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Outdoor computing?
SLK-947U, need a bit of sound advice
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Im stuck...
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amd Fands socket a cooling.
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Need help with cooling
getting xp-120 for prescott this weekend will this fan be anygood
where can i find longer fan screws?
ALERT: XP-120 don't fit on Abit AG8/AA8
Fan CFM loss due to fan adapters.
Cpu Temps.... does this sound ok?
NB-1C and SP94 are on. Temps same???
Best thermal compound?
installing the NB-1 chipset cooler
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getting rid of fan grills. how?
Pictures of Insane water cooling setups?
i almost has a heart break
dear lord, look at this intel air cooler
120mm Panaflo
Cable mess
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how do i connect fans?
A little too hot...wondrin why
new heatsink?
900SLK Help
Oops = Goof Off?
help me re-wire my 7 year old 120mm fan..
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How much AS5 for contact between mosfets and sinks?
XP-120 w/775 RM
85c???? WTF???
Worth the upgrade?
*PICS* finaly done
Need suggestions on new HSF
here is a piccie of my temp ( and i am bord lol )
Im confuzed....
Airflow suggestions on new case.
Ideas for 1U coolers?
Need cooler for Prescott CPU
Wire jobs *The Worst*
0 dbA Computer
Side Case fan decision
Does the KT600 northbridge require active cooling?
Which fan should I choose for a thermalright slk-700?
Dead fan in PSU
a7n8x-e deluxe bios/registry program
WC RIG all done!!!!!
Sanyo Denki 120mm CFM/dBa figures @ 7v?
Fan tunnels
New system (pics)...
How much are YOU paying for AS5?
xp-120 and IC7-G Fit?
Low eVGA Geforce 6800 Clocks
pffft...who needs wc/vapochill, i got an open back door!
Best cooling for S754(DFI Board)
Serious Overheating Problems
thermalright sp-120 but which fan
5C Cooler With $1.50 US n00b Mod
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chipset cooler??
Thermaltake fan controller Amperage !
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Does the heatsink have to cover the etire surface (AMD64fx)
smart fan 2 with fan controller?
Aluminum (dryer exhaust) tubing for duct mod?
External Temp probes & Heat Transfer
TR SP-94 and NB-1C question
9800pro Running fairly hot!
power supply
92mm Tornado peformance....
Will 7volt mod work to silence this fan?
Fan controller....
quieter HSF... save my sanity
The case of the thermally advantaged case.
What is the highest a pt4 3.4ghz can go and what's your temp?
Clamps on a AMD64
P1 200MHz cooling + fans (56k users beware)
Zalman NB47 orentation, think it matters?
Coolermaster Hyper6 vs Thermalright XP120
A little story about Coolermaster...
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Monitoring software for ATi 9600xt?
Just came upon some extra cash....Which will give best longterm OC results..
XP 120 cooler will it fit
RMA'ing 9800 pro to newegg, need help
best HSF
Zalman CNPS 7700 released
Thermalright XP-120 on a prescott 775 socket review
How bad of a thermal conductor is rubber?
Aerogate II keeps going crazy!
random restarts
how do u get so many fans to work?
Can't Get Temp Down! Outta Ideas!
Need cheap P4 heatsink which does not use the standard retention mechanism
lower fan speed ?
Thermalright NB-1 VS Zalman ZMNB47J
Thermal Paste and Cpu Ques?
zalman 7000cu
Aquagate ALC-U01
Caned vs. Compressed air
What happens when the heatsink fan is not working...
Koolance CHC-AO5 on video card?
Whats up with my fan controller?
Do Lian Li PC-V2000's cool well?
Nvidia Geforfe Sensor?
Case temp always warmer than CPU temp
will the xp120 fit my mobo?
Need Socket 754 Heatsink Suggestions
What fan combo should I use? (pic included)
XP-90 and Intel P4 3.2c
Fan controller not reporting CPU fan speed
Ambient vs. Sub-Ambient
P4 Issues Hyper Threading Technology !!!! only good for cooling
P4 Heatsink...
