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Sensor Position
1st build, do I really need this CPU fan?
XP-90 and Giganyte K8ns pro
thermal paste ruin base of heatsink???
what are the best fan filters
AS5 Apply question
newbie questions normal cpu temp for an Athlon2500 mobile cpu?
Need a Decent cooler for My Newcastle.
SLK-900-U+Tornado level performance for less $$$ and less noise....
How large is the slug on an AMD 64 3200?
would like to upgrade
XP-90 Question
processor temps running at 80 C HELP
enermax fan
Kinda of a noob question . . .
Question on the startup wattage output of fans
Question regarding XP-120 installation
Silencer 5 installation
Interesting temps
Lap an XP-90?
air ducting on the cheep
My little cooling leap(not worth much)
Insulating foam
Where to get copper bars online
What do you think about the reivew?
Fancontroller for 2-Pin Female
Help with cable mess?
Sen's XP-120 (LGA775) review
Modding NV5 Silencer?
Bah, who needs round cables
A little help with nForce2 Ultra NB & SB
My System (Pics)
I need some help with my Sunbeam controler
Spare fan came in handy!
2x TT heatsinks outperform the SI-97!
Can you stop thermal control on a fan??
*Your* Athlon-64 and/or Athlon 64-FX Heatsink/Fan Solution?
3rd-Party coolers=no warrenty?
Any modded NV Silencer 5's ????
Newbie question on fans...
Holy Crap!
fan question
some help please
XP-120 Vs. Ditka
post your ghetto cooling here
3 or 4 pins?
xp-90..how many cfm?
xp-120 vs mcx775
10K Ohm thermistor sensors
Bong Cooling, anyone?
ambient temp: the most overlooked aspect of cooling
Tornado Mod
plugging 3-pin fan connectors directly to mobo?
Removing old wax based TIMs
Lapping Kit
Question about cooling video cards
What are examples of system failure do to overheating?
System Monitor
My Build + Cooling (Pics)
Any one using an Arctic Liquid Cooller by Kingwin ?
USB powered 80mm case fan
Ghetto censor.
Which Temp sensor is which?
Amateurs at compUSA!
Help with xp-120
Choosing better air cooling for Prescott 3.0E GHz - advice needed.
XP-120, as if you havent seen threads on it already.
Krazy glue and a heatsink.
Bad Thermaltake idea thread?
Best way to mount 92mm Vantec Tornado on Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu
Trying to find the thread that...
View CPU Temp & Load via. Internet?
Zalman CNPS7000 & CNPS7000 question
Lian-Li PC-60+
Heat Pipe HeatSinks, effective when horizontal?
Socket 775 Heatsink needed badly Proc Peak @156F
LCD moniter in your case...
XP-120 on Gigabyte board
Active Northbridge cooling
Eyecandies in cooling
Hows this for a case fan?
Black Ice Micro II vs XP-120
Stock cooling enough for OCing?
Crystal Orb wont Fit!
Cooling fans.
Silencer 6?
Fan/temp control programs
Volcano 12 advice
Sanyo Denki Fan test results
General Cooling and YS-tech question
Which temp sensor is which?
Best Air cooling?
Cooling that cought my eye!
Removing A64 heatspreader worth better temps?
Iteresting Video Card Cooler
LMAO TT Beetle?
Case temps are low but CPU temp is high?
XP-90 vs XP-120
Fins are Cool :-/
average cpu temp?
Help me cool my case!!
help on Delta TripleBlade
about to lap my SI-97
ThermalRight SI-97
help me out with a delta fan ( urgent !! )
PSU - 2x80mm fans, or 1x120mm fan?
Which Socket A clip on HSF should I get?
Active RAM cooling?
More fans
Any suggestions?
a little much...
Simple noob question....
Just Got A Lian Li 6070B
anyone have a contact in japan for purchases?
Best cooler for GF4
Any Fan-atics?
Wow... can this beat xp-120???
Should I reseat my heatsink?
Athlon 64 cooling advice
Reducing Noise in the case ?
PCI Bay exhaust fan?
Socket A cooling
Water Cooling DIY Article Start to Finish
Waste of $$$ or decent product???
increasing multiplier
***to Buy A New Heatsink Or Not To Buy***
24V/1A Comair Patriot Fan - how many Amps does it draw on 12V?
92mm Tornado and xp-120
Fans From Electronic Goldmine?
120mm/4.72in. Hole Saw => Where To Find?
New CPU-Cooler?
