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Fan Ducts?
which fan controller?? ; [
Duct Question
Upgrade SKL900U to SP-97?
URGENT HELP: computer shutsdown immediately after start
NF7-S Northbridge fan replacement
Northbridge and system temp related ?
Looking for a good heasink for s939!
XP-90 and fan size
Need your opion on CPU heatsink
Arctic silver 5 - Approx. how long to break in ?
Fan controllers -_-
Go fanless!
Cool Weather!!!
NORTHBRIDGE fan Reomval ?? NF7-S v2.0
Heatsink Help !! Please respond !!
What fan for an SP-94?
Is there a fix for failing An7 Northbridge Fan
How Do I Remove An7 Northbridge Fan
VGA/GPU temp sensing programs?
software controlled fans
Temp monitor runs on 3v battery, can i hook it up to the 3v line on a psu?
whats the cpu diode reading on my motherboard monitor 5?
fan controller?
Chipset Cooling Question
Where to get 4-pin molex to 3-pin fan adapter.
SLK947U vs Silent Boost
Delta Fans
silver core?
Mosfet Cooling
Anyone lapped an xp-90 yet?
Which is more accurate
Is this HSF good enough for what i'm trying to do?
Damn the stock cooling sux...
Bent fins? Odd question..
akasa sound dampening pad
How's this even posable!?!?!
Best adjustable Fans?
Which thermal controller should i get?
Very Noob Question
Cooling a 3.2E LGA775
northbridge cooler
Removing Retention Plate From MSI K8N NEO2
Tornado Rheostat
Cooling the chipset on DFI nforce3 250gb boards.
What's your favorite Heatsink manufacturer?
Cooling help needed - system running too hot
pci slot cooling
Businesses that Give Free stuff on your birthday
Dell cooling lol
Can this HD cooler used as CPU temp sensor?
Looking to make my computer silent
Need a cheap hs/fan
My fans only have a 2 pin connector
What's your favorite Heatsink manufacturer?
Look At This Case!!!!![56k warning]
Which thermal paste to use with vid card?
Barton Temps Whats safe ??
Good sale on 948U .....30 bucks?!?!? that or ....
POLL: how many fans do you use?
Just put on the XP-90, loving these temps... :)
Getting rid of the 40mm fan [aka "blower" fan] on the TT Extreme Giant 3?
any input on Thermaltake Venus 12?
Cleaning copper
A bunch of Case Fans
The Good OC Weather returned!
CM Stacker questions...
Big Air
Heat problems or something else?
Broken VGA silencer screw.
get psu fans to work on 3 pin
Whats the difference between 92mm Panaflo H1A and U1A?
Vid card cooling VGA Silencer or other?
bottom case fan
XP-90 or XP-120?
Question about thermal coumpound
Looking for Northbridge Cooling for K8n Neo Plat.
Side fan: -intake or exhaust-
best 90mm or 92mm fan?
Any way to mount a fan over memory??
hmm which hs to buy...
my comp heats up my room
Is This Ok???
AIW-9800pro Cooler
Stock Intel HSF CFM and db rating
Taming the Tornado with Antec PSU
Thermaltake Combo Cool DIY Series TOWER112
question for people running the xp-120...
Heatsink for 3700+
Tornado 92mm 7v
tornado rewiring
Stock AMD64 hsf
K8N-E Deluxe + XP-120 has been done.
cpu temps went down 10c with new vid card
How to remove heatsink?
Load temps were high so I got a 92mm tornado
why the f can't my mobile do 12.5 multi?
Making Ramsinks
dell computer overheating
sp97, neo back plate ??
Cooling Powerfull PC Help!
n00b question
Fan connector question
Warning about removing a stock AMD 64 heatsink.
AC-DC tranformer 4 fans?
120 mm or 2 80mm
Case Fans and PSU Lines
Mechatronics Fans???
CPU running a bit hot
is it better or not with these?
Best fan/heatsink for my MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum?
Best fan/heatsink for my MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum?
which HSF for heavy overclocker?
K8V basic showing wrong temps?
Chipset cooling
new fans
Anyone have a xp-120 on a msi k8n neo2?
Where do u attach the thermo sensors on this?
Duct idea
Cool Nforce2 Chipsets With Software
Thermaltake Volcano 12 vs. Scythe Kamakaze
Got a spare fan
Twist on Thermaltake Duct mod/pics
where to apply my as5 thermal paste
liquid cooling kits?