Trying to quiet down a 8500, time to retire it? =(
AC VGA silencer 4 (x800)
Are the Cooler Master Silent fans good enough to cool my case?
case temp 41C and no chipset temp???
Quiet UV fans or better off with Cathode?
CPU Fan Duct or Side Fan Duct?
Essentials to Cool
alternative standoffs O_O?
How HOT !!!
best amd socket 939 heatsink?
xp-120 Sanyo Denki results
Got my Arctic Silver Ceramique today
Artic ATI sliencer 1 and compatibility (Urgent! please help)
noisy pci blowerfan
Will the THERMALRIGHT XP-120 work?
MBM question
3 pin fan connector question
Sapphire X800XT cooler...
AS5 with IHS, Droplet or Cake?
Hard Drive cooler question.
"cool down" period for AS5?
MOSFET heatsinks...go or no go?
Brillant Idea for coolng
90mm Red Led Fans?????
Thinking while working...
negative airflow or positive airflow
extra fan worth extra noise?
My new Mirror :)
stock heatsink athlon 64
I NEED to learn more ;)
Abti AG8 owners or socket lga 775!!!
Antec airflow weak, brand new psu.. "as designed"?
Looking for 2 80mm fans that pump out more than normal CFM
What are recommended 120mm case fans?
Do i need SB coolign for my MOBO and my oc ?
What causes of fan speed fluctuations?
Can temps be to low
Sunbeam Fan Controller Sources
is this dangerous?
Ati silencer 4 prices
2 Tornados or even 3?
Heatsink for passive cooling on Ti4600
Turn up Top exhaust = more heat ...
How calculate the dBa of my system...
Exclusive **Si-97** on x800xt!
Thermal output
P4 Oc
Hoovering out case???
what fan for the xp-120
Lian Li fan controllers, what wattage are they rated for?
Filters or not?
Temps dont seem right
Dissapointed in SI-97
7000CU with 3.2E?
BEST HS out there
90 vfs 92mm
Wanted to do some research before purchase.
Is this normal? xp-120
Zalman cooling for my LGA775 .....
Need help removing thermal tape
Need advice on a NB heatsink
Dead Air
eVGA Geforce 6800 OC
Metku Reviews CoolerMaster Hyper-48
xp-120 fan
voltage regulater
copper conduction though pressure
Must Read Pentium 4 Prescott Owners!!!!
fan diagrams
Help this newbie cooling
CPU die vs Socket Temp?
Fans, Rheo, and Whining PSU
Temp Sensors?
pics of thermalrights vga cooler
Xoxide 3.5" fan controller
Electric Car fan?
Will a SI-97 fit this case?
arctic silver 3 vs arctic silver 5?
Need help in choosing CPU cooler
Stirling engine on a cpu heatsink?
Don't stick your fingers in fans
Plastic or aluminum heat sink????
cooling idea
Air Cooling w/o Intake Fans
xp-120 vs slk-948u
Low end cooling for Duron 1.3 & 1.6
mcxc370 good enough?
Manualy running 3 pin fans.
aerogate III pin assignment?
NF7-S rev2 northbridge fan is LOUD
NV Silencer Question for Ti4400
80mm->120mm fan adapters...
Aerogate III Fan Controller
waisted HS
Wire Jobs *the Best*
what is best fan arrangement??????????
Quick, how do I mount this SI97?
Beware of 150MM Fans, True Story!
lower the temps...
paradis of fans
Best air CPU cooler for socket 775
arctic silver 5
CPU Vs Bios?
Which Temps Are Right?
BTX and heatsinks
A PC/heat problem
Barton 2500 / NF7-S v2.0 - Need advice on cheap heatsink(w/ fan)
Undervolting Delta Tornado
Zalman NB heatsink anygood?
