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What is the best socket A cooler =)
Swiftech vs. Thermalright XP-90
Whats specs of this fan?
Whats the max temp youve got in your r9700/r9800?
overheating cpu?
New Guy - CHEAP hsf
fan locations
fans in top of pc?
AMD 64 XP 3000 Socket 754, best fan and heatsink
This may apply here...?
whats power on this controller?
better cooling for nf7 & xp-m 2400
what is this fan slot for?
id like to get these HS's, but need to bolt on. what can i do?
Does anyone have an AN7 with SP-97 and NB-1C heatsinks?
Athlon FX-53 Cooling Issue
AS epoxy and ramsinks
NB-1C stock fan loud as hell!
Fan's RPM Monitoring done on the fan or mobo?
refridgerator 120mm fans
250 watt true power peltier, best waterblock
SI-97 + NB-1C on NF7-S?
TR XP-120 Results
Giant 3 fit on 6800?
noisy smart fan II?
FX-55 Cooling Solution?
Intel stock HSF specs..
Zalman 80c-hp Compatibility List?
good temp. display
cpu cooling
Ideal room temp?
Old arctic silver, safe to use?
fan suggestions for simple layout
evercool aluminum vs. slienx
Cooling the Northbridge Help?
Cooling Guide & Tool - calcs dB + more
Cooler Master Hyper 6 or SLK-948U?
Dummy fans?
System Coolers work very well ?
Filters, what type?
WTB Square Grill for 80mm Fans?
Temp probe on A64?
Temp monitoring prog
Another Fan Question
Any use for OLD heatsinks?
Will Panaflos run at 5v?
FX-53 recommended temperatures
folding sata cables
slowing a high speed fan
XP-120, and 120mm fan connection help.
Should Thermalright's Graphics Card Cooler Be: Passive / Active cooled?
AMD 64 3400+ temps
Thermalright GFX card Coolers Under Devolpment!!!!!
TT SF2? Or Panaflo H1B?
XP-90 or XP-120
Good Or Bad?
Video Card Cooling
Fan filter
Biggest Blower That Will Fit in Computer?
Case cooling
what gets hotter ??
Asus Star Ice??
Zalman Bracket Pics
0$ dropped case temp 10 degrees F
My new cooling mod
i just had an awesome idea
How stalbe is your cpu temp during idle?
Kingwin Water Cooler?
Your thoughts on my vid card cooling...
new w/c set-up.. final revision, with a pic!
mosfet coolers
Thermalright Fan attachment mod???
Aerogate 3
HSF/Fan Question
Aluminum fan on xp120 - Help or no?
XP-90 worth it?
SpeedFan Temps
Need some cooling for ti4600
Si-97 / Slk-947 / Slk-900a
Heatsink Fan Question...
Microcool Northpole at 7v or MCX159-P?
old heatsinks
Mounting fans w/o retention bracket?
better heatsink?
ati-silencer 4 getting really hot?
Does anyone use the fan only line?
Soon to build a computer. Wouldnt mind knowing the top cooling companies.
Are my system Temps ok?
MOSFET cooling.
WHat can i do to make my cooling better?
best cooling solution?
dead P2 HSF replacement question
Voltage Regulation or PWM?
MBM5 reads higher temperatures with more memory
Heatsink Advice
Bigger Fan = Same CFM to CPU?
OT: You know you have a good negative case pressure when ...
Hard Drive Temps
Somebody please help me!
Si-97 vs Tdx
drilling holes
120mm or 80mm
Computer still to noisy!
Xp-90 or Xp-120? Opinions pls.
SHould i put in another 80mm fan?
Does the Thermalright SLK-947U work with Athlon 64's?
sandra accuracy
using fan controllers and detecting RPMs
Case fans
VGA Silencer and watercooled NB question
Any Recommendations for an XP-90 & Fan combo?
question about rounded cables
beginner Q's about fans
custom waterblock for slot 2
How many of you have done the rubber washer mod?
Will the the thermalright SI-97 fight in an Antec Sonata?
Vantec Fan Controller Problem
me and my northbridge hsf...
Sanyo Denki Case Fans
I can't trust my temps :(
Installed my XP-90 and....
How can I make sure that the HS is making proper contact
Stats right?
just an idea
"CPU fan failed" after installing hardcano
TT Volcano 9 vs Tr2-m4
Can I use normal AMD64 HSF with DTR versions?