Thermaltake Venus temps sound right?
anyone know about Thermaltake CL-P0075?
Zalman 7000 vs SI-97
2.4@3.2 temps ok?
Lapping with 10 micon paper
Fan on XP-120; 2 questions
Fan and Fan Controller
Case Fans
Temp probe with 5.25" display
What is a good 92mm fan to replace my tornado
Weird Temp Reading CPU and MOBO ok though?
Decent HSF for a Northwood
Sempron 3100+
looking for a 5.25" bay controller for TT Venus 12
9700pro Heatsink mod
The truth about Potentiometers !
Best HSF for Athlon XP
Measuring Fan/Pump Noise?
Thermaltake Aquarius III...to be or not to be???
xp-90 heatpipes
si 97
sealing your front panel makes a HUGE difference!
Thermal Paste/Goop removal.
70mm to 90mm fan adapters?
High End Cooling & High End Mobos..
Look at my piccc and if it can work:)
Question about Moblie A64 cooling
P4 socket 478 Cooling
air ducting
Airflow = good
pc temps
Which would be a better cooling option for a 9800xt?
Need Help For AirFlow
Third temp on an A8N-SLI MOB
CNPS6000-ALCU & Barton 45w?
6600GT AGP Cooling Pics
just a cooling unit install ?
5v/off/12v switch (picture)
ASUS Q-fan
Mosfet heatsinks
Thermalright XP-120 and mobo compatibility..
Athlon64 IHS
chipset HS
Zalman VF700-Cu vs VF700-AlCu
Vantec Tornado & XP-90
modding a fan onto my NB 'sink
Crystal Fontz 633
My First W/C System
6600GT + 120MM fan, good enough?
Look fire
OMG! I was scared so much.
Thermaltake liquid cooling system
heat spreaders.
New Case fans
My New CPU Fan has Arrived!!!!
need a good copper heatsink
Delta 92x38mm FFB0912EHE
Remove stock thermal paste on A64 and replace with AS5 or no point?
Anyone want a ________
Will someone sell me a ________
GeForce4 Ti cooling (not stock), 54k - beware
Any idea's on how to..
Step By Step Vapour chill System
Cooling in between 2x geforce 6800gts
Fan Mods
Would this work? (PICTURE)
All NV5 Silencer Owners, Post Here!
Zalman cnps7700-alcu???????????????
SI-97: Any Benefits/Drawbacks to Adding Fan to Underside?
Cooling Problems
just installed a rheobus, hows my temp?
A quiet 92mm Tornado! Actually its SILENT!
What would cool better for my a64?
replacing cpu fan
Xtreme Crazy cooling pics
24V 92mm Sunon fan
Help Please Need Extreme Cooling
Stock Intel HSF sux
Car Air Con Unit In Pc Case
My thermalright SI-97 (quick little comparion from my stock XP HS)
Zalman cnps7700-alcu too big
Case fam locations
SI-97 by Thermalright
Fan rheostat
Gotta love Thermalright!
thermal probe placement
Got a complicated Question/Idea.... :cool:
What's good for Socket A nowadays?
CPU temp and making things quiet!
mounting evercool aluminum 120mm? (AL12025)
Questions regarding XP-120 in DFI NF4 SLI-DR
Thermal Sensor Reading Off? PCChips m830
Handy Fan oiler...
Quiet 92mm Fans
Thermaltake spark 7
Delta 120x38mm TFB1212GHE Weight?
Normal Temps for Intel Stock Cooler??
80mm fans?
Do they work?
Coolermaster Ultra Vortex
Chupacabra:- The Goat Sucker.....
Geil Copper/Silver thermal paste
SI-97 > Stock
Question on cooling by Air on Amd64's
My First Lap Dance
Need a Temp monitor for Gigabyte 8ANXP-D
Placing Temp. Probes
how well will this work?
SI-97 with 40C Idle temps?!
OC Improvement from stock air to custom air with low vCore?
Lian Li PC-75 Airflow
cooling = heating
Motherboard temperature
Thermalltake street fighter does it has a 3pin plug???
Which 120mm Fan to get?
Temps rising overtime
Cooling issues, need help.
People with Winchesters
Temp. Monitor: Where to place leads
could i gut a fan and place it in my soon to be zalman 7000cu?
Heat is my sensor working right?
What kind of heatsink fans do gaming laptops have
Fans For Radiator
What HSF for an 6600GT AGP?
Fan Circulation: Did I do it Rite?
Quick question for all you loud, and powerful fan users!
is their a better fan than this?