Thermalright XP-120 - Queries Regarding Use With ABIT IC7-G/IC7-Max3 Motherboards
T'right SI-97 on a socket 370?
Question for Coolermaster Hyper 6 owners
Need jet-like heatsink, having problems
A quick question about blowholes.
prescott 775 motherboard adapter for XP-120
Artic silver 5 and Artic Silver Ceramique
Installing SLK 948U
Intel making me buy a new CAse!!!!!!!Help
First amd system
I need a lot of airflow!
Help! Need to order a fan now!
Stock intel fan mods?
1650mA 12v AC/DC converter.
What do u think?
Fan controler problem
bga ramsinks question
XP-90 results : not quite as good as I was hoping for..
Good place to purchase a Pre-modded case?
Thermalright XP-90 orientation
Panaflow 120mm M1A 3pin or 4pin? Quick question
It worked
Heatsink/fan advice
AMD going to melt down ?
another fan (120mm) necessary?
setting a fan as exhaust?
The Best Thermal Compound
Is Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 compatible with ASUS smartdoctor/smartcooling?
My Great Plan (or wishful dreaming?)
heatsink for prescott help and a new hard drive setup cooler and sound level
Normal CPU temp is 60C, causing problems?
How do i make my silencer fan faster?
best way to cool system ram down?
Virtical Air Flow
Antec SX630II
need some help with setting up fans
Arctic VGA Silencer
AMD 64 3200 DTR questions
Zalman Heatsink + Overclocking
BSOD Crashes?
*urgent* help needed. air cooling purchase
where to buy a si-97
Help on Wire Management - Mother of God Help Us
That darn IDE cable
no place for intake fan in my case
Best Air Cooler for p4
new cooling for processor worth it?
1x80mm case fan = bad?
Intel P4 HSF roundup
5.25" Drive Bay Cooler/Fan
Thermaltake vs. Thermalright
Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu or Thermalright SI-97
Thermalright xp-120. Will it fit?
Need a fan for my SI 97
Question about CM Jet 4
Diamond HSF?
Silent, effective cooling tips? N00b
New DD Phase Change Block Design!!!
Xeon 2.4Ghz cooler
Video Card Cooling !!
Heat Questions
Fan Setup ...
Cooling for Athlon 64 3800+ CPU
Thermaltake Silent Tower CL-P0025 - Monitor will NOT turn on
New fan
Custom Airduct - Great Mod!
Can a Sunbeam Rheobus Handle All this?
hows this vga/chipset cooler?
Thermaltake pipe 101
Mounting fans to cool RAM
HSF for AMD 64?
During heavy gaming CPu reaches 150F
hdd shuts down by it self
TIM Question
Torin Blowers GONE!!!!
New Torin Blower Update
120mm SideFan - How to cut hole?
Concerned with my CPU temps
CPU hs for 9800 pro?
Sanyo Denki's
What is the best socket A cooler =)
Swiftech vs. Thermalright XP-90
Whats specs of this fan?
Whats the max temp youve got in your r9700/r9800?
overheating cpu?
New Guy - CHEAP hsf
fan locations
fans in top of pc?
AMD 64 XP 3000 Socket 754, best fan and heatsink
This may apply here...?
whats power on this controller?
better cooling for nf7 & xp-m 2400
what is this fan slot for?
id like to get these HS's, but need to bolt on. what can i do?
Does anyone have an AN7 with SP-97 and NB-1C heatsinks?
Athlon FX-53 Cooling Issue
AS epoxy and ramsinks
NB-1C stock fan loud as hell!
Fan's RPM Monitoring done on the fan or mobo?
refridgerator 120mm fans
250 watt true power peltier, best waterblock
SI-97 + NB-1C on NF7-S?
TR XP-120 Results
Giant 3 fit on 6800?
noisy smart fan II?
FX-55 Cooling Solution?
Intel stock HSF specs..
Zalman 80c-hp Compatibility List?
good temp. display
cpu cooling
Ideal room temp?
