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Is this a good hs/f
run 24v from PSU
BIG fans
Cheap 120mm to 92mm adapter
Penny heatsinks
Thermalright SI-97 or ThermalTake Volcano 11?
XP-90 or Arctic Cooling Freezer 64??
Recommend a VGA Cooler and CPU Cooler
Need New VGA Cooler
which fans do xp-90 fit?
my new xp-90 such nice temps
Anybody seen ATI Silencer 5 in stock anywhere?
Natural Cooling... gotta love it.
Hs/f Decision
Zalman for 478
New cheap preferrably *quiet* HSF needed!
What hs/f???
120mm to my MOBO
Air cool from Arctic-Cooling
How do you get your temps?
northbridge temps
lapped my cpu
Eucakytus Oil...Thermal Greases worced enemy.
Might rip up my OTES, What do you think?
What AMD HS is your favorite?
TT Ducting Mod
Best fan for xp-120 ?
Prescott 2.8GHZ 533FSB running hot
Another fan mod
Fans Comparable to the Famous Denki's?
Think dust doesn't matter? Read this
zalman 7000 + dfi nf4 backplate issues
I need the 120mm sanyo denkis desperately!!!
HELP! I need to know how to do this!
Thermalright - Need Help!
Mobo temp vs. ambient: how close should they be?
how to make homemade water dye
Anyone know where to get a Squared 80mm Fan grill?
Intake or Exhaust Fan??
Think XP-120 is the best? Think again!
Alright folks! I need a 120mm fan! Have you guys done your homework?
Where can I buy Lumiere?
New TT Heatsink
Inspired, for better air flow
Modifing a fan controler
Where to find copper ramsinks
Help,Torn between CoolerMaster Aquagate and a proper water cooled setup,..
Couple of Panaflo questions
Fan Configuration
a few slk-948u's for those looking for them
what cooling for my system
Looking for a quieter 92mm CPU fan
Best 80mm fans under $5 on newegg?
new member, my ghetto mods
VGA Silencer Rev.3
Is there any LCD fan and light controller???
idea on gpu cooling
Scared of 60 degrees C
Need definate answer about temps!
Does BIOS update affect temps?
Cooling for my AI7
Anyone Use Alpha or Swiftech?
Something strange...
Water Cooling, Fans and Case Temps - Help?
MS-7025 & XP-120
PSU question
Cooling an 2000+ XP Pro. *PICS*
Looking for suggestion of heatsink and fan for northbridge of Abit AI7
Thermaltake Compound
What is your PWM temp?
Help me replace these POS fans.....
cool fan grills...where to buy?
Are the Rev3 Artic-Silencer and the NV4 Silencer the same size?
A64 retail cooler vs XP-90
Running a 3.4EE ES wondering about a good fan
How importent is the rubbing alcohol
Will the CNPS7700CU fit the DFI NF4 board???
High Opteron 246 temp?
Sanyo Denkis came in today!!!
Sanyo Denki 109d1224m101
what is best heatsink&fan to overclock
Fan controller. Help please!
Question for people with socket 478 extreme edition
evga 6800 ultra VERY HIGH temps with h20
Which one is better? and by how much???
6600Gt Cooling
A fan is a fan, I think not
XP-90 w/ 120mm Fan???
A8N SLI + XP-120/Zalman 7700???
Why are my temps going up?
Really low temps wtf.
Coolest desktop CPU at the moment.. literally
best air cooler for my cpu?
high pitched whine after installing vantec nexus nxp-205 fan controller
rear Pci slot cover fan controls?
ATI silencer 3 How good is it realy?
xp-120 fit?
Zalman 7000 backing plate
Good, cheap, quiet socket 478 heatsink, NOT for overclocking.
Which HSF to use?
Celeron 2.4 GHz stock cooler? Silent?
Question:Fan Controller and WaveMaster Case
Help with choosing heatsinks and thermal paste
New Theory: Zinc Oxide/silicone compound surprising properties???
SB-2 by Thermalright
Is this normal?
Replacing a fan on my Vantec Aeroflow
Cooling and Overclocking a Laptop
Zalman VF700-CU & 6800 Ultra BFG OC Q?
Zalman VF700-CU & 6800 Ultra BFG OC Q?
Fan Controller
ghetto slot cooling
Lubricating fans with WD-40?
Home Fan??
I need help on connecting my fans?
MOBO Copper Cooling (pics)
TT Blue Orb on Nforce4 chip?
Quiet Air Cooling Setup?
