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cooling the backside of the mobo...
shuld i have gotten this fan instead of the TT smartfan 2.
Worth it? 120mm or 80mm
120mm to 80/92mm fan shroud idea
45,000 cfm's.. Now I can OC.. :)
how loud is the TT smart fan 2.
60mm quiet fan
taking LEDs off of a fan...
I heard your not supposed to plug the Smart fan 2 into your motherboard.
predictions please
This is nuts! Take a look...
Fans: radial vs. axial
where to get mesh
How to install the SLK-947U?
Need info on inner workings of Vantec Aeroflow fan
Rear Intake = Lower Temps...BUT
Anything better than Smart Fan II with SP-94?
Thermalright making Copper version of NB-1
58cfm @14db ?!?!
AS5 Set Time
Poor SP-97 results...
need some input on cooling my system!
quiet and strong 80mm case fan?
will a sp 97 fit in an antec superlanboy case? motherboard would be an infinity
The slk947 will fit on a nf7-s ver2 right.
Would this work as a n/b or s/b cooler?
Lapping the VGA Silencer
120mm cheap fans
Questions reguarding CPU fan
Specific cooling advice?
what is a good HSF AND HS
My Southbridge Heatsink fell off
Fan Deadspot
A/c Chiller Mods
radioshack rheostat
Best Cheap AMD Heatsink
How much do I tighten SP-97 screws?
VGA cooling + s/b cooling....
TORIN question...
CPU Duct
Air Conditioners???????
I recorded my tornado
Low budget cooling
PSU fan removal helping temps out?
check this prescoot heatsink out
NB cooler + SP-97?
X-Blower kit. Is inside positive pressure any good?
CPU Heat Question
Someone help me setup my fans please!
new thermaltake cooling products??
Purchasing Sonata, mobo fit??
Riddle me this
Panaflow 92mm vs Thermaltake SMART CASE FAN II
people with TR SLK947 what fan are you using and do you reccomend it?
Fan Controller+120 mm case fans
Will it be obvious if a processor is crushed?
best fan for SLK947
How much cooler will the Slk-947 make my CPU compared to the Volcano 12 *Please Look*
RAM Sinks... Copper vs. Aluminum
Should i get a volcano 12 PLEASE READ
Parallel fans on the sp-94 make cool & quiet @3.84ghz.
Feel the tornado!
Cheapest fan controller (aside from DIY)?
Using arctic silver on north bridge chipset?
Fan and a fan controller
Dumb Question about Neo-backplate
BEST 120mm case fans?
All in one water kits
The future of PC cooling
Making holes in case
new way to apply AS5?
is this enermax fan good
Operation: Silent PC
Noise PC-65
Trying to choose
athlon 64 heatsink usable on an athlon xp?
did i do something wrong?
Thermal probe placement
New Setup...Any Comments??
Need suggestions
The Miracle of Quiet Computing
Best LED 80x80x25mm Fan
Can I increase my fan speed?
aluminum case
how much better is arctic silver 5 compared to this stuff?
heatsink on graphics card...
7 degree temp drop with cable management?
92mm Tornado on SP-94/97...
My first heavy Antec Sonata mod: blowhole, sidefan, floorfan, duct. 56K beware!
Sp-97+nf7 2.0
Thermalright XP-120 preview
Thermalright SLK-947-U install questions
Fan with fan controller?
Who makes the best GPU Cooler?
fahrenheit to celsius converter
Best AMD CPU Fan
sk-6 on xp m 2600+
Sunbeam Rheobus and CCFL
Cooling Differences on Identical Systems
Silicone dielectric compound?
Got a simple Question
Temp dropped like crazy, check out these temps!
sk-6 and 80mm fan?
AS5 sucks
loop heat pipe
more accurate way to measure cpu temp
best cooling with ac.... idea?
Heatsink question/opinions
best a64 hsf
Please help with Case layout (In response to Aeon's Stack effect)
Fan controllers and LED fans
Just installed the Tornado 110cfm.. omfg.. HELP!
Keep the dust out
SP 94 Heatpipe Position
deadspot and ducting
Replacing my Tornado for something Quiet! Help!
Standard Case Grills
SLK-947U: 80mm or 92mm?
Stack effect calculator ... !!
First Blood!
Coolermaster Hyper 6
cooling and heating question for HTPC
crap.............help me!!!
Ram Heat Spreaders Worth It?