Old arctic silver, safe to use?
fan suggestions for simple layout
evercool aluminum vs. slienx
Cooling the Northbridge Help?
Cooling Guide & Tool - calcs dB + more
Cooler Master Hyper 6 or SLK-948U?
Dummy fans?
System Coolers work very well ?
Filters, what type?
WTB Square Grill for 80mm Fans?
Temp probe on A64?
Temp monitoring prog
Another Fan Question
Any use for OLD heatsinks?
Will Panaflos run at 5v?
FX-53 recommended temperatures
folding sata cables
slowing a high speed fan
XP-120, and 120mm fan connection help.
Should Thermalright's Graphics Card Cooler Be: Passive / Active cooled?
AMD 64 3400+ temps
Thermalright GFX card Coolers Under Devolpment!!!!!
TT SF2? Or Panaflo H1B?
XP-90 or XP-120
Good Or Bad?
Video Card Cooling
Fan filter
Biggest Blower That Will Fit in Computer?
Case cooling
what gets hotter ??
Asus Star Ice??
Zalman Bracket Pics
0$ dropped case temp 10 degrees F
My new cooling mod
i just had an awesome idea
How stalbe is your cpu temp during idle?
Kingwin Water Cooler?
Your thoughts on my vid card cooling...
new w/c set-up.. final revision, with a pic!
mosfet coolers
Thermalright Fan attachment mod???
Aerogate 3
HSF/Fan Question
Aluminum fan on xp120 - Help or no?
XP-90 worth it?
SpeedFan Temps
Need some cooling for ti4600
Si-97 / Slk-947 / Slk-900a
Heatsink Fan Question...
Microcool Northpole at 7v or MCX159-P?
old heatsinks
Mounting fans w/o retention bracket?
better heatsink?
ati-silencer 4 getting really hot?
Does anyone use the fan only line?
Soon to build a computer. Wouldnt mind knowing the top cooling companies.
Are my system Temps ok?
MOSFET cooling.
WHat can i do to make my cooling better?
best cooling solution?
dead P2 HSF replacement question
Voltage Regulation or PWM?
MBM5 reads higher temperatures with more memory
Heatsink Advice
Bigger Fan = Same CFM to CPU?
OT: You know you have a good negative case pressure when ...
Hard Drive Temps
Somebody please help me!
Si-97 vs Tdx
drilling holes
120mm or 80mm
Computer still to noisy!
Xp-90 or Xp-120? Opinions pls.
SHould i put in another 80mm fan?
Does the Thermalright SLK-947U work with Athlon 64's?
sandra accuracy
using fan controllers and detecting RPMs
Case fans
VGA Silencer and watercooled NB question
Any Recommendations for an XP-90 & Fan combo?
question about rounded cables
beginner Q's about fans
custom waterblock for slot 2
How many of you have done the rubber washer mod?
Will the the thermalright SI-97 fight in an Antec Sonata?
Vantec Fan Controller Problem
me and my northbridge hsf...
Sanyo Denki Case Fans
I can't trust my temps :(
Installed my XP-90 and....
How can I make sure that the HS is making proper contact
Stats right?
just an idea
"CPU fan failed" after installing hardcano
TT Volcano 9 vs Tr2-m4
Can I use normal AMD64 HSF with DTR versions?
How to make thermal paste (glue) ?
help choosing case fans
Ti4200 Cooling Problem
3.0 prescott temps?
XP90 Question...
Cleaning Results [Pic Included]
Need high output fan for cooler
Modding intel cpu fan
Twin 80 mm video card cooler - where?
Swiftech MCX159R
Turned OFF Cpu fan, getting better Temps
need a new heatsink
Do i need to clean off my old hs?
Applying Thermal Paste
Check my new case cooling(Input&Output)
did your zalman 7000b come with a protective layer?
how can i make my hd silent in 3.5" tray?
Best 80mm Fans while maintaining Low sound.
Will socket 940 heat coolers work for 939?