How to make thermal paste (glue) ?
help choosing case fans
Ti4200 Cooling Problem
3.0 prescott temps?
XP90 Question...
Cleaning Results [Pic Included]
Need high output fan for cooler
Modding intel cpu fan
Twin 80 mm video card cooler - where?
Swiftech MCX159R
Turned OFF Cpu fan, getting better Temps
need a new heatsink
Do i need to clean off my old hs?
Applying Thermal Paste
Check my new case cooling(Input&Output)
did your zalman 7000b come with a protective layer?
how can i make my hd silent in 3.5" tray?
Best 80mm Fans while maintaining Low sound.
Will socket 940 heat coolers work for 939?
Will this help my cpu temp ? [pic]
My (somewhat) ghetto x800 xtpe cooling
Northbridge/Southbridge Cooling
Question on watercooling.
120mm fan question
2 80's rear case, where should i put the 120?
Help a n00b out with one of their first mods
after cleaning...look @ these temps
Quick Question about TR XP90
Anyone use these fans?
Will this fit my Stock A64 Heatsink?
i need help quickly with my heatsink
3 different cpu temps, 3 different utilities.. NEED HELP
what can i do with a P3 cooler?
Cooling solutions (56k users beware)
My A64 temps are too high ->58c
I need some advice...
Celcius good ?
Biostar M7NCD and temps
Delta FFB0812SHE fan update source ...
How are my temps?
me and my xp-90....
Giant 3 fit x800?
Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive
what about the asus's Star Ice
good cooling case
Cooling ideas... any good?
Palominos to T-Breds...Temps go UP!
Northbridge cooling recommendations on NF7
Diamond Dust??
fan controller and display
Taking advantage of temperatures
Replaced generic thermal grease with AS5.
GeForce 6600 heatsink / fans
Do slot coolers work?
3500+ on Neo2 Temps vary on restart?
Rheostat wiring question + pic
Gigabyte 3d cooler
Vaporware fan?
xp-120 and p4c800e dlx
Any Math Experts Here?
WHich fan controller!!!!!!!!!
sp-94 + 80mm tornado?
Arctic Silver Céramique, BGA RAM Coppersinks
Fan for SO-97 or SI-97
newb question: new heatsink, removing stock
Cooling a T-Bird?
What do you guys think about this fan?
Air duct from outside
cool enough
i dont know wtf is going on.....
what do you guys think about this cpu cooler???
A64 Stock HSF vs XP-120
New Tec install up and running
Swiftech air cooling results
Heat on stock?
Cold Air Intake
Where can I get a Sunbeam Rheobus?
Vantec Iceberg 4 Sucks!
Where to find this fan?
How unbelievable is this.....a 8 degree drop on CPU temps.........
Good Southbridge coolers
How to get 29C temps on your CPU for cheap! :)
dynex fans at Best Buy... anyone try them?
Cooling Issues Suck.
Zalman CNPS7000CU Handle 3.2E?
Fan filters, foam vs. Al
Shuttle cooling?
Help!!! I can't get the Athlon XP T-bred 2400+ idle temperature down!!!
ThermalRight 900U to XP120, Worth an Upgrade?
Fan grills
instability and caused by which hot part ?
Look at these fans I found in a skip...
New Heatsink for Xeons SI-9X
Advantages/Disadvantages different thermal pastes
Vantec Nexus NXP-201 vs. Sunbeam Rheobus
Zalman 7000 Alcu does a or b matter
lesson learned
Thermalright Showdown
NB cooling
temp sensor
Cool 'n Quiet for desktop Athlon XP's!
Fan controller
quick ? panaflo H1A fan blow direction
Best BGA RAM Heatsinks?
I need a good replacement Fan Controller bad
Condensation: What side does it form on?
3.2e running at 30C with air
more stupid mods, brought to you by the garynator
Check out this fan controller!!!!!!
MOFSETS or southbridge overheating
re-applied AS5, reseated HSF, temp went crazy
Maybe air cooling?
Ideas on efficient and QUIET cooling?
Cheapest XP 90...
HS fan help
Thermal "safe" zone of AMD64?
My temporary duct job results
66 C normal?
Anyone here have a diablotek aluminum LED fan?
I have 34 fans - how may do you have?
Absolute Best HS/F For AMD POST HERE!!!!
First overclock, want least amt of cooling
Replacement Fan Controller for Sun Beam.
