lapping kit suggestion
What's wrong with my temps?
safe temp for Intel 875 chipset?
Proper way to seat XP-120 on K8 retention bracket?
Safe to run Sanyo Denki off Mobo pin header?
NorthBridge Cooling?
how can this be?
Baybus Question, Advice Requested
installing intake fan
Need advice: whats a good heatsink for me
What can i use to mod a fx5500
Heat Concern, please help.
MX232 Matrix Orbital Temperature Sensor Questions
taking apart a Sony Vaio VGN-S460B
2x80mm or 120mm?
Heatsink base-Question
Pescott Cooling problems how hot is too hot
Volcano 12
is it worth waiting for Asetek Vapochill Micro ?
LED's in the Sunbeam Rheobus? Change?
Delta Fan
Quietest 80mm fans hands down
FAST AND COOL 35c/48c P4 3E TO 3.4 ZALMAN7000CU
Case Cooling mod Gone WRONG.
Cooling Recommendations for Dothan
Heatsink for AMD Mobile XP2600+?
Any one using thermaltakes pipe101?
Installing 80 mm fan on XP-90C
Ceramique on stock 6800gt heatsink worth it?
Thermaltake Hs + Neo2 Plat?
Question about applying AS5
Should I get a new cooler for my San Diego?
Water or air?
Need Socket 478 cooler for 2.8C
ga-7n400 pro2 and si-97?
XP-90+2.8c Northie=Are these temps normal for this CPU?
Gotta love central air for combating summer heat
Here is what Delta 220cfm fans sound like
Opinions On This Fan For Zalman 7700cu
911 cooling help for summer temps
Which is the best performance heatsink for A64?
Too Many Watts for Mobo Header?
Coolermaster Aero on the outside?
MBM Or what ?
Anyone using these fans?
Having problems!!!
where to buy a rheobus?
Do I need better than stock?
Air-duct position?
this better do the job (h20 kit)
Broken Heatsink Fan + Other Cooling Issues
Big Typhoon?
Gofras lo budget "cool and quiet" mini mod
Need case (Read)
Thrice the flowrate, how much cooler?
Temp monitor for 3.5" or 5" drive bay
Socket 370 Cooling
How long did it take you to lap your HS?
Whats the best 775 LGA HSF cooler?
AC Freezer7 mod - LGA775 owners, please help
Ac Duct.. Success!
Modding Zalman 7700 Cu with Panaflo 120mm U1A
Does the heatsink have to be pressed against the CPU to work?
Thermalright Video Card Cooler
Replace northbridge cooler on DFI nF4 Ultra-D
New thermalright cooler
heatsink..such a dilemma
49c Idle with SI-97!!?!?
how we turn down fan speed?!!
Which STATIS heatsink should I get?
cooling dilema - what would you do?
overclockers from asia,some info plz
Strange new fan...
fan question
Are these usable? I brought them on ebay...
Sunon KD1212PMB1-6A Fan
SLK900u. Think I lapped it too far.
would this be effective?
120-90-80 mm fans?
Best quiet cooling for my purpose
Closing top case or not?
Need VGA Cooler Recommendation
How can I build a duct to my CPU fan myself?
Damn, what I get for sleeping in class
CPU Temps.
Replaced SwiftTech with XP-90
Really need help with a heatsink.
Water or Wind...?
How much AS5 in 3.5 grams
danger den ddnek02
Best cooler from this site:
Good Cooling Combo?
Sunon - 12cm, 5V possible?
High Amp Fan Controllers
XP90c and HIGHER TEMPS!!!!!!!
Computer A/C Unit Effectiveness
120mm fan advice
putting a duct between fan / heatsink?
New Case...going to move over to a Lian-li case mmmm....
Info on Fans & temps
Difference between AS5 & Ceramique ?
The size of fans.....
Suggestions for Cooling on my Woody Case Design
What case fan to get?
I have a problem and i admit it
AC Duct mod has me in the thin air
Need Fan Controller
120mm fan advice
- Thermal Images - DFI Lanparty nF4 Ultra-D & SLI-DR
Variable Fan for Thermalright SI-97
XP-90 or XP-120 in Lian-Li PC-V1000?
