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which way should case fans blow?
should i re-do my heatsink/fan?
Help with compatability of sp97
Duct your Prescott and see those temps drop
Anyone using Gigabyte 3D Cooler on MSI 865PE-Neo2 PLS?
new fan?
Installed new PSU - temps went down 2 C
Computer too hot?
How ambient affects temps
A cooling problem question from a newbie to the boards.....
Need some information on CPU Air Ducts?
fan controller = energy saver?
NB1 + R9800Pro???
Building a heatsink... kind of. Solid copper bar or heatpipe?
Fan noise sound clips
Good fan choice?
watercooled GF4 gpu temps
Help with ALX800
119CFM versus 72 CFM on SP-94 Check Out The Results!
ABIT faq on PWM: where is it and how do you cool it?
120MM SFII for CPu...
Need help chosing a heatsink/fan
Fan positioning
slk 800U with fan vs. slk 900A without
Need a skinny fan part III! (92mm skinny fan)
which prime95 test should i use?
NB1 on NF7 v.2.
Ordering new panaflo 92mm/need help please
Heatsink for FX-53?
recommend an 80mm fan
Adding a 80mm fan to a stock 478 heatsink
**Need Help Finding ORANGE Lit Stuff...
amd64 3500+
thanks for help
Best Socket A cooling out to date?
Playing Around with Case Cooling...
Modding Antec Performance II SOHO File Server?
How bad is ABIT mobo's off??
how do you get the grills off?
dual fanned psu question
heatsink recommendation...
Any 3.5 Fan Controller without PWM?
Clip On Fan
Too Hot?
Installing the Fan
Is 5 fans not enough? Do I blow in or out of the case?
how do i remove a cpu fan?
Do I have a cooling problem?
question about dual psu fans
how should i place my case fans?
Help With New Computer
What's the (dis)advantages of intake>outtake or out>in?
How much will this help?
Sticker on Harddrive
Just another satisfying mod post....
VGA Silencer?
Tried these fans with Thermalright SLK's?
Aerogate 2 problems
Can I improve this?
Air Cooling Case
has anyone lapped a zalman cnps-7000?
Holy cow...Sanyo-Denki
Noisey Rheostat
What's a good Northbridge cooler for the IC7-Max 3?
vantec iceberq on p4p800 nb?
What size fan or fans for a blowhole
is my case cooling enough?
Please Help With Cooling Issues!
will this cpu hsf work for oc'ing?
fan questions
Which Case?
Active vs Passive NB
28 idle 40 load a64
Interesting cooling challenge...
Best Fan?
Thank you
RPM Sensing Questions
sp-97 lapping
Panaflo, WTF?
oh crap, what did i kill this time?
What do you suggest..
Power Supply Cable Wraps
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Question
Super Lanboy cooling
Can really understand this..
Would you trust this cooler?
Is Arctic Silver 5 Still The Best?
Suggestion: Cooling Chart
Cleaning out a heatsink.
Silent Computer worth the added temp?
What's PWM temperature shown by MBM5?
a64 IHS Removed
92mm fan comparison
Panaflo vs. Enermax
OCZ copper BGA ramsinks for my 9800 Pro?
fan controller Q?
A64 3800 Cooling
Cooling My Southbridge?
my new cooling rig
Speed Fan Utility
Fan velocity
Has upgrading your NB cooling increased your OC?
Fan Spacer for 90mm on sp-97
Case Question
Quiet Water Cooling
Air Cooling Contemplations
Would taping the top fins of an SLK-900 make it run cooler?
Cool Hyper 6 MOD!!!!!!!
Fan + mobo question...
Which is the best vga cooler?
120mm as CPU Fan: Connect to 3-pin mobo or direct to PSU?
Tornado 92*92*38
80mm vs 92mm for Thermalright SLK-948U??
High temps?
Best 120mm fan??
Thermalright SP-97 & Epox 8R3DA+??
My Cooler Master HYPER 6 heatsink review
Northbridge Fan replacement
Alpha PAL6035 or stock cooler?
false mbm5 and bios temp readings?
Fan Voltages?
Upgrade video by putting a heat generator in your case...
[URGENT] could i of been this dumb?
Monitoring programs....
How to do lapping on Heatsink ?
Case Fans
I tried and tried to search the forums...