AS 5 dropped my load temps by 20c degrees!!!
Problem Buying a CPU cooler..
hot northbridge
Panaflo 120x38mm Case Fan W/hydro Bearing Fba12g12m
monitoring temps
Zalmans in XPC Shuttle
new HSF
XP 120 question
help figure this out
gpu temp sensors?
Will the Zalman CNPS7000B-CU fit the DFI-SLI-DR mobo?
Thermal Protection
Voltage Problems Help (Wrong section, I know)
neo backplate NEEDED for xp-90 on dfi 250GB?
.28cw to .24cw Is it worth it?
quik question, xp-90 related.
Would a XP-120 in Copper Make a Difference?
NV Silencer 6 (rev.2)
CPU Fan Direction & Blinking screen
Factor affecting cooling not addressed?
Best fan controller for a 92mm Vantec Tornado ? ? ?
Fan for XP-90
AMD64 3000+ Socket 754 stock fan?
about the old cnps7000a or b and a-open Board
XP 90 cooling question.
Any online heatercore databases?
how are my cpu temps?
sunon 120mm fans drain?
Zalman CNPS7000B-ALCU LED OR Thermalright SI-97 for cooling and OC Barton
How to 7 volt an 80mm case fan ???
How is case temp determined?
Can someone give me advice??
AHH, Don't you love when your Artic silver kick's in??
Help!Do I have problems?
Thermal tape?
so does it take a while?help!
Will these fans work with PWM?
x90, dropped temp
Cleaning up..
Need some input before I buy this HS/F please.
Cooling Amateur needs help from the experts
Thermaltake fan controller problem
All Known Fan Manufacturers Catalog of Links.
thermalright vs thermalright
Anyone use this cooler?
So when were they comming out with those...?
Intersting cooling idea
How long does it take artic alumina to harden?
noob question in wrong section (probably)
How to: Using a Zalman CPNS7000 on a Socket 423 P4 w/ pics
Any info on this fan?
thermalright grease?
how safe is passive cooling?
Asus Probe question
Cooling the South Bridge? Active, Active-Passive or none?
What do you guys think of this???
prime95 temps dropped 7 C while at work
Zalman 7000 Fan Sped Problem
Socket 939 w/Zalman CNPS 7000
HS/Case compat issue - Modding Question
AS5 or this stuff?
Quick results summary of your CoolerMaster Aero 7 Light
Noise level on Thermalright XP-90 and 92mmfan
[Help]OCing/Upgrading system
ABIT EQ makes my CPU run 100%
Dropped 20c from adding a little more AS5
Motherboard Monitor
How hot do Raptors get?...really.
Anyone know where to buy some decent 120mm fans in the UK??
Finally modded my 947! some pics too ^^
120mm on SP-97?
cooler for 9600XT
Question on motherboard warranties
Gigabyte Cooler Pro PCU21-VG
Retail HS/Fan?
Need help on applying AS5
Help with watercooling
Overclocking and Temps
Heat Pipes?
software for fan control?
Fan locations in case
Hole Saws, which one to get? for acrylic
Amd Hsf
Changed PSU - Now CPU Runs very hot
Any ideas for cooling ram?
Best 80mm fans
Coolermaster Aerogate 2 what is your opinion?
ATI silencer 1 or 3 for 9800pro flashed to XT?
What Are Your Dual Prime 95 Temps?
Best peformace plus quiet help
intake vs. exhaust and other basics (PICS Inside!)
This case for air cooling?
Nv silencer 4 vs Zalman ZM80D-HP
Is this a legit company?
Crazy ideas (a lot of fans and stuff)
Cool looking fans?
Which power rail does CPU use?
Side Case Fan
Has anyone seen/used this before?!?!
memorymodules cooling by fan
How many fans do I need?
How can you volt mod these fans
which one is better for 875 chipset
Just installed SP-94! Need Help!
any one use this thingy?
Kingwin cpu cooler, and should this be removed/lapped?
Venus 12 fit a Socket A?
Is this a good hs/f
run 24v from PSU
BIG fans
Cheap 120mm to 92mm adapter
Penny heatsinks
Thermalright SI-97 or ThermalTake Volcano 11?
XP-90 or Arctic Cooling Freezer 64??
Recommend a VGA Cooler and CPU Cooler
Need New VGA Cooler
which fans do xp-90 fit?
my new xp-90 such nice temps
Anybody seen ATI Silencer 5 in stock anywhere?
Natural Cooling... gotta love it.