Will an XP90 Work With an ASUS P5WD2?
Qu about fan with thermistor control
Qu about fan with sensor
too cold?
Good lord these things are getting massive
Case fan recommendations needed
Thermal sensors on fans
Correct figures?
arctic silver question
The most silent air cooling solution for Socket 939?
AC Cooling Works.
Any possible way to fit an xp-120 onto MSI Neo4?
Parts, site needed
Heat problem at standard speeds
upgrading intake/exhaust case fans
Idel and load temp question
Does the XP-90 fit socket 939 amd?
HYPER 6 Temps
Extreme Air Cooling?:D (pics)
my cooling mod/rework/wire managment
WHat kind of cooling for this CPU ?
Zalman VF700 Ramsink fix idea
too much restricted airflow?
On AIR Cooling for now, some new goodies...
sinking my mosfits
60mm fan recommendations?
Laptop Fans in a Desktop?
47c Idle with SI-97...too hot?
ZALMAN CNPS 7000 Al - Cu lapping issues
Would this work?
Question about XP-120/90c
Need CPU cooler for Athlon 64 3200
Re: New heatsink, also need panaflo info
Is it alive? ...
Anyone Using this Heatsink?
How do you remove stock HSF thermal pad off CPU?
portable A/C units Vs computer hardware
45C with XP-90?
Hard Drive Cooling
installing a replacement window???
gimme some sites
New larger heatsinks = broken mobo?
So my comp started overheating
Temperature is 70 to 75 degrees
new hsf needed for socket A
arctic cooling fan...opinions? thoughts?
Aerogate 1 fan controller
XP-90 on 3200 Venice
Need new high performance HSF
Summer and winter temp differences
Thermaltake SonicTower?
Thermalright V1 - An XP-90 For Your Video Card?
whats a good 120X38mm fan that doesn't tick when slowed by PWM ?
Does anyone know where I can find *inexpensive* copper RAMSinks for system memory?
Window Mod... DOH!
Pentuim 3 Idle temp
X800XT Platinum Pro & overclocking with ATI Tool & Koolance
AS5 on GPU
Arctic Silver Application HELP!
120mm Fan on P160
Fan setup in a case
Enough Room for Thermaltake Sonic Tower, Antec P160 & DFI NFII Lanparty Ultra B?
SI-97 vs slk-900a vs SLK-947U vs Zalmans for xpm 2500
Thermltake Polo735 & Arctic Case Fans
Redo AS5????
Is Thermalright v1 released ?
My FIRST is this too hot thread
Rebranded fans - grrrr....
Faulty thermal diode 2500xp???
Akasa Ultra Quiet 120mm Fans
vga cooling question
will negative ions hurt a computer?
Hows these temps? I just got a new cooler.
Shroud Creation and Fan Pressure
How to estimate my dBA ?
SilenX 120mm Fan
Heatsink creation process
System temps rising when Fear Factor is running?
Thermaltake Silent Tower and Artic Cooler
Quick question...need answer..
Heatsink fan?
Need A Source For Nexus and Panaflo - Please Help
Venice 3200+ hsf ?
Heatsink/Fan for Athlon XP 3200+
Counter rotating fans, what makes it sooo good?
XP-90 Fan: Will a Nexus 92mm Do?
Is it too hot for system case 37c ???
Why does Socket A get no HSF love???
Wanting opinions and have a question............
Epoxyed processor and HSF!!
What fan to get for XP90?
Do I need to re-mount my SI-97?
Best cooling for nforce2 chip on Abit NF-7? Read Me!!
no fan connect!?!?!?!
Which is better: AS5 or AS Ceramique?
High Performane, Low Noise CPU Cooler: Zalman or Asetek
Fan Controller - Sunbeam, Vantec, or other?
Which Fans is best used for thermalright xp-90
Choosing the right case fan
CPU idle/load temps too far apart?
where to get fan wires?