3200XP 38C! Teh BEST air cooling ever?! No case fans lol.
New Case - Aspire X-Dreamer II
Recommended Fans
Ancient 120mm Panaflo (Picture):
My Rig Cooling Mods
Is it normal for case temps to be the same as room temps?
HyperThreading/disabled = Increased Heat
What is thermal throttling?
Is this normal? Weird temp jump in MBM5
120mm fan IN-120mm fan OUT good or bad???
Where to buy my sp-97
A64 Air Cooling
Sunbeam Rheobus II - comments and LED brightness question
blow holes.
really worried
Need cooling help!
how hard?...SP-97
Dual Fans or not on Coolermaster Hyper 6?
Cooling setup for Lian-Li v2000?
Should I be worried?
Anyone mod their corsair hydrocool 200 original with a quieter fan?
need help with cooling a tsunami by thermaltake
1U Heatsinks?
Will this fit?
NF7-S CPU Temps...
General Advise needed. P4 2.80@3.30 on a DFI INFINITY
My temps seem high please help
Sweet Idea
DataVac vacuum
At what CPU temp do you notice unstability? (AMD 2500+ Mobile @ 3200+)
Proper installation of slk 947u with neo plate on infinity
I need a fan controller
Using speedfan as fan controller...
What size solesaw for 80mm, 92mm & 120mm fans?
My Praetorian case flow sucks, any ideas for improvement?
Mutiplying CFM
Here's how I mounted my Vantec Iceberq4 on the NF7 NB without gluing
Cooling My vidcard
System temp near 70C!!
Can someone explain this???? Temp drop after reboot...
Experiment with a 172mm fan. Need to know approx. noise
Salute to the community
Chipset fan dead?
New Heatsink - Temps didnt go down
Is my OCed 2500+ (200x11) running too hot for an SLK-900a?
GfxCard crapping out
Cooling a 3.0C@3.54 need first air cooled rig, need some suggestions
Ram Sinks -- Good deal?
120mm Sanyo Denki fans. Where??
Need help with the ol 92mm fans in a Chieftec trick.
70C temps with stock AMD cooler @STOCK SPEED!
cut off fan grills on my case
Do I have enough fans?
Whats the best external water cooler to get?
Thermalright vs. Swiftech for A64
NB temp
Need a new p4 heatsink
What are good temperatures
i'm tired of the noisy fans
The how loud is your PC Poll
Ducting CPU or GPU???
everyone start drooling!!!
CPU Temp. Reading same as Case Temp.
D.I.Y P4 Waterblock
Will this work?
a fan for my SP-97
Fan placement, negative/positive pressure
Question about dual 120mm fans
fan question
Duct Recommendations
Aquagate or SP-94?
another newbie cooling ?
My CPU heatsink is not hot!?!?
XP-120 MSI Compatability list
Quest for quiet...help selecting some fans
What dBa is too loud?
Coolwave Storm III
Temp Assistance
What fan should I use?
Cutting up a heatsink.
Need new hsf for FX5900 Ultra
Case cooling advice wanted
Where I can find the Delta fan?
Are my temps ok?
Skinny fan part two:Now I need a thin 120mm fan
how hot do you think this got?
Check this out... Chill Vent II Deluxe
Temp help
Calculating which rheostat to use.
Oh Crap!...random fan death
7n400Pro2 and XP2800+ heat issues
How well would a painted Panaflow perform?
How to Choose a Rheostat/Variable Resistor
Would this Rheostat work?
Would I benefit from a side intake case fan?
Need extreme air cooling for my IC7 Max 3
Thermalright NB-1C Preorder
Case Fan / Heatsink Fan
My new res.
Black stuff on Intel CPU
xoxide aluminum fans rebadged aerocool fans?
Am I too hot?
opinions/help with this mod?
Is it worthy to replace TT blue led with Enermax?
Anyone know where I can find a 160mm case fan?
HD heatsink?
Abit NF7 fan header limit
colling temps
What is the diffrent between system temp and Cpu?
Shuttle SN45g CPU Cooling
System Maxx Fan Controller
Shuttle I.C.E. cooling
Another CPU is too hot thread
Finding case pressure
arctic cooler and x800pro
Good HSF for P4 3.0E?
How much clearance does the HSF need?
How far does SP97 extend beyond the mobo edge?