OCZ Copper Ramsinks vs. Vantec Iceberq Copper Ramsinks
which cooling paste should i use?
Cooling Experiment
Quick Question
XP-90 vs SP-94
Need Help Removing Vantec AeroFlow HS
Tt & PSU
Thermaltake Extreme Giant III + Aspire X-Dreamer II w/ 120mm fan workaround?
MCW50 - compatible with AIW Radeon 9700 Pro?
Intel stock HSF and SOYO board
Replacing the 70mm Tt7+ fan
Silenx fans..good, bad or ugly?
Dynatron ranked incorrectly?
Which HS?
Will Giant 3 fit on 6800GT?
The future of aircooling.
new rig suggestions/help
temp increase after applying AS5??
HS/F for 64 3000+
Fan controller and fans
excessive noise
VGA Silencer and Ramsinks on the SB
What are some facts that CPU temp gets so high at stock setting?
Upgrading heatsink
What VGA silencer for Radeon 9800se AIW?
Holy HOT SB Batman!!!
Fan Revving Vs. Engine Revving
Best cooler for 6800GT?
9800 Pro Cooling...
My Wacky High Temps
So... what should I do first?
Thermaltake 92mm Silent CAT fans @ 21dB
High CPU temp
Thermalright XP-120 and Gigabyte
Chipset Cooling options?
I Love My Sp-97
CPU fan stopped spinning?
Nu(b) guy and Over clocking.
Ramsinks for my graphics card
DeepThroat--Triple co-axial contra-rotating fan mod
Arctic Silver 5 application techniques
as adhesive for bonding fan?
side panel duct to cpu? need ideas???
Is my rig ready for prescott? 56K Warning!!
RE: Need some help with overheating CPU
help me decide on HSF
Which temp reading is right?
PLease need major help. :(
Reboot = Cooler Readings?
Aerocool DP-102 / Aerocool HT-101 vs Thermalright SP-94 ?
New PSU = More cooling? Ideas please
Been out for a while.
Ducted, Case fans or new Heatsink?
XP-90 Worth it?
Whick Video Card RAM sink
Undervolt noisey fan??
2 pin / 3 pin fan connector removal.
x800 cooling
i'm thinking of doing this mod, opinions
woot, i just realized that case fans do jack ****
urrr, why the heck is my case fan loose
good 92mm led fan
so i removed 2 80mm fans...
ZM80D on a 6800 ultra
Fan voltage and current actual measurements
case pressure
hyper 6
LGA775 Coolers
Cooling Problems
Creating THermal compound adhesive
Using resistors to reduce voltage for fans question
Recommend a Fan Controller
SP-97 Which fan? 120 or 92 mm ?
Case Fan Set Up
ZM80C-HP owners
Anyone know where to get the 220CFM deltas?
Which fan for ALX800
Got Fan Controller/Temp Monitor. Quest.
Sunbeam Rheobus - where can this be bought?
Sudden Change in CPU temp
PSU temp monitor
Someone please help this noob install a thermalright xp-120 on a fx-53
Athlon XP heatsink for Athlon 64
Need northbridge cooler for Abit NF7
Do you think Venus 12 and A64 stock HS with 80mm Tornado will make any difference?
Upgrading vid cooling, Thermaltake or Zaleman?
i'm truely suprised at how much 10 cfm makes...
43c at idle seems pretty hot...
CPU and Video Card Overheating with PICS
XP-90 or XP-120 for A64?
high cfm upgrade
Cooling added of Overclocking Guide
best fan for fx53 socket 939 ?
Thermalepoxy Question
Will doing this help?
anyone tried using 2 cpu fans?
new p4 fan any1??
aceton instead of ispropyl?
Post Pics of really low temps on Air.
Have mod my zalman, but have a prob
Is there downloadable hardware moitoring software?
Are these good fans?
Back of gpu cooling
ok, is this disrupting my airflow
The best Air Cooler ?!
should i take off my pci covers?
xp-120 fit LAN PARTY UT 250GB
Whoa, I just dropped my temps by more than 10c!!!
Quick Question...
Need help: Wishing to replace current heatsinks
Fan placement Need help
replaced my 93cfm Panaflo w/ Y-tech 155cfm on xp-120
Need a Rheostat for a Vantec Tornado 80mm Fan. Will I have to online shop in the US?
Extremely Noobish Q's Part-1
Passive Cooling Vs. Water
xp-120 fit DFI A64?