AS5 Dissapate Over Time?
SANYO DENKI Fans needed...
Panaflo FBA12G12M 120mm third wire question
61 C with gigabyte 3d rocket
61 degrees C + during games okay?
Don't know where to start with cooling
How loud is stock intel LGA775 hsf?
I'm gonna buy a new hs for my xp
Asus A8V & Zalman CNPS7000
silcone paste
Making RAMsink's from pennies?
Ahahahaaa...Im such an 1d10t(fan controls)
Ceramique trouble - bad storage?
Need help on my xp120 and sanyo dinki fan?
cooling my FX55 system
SI-97 question Quick plz
Theremal paste woes
How to remove old thermal pad's
Need new ideas for silencing my server
Need opinions on my Setup idea
question for xp 90 owners
Looking for a cheap xp-90
best 120mm and 90mm fan
P4-Prescott 3ghz@3.3 /Tt Spark +7 Suffice?
Tornado Fan ... Do I have this thing in backwards?
120mm PSU fan??
Advice on a CPU cooler...
AS5 needs to be heated for a while, to work right?
Aspire X Dreamer II
Weird technical question
New cooler giving strange result
Recommend a cpu cooler...
What copper heatsink for new Intel Pros?
Temps too high
Way to mod a stock intel heatsink (478 version) to a video card?
AMD Stock Fan Query
80x10mm fan?
Quick and Easy guide on how to apply Arctic Silver
Retail CPU fan??
idle/load temp diff on xp90
slow down my fans
Help with OC 3500+ newcastle
Volcano 11+ help
Help me pick fans
Arctic freezer 64
Anyone used this air cooler ??
mofset cooling
Quietest 120mm Fans
Which fan controller to get?
Toothpaste as thermal compound? ...
Highest Temps You've reached?
HeaterCore or Radiator ??
Darn it people, learn how to apply thermal goop!!!
Looking to upgrade to water cooling.
Fan/wcing setup
Mini Review: Zalman VF700 Cu on X800 Pro
cpu1 and cpu2 temps WAY OFF
Should I use Arctic Alumina thermal adhesive or Arctic Silver thermal adhesive?
Thermal compound between CPU and socket? and lapping question
xp-120 with Neo4
80mm fans in 5.25 bays ?
HSF for dual opteron
Installing SP-94 need help!
Fan Filters: Mesh or Foam?
a good way to improve temp with air coolers
Questions on Cooling a Gaming System
MBM +mobo
Will it help temps to place computer on the floor?
Motherboard gets to 50C
Any opinions about this cooler?
Arctic Silvers soon to be released, ARCTICLEAN, I stumbled onto a hidden webpage !
cant find a thread
Which heatsink!? Need help
CHEAP case fans?
Comparing CPU Coolers
Does your Sanyo Denki sound like this?
will 90mm Fan fit an xp-90?
NB cooler sitting
Thermaltake Tower 112 or Thermalright XP-120?
Cooper or aliuminium....
I'm no scientist but maybe they could??
Some advice please
Will a Sunbeam 5.25 fan controller fit in my Super Lanboy?
92mm fan to Thermalright SP97 adapter
L1B on full blast vs. H1B at 7v?
Panaflo L1A as a CPU fan
Such a thing as heating AS5 TOO much?
Major cooling problems on my PC. cpu OVERHEATS BAD.
fan controllers questions
How to apply AS5?
Some ATI Silencer 1 Questions
thermal epoxy
Fan Adapters?
question on which mosfets to place heat sinks on
Spead fan temp3?
some new pics of my comp
Is this posible?
Does anyone know of some heatsinks that are good for modding onto a 9600 Pro?
THERMALRIGHT SLK-948U VS XP-90 with same fan
going to buy the vantec nexus nxp 205, comments
which hs?
How to apply thermal paste on NB?
friends computer running at 70C - 80C
Does heat pipes really work?
what hsf for this setup?
Tails for Sanyo Denki
XP-90 reads same temps as stock AMD HSF?
Diode broken?
Fan Rheostat
pc case put in desk compartment, bad idea?
Zalman ZM-NB47J owners please post!
Use stock 3.0e h/s+fan on 2.4 Northwood?
X700 and Silencer 4?
My new Freezer64(every1 loves pics)
Zalman ZM-NB47J owners please post!
Air direction
Artic Silver 5 and drying out (Opinions???)
How Hawt Does Ur Comp Gets During Summer
need help quieting my computer
Questions for fan controller owners
concerning fan voltages and noise...