Fan on the heatsink makes a significant difference!
Low-profile 80mm fan (I need a skinny fan!)
The next chapter in project overkill... a big blower (pics)
Need to get a new case
New Artic Cooling Silencer V4 Coming Soon!
Good fan controller?
Squirrel cage CPU blowhole
Thermaltake Pipe 101?
Can I improve this setup?
waterblock condensation
Processor stuck on HSF with Thermal Pad
Getting foreign objects off of copper
Crystal Orb or IceBerq for a Radeon 9100?
Thermalright Slk-947u
a few thermalright questions
Best Heatsink for DFI Landparty Rev2
what heatsink
Dumb question, what color is arctic silver and can it go bad?
46 too high for CPU?
P4 heat problems
Correct way to spread AS5?
CPU diode or CPU socket?
best heatsink? HELP! need it fast!
Voltage regulators/fan speed controllers
Motherboard compatibility of XP-120
Does video card shut off when monitor sleeps?
Dirty cooling fans, need a house maid for cleaning
New ThermalRight NB-1C
ZM-80A work on a Radeon 9800 Pro 256?
Is this good, bad, OK, or what? :)
a blowhole without a fan?
what are some safe temps?
OMG MBM Is No More!!!
Coolmaster LED's and a few other Q's...
is this cool enough?
CoolerMaster Jet 7 vs. Jet 7+
MicroCool chipsinks : worth the money?
The Delta HHE is temp. gone?!!!
Newbie Question here...
NB temp
best socket 754 HS
Are my temps okay?
Mach I owners... help me out here.
switching power to fan
Could this be used for mosfetsinks?
german delta fan retailer?
What does your cpu run at with a SLK 900a or similar w/ a tornado
best gluable NB hs?
Problem with Temps
post your temps with XP mobiles here
dBA Calculations
Should I bother...
Is there a program to keep track of temps while gaming?
what do you think?
Cpu Temps???
bad temps with SLK-947U?
bad temps with SLK-947U?
killed my Fan?
Cooling Advice
temp went up a lot
Neo Backplate?
Need help quick with SP-97 on NF7-V.2
New Sony VAIO (watercooled)
Need help deciding on best fan for SLK-900A
Placing CPU external sensor
No More Motherboard Monitor
Which Mosfets are worth sinking?
How Hot is too Hot: Reloaded!
CoolerMaster Aquagate
VGA Silencer and Abit NF7 Motherboard..??
Questions about putting holes in the ol' chassie
Questions about putting holes in the ol' chassie
A/C Ducted into Case
Just Got Enermax Fan Controller
Cleaning heatsink
Thermalright 700 fan search, noise does not matter
Yay just ordered a sp-97
I got a fan with one of those temp things on it...
How to put a fan on a Video Card?
I need advice on which water cooling system to get
is the p4 stock enogh or do i need a new one
Please help me choose a new HSF combo.
Looking for a Mach 1 AMD cpu Kit
Who is at work right now?
a64 cooling
reverse blower thought
Water cooling. Newb q?
It is time...
I want a good fan
Fan in or out?
CM Hyper 6.....will it fit in my case?
Damn Wires!
**Cooling Aesthetics...**
Vornado in my pc
Socket temp dodgy
just look at it and think about it
how do i cool a xeon system in a 1u server case ffs...
SP97 too tight?
SP97 with M2600/NF7-S???
Suggestions for cooling XP2600-m/NF7-S?
Vantec Tornado vs. ThermalTake Smart Fan II (both with controllers...power vs. noise)
Worth it to do CPU blowhole?
Delta fan !!!!!!!!
Could I put my computer in the freezer?
will a sp-94 handle a 170 watt tec + 2.4c@3.0
How much does your CPU temp affect your case temp?
Just ordered a CM HYPER 6!!
3200+ heat issues with SP-97
Well, I did it again...
**Simple Suggestion for Applying Arctic Silver 5**
My rig **is** cooling like I though it would!
zalman cnps7000-uc on an abit IC7 max3
ASUS PROBE air cooling question
Best *quiet* fan for my Thermalright 947u?
[Mini-Mod] Easy way to slow down your fans.
Controll cpu fan from windows?
Has anyone seen a Custom "OTES" Cooling solution for a MB?
Reseating NB and 9800np heatsink with AS5?