"Heatsink & Fan" solution, for a thermal resistance below 0.24. Anyone ?
Diamond v Arctic Silver 5
Can I get some FACTS please?
Best quiet/performance 120mm fans for WC, some help please
preparing to write an article on cable management: input required
wire management (3 big pics)
Using Thermal fan (Stock 775 fan) on fan controller, bad..?
Using a 478 Heatsink on a Prescott?
Alternative to speedfan/T-balancer
funny top 10 cooling page
Most efficient way to cool my dual Xeons?
Is CPU temp crashing my PC?
which mosfets to cool?
cooling an Athlon XP 2400+
question on heatsick/cpu cooling...
Today, The lapping begins.
Unlocking pipes....warrent better cooling?
Arctic Silver 5/chipset cooler help
ncch-dl northbridge cooler..(and others)
xp-90 or xp-90c ???
Standard Epoxy on sb
Thermaltake or no?
Copper Silent + Thunderbird
Wich cooling system i need, to run 3dMark(24/7) with a 2.8@4Ghz ?
Wierd Temp info on new motherboard
quick cooling device question
Fans fighting for air?
Absolute Flatness - Stone Grind vs. Lapping
dusty XP-120
Are my tempeatures too hot??
XP-90C potential on a Prescott 3.0ghz
Just ordered a couple of new parts, any opinions?
cleaning with a tank of air
My new case/real wire management!
i need help AGAIN :P
Which would you buy
Will the XP-90 work on the 775 socket?
Blowhole question
i need help quick
Which one of these do you recommend?
Which one?
South Bridge Cooling
n00b needs recommendation on heatsink
Re-application of Thermal compound - specifically Arctic Silver products
XP-90 Thermal Paste
Best LGA 775 Heatsink?
Antec Sonata and 2 cooling fans
Tin Foil in stock Intel HSF?
Am i suppose to remove the shim for a silencer?
Aluminium Mesh Fan Grill
Thermal Paste
Need a decent active NB cooler for Intel 865 chipset
3 dead fans in 4 months...
Max possible temp for a CPU?
CPU Fan Duct Question
XP120- Great Results.
How I helped silence Delta 3-blade EFB912HF on a SLK-900
Something smells funny... literally...
What should I do to keep my Video Card cooler?
Video pauses
Water cooling system kits. Are they safe.
How to turn fans off?
Longevity of Arctic Silver 5
the "Ninja" cpu cooler
Internal HDD Cooling CAGE
p3 Temp?
what does this mean(regarding sonic tower)
Are my temps about right?
Cooling Question
What are some good, silent but powerful 80mm case fans
15000rpm case fan for 20USD$
WHOS telling the truth
2 fan questions
Can I lap my KT333 northbridge without damaging it?
Ghetto Duct
Switching to SI-97 from MCX462-V
Has anyone ever seen this happen?
Crazy idea, using drink machine to cool cpu
How do i set this up
Northbridge cooler for A7n8x dlx
Hmm, no one's posted this? Themalright GPU cooler reviewed.
Mobo reporting temerature spikes
Best cpu fan for 3.6
How powerful is Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive?
heatsink question - air temperature
Thermal Grease is it ice from heaven?
new xp3200 question which cooler
Which Best Coolers HSF for MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Mobo
proper running temp for xp 3200
PSU heat heating radiator.. Advice please!
whats so good about heatpipes?
DEAD of summer heat
A64 cooling question
too hot to handle?
TH-XC-MGE vs Arctic Silver 5
haha this is cooling to the max
Whats the story on heatpipes?
I think my computer is overheating please help
Good Heatsink and Fan for AS8?
Whats Your Southbridge cooler?
Best socket A hsf for ocing a mobile barton?
Is the XP-90 compaitable with the Asus A7N8X?
a ?new? idea/project
putting a fan in my window
First boot up, fan on HS slows down
Is this fan too good to be true?
Need A Good Fan for Thermalright SI-97
Open case vs closed
XP-90 & XP-90c the same?
Fan Buyers Guide Development