RAM heatspreaders
Dust, how problematic can it be?
Measurement of NB on NF7?????????????
With SLK-800U and 61 CFM fan, how much will 3000+ o/c?
Do I have enough cooling?
another fan on my xp-120?
Hey guys, is this cold enough?
vga silencer vs. water cooling
CPU ripped out by AS5
applying AS5 to heatspreader correct procedure?
What should I do to reduce noise?
Thermaltake claiming to make AS5??!!!!
my prescott is hooot(input&output)
Smart Case Fan 2
45 C IDLE 51 C LOAD ne good with a SLK-800 and 61 CFM fan blowing in wards?
mosfet cooling really needed??
please answer VERY quick question
best socket A bolt on HS?
Cooling Suggestions
need help choosing a cooler
92mm fan
ghetto window duct :)
Recommended Fan Controller?
7v/12v Schematic for fan controller switch
is there a guide on re-wiring fan connectors?
Quietest Case, fans, Psu help
Zalman on a Chaintech 9CJS
best heatsink & fan for A64 3200+ DTR???
Best 120mm fans?
Mobo won't read RPMs of certain fans
Major heat problem! Plese help!
Harddrive motor into a fan!!!
alx 800
What CPU HSF's will fit a P4C800E with MCX159 NB Cooler installed?
Labtop cooling?????????????
socket 478 heatsink base
Thermalright XP-120?
best 80mm x 25mm fan
case interior cooling
Fan on thermalright SLK-947U
power supply mounting
Replacement Fan for NB-1C ?
question about cooling VNF3-250
Need some ideas
Deadly case fan? aaaaaaaaaaah!
Thunderblade vs Evercool Fan
How much of a benefit is it to put a 80mm on a stock HS?
"Thermal" Material from hell...
1 Duct per CPU, 1 exhaust, 1 intake. what kinda results would i get?
Heatsink compound removal to put newer heatsink compound on.
Question about AS5.
Can someone help?
Where to connect case fan plugs on mobo?
Indescision Socket 754-cast your vote now! XP-90,zalman7000alcu..or elect someoneelse
AS3 - Arctic Ceramic ???
Arghh.... MSI 9800 pro / Silencer 3
AS5 or Ceramic?
Panaflow M1A off MB header?
3 case fans vs. none
What happened to Thermalright?
80 degrees idle system, pls help¬!
Best Cooling Method For O/C-ing an AMD64 3400+
A little accident happens easily....
CPU Duct - do they work?
Does this sound like overheating?
fan controller needed
Anyone know of any good clear/transparent fans?
Need Help Controlling 4 Panaflos
Booting Speedfan at Startup?
heat pipe orientation xp90/120
help with Cpu anf HD cooling
hard drive coolers/enclosures
Ultimate Air for Socket754
fan speed controller
Need AS5 + Lapping Kit Fast! HELP! :D
Which fan's better for a heat sink
Mobile stock temps
Volcano 7+ to xp-120 20+ deg lower
CPU Cooler
WHY is my A64 STILL so hot?!?!
SLK-900U Qns
xp90 temps
The Jet4
noob here - does this look like an OK fan setup for a case?
Case/Cooling question??
Best Heatsinks for ATI x800 suggestions?
ZALMAN CNPS7000A-Cu Pure Copper CPU Cooler on a p4 775 cpu
Good 120mm fans in UK?
coolermaster dual storm...
Silenx fans, all what they're hyped to be?
BBA 9800 Pro 256mb Card Cooling Options.....Advice Please
Fan Retaining Clips
Pipe 101
What VGA cooler should I get? Giant III?
Video card screwing over?
Whole house watercooling, anybody? (brainstorm for feasability or sanity)
silencing fan vibration
sp what is the diff between these two
blowing in or out
Power/Aux temps....
What are the best Silent/ quiet 80mm 2200rpm 28cfm Case Fans?
Ducting cool air from external source
Best Antec Aria SFF CPU cooler?
opinion of the 90x38 thermaltake ufo series
AS5 not doing much
Watercool question
Which rheobusfan controller?
Fan Adapters
XP-90 Advice
Where to put Hard Drive???
Fan Controller
Air Cooling System
Possible Heat problem? Need Help!
Fan Control Setting?
When should your TIM be cleaned & reapplied?
A case with a Thermal Advantage?
is this a good 120mm fan??