Best 120mm Case Fan
Problems with increasing temps (Crashing my computer)
Which heatsink for silent/overclocked Tualatin 1100
Cooler Master Aero 7 Lite
Quiet Fans
What way to set up duel heatsink fans?
lower temps
Ponder this
XP-120 + AS5 scare
Want the temps a little lower.
Changing Power Supplies
Mosfet cooling needed?
Hi all, I'm new to the forum and need new PC advice
cpu shims?
Athlon 64 3400+ at 68C
k8v se deluxe + a64 3k+ temp reading.
Vantec Nexus Fancontroller - 2 versions?
Artic Cooling VGA silencer 5 in the UK - where?
Mounting Sk-6+ on 9500 card ...
RAM coolers...are they worth it?
How to apply Arctic Silver 5
Abit IC7-MAX3 Hyper-threading and CPU temps
How I lapped my 9700pro GPU
Temperatures improving over time?
Two questions
Newbie with Intel OC'ing ?'s Asus P4P800 3.0 Northy
Temps don't seem right...
Is Watercooling Worth the Expense?
hardrive cooling
Hot and not even OC!
need recommendations to video card coolers
Choices between!!
Coolermaster Thermal Compounds
Aerocool HT-101 and EPoX 8KDAJ Problems
AMD 64 heatsink
Is this safe?
9800XT Overheating and Completely killing Video while playing games.
Choices of heatsinks...
Sunon, Thermaltake, Panaflo
New to the forums. Overkill?
First cooling attempt.
Need help picking out heatsink
Best LGA 775 Cooler?
Question about the ATI Silencer 1
Gainward 6800 GT cooling (Very Loud)
Best cooling for AXP2700+?
Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu
SLK948 next best thing?
Serious Problem...
45 Idle Can I overclock 200Mhz
Square fan grills
Arbitrary questions about cooling
is this right
Installing the ZALMAN CNPS7000A....
10 degree Celsius temp drop?
Which side to put your blow fan or back fan? Lol may sound dumb sorry :P
Weird temp results from cutting guard/grills off of case.
Question bout the temp on the AMD 3k + Barton.
Need a good HSF for MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
Mysteries of CFM's and dB's (and RPMs to a degree)
2x120mm fans enough to cool my whole system?
Too hot to OC?
Silent Boost heatsink with Smart Fan II?
sp-97 replacment
Zalman CNPS 7000A-CU and Asus K8n-E
Question about ducts.
Temps: low 40's socket, low 50's diode (MBM)
Exhaust fans taking air from CPU fan?
Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu
AMD64 3800+ & MSI K8N NEO2 Temp issues
Sweet Heatsink!
How To Use Old GPU Heatsink
Low FPS with 5900 xt - heat issue?
thermalright xp-120
AS Ceramique and a question about cleaning alcohol
Does Anyone
80mm tornado on stock A64 HS vs. 92mm on SLK-948U vs...
Mitachi 80mm Space Fan, specs?
CPU Temp
Why are my temps so high??
My active RAM Cooling *PICS*
Best video card cooler?
Starting to get back up there-(pics)
Volcano 12 Problem
Best heatsink/fan for under $30 for my P4 - 2.53 GHz Socket 478
Can this temperature be correct? Please help me
Fried My Vid Card?
Does Such A Thing Exist?
Mobo sensors obviously crap
SilenX Chipset Cooler
Question about heatsinks and temps
Thermaltake fan specs, whats better?
947 and 948 same holes?
SP-97 and SP-94 to be discontinued.
Powerfull 120mm Fans
Zalman ZM80D-HP or siliencer rev.4
IC7 With SP-94 Which Northbridge Heatsink Fits?
AS guide?
Thermalright SB2
Are these temps right? I thoguht they'd be better
Nvidia VGA silencer rev5 in UK
Best 80mm Case Fans?
Lapping VGA Silencer R.3
Best Airflow
any links to good socket 775 heatsinks or waterblocks?
AS5 melting off
Fan Controllers
heatsink for amd socket 462
As5 application
LED fans and fan controller
stock hsf for athlon xp 2500
which VGA cooler
A64 3500+ temp abnormal? Assistance plz
I cant win
Installing VGA Silencer Rev. 3
Old Heatsinks
Cooling with a fridge
Aaaaaaaargh my cpu fan
Prescott cooling article
Silence in a hot enviroment
CPU temp prob
Looking for a good Antec box + cooling solutions
Too Much Heat!!!