Replacing GPU cooler...and cooling theory
Best fan for OC....
Powering case fans....
Question about Cpu...
Temps went up
Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2 Tc - - Pathetic performance!
Side intake
How to cool a system in a desk compartment?
The "Best" Fan configuration
Final Query about temps, worth re-sitting
Changing a CPU cooler.... (need a qiuck answer)
XP 120 temps
Placement of fans
is the thermal paste that comes with zalman any good ? also should I lap a 7000alcu ?
Need Ducting advice as well as a warm welcome :)
Case Cooling???
Fan suggestions
Help, What is the point of extreme cooling?
need a fan controler
Heatsink Issues Asus p4c800-E Delux
Thermalright SP-97 vs SI-97
92mm Fans, Tornado is too loud, Stock Delta does not move enough.
A Few Questions About Applying Arctic Silver 5...
How do i tell if my XP-90 is.
I got two of these 92mm Denki fans and they are loud!
Best air cooling for AMD 64 3500
Should i Go with Koolance Exos or .....
SiSoft Sandra cannot be right about this
Thermaltake Fanless 103
how much do you spend on Case Fans?
A few Questions About My new Comp
Fan Directions?
Finally got a system running, need cooling
Been kind of out of it. Ultimate Air Socket A?
My Denki got loud. Real loud
AeroCool HT101 - Review!! it's a good one..
Anyone here own a CM Stacker?
80mm case fan
Little problem with my watercooler...
Just Duct it!
water+phase change=great?
500mhz cpu cooling ideas? (cheap/quiet)
Should I be running this toasty?
i have a question real quick for the guru's:
Hows this chipset cooler?
Asus star ice
fan wiring question 56k??
Needed: 12-15cm AC Fan that Work in High Moisture
Why does my CPU Fan not register RPM?
Temps are way too high, need help bad!
Wanting to install a side panel CPU duct...
PS Fan in "Push" configuration
Cooling help
is there a way to get under the min value in abits eq setp for fans?
To changing cooler on cpu..
thermaltake ducting mod with volcano 12
Over clocked temp.....
Spring Cleaning
Fan spontaneously decrease speed...
is Zalman CNPS7700-Cu good ?
My Little Accedent
ax-7 heatsink
anyone have experience with the vantec nexus nxp 205/201?
will this fan work with this heatsink?
Air Cooling or Water Cooling?
Quiet this?
Help me find Panaflo specs
Any suggestions?
Ai7 abit eq question.
as5 dried out?
Best AMD heatsink
Question: Mismatched dual fans on Heatsink?
XP-90 or 120?
My cooling idea. What do you think?
blower(s?) for a sp-94
Galaxy 6600GT AGP heatsink
question for SSS
?'s: peltier + PWM. (pulse width modulation)
Delta 92mm or Tornado 92mm cpu fan
hyper 6 or hyper 48
ty all that helped!!
Case Fan and Mobo Connector
vga cooler, and nb
slk 948u
Temperatures Question~
what do i need to hook my fans up
Can't Pass 3.3,PLZ HELP
Help me cool my 939 stuff
Cpu temps on Neo2...
heatsink help
6600GT wb?
Coolermaster Coolviva?
need heatsink recommendation for Biostar M7NCG400 in Antec Aria
cheap but good!
What is the best HS/FAN for AMD 64 Socket 939 ???
best way to cool a p4 2.4c
how is this temp controller, also is it safe?
New Toy! (3-bladed Delta)
Using Dremel in situ...
My Duct! Cooling Solution
taking ramsinks off...
XP-120 ic7 cap bend
Thermaltake Pipe101 / any users
Which Fan Controller ?
where to connect fans??
Just why you need to be clean
do these fans really pull 1.5A?
RAIDMAX Case...Leave It be or make changes?
new hsf temps still the same
Asus P5gd1 Overclocking Problems
Heatsink for 939 pin cpu
as5 breaking in was ineffective
Increasing fan speeds?
XP-90 Fan Orientation & Results...
Remmendations on Heatsnk
who makes one?
Is it ok to use a fan "Y" adapter?
Just got my new acryic case... need fans and lighting suggestions
Mechatronics 120mm Fans
Heat Pipe cabinet coolers
unbelievable temps??
Got my Freezer64, but....the fan was damaged in shipping?
Where do i plug fans in
Fans at Maximum speed?
question on abiteq
Help on prototype 17" laptop cooler plz..
ghetto active ram cooling mod
AC5 + xp120 + a64 3200+ 41 degrees idlE?