Where can I get a sunbeam rheobus?
Is There Such Thing As Quiet Cooling For AMD Processors???
I think MBM5 has been screwing with my head
best clip on heatsink??
Everyones Help Needed?
Some advice, please....
Temp difference sp97 vs 2200+ ..
is this any good?
Cooling the BFG 6800 GT
Help me cool down my Northwood...
AS5 or Creamique for 9800PRO
Pump before waterblock caused it to crack?
Problems with Iceberg 4
ThermalTake Pipe 101 heat sink + UFO 90mm 81cfm fan
Specs on ENERMAX right
Looking for fan controller with thermal management
A Few Duct Mod Question
will this lower my temps?
What to look out for?
LGA775 aftermarket coolers
best s939 cpu air cooling?
Do these temperatures look right???(Pic Included with Graph)
Cooling the Notorious 5800 Ultra
Case 120mm Fans
CPU heat test
Important news for XP-90/120 users...!
NV Silencer 2 problems
XP90 Versus ?
slk 900, capable?
are these temps normal
cpu fan duct
hmm this isnt right is it..?
H2O cooling for NB ?
Hot glue to mount fan over ram
Intelligent cooling system for overclocked PC
ThermalTake Venus 12 on Coolermaster Aerogate2?
Thoughts on "fin guards"
LIS's / Matrix Orbitals
Ti4600 Help !! Fan related
Xp-90 and MSI
Does my temp difference seem high?
The easiest/cheapest way to cut heatsinks?
Heatsink for Socket 775 Processors
120mm fan and Heatsink?
XP-90 success
The right temp
A64 3000 + SLK948+ what fan??
replace fans or get fan controller?
KINGWIN Arctic Liquid Cooler System
Thermaltake Silent Boost. Your opinion.
Small Rubber Circles
SI-97 News
12v to 10v mod help
Natural Cooling methods?
and I lost the heatsink socket of my P4PE
My word, Mechatronics are nice fans (and other high quality slow speed fans)
Cracked fan, lucky computer. (pics)
Heat Problems?
Which rheobus/fan controller should i get?
SP-94 + Panaflo... have it blow onto heatsink or suck?
Thermal Compound...
1 cooling nightmare solved.
Lapping Question
need advice on heatsink....
They say put in a side fan...
vapochill XE
Summer = cool Winter = hot!!
Looking for the best video cooler for Radeon X800 pro
Thermalright company info?
Should my load temp jump this much with xp-120?
Tornado or Delta EHE?
Xeon IWT fans too noisy, alternative 60mm (38mm depth) fans?
Was buying the NV Silencer 2......
Vantec tornado problem
Alternative HS Materials
what ramsinks (vid ram) to use?
comp. cooling
Duct Question...
ddr ram heat spreaders
Computer crashes when put under any kind of load...HELP!!!
Best Athlon XP heatsink?
CPU and Mobo temperatures.
Anyone like this fan? (Enermax 120mm)
Hi, new and need some strait advice
Need suggestion on WATER COOLING
Let's here your designs on the ultra water block
Zalman CNPS7000B-AlCu Fan speed and installation advice needed
3.2c Socket 478 HSF
XP-90 and SP-94 (pics)
Just installed the new Scythe Kamakaze2 HSF
Vid Card Heat
Watercooling VS Aircooling
Coolermaster watercooling kit
Can i get a recomendation for a VGA Silencer?
Fans on after shutdown
Regarding ducts...
Hotter Running Palomino Or Barton ??
Need some advice getting really frustrated.
Quick question...
case modding for better ventilation (pics)
Asus PC-DL Northbridge 50C to hot?
Xp-120 Results/Input
What did you do to get your Barton over 2.2Ghz?
airflow CFM ....that important for system??
SP-97 Still Available Here
Athlon 64 Prime Stable, but not 3dMark stable
New A64, high temps, advice?
Fan controllers
Er, how bad is this?
Blue Powder In Watercooled setup
Laptop cooler prototype - where can i find a tiny psu?
WOW what a difference 1 fan makes
Arctic VGA Silencer won't fit
Vantec Chipset Cooler
Good deal on AS5 until 9/26
Queiting down my Opterons?
Anyone done this?
Amd3800+ Air cooling!
1600+ with a Valcano 6
Need an idea...
Nub wntz to cool his GPU/VGA
Check your cases!
Heatpipe question