Hs/f Decision
Zalman for 478
New cheap preferrably *quiet* HSF needed!
What hs/f???
120mm to my MOBO
Air cool from Arctic-Cooling
How do you get your temps?
northbridge temps
lapped my cpu
Eucakytus Oil...Thermal Greases worced enemy.
Might rip up my OTES, What do you think?
What AMD HS is your favorite?
TT Ducting Mod
Best fan for xp-120 ?
Prescott 2.8GHZ 533FSB running hot
Another fan mod
Fans Comparable to the Famous Denki's?
Think dust doesn't matter? Read this
zalman 7000 + dfi nf4 backplate issues
I need the 120mm sanyo denkis desperately!!!
HELP! I need to know how to do this!
Thermalright - Need Help!
Mobo temp vs. ambient: how close should they be?
how to make homemade water dye
Anyone know where to get a Squared 80mm Fan grill?
Intake or Exhaust Fan??
Think XP-120 is the best? Think again!
Alright folks! I need a 120mm fan! Have you guys done your homework?
Where can I buy Lumiere?
New TT Heatsink
Inspired, for better air flow
Modifing a fan controler
Where to find copper ramsinks
Help,Torn between CoolerMaster Aquagate and a proper water cooled setup,..
Couple of Panaflo questions
Fan Configuration
a few slk-948u's for those looking for them
what cooling for my system
Looking for a quieter 92mm CPU fan
Best 80mm fans under $5 on newegg?
new member, my ghetto mods
VGA Silencer Rev.3
Is there any LCD fan and light controller???
idea on gpu cooling
Scared of 60 degrees C
Need definate answer about temps!
Does BIOS update affect temps?
Cooling for my AI7
Anyone Use Alpha or Swiftech?
Something strange...
Water Cooling, Fans and Case Temps - Help?
MS-7025 & XP-120
PSU question
Cooling an 2000+ XP Pro. *PICS*
Looking for suggestion of heatsink and fan for northbridge of Abit AI7
Thermaltake Compound
What is your PWM temp?
Help me replace these POS fans.....
cool fan grills...where to buy?
Are the Rev3 Artic-Silencer and the NV4 Silencer the same size?
A64 retail cooler vs XP-90
Running a 3.4EE ES wondering about a good fan
How importent is the rubbing alcohol
Will the CNPS7700CU fit the DFI NF4 board???
High Opteron 246 temp?
Sanyo Denkis came in today!!!
Sanyo Denki 109d1224m101
what is best heatsink&fan to overclock
Fan controller. Help please!
Question for people with socket 478 extreme edition
evga 6800 ultra VERY HIGH temps with h20
Which one is better? and by how much???
6600Gt Cooling
A fan is a fan, I think not
XP-90 w/ 120mm Fan???
A8N SLI + XP-120/Zalman 7700???
Why are my temps going up?
Really low temps wtf.
Coolest desktop CPU at the moment.. literally
best air cooler for my cpu?
high pitched whine after installing vantec nexus nxp-205 fan controller
rear Pci slot cover fan controls?
ATI silencer 3 How good is it realy?
xp-120 fit?
Zalman 7000 backing plate
Good, cheap, quiet socket 478 heatsink, NOT for overclocking.
Which HSF to use?
Celeron 2.4 GHz stock cooler? Silent?
Question:Fan Controller and WaveMaster Case
Help with choosing heatsinks and thermal paste
New Theory: Zinc Oxide/silicone compound surprising properties???
SB-2 by Thermalright
Is this normal?
Replacing a fan on my Vantec Aeroflow
Cooling and Overclocking a Laptop
Zalman VF700-CU & 6800 Ultra BFG OC Q?
Zalman VF700-CU & 6800 Ultra BFG OC Q?
Fan Controller
ghetto slot cooling
Lubricating fans with WD-40?
Home Fan??
I need help on connecting my fans?
MOBO Copper Cooling (pics)
TT Blue Orb on Nforce4 chip?
Quiet Air Cooling Setup?
AS5 Dissapate Over Time?
SANYO DENKI Fans needed...
Panaflo FBA12G12M 120mm third wire question
61 C with gigabyte 3d rocket
61 degrees C + during games okay?
Don't know where to start with cooling
How loud is stock intel LGA775 hsf?
I'm gonna buy a new hs for my xp
Asus A8V & Zalman CNPS7000
silcone paste
Making RAMsink's from pennies?
Ahahahaaa...Im such an 1d10t(fan controls)