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Need advice on the Thermalright Sp-94
Fried CPU or PSU????
are my temps messed up?
zalman replacement fan
Zalman 7700 vs Thermalright XP-120*
Zalman 7700CU plus... what northbridge?
Thermalright SP97 problems? Possible solution.
stock p4 heatsink fan slows
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Do you even need so many intake and exhaust fans?
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Removin a p4 Heatsink/Fan (and more help, read)
Average temps.
Quiet 92mm Fan Reccomendations
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50C load with Thermaltake Venus 12 @ full
120mm Fan on Thermaltake SLK-900A with Adapter?
About to order.. quick check pls help.
Changing Thermal Paste Remove or Not CPU from Mobo?
possible new way to do an old thing?
Fan vibration
Not happy w/ XP-90 :((
ATI Radeon 9600XT Cooling
which heatsink
9800Pro Cooler?
Air Conditioned Case Fan
help a n00b out plz!
Smoke trails...
"Super fan" case mod idea
XP-120 on a LGA 775
PSU exhaust into case
Was gonna go with a SI-97 but now im rethinking it
Big decrease in temps!
Anyone know a good NF3 cooler?
what type of ramsink should i get for my radeon 9800pro?
Lapping stock AMD HS anybody??
4 pin fan
Thermal imaging...
Thermaltake Silent Boost K8
MX-1 Thermal Compound by Arctic Cooling
Bad Temps Using SI-97
ghetto cooling for the masses
Newbie cooling problem
SI-97 heat pipe orientation?
Heatpipe Heatsink Reviews Poorly Done?
Question for anyone familiar with Zalman CNPS-7000B
Need help mounting heatsink
Zalman ZM80D-HP and BFG 6600GT OC...
9700pro cooling
SP-94 Vs. 7000CU
dropped 6c by reversing exhaust fan
Aspire 609 Fan Master problem?
Koolance or coolermaster?
Fan RPM question
Should I replace my Swiftech MCX462-U with SI-97?
5.5" front slots accessories
MP3 place heavy loads on CPU?
Need to get better voltage with my SI-97 & 2500mobil
7v tornado
Do I need better cooling for my graphics card and RAM?
Good temps for P4 2.66 Ghz
installing a zalman
Refrigerated WC
Just placed my order on Coolerguys.com
Optimal Cooling
XP-120 on ASUS P5AD2 Deluxe
CoolerMaster or Thermalright
Is adding a top fan really going to help?
Will there be a problem by stacking two Cooling Fans
AC Silencer question, experiment
LGA 775 Retention Bracket (for xp-120) - purpose of foam
Motherboard Cooling
Back after a while and need some suggesntions
My Cooling Setup
CoolDrive 4 and Aerogate II
Is this a good setup for my ULTIMATE cooling solution?
XP-90 Uninstallation HELP!
anyone ever used this fan controller?
cooling mosfets
Thermal Images of an overclocked Computer
A "post your quiet fan" thread
And he wundered why it was locking up!!
Fan Filters.. Do they inhibit cooling significantly?
digital temperature/fan-control with LCD for PC, selfmade
CPU Waterblock replacement help.
TT Thunderblade 120mm
12v Molex to 3 pin Molex
Has anyone installed a Zalman CNPS7700-Cu on Asus P5P800?
my current cpu cooler makes too big noise
n00b here asking questions..
Best case for under $200?
Zalman CNPS7700 AlCu isn't cooling my pentium 4 correctly
Just lapped my xp-120
CNPS7700-Cu 3 pin Fan Connector?
Zalman VF700 finally catches up with me!
cpu temps?
Going 939 with a budget, need a cheap! air cooler
Zalman CNPS7700 vs XP-120
Sanyo Denkis... New Possible Retailer!
fan setup question
Watercooling Reccomendations
60$ good cooling full tower case
Cpu Heatspreader removal
Where do you measure ambient temps ?
AS5 didnt change my temps at all?
Any such thing as a dual ball bearing slot fan?
Temp Question
bent my SI-97 for better temps.
CPU and MB temp
120mm fans need help deciding
Replacement for the Sanyo Fans
has anyone ever tried this fan
Need advice on 92mm fans.
Water cooling or fan cooling?
New VGA Cooling
Best Fan
VGA cooling?
Cooler Master Hyper 48 for LGA 775
as5 is looking good
Heat sink removal
Cooling help/ideas
My computer keeps crashing when the cpu's usage hit 100%
Gpu diode temps
Cooling Results, How do people validate them???