New Thermalright P4 heatsink!
How much Pax Mate?
Do you apply Arctic Silver with CPU in the socket?
2 computer systems, crazy temp readings
2 pin fans...
looking for CPU fan/heatsink that will fit on my motherboard...
How much will this drop my temps->
Reversing fans??
slk-948 on socket A.....
Puter hates me
possible dumb question. what are the dimensions of an 80mm fan?
MSI and Thermalright SLK-947U users
Any Advice
Heatkiller grill
Fan adapters
SP-97 and 120mm?
Air purifier to help dust?
SP94 heat pipe leak?
Cooling Fan RPM Wacky
Rattling fan on radiator?
Summer duct
Got my Pannies and have a ?
Torin blower UPDATE!!
Best air cooling on a heatsink besides a Tornado
Another idea for Silencer mod
HDDs - quiet and cool
The coldness of Canada
what is a good heat sink for
Sunbeam Rheobus - How Connected?
Help on choosing a heatsink.
Why aren't there any good led fans out there?
CPU Duct for Swiftech heatsink?
The TT Hardcano 12 mod @ remember settings
n00b lookin for help
'Enermax UC-A8FATR4' or 'Cooler Master Aerogate II ALD-V02' Fan Controler
SP94 orientation on AI7
Fan filters and airflow
sp-97 mods ?
getting rid of a heatspot: help
After lapping an SLK-900a, do I need to apply a brass-o thing?
SLK900A Heatsink
15 degrees between system and idle
Panaflo Fan Bare wires to 3pin?
Need tips on attaching a 3 pin connector...
Unbelievable 120mm fan on xoxide.com
Sumbeam Rheobus LEDs... how easy to remove?
Zalman ZM-nb47J + fan...
Need help monitoring cpu temp
cooling shuttle SFF pcs
How to cut out honeycomb grill efficiently
2.8C runs like hot like Prescott
Side fan:Intake or Exhaust?
SLK-947 at a sweet price!
Should I be able to see circle lines on my SLK-900a?
Damn... nice price for waterchill
SP94 Very pleased with the difference
My VGA silencer....mod!
Temps jumping for NO REASON
Eh...Is AS5 supposed to dry up?
Need help with compatability
Cheap, quiet, heatsink/fan
cool article about heatsinks..
Cables + Ribbon
random reboots
will 2 x SLK900-A fit on MSI K7D mobo?
How clean?
As5 Rulez!
Xaser III, Koolance Exos
Northbridge cooler
motherboard moniter....
anything unique about psu fans?
AMD stock HSF+Fan on 9800 Pro?
Speeze FalconRock HSF (Model 5F286B)
Crazy idea
What happens if...
VGA silencer mod...?
Ceramique - temp changes with restart/shutdown
Good News for all ABIT IC7-MAX3 Users
Silverstone "Smart Fan 2"
AS 5 Application
best aircooling solution?
Small a/c window unit in the room question
Suggested NV cooler...
Help me shorten my tubing length
Could lapping have killed something?
Cheapest place (besides SVC) to get SP97?
good 120 mm case fan
Temps, way too high?
HDD silent & cool
MBM5 temp question. for the 3534 time
Proper way to lap?
nb cooler
are thermal pads worth it
Temp Reading Experiment
Does Laping really help performance or not ?
Removing Heatsink
Which temp should i trust?????
Showing off lap job
fan placement question
Pleasantly impressed w/Vantec Aeroflow (ver 1)
HardDisk Silence/Cooling... How effective?
Graphic HS Pics (*WARNING TO 56K'ers*)
Anyone want to make a wind tunnel and go deaf?
why won't rev. 3 work with 9800xt?
need a suggestion
Gutted fans? Spacers?
Check out my temps
Best cooler for AMD 3000+ XP?
Cooler Master Hyper 6 (KHC-V81) any good?
HD coolers/temp/fan monitors
Case temps ok?
Does this hurt?
More indignities on a Zalman 7000
What's a cheap good harddrive cooler???
Having 1 fan on the heatsink is good, what about 2?
Just had heat scare - think I'm gonna get new cooling - suggestions?
Anyone know a good way to clean thermal paste off of a CPU?
Best Price/Performace block?
Help w/ Temp readings
swiftech 159 or zalman 47?
Connecting fans to external power
Mounting Panaflo fan
Cleaning Thermal Paste with Brake Cleaner
Can you hear me now....