My Rig isnt cooling like i thought it would!!!!
Thermaltake A2013 90mm fan - 21DB 52CFM!
Rounded Cables?
SLK-947U or SP-97??????????????
Ah, quiet!
70 watt pelt for 5900nu?
Zalman water cooling system
AS5 vs OCZ Ultra 5+
how does a tornado sound/preform at half speed?
About Silent Tower 112
ATTN: Tornado Owners!!
Mounting a fan the wrong way on a HS
SLK-800 Fan Clip Question.
CPU diode or socket?
Vantec Tornado 92mm questions...
Best settings for my Corsair XMS to run in sync with Barton 2500?
SLK-947U lowered my 2.8E temps by 11* C!
zalman cnps7000-cu
A Noob at water cooling
can Thermal Adhesive be removed after?
Fan Controller: Tornado control in a Wavemaster
Fan Volume of Air vs Volume
Is it ok to use this heatsink on a mobile xp?
PC Toys Stealth 80mm Fans?
Stock AMD HSF?
How to lap a heatsink?
Where to buy Vantec Stealth fan?
Fan controller for Tornado
Does the SP-97 fit in my motherboard?
Should I redo the heatsink job with this...
Prescot on air
SK6 --> ALX 800
Case/Cooling for AMD64
!POLL! Total CFM: Add it up! !POLL!
MCP600 Pump
Anyone seen this? Heard anything? Good? Sucks?
Adapting for summer
mount SP 97
Final results from a first time overclocker (before/after arctic silver)
About the case temp
hotter with SLK 947
Automatic fan speed controller...?
computer restarting...?
Passively Cooled P4
Temperature too high...
Fan controller + sata or floppy PS cable to regular 4-pin power cable outlet
lasko blower
NanoThermPCM+ = Best?
Antec Dual Fan PS
Whole House Fan
Talking about hot CPU's... u gotta see this
New AMD System
Moving from AS3 to AS5
Another Fan Question
Best fan for ThermalRight 947u from NewEgg that's $20 <
Application of thermal paste and heatsink fitting refresher
removing the nb?
so whats the best VGA silencer mod?
thermalright new NB cooler
found this on frozencpu...............
Comments on this cooling mod (70mm fans)
What do you think about this
What is the maximum size fan this shroud holds?
upgrading the CPU fan
Whats Best VGA Cooling?
H/F for AIW 9700 Pro
How good of a buy
Vantec Iceberg4 for 9800np cooling?
Does intel 478pin heatsink fits into a 423pin socket?
Is ths good cool?
heat issues!
The King of ALL fans
CPU Temp raises after pulling on Arctic Silver 5
Lapping a heatsink with toothpaste
New CPU cooler
Best way to cool mosfets?
Is it worth cooling the bridges on my P4C800 Deluxe
Um Red anyone?
How hot is tooo hot??
laptop cooling
good fan
New Project.. Home made heatsink
How to create a vacuum -- for sucking in small children?
Need Help For Coolng Ideas for AMd64 and Xp
Extreme Makeover
old heatsink fan, how should i power it?
Thermalright SB-2
Hmm, Portable 7,000 BTU A/C on wheels
is this good?
article on stinky heatsink
Haier 1.8 CU. Ft. Refrigeator/Freezer
cooler master aquagate vs. koolance exos?
SP-94 & Vantec Tornado
Transporting PC in car, safe for heatsink?
Air HockeyTable fan
heatsink basicly glued to cpu...
HDD Temp...
Anyone upgraded from Alpha 8045 to SLK900 or >?
Please help a n00bie on cooling and OC'ing
Front Intake Fan LOUD! Plz help...
Best way to lap?
Need advice on my new pc
Fan Setup... any suggestions?
Zalman NPS7000A Mod
k6 450 socket 7 heatsink (will socket A work?)
Testing lapping work with a laser pointer?
No more dust bunnies for me!
My circulatory issues
Dow Corning 340 Heatsink Compound?
Advice Please (new build)
cpu cooling fan intake or exauset?
Need advice for first overcloking preparation
Aquagate - Coolermaster
Thermal Grease
new Refrigerator system look cool video!
Does anyone have...
Fan controller problem
cpu fan 3000rpm, and as5 vs new stock
not much better than stock...
Question on fan positioning
HOw to remove hit sink