MBM5 and CPU diode readings???
video card fan?
PLEASE HELP! How do I set up my CPU fan (92mm Tornado) to my Vantec Nexus 3.5"?
best fan setup?
Speedfan + speed controller = more wattage?
fan suggestions
Vantec Nexus - noisy
Artic Cooling Freezer
Messed myself over!
Really HOT CPU temps on my P4 3.2... help
Where do I stick my temp probe?
MAX temps for a 775 3.2????
HSF for a P4C800E-Deluxe w/ 2.4A
Hot cpu good cooling
Asus P4P800 DLX Northbridge 865PE Cooler
Idle temp high!!
2 quick fan questions.
Temp range HUGE
Got a quick question
P4 3.2C temps with XP-90...is this right?
Another XP-120 user....
Asus Star Ice
RAVE: Artic Cooler - Freezer7 LGA 775 cooler
Are any of these coolers "good"
AS5+Krazy Glue?
Mix and Match + New Guy
CD Bay Fans: Good? Bad?
Confused, about airflow, pressure, intake and exhaust! HELP
Getting case cooling done need options!
Is it possible? Heatsinks on vga's dropped cpu temp?
Fan speed monitor Asus P4P800 Deluxe
Quietest 120mm fan
is this any good for a starter kit
Zalman 7000
Is anyone side-ducting an A64?
A good rule of thumb is to have a slight vacuum inside your case.
Good/Best P4 CPU Fan
looking for silent 80MM fans
Confusing case
Changed processor...can i believe it ?
favorite fan controler?
Thermalright SI-97 on MOBILE ? (yes ?)
fan switch
how long does thermal paste last?
will the zalman CNBS7700-CU fit the ic7 max 3
Look at this crasy thing
Just applied AS5, 2c drop already=)
Question about XP-120 w/ 3.2 prescott
New pc advice
monitoring laptop temps
100% slower cpufan rpm??
Stick-on Heatsinks?...
xp 120
case fans have no effect on cpu temp...?
MCP650 isn't really that bad
How to better air cool a 6800NU with less noise?
60 to 80?
TT volcano 12
Anybody tested this???
i think the areocool ht-101 sucks hard
Thinking about ditching Water Cooling...
Low rpm
chassi fans
Panaflo Fans owners!!!
Fan guard removal
Is 31 degrees celcious at full load good?
SilenX Fans owners!!!
How do i get paste off?
Chilly temps on air...outside intake!
arctic silencer 4 results
Update on my custom external box...
27c/44c good for an o'c?
Good Air cooling for Socket 775 prescott's
Anyone tried the new 3 blade Delta's?
backwards heatsink?
barton 2500 no higer then 2208?
Athlon xp recomment HSF please
quick Zalman CNPS7000B question
making a fan quieter
Question on having fans blow in or suck out.
Problems installing fans
Whats a low vibration 120mm fan for Xp-120?
Quiet 120s? Enermax UC-12 vs Vantec Stealth
Bored on a cold winters day.... WC'd Rig below ambient...
T-Balancer Intelligent in the UK?
Looking for a quiet case fan?
How Can I Make This Sunon Fan Quiet!!!!!!
Thermaltake Tower112 expert? Just installed mine, and I really need advice pls.
Call me stupid...intake mishap :eek:
Any VGA Cooler for PCX5900?
Applying Thermal Paste: A how to guide
Which vga cooler, and which nb cooler?
Whats the best heatsink and fan for
xp-120? or 7700-cu?
Wow, i love the XP-90
Video & General Air Cooling Q
NB cooler busted? Here is my alternative
FInally done... pics and homepage
volcano 9 with an athlon xp 2800+
Thermalright SP97 on NF7 Rev 2 Question
Laptop Cooling Fan
what cooling for oced xp-m 2600?
Hi which heatsink is better?
What is a Good Water Cooling System? :D
cleaning a processor before installing a heatsink
Cheapest place for panaflo 80mm L1A
Im considering geting either water cooling or vapo...
KINDA PISSED!!! vga silencer or ati silencer? NB?
Thermalright TIM?
Panaflo mA rating?
60mm Blower fan is king!
santa's xmas rig
Fan Controller Capabilities
A64 DTR mobile chip cooling
North Bridge
Heatsink recommendation
whats the best air cooling for an s478 ?
Did I install SI-97 correctly?
How hot is too hot?
cable management
Trouble with Tornado
Thermalright XP120 "orientation"?
Positive or Negative
XP-90, p4 2.8E, MSI 875 FISR - high CPU temps
How are these temps?
