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Need advice for first overcloking preparation
Aquagate - Coolermaster
Thermal Grease
new Refrigerator system look cool video!
Does anyone have...
Fan controller problem
cpu fan 3000rpm, and as5 vs new stock
not much better than stock...
Question on fan positioning
HOw to remove hit sink
Side Case Fan -- Logistical Question
HDD Temp.
Do I need new NB cooling?
XP-120 release date?
Moving air in my PC-71
Athlon XP3200+ idling at 63c --- forced to use Vcore of 1.850 in Asus MB??
Fan or Water cooled?
Help me Lower the CPU temp
Advice on parts for near Silent set up
Best Pentium4 cooler for <= 50
Best way to cool RAM!!
Need Opion on FAN for XP2600+NF7
very strange heating issues please help
done with my upgrade, well, 3/4 the way that is.
WTF Why Wont It Cool Off
How hot is too hot for a NB?
Boooo on Coolermaster, Hooray for AMD
Duct angle
how to detach CPU from Old heatsink to install new ones
Enermax 120mm Speed Adjustable Fans: Overrated.
What is the best cooling for my Athlon XP 3200+?
My NB Fan doesn't like my HS Fan....
thermaltake or zalman for nf7-s
quick help with mounting sk-974u
Got bored...supercharged vga silencer
AS 5 vs AS 3
ceramique vs AS5
Best Fan/Heatsink...Quiet..Cheap..Cools Great?
Who cares about 50c CPU temps?
Thermal pads
what ohm Kr for rheobus controls
AC Copper Silent 2L Temps
Attach a SB heatsink w/o epoxy
Lapping Stock prescott HSF
Has anyone got the new copper NB1 yet?
How big of difference between volcano 11+ and SP-97 /w smartfan 2 at full blast
Cooling Vendors
Backplate Removal for A8V
A Fan in the Front Panel Drive Bay! :D
"Important" national news article about computer cooling
Good fans
help me get a decent mobo/cooler
Cleaning HS and CPU
Anyone use a tube from CPU fan to external fan?
its time for an effective cpu cooler
Wierd Temp readings...causing PC to shut down in games
Cooling NF7-S v.2 Norht/South Bridge's
DFI Users what do you cool your north and south bridges with?
Might replace my 80mm case fans- suggestions?
System Temp = Northbridge Temp?
HELP! I need a copper block!
question about my idle vs load temps...
Case 17 degrees, CPU 39 degrees
Ok trying to cool this barton is getting frustrating...
Why can't I reach room temp at full load?
My GPU Cooling Mod
Tornado on SP-94?
what can I use to lap besides water?
Look what I found, any use?
Where's the PLL chip?
Common problem..
Manual Speed Controller is not working...
Need help cooling my processor!!!
Old Ceramique, New A64 2800+ Mobile
Help!..CPU Temps go up 1 week after install?
Need new heatsink and fan
good cooler for a 2500+ @ 3200+
Got Heatsinks?
Need help powering a blower
Thermaltake Tower 112 heatsink
Are there 160mm Fans? Links?
normal or going mad 2.8e
Zalman or Arctic Cooling??
Added Antec true control panel and my temps went up!?!?!?!
fan controller, which one?
Alpha 8045 vs. Thermalright 947U
what does this include? anyone read German?
Where to put 2 thermal sensors.
My little Thermaltake Tower112 review
Thermalright XP-120 News!
Been modding overnight..new HSF for my Ti4200 :)
Too hot, or just right?
messed up thermal probe
BLACK vs WHITE exteriors
What temp sensor do you use?
Radiator reviews? anything? help :)
Cooling for new system
A few aircooling questions
Replacement for my Vantec Aeroflow v1
38 cpu and case temp?
Will this be an improvement over my current cooling?
Latest air-cooling?
Is This Good???
SLK-900a replacement pads? (or equivelant)
are my temperatures safe?
Panaflo Medium or High... or Watercooling?
NEED new 92mm fan for SLK-900a
Airflow Changes (+ pressure vs - pressure)
Anyone Order from SVC?
Will the sp-94 work with a 92mm tornado?
Mounting the Zalman Passive NB heatsink in Intel 865/875 boards
Will a Vantec Nexus 305 Fan and Light controller interfere w/the Antec Sonata's door?
Expected Temperature Drops
7v Mod on Fan Controller
Evercool 120mm alum fan has a rattle.
The 100k Aquamark 3d computer pictures
How to apply Antec Reference Silver?/99% alcohol?
377cfm 59dba 24vdc
SP-97 slk-948 question
high cpu temps
Added my Coolermaster CPU Fan onto Geforce FX 5700.