The ULTIMATE n00b question...
speedfan question
Need some advice for adding two 120mm fans on my case...
Heatsink fan question
20mmx05-07mm? wheretoget?
cooling a raptor
Twist-Ties are My Saviour!
CPU heat
Thermaltake Fanless103 CPU Cooler
Question about Thermalright 948U and fans
Thermaltake Silent 92mm fan
as5 vs amd's thermal pad???
Galaxy Fan Controller
Mosfet cooling? Workable?
Need a Heatsink/Fan, and a 120mm intake fan
Getting the heat out of the case!???
Stock Fan on A64 3500+939, Is it any good, experiences?
most extreme CPU HSF air cooling mod???
fan not working
Arctic Cooling VGA "ATi Silencer 1"
Source of Copper
test dummys
Does Case Size Matter?
FanSpeeds MBM5
CPU Cooling problems
Stacking fans
How to attack tempature probes and adjustable fan question! :)
System Zone 1: 72 degrees
what exactly is lapping the heatsink?
CPU temps while playing FarCry
Cooling Failure - a semi-comical account of air coolin failure
is this true about fsb/ram
White pads for SLK
Weird things going on here.
Useful Noob Website
120x25mm fans
Epoxy removal
Expoxy removal
Heatsinks on case?
120mm fans
Extreme measures for GPU cooling
Fan Setups
Heat Spikes wtf!?
Lian li 65 vs Xaser III V2000A
Best for low temps?
will my memory overheat at 2.8volts?
Temp sensors accuracy? please read
Just broke 2.3GHz/Thanks Thermalright
how "cool' is this
will this be a biased oc test?
technically, by overvolting my ram and undertiming it will make my oc more stable?
Automotive Air Cleaners?
NXP 201 and 4 SF2
Replace Chipsink Thermal Tape?
Thermaltake SilentTower
Delta fans and MB header
Quietly Cooling a Prescott
Help with cooling choosing
hows this sound its a interesting idea
Stock P4 HS on GF 5600
looking for a pci slot blower
Vantec Tornado with fan control, how quiet?
Overclocking on a KT266A board
Air-Cooling Chieftecs?
Need help!
ATI COOLER version 4 out
Question concerning controllers
117c!! Hows That Possable?!
Thermal Tape
AS5 not working?
What's the hottest a 2600m should be?
Bad Benchmarks of Athlon XP-M 2600+@2500Mhz
New graphics card
3.2Ghz P4 / Lian Li v2000 / IC7 Max 3 cooling problems
Is Epoxy Enough?
thermal compound...
Weird CPU Temp Readings
need openions
North bridge cooling on an nf7-s
Will this work
3.5 Fan Controller
help with speedfan prog
My new setup.....(links to pics)
how do i read speedfan?
Anyone with a lian li pc-V2000 series mind measuring something for me?
I'm stumped-sudden cooling issues with my server...
Hows this seem
Zalman or Cooler Master
PSU cooling
Dryer lint screen
screen saver & temps
heat slowing down my computer?
Chipset Cooler
HS/F help
CPU temps keep rising... what's going on?
Best heatsink price/performance
Need a dirt cheap cpu heatsink
Need help..please suggestion/with links for aircooled cpu HS/F
Werd question
cpu heatsink vs vga silencer
Best 120mm fan?
120mmX35mm inside case problem
9800Pro: Copper 1U cooler or VGA Silencer Rev.3
Lian-Li casefan swapping
Looking for a Temperature adjustable 92mm fan
VGA Silencer Rev 3.0 and Fx5700
High CFM Fans
What do you think is the BEST heatsink/fan for s754?
Finally got some pics of SLK
hows my hdd temp?
Does anyone have problems with Asus probe?
New ATI silencer problems.
Getting the Shine back on my SLK800U.
why does ati silencer fan seem backwards?
well, case fans can take a hike
Asus K8V SE Deluxe Backplate with SLK-948U ??
3 questions about case fans..
VGA Silencer doesnt fit MSI 9800 pro?
Cooling Mosfets: Testing and Suggestions
where in the USA can i buy Noiseblocker fans?
AC Fans? Pros? Cons?
Fan filters
Modified Lian Li PC75
Watercool or should i go with more memory
copper heatsink?
Custom Fabricated Pure Silver HS
funny how my temps are actually higher after AS5 has burnt in
Hot pressy! [need help]
ASUS laptop cooling help....