Hmmm cooling for vid card and ram?
fan shrouds- where to buy?
was looking through my photobucket...
Stock Intel Prescott Heatsink Noise
Heat Pipe Question....
how to mod case?
Making high power fan controllers - guide
External thermal sensor
Help Wiring a Fan
worth ordering thermal paste?
Siberian Overclocker...
Holy Cold Air Duct Batman !!! @ Walmart ??
Brrrrrrrrr.......It's Cold in here!
Just an opinion...
heatsink question
Need a quiet 80mm or 90mm fan w/ lots of cfm
80mm blower
Is anyone else having weight problems with VGA Silencer?
Best QUITE 120mm Fan??
Information on the TR2 M2
Temperature controlled CPU fans...
Need Some Help
XP-120 fit on k8n neo platinum?
hard drive liquid cooling
Cooling Problem, Advice Needed
Problem w/ ATI Silencer 4
Will Thermalright SLK-947-U work with .....
what kind of hs
really high temps with xp120
really high temps with xp120
really high temps with xp120
p4 2.4Prescott cooling
Small fan problems
Be kind to a Newbie...
Replacing video card fan (Tyan 9600 Pro)
Temp running 55c durring game play
Air Cooling idea (?)
Somethings Not Right
fx5600 fan?
How large of a diffrence is 21cfm vs 28cfm?
Thermaltake XTuner not good enuf? 2 x Tornados planned
what hs should i use
Why is my 80mm Tornado running at 2700rpm?
PSU Wire-Sleeving Kit?
Best Performing (Near Quiet) Socket A Heatsink/Fan with Antec Aria?
Asus Probe problem
Best way to put temp probe on s754 cpu? (pic)
LoL duct
Difference in Stock HSF and after-market?
quick question on ducting for cpu's
LOOK HERE!! Every Sanyo Denki Fan Specs
oil submersion
SpeedFan and A7V333
is heat from the monitor a problem?
Cable management
80mm tornado is running at 2700rpm??
Fan AND mobo connector
Is COOLERMASTER's Cool VIVA a good graphics COOLER?
insanely high 6800GT temps, suddenly :|
Recommendations wanted on HSF for Athlon 64 and Asus A8V Deluxe MB!
SLK 800, NO Fan Required !
Can't get my Hardcano to work, any help? (pic)
Coolermaster Hyper 48 Questions??
80 mm Fan Question?
VGA silencer
NB too hot?
Northbridge fan for my MSI K8N Neo Platinum
Xp-90 or Hyper6
My new invention, the RAMFan clip (Inspired by Thermalright)
anybody know where 160mm fans can be bought
How to wire fan in series with controller?
SI-97 on DFI UI?
Zalman 7700 + MSi Neo2 Platinum?
120mm fan on the side
NB fan fail on IC7-Max3
Best Heatsink/fan all in one for Amd Mobile Barton 2600+
lga775 550 Heat Issues
120mm fan silencer
P4 + Abit IS7E temps improvement
What would be the best heatsink for a 92mm Tornado?
Building a Watercooling Setup
ok, got my XP-120
Which Zalman 7***, but which?
Socket 478 cooling on the cheap
Constantly increasing temps?
Side Panel off???
Hard drive cooling...
what 120mm fans and what contoler with sp-120
what cpu coole do you use on your nf7-s?
Thermalright stock fan
S/b + mosfet sinks?
AS5 or Alumina?
What is the current best heatsink for socket A amd k7?
Anybody know where I can buy a Thermalright heatsink in the Washington DC area?
Sanyo Denki Fan Plugs
what you yhink about my temps ?
ghetto wire management
Why my temp changed?
Which of these BGA Ram Sinks should I use for 6800GT?
What would be your target CPU tempature?
Which mosfets and clock gen are you supposed to sink?
should i get a new hs?
Fan Voltage
Vantec Aeroflow - A Recommendation
Fan Filter Material
My cooling is sorry
Antec, Chenming, others, case fan bracket?
software for realtime cpu temp?
Cleaning CPU:
AMD64 3500+ Winchester temps
Arctic Silencer watch out. New Zalman VGA cooler!!!!
help with xp-120 bracket installation
50c CPU at boot?
1u Hs&f?
I need help trying to figure out what's wrong with the cooling
Removing Thermal Paste
Prescott Heat reduce hugh drop this is how
Better Cooler + Stable at lower Voltage??
Blow Me......... One mans fight against high MB temps.
Baybus that supports 24w?