Need help! and opinions on new "Heat Pipe" style Air Coolers?
ALX-800 high-ish CPU temps
Hot CPU temps...suggestions?
Will a 120mm Fan fit an SLK900a?
Vapochill case cooler .. Uhm No?
Lookin for a fan
Fan in case floor
Panaflows Hurt
Putting in a 120mm blowhole, need help
Replace thermal compound?
cooling my linksys router
Hard drive cooling
56idle?? need help to improve my temps
Zalman 7000AL-cu and case fans question
AS5 on NB, HSF on SB
cool 120mm fan grills
Vantec Iceberq4
which way to point fans...
Zalman 7000CU
temp Problems, help ?
P4P800 Black NB HS or Zalman NB32J?
Arctic Silver 5 on Heat Spreader
Reostat Mod Help!!!!!
2500+ mobile cooling question
Odd High CPU Temp
power connector management
P4C800 NB cooler Vs. IC7 Rev2 NB cooler.
air conditioning
Northbridge thermal sensor
Removing then putting HSF back on
Question about Vantec Tornado and Zalman CNPS7000
powerful fan intake or exaust?
New HSF...
Issues installing my new fans
Enermax UC-A8FATR4
I think my hard drive is burning up....
HS Lapping / Performance Comparison: your input please...
best fan?
Final results -- At last! Better temps!
A/C unit? Possible?
What's the big deal with blowers??
is this a good 80mm case fan?
Anyone try this HS yet ?
Vantec aeroflow and it's thermal compound
ALX-800 Performance
1000g O' Heatsink + fan(s)
My Heatsink Lapping Instructions
SLK 948u questions.
Mounting Fan Controllers in 5.25" Drive Bay
Best heatsink for barton 3000+
best fan for an SP-97?
Different Versions of the Sunbeam Rheobus?
Best OC Cooling for Athlon64
Another thermal paste question
Canadian MOSFET/PLL heatsink vendors?
anyone tried reversing air direction in case?
Leave case open or closed?
How much thermal paste?
Cooling a P4 3.2C
After "Painting your HS black" I got a new Q
Condencation Prevention??
92mm tornado fan
2.8e temps normal or not??
lol...anyone seen one of these?
Relatively quiet, high performance 80mms
Do heatspreaders on RAM make a difference?
SP-97 will it fit in the Super Antec Lanboy?
Installing SLK-947
Athlon 64 CPU Heatsinks: Help Me Decide
Cooling temps on 2.0 celeron
Idle at 52c...way too hot for not ocing.
Keeping your room cool. Please post suggestions
Eviromentally sound cooling
clip on cpu cooler
i just came here and there were a 102 viewing, man thats alot.
CM HYPER 6 or TR SP94?
:confused: Anyone else read overclockersclub's hyper6 review?
Cooling differences between the IceBerq4 and Iceberq?
Help on water cooling
Sunbeam rheobus mods
need advice on case fan setup
Fan duct on SP-97 with 92mm Enermax: No temp drop gained :(
Evercool Fans
Thermal Epoxy
case temps...
CPU Diode temp vs CPU socket temp
To make BIOS find the CPU fan and other questions
Slk 800-u
Why ZoneLabs went from best to worst?
Painting your heatsink black. Ideas, Experiences, comments.
what should i buy?
what is pwm??
Any bad effects from 120-80mm fan adapters?
PREVENTING DUST: more intake or more exhaust?
NEw heatsink question
Need a fan controller
humidity vs case ambient
cooling heatsink
are thoses fans good?
Decreasing of speed of cooler's rotating.
Lian Li V1000 issues
AS5, Ceramique, what?
sp-94 on abit ai7?
Volcano 12 Bad Idea?
Fan trouble, hear me out
Athlon 1400tbird idle 52c, need a new heatsink
raptor HD temp reading?
SP97 on NF7 Rev. 2.0...
P4R-533N Iwill PCI/AGP Lock?
help: will the Zalman 7000A-Cu fit on my board?
Panaflo Vs. Panaflo
How's my wiring for airflow :D
Random Restarts
SP-97 on MSI K7N2-L?
Get back in town and PC is 8-10c warmer?
buzzing from vantec nexus fan controller?
Modding Antec 1080AMG
Northbridge cooler question...
120mm fans lemme see them!
15-way Fanbus shootout!
The hyper 6 and A64
Two piece thermalright clip
Arctic VGA Cooler proving more trouble than its worth!!!
High Speed 92mm Panaflo H1B Vibration
How Much Better do you Think a SLK 700 would be ?