Why is it so much hotter?
Strange Fun with Duct Mod's 2 for the price of one
What's the better VGA cooler?
what methods do you mounted your fans, HDD, CDROM etc...
Fan switch
Who'd-a-thunk fans woud be so complicated?...
is there a way to turn ur NB fans speed down to save power?
Fan Grill Question/Temp Question
antec power supply ..
Looking for some heatsinks
Advice - What to do with the case?
DFI NFII Ultra Infinity & Large Heatsinks
Northbridge overheating?
Help with SilverStone Eudemon Fan Controller
Safe to combine VGA Silencer 3 with AS5
XP-90, QC issues?
Athlon XP 2400 running too hot...advice?
lowering cpu fan...
Dead Zone on XP-120
A64 budget quiet cooling
Case of a Question
thermal grease
fan controler
anything that says running hot will decrease the life of a chip?
Thermalright SP-97
CPU is 25-30 C hotter than mobo???
Serie connect 2 pumps..
bad experience? or just bad day?
are my sensors not working, or is my cooling really this good?
lapping xp-120
Not bad for a cheap cooler. Evercool CUD-725
Can Any One Recommend a Low Profile 90 or 92mm fan?
Newbe in need...
Heatsink Cleaning
Temp Probe on 9800pro w/ Silencer.
last ditch effort
SP94 with 3.0C = What temps?
I almost soiled myself...
tips for all air coolers
Zalman Fan Mount Utilization
Mosfet and PLL on p4c
Any Ideas On Cooling Laptop
XP-90 install is a bad 1?
Need help choosing the right Heatsink+fan
Holy Grail of CPU fans?...
YAYAY just got my package from coolerguys!
How cold can things get before you have problems. HD and CD Roms at below freezing
HSF help :)
REduce Noise?
North birdge cooler
I need a link to a spec sheet for different fan models
making the Aspire X Dreamer-II Quiet
Clean way to install a Zalman CNPS 7000B on ASUS A8V?
What size fans should I use?
Good 120mm fan
will this sanyo denki fan burn out running at 5v?
Temperature is 71 degrees?
Using resistors to drop fan voltage.
Spec sheet on XP-120
anyone mounted a fan UNDER their Si-97?
SidewinderComputers.Com - New Possible Sanyo Denki Retailer!
problems with heatsink fan
Thermalright xp120 and 120mm fan comparison
need some help abit ai7 non stop beeping!
Best Fans for the Best Price?
load temps too high?
Just received my 2 SD 120's
SI-97 temps starting to rise a little???
HRT time?
====>> Good HS/HSF anyone???? <<====
Airflow Connundrum
Bad Temps Using SI-97 Continued.....
arctic silver 5 can work wonders.
VGA Silencer Rev.3 on ATI 9600xt
Plz recommend a Silent CPU cooler for my 939 Athlon 3200+ 6800 GT SLI system
Thermalright question
Fan filters...
80mm fan help
To duct or not to duct
TR XP-90 Orientation...
Water Cooling
My Airflow....
this fan controller, yay or nay
thinking of putting case in closet...
sleeving question
p4 stock fan
Going for quiet air cooling!
VGA Temperature Software???
Using a "spacer" with the XP90, does it help?
More cooling = Worse temps??
where to buy sp94 in usa
2 Fans in series
2 questions
Arctic silencer rev.3 cool like @#$%!!!!
best fan for xp-120
xp-120 vs slk-948u
Going from WC to air again
Zalman CNPS 7000 AlCu and 7700AlCu comparison
fan led flickering
High Temps - How to get to max use of my fans?
Need advice
Case cooling
Too Many Bubbles?
Heatsink for new build...
Speedfan - Diodes or Thermistor?
jb weld as thermal paste?
New case... high temps
BFG 6800 GT o/c cooling
Added top exhaust fan - temps down...
Thought of an interesting idea to quiet a noisy CPU fan
Cooling a 3000+ 754
Arctic Alumina
can you use the zalman fan with another heatsink?
Woohoo..! Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 ROCKS..!
as5 breaking in period
Suggested fan controller?
xp-120 high temps
120mm CPU Fan Recommendations?
Need new 92mm fan... suggestions?
Need advice on the Thermalright Sp-94
Fried CPU or PSU????
are my temps messed up?
zalman replacement fan
Zalman 7700 vs Thermalright XP-120*
Zalman 7700CU plus... what northbridge?
Thermalright SP97 problems? Possible solution.
stock p4 heatsink fan slows