Need a cheap 120x38mm fan
SLK-900 or SI-97?
Check out this HUGE graphics card cooler!!
Overclocked A64 3800+ running at 49C idle - is it ok ?
SilenX iXtrema 120mm Copper CPU Cooler Review
Torin Blower - Where? How Much?
Heatpipe 101.
Bottom intake? (Like a blow hole...but the opposite)
good heatsink?
Help Help fast! I need help removing this!
Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe + XP-120 Compatibility
Best hs/fan for 775 prescott
Any one used this fan for their HS?
computer manufacturer silent cooling techniques
120mm 78cfm @ 21dba?
cooling question...
[FANS IN YOUR CASE] Intake / Exhaust
Which 92mm Fan to Get?
Natural COoling?
Changing TIM on a laptop.
Thermaltake Volcano 11+ Xaser Edition Opinion?
2x120s on xp120 ??
Flow vanes vs. no flow vanes with regard to noise and temps
good heatsink for XP 3200+
120mm fan...does it really matter?
Flashing Fan LED
What is your PC's average ambient room temp during the day?
An Idea...
Hyper 48 is Here and Installed 12 pics inside, beware 56k'rs
Very nice Source for your Fans
Fastest, Loudest, Strongest HEATSINK ?!
What is max Vcore on A64?
New to silent cooling, advise anyone?
can anyone recoomend me a good cheap heatsink
Airflow Verification
[NEW] Motherboard + Proc ? (GamingPC) PLEASE HELP!
Are "Fanless" heatsinks anygood?
New CPU/Old Heatsink Question
should i add another fan?
A challenge for the electronics guys.
best air cooler for 3500+ on k8n neo2 plat ??
Question on selcting a fan for a heatsink
help with Xaser II 5000 fan speed controller
need suggestions for quiet psu fan
air circulation
Will the Zalman nb47j fit with a Thermalright SI-97?
Tracking Air Flow
How to make a fan run faster?
Weird Result Of Duct Modding.........Pic's
Mounting a 38mm thick fan in an SLK3700.
MBM5 Question
Question on sunbeam rheobus
CPU Temp Varies like mad?
Need some help with cooling
Zalman Fanate 2 (Maximum 6w) can I run a 9w/1a fan on it if I cool the fanmate?
Anyone know if Zalman 7700B fit Asus P4C800E?
Is Temp the tell-all for OC'ing?
i need a cheap/quiet/reliable 40mm fan with rpm monitoring quick!!!
SP-94 in Antec Aria
How do you run your big fans at 7v?
Good Cases for Water Cooling?
Controller for 6 fans?
best to use for cpu/case monitor
Reccomendation please..
Thermaltake tr2 m4s idiotic design
Looking for the Practical Best!
Which 92mm fan
Short fan question
Need cooling help for quiet PC
9800 cooling??
stock a64 fans
Tornado threatening life, please help!
Results for Air or Water cooling survey
Gigabyte 6800GT and AMD 64 3500+
Some watercooling questions.
Looking for variable speed 92mm fan for heatsink
Is the xp-120 still king of the ring for 939 cooling?
Help AMD 65 way too hot!
Forgive me for sounding stupid
Case cooling...direction of air flow?
help me with my cooling
Memory Cooling
PS3 cooling?
Ok to remove fan guard from PSU?
Good 120mm Case Fan with RPM Monitoring?
See, we told you good cooling was important
The wonders of a good heatsink - ZM-NB47J
Need to buy a sp-97, 900a
Ghetto Mod!
Zalman 7700 Fit DFI NF3 250gb???
P160 case + side window + side fan....
Need some cooling suggestions for wooden box...
2500+ Overclocking Cooler
Panaflo: Noise of 92mm (low) vs. 80mm (low)
HS reseating Questions
Temps increasing
Better cooling on a BFG 6800 Ultra >
SLK947-U...will it work on A64 3500+
Northbridge cooling on socket 939 boards...
MiniReview: PC Cooler-42CU Heatsink
Temp sensor busted?
Recommened fan controller that controls a Tornado + 2x 120mm fan + temp reading?
Which heat sink to get? (P4-478)
is this bad?
idle temps are ok, but load temps are up there
Need advise! NF7 v2.0 North bridge cooler
Radeon 9000 Cooling?
Still over heating.....
Cooling effect of a good PSU
Fan filter materials
A64 (754) stock HSF works on AMD Duron 1.6ghz?
Bearing(s) going down the tube?
Heatsink/Fan combo for 2500+mobil
(not so) stunning revelation