Random Reboots! ARGHHH!
-10 celsius on sp-97 + 2500 mobile
what are good ways to get dust out of my computer
AS / epoxy properties - HELP
Cooler Master Aero 4 for P4
Penny PC
Please help
Delta Fan Mod
Good Northbridge cooler?
What should I use for controlling the TT Smartfan II
Ceramique vs AS5
Fan upgrade Q.
help me cool my system... cpu temp reads 57-67 =(
Zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu HSF doesn't fit N7F-S???
Best SILENT Air Cooling for AMD
ATT KCP30 pure cooper cooler, anyone used this?
Good NB fan and hs for P4C800-E DELUXE
Gained System Stability thru Mosfet Sinks
Pictures of new G5 Liquid Cooling System (56k friendly)
10mm or 20mm, pressure difference?
question for someone who owns tt smart fan II
SP94 better than HT-101
what are some good ways to keep system temp down
something is overheating, but i cant tell what...
cant find a cpu cooler
AIDA32...which temp? CPU or CPU Diode?
The Great, What Thermal Paste Do You Use Poll
when i put in my slk-947u i was able to lower my vcore by.75v and its still stable.
Is 5 CFM much of a difference?
Good 3.5 fan controller
Quick Question...
what temps are you getting with your slk-947u and 2500+@3200+
Supergluing a fan onto a chipset heatsink?
after i put my thermalprobe on, my load temps went up 4C.is it blocking my mobo probe
Question about arctic silver 5 on the heatsink!!
Smart Fans, what to cut...
Ultimate Air Cooling and Filtering Solution
What to look for in a fan controller?
Positive RULES!!
SP-94 vs SLK-947U?
Lapping my SLK-900a...what soap do I use?
Heatsink SouthBridge
SLK-947U compatibility
Good Fan Controllers And How They Work
Temps too low to be true or are they?
My AS5 seperated
Termaltake Giant III and 9800XT
Good deal
Need help in wiring for 120mm fan.
Upgrades before going off to college...
Quiet Fans
high speed panaflo (U1A)
Which Is Better?
Positive vs Negative Airflow Considerations
which direction should the fan flow?
water fading??
AS5 vs AS3 color
Safe HD temp?
What kind of heatsink fits the tyan 2462
Heatsink for the rig in my sig.
Artic Silver 5 shorts?
AMD64 3200+ Heatsink/Fan?
Question about thermal grease on thermalright sp-97!
Bought the wrong fan... Need feeback
XPC needs cooling, looking for idea's.
is it okay if i store my AS5 in my closet
Is it really worth it to buy Arctic Silver 5 if you already have 3?
VGA Silencer installed right?
SLK900A clip
120MM Thermalright a winner
Wow, need something explained...
Panaflo U1A (BX...RPM sensor version) - do they exist?
Temprature dropped 8c
Have I found the perfect balance?|
Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive and Shorts
How long is Arctic Silver 5 good for?
Asus A7N8X-X chipset cooling?
The long awaited GPU heatsink pics! (56k Beware!)
?'s on fan controllers and setting them up
Vantec BGA sinks
Cooling and 3dMark1001 advice plase!!
temp probe
How can I monitor thermal probes from windows?
Shopping for fans
Short Take on Tt Duct Mod.
how much should my case temp drop if i put a big 20in fan right next to it.
TT SmartFan LED's are less brittle than the old Sf2's...
Run fans at 7v
Need a new heatsink!!!
New to whole cooling thing, need advice!
Did i install my thermal probe right.
Made my own GPU cooler
Heatsink Fan question
is there any way to read the temps on my Thermal probe for my SF2.
Using a socket 7 heatsink and fan
HELP!! Need to cool an Nvidia 5900XT
How long should i run Prime95 to record an accurate load temp.
[NEWS] Apple G5 - liquid cooling on it's way!
Aerocool video magic fanless vga hs?
Evercool System Cooler - 100CFM@23dBA
CPU load temps 20C above case temp = bad cooling?
Thermalright Backingplate Question
New Thermalright & Zalman coolers
i need some verifacation on installing my slk-947u
How do you install a temp probe, i`m using a SF2.
How do dB stack?
Can I use AS5 on the top of memory?
Can a 90mm fan fit on a SK-7
Attention: Newer Panaflos made in China are inferior in quality!
For those who haven't tried it...
Question about case airflow
P4 cooling dream
Best HSF for Athlon 2500
2100+ Palamino can no longer handle 2.17GHz...
SLK-800 or ZM80C-HP on 9800np?
What's the best Heatsink/Fan combo for cooling dual P3 Tualatins ??
ZM80A-HP or ZM80C-HP
If i use the temp probe on for my SF2, can i still adjust the RPM with the Knob.
I cant get teh wire clips to go in all four of the fan holes and stay in.
Cooling a prescot.
How good is the silencer rev.3?
Best CPU Fan AMD 64
Does cooler temps= higher vcore?
Apple does watercooling!!!
Just a quick question for panaflow....
Got AC?
Odd, AS3 vs AS5 And guess what...
Operation: Silent PC
best way to bolt/fasten a stock AMD 2400XP heatsink to a 9800 Pro?
Kompressor-, Peltier- and Watercooled System.
my POT is cooking?
Whats a good case for the rig in my sig.
What HSF for my 2600 Athlon XP mobile???
Thermalright NB-1C ETA:2 weeks
Spark 7 heatsink fan question
62c load temp
Might of made a big mistake!!?
need help p4 2.8 p4p800 deluxe
Over heating in the Antec Aria case?
laptop pad cooler?
holy dust!
OCZ or TweakMonster BGA sinks?
Should I install NB or SB Heatsink?
Temps keep dropping
The Summers here and things are getting toasty!!
AS5 vs. Arctic Alumina
Heatsinks and Dust
Xaser: Space between mobo plate and side panel for a fan?
loose NB cooler? adhesive advice please
laptop fans
help cooling northbridge
OCZ Silver II or Arctic Alumina?
Need help choosing HS
Lapped my first heatsink today :)
Duel 120mm fans and a Swiftech....
What's the best thermal juice?
The best heatsink for a 2500+ XP
Can I get some more chips with these Heatsinks please?
Heatsink for AMD 64
Things to Do,
Do staple sinks work?
panaflo fan
Video Card Cooler and Case temp Ques?
delta pin adapters
NF7-S NB fan failure? (replacement cooling)
Trying to cool a laptop, need some help
large packs of delta fans for CHEAP
Mod or buy?
RAM Sinks with Radeon 9500 Pro
anyone know when the thermalright XP-120 is going to be out?
Alpha VS Zalman
what is good active ram cooling?
HS fins... ramsinks, mosfets, etc...
High Temps with ALX-800
VGA Silencer vs. TT Giant 3
Panflo Bare Wires
Temperature Dropped by 9 deg.
Why so hot??
VGA silencer revision meanings?
New giant from Thermalright
Can I use peltiers with my current WC setup?(PICS)
Yeah I have THAT much airflow....
VGA silencer mod.....would it work?
Questions about thermal adhesives +++
SLK947-U and Panaflo on my Ultra Infinity?
Dammit! PSU goes KABOOM
Unlocking Pentium MMX
Great deal on SP-97 & 94!!!
CPU Temps and So on ??
Vantec Nexus Problem
X800 VGA Silencer to include copper base...
showing off :)
which is better?
What should I do to this case?
Radeon 9200 HSF with GeForce4 MX440?
Heat sinks for my processor?
Mosfet Staplesinks :P
4.25 fan mount
Looking for new 120MM fan
Can this cool my 9700?
Cooling mosfets, PLL...
120mm Thunderblades any good?
MBM5 temps in the taskbar, disapearing.
Will this fan work?
Question on fans...
What are heat sinks made of???
whats a good case temp. mines 30C
Fan @ 100+CFM
i dont need the neo backplate to mount the slk-947 on the nf7-s.
Cool Case?
Arctic cooling Silencer
can an 80mm fan plug into mobo or should it be direct to PS?
So...It looks like I'm a moron...
More then one fan on a Channel
Bad results with SLK-947U
Lian Li Fan Controller
Interesting article
P-160 Blowhole
Will the system in my Sig have enough cooling.
Hint for poor cooling
Cable Sleeving question..
Airflow noise issues
*sings the praises of the Sunbeam Rheobus 2.0*
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer rev3 + s/b Cooling
question on this heat
Mounting Problems w/Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu Cooler
Is my AS5 really AS5? It looks fake, I have my doubts.
cooling help
New HSF King
Anyone that has removed/replaced the NB heatsink on an Asus P4Cxxx
4fans, 1wire, bad performance?
SP-97 or Silent Tower
Is there such thing
ouch SFII hurts ur finer
AS3 vs AS5
Is this Overkill?
Pushing Methods or Pulling Method??
Dumb noob questions sorry...
Panaflo: 120 vs. 80; airflow vs. noise
Fan Power Requirement
120 and 80mm fans. the top of the line!
cooling the backside of the mobo...