Upgraded GPU - Now higher mainboard temps?
LN2 cooling
does as5 ever need to be replaced?
NF7+SLK-947+ Neo Backplate??
Fan mounted on the side panel
quiet fan suggestions
Summer vs. Laptops
NB cooler
Sticking Panaflo 120mm on SP-97 & ducting
New Thermaltake Silent Boost A1889
Temp Monitor other than MBM?
Adapting 3 Pin Fan to Molex
Speedfan questions
Found a 14DB 27CFM 80mm Fan
fan making other fan spin faster = bad?
Effective solutions for removing thermal goop...
Best Case Fan Cooling solution for a Lian Li PC-75?
all ALX-800 owners: is this normal?
suggestions on myDew Fridge cooling mod
what temp should i pay more attention to in mbm5
Is this jump from idle to load OK??
Best Motherboard for AMD64?
Programs To Test Full Load
strange? (pressure)
Evercool PCAC 5 1/4" Drive Blower
Adapter or Shroud ???
papst 4112 gx
Wat kind of cooling for AMD 64 3200+?
ALX-800 vs SLK-800
how to make something?
What size metal bolts?
Logisys fans?
MBM5, Interesting....
Temp readings
which ramsink is better?
Case fans and cooling
What Do You Think Of These Temps ?
North and South-bridge coolers...
SLK mod idea: please look >
7V mod to a 3 pin AOC fan
Will Asus Probe Work On Their Asrock Boards?
57c load at stock speeds
anyone tried...
Temp Sensor On The MSI FX5600
Remote control fanbus
How should I attach a HS to my Southbridge?
Thermal paste
Advice please
check this out.
Question about SLK-900A
How Hot is too Hot?
Will my Glaciator II cool my XP 3200 ?
Quiet (20-25db) 80mm fan with 35+ CFM?
silverstone lc02 heating problem
$#^&%$@ Thermalright
Just got slk947 for $19.99 + shipping and...
Can this be your dream?
HSF Question
Help with new configuration...
as5 just arrived !!!!!
question on pt100 temperature probe...
Case fans and cpu fan
Check it out
Thermalright slk948 question
cpu HS for vga
Cooldrive 4 makes high-pitch beeping noise...help.
What Decibel Rating is loud
Need a good CAse w/ good airflow
Silencer on a FX.
My modded Kingwin 424 case:)
Antec Sonata negative aiflow causing a mess, any 120 mm fan suggestions?
Chipset cooling...important?
iceberq- all in one
Need help with fan decisions...
Cooling Mod Gallery
Faking a fan
Voltage Increase= "?" Temp Increase
Bolt vs. Clip
How does this thermal compund
Silenx 80mm as CPU Fan?
Case To Ambient Temp Ratio
My VGA Mod [Lots-O-Pics]
Cheap, Easy, & Quiet?
My new 120mm intake fan
silenx fans is what modded?
Not a very good HS?
80mm Fan question?
How hot is it in Austin,TX you ask?
Any Body Use Fluid XP+
92mm Tornado CFM?
Experiment: "Stack Effect" and Case Cooling
Simple Fan and HSF Questions
What is the best AMD heatsink for a 92mm fan.
Suggestions to a ac
Lapping a VGA Silencer
Temp diff from resivoir to CPU ?
Mosfet heatsinks
will thermalright sp-97 fit..
Whats a good heatsink for athlon 2500 and Abit nf7-s mobo?
Dying cooler?
MSI Northbridge L.E.D Cooler
Getting acurate temp readings. Noobie water cooler please help.
Passive Cooled PC
Question about condension and fans...
VGA Cooling for 5700 Ultra
Delta GFB series fans
Optimal CFM
how much better is artic silver 5?
Water cooling the new socket T/775
AMD 2.4 Athlon Temp?
temp probe placement
64 degrees at idle!!! HELP!
Need Your Professional Opinion...
Cleaning Question
Box Fans on Side Panel?
stuck at 240 fsb
Hmm this is odd
Zm-2hc2 Vs Zm-2hc1
Airconditioning Cooling?
Amd 2500 xp cooling question
fan controller question
Is this the best fan setup?
KINGWIN 120mm Double Ball Bearing Case Fan
Getting ready
hdd cooler/fan controller?
Wich one is cooler?Bios or Windows
Annother as5 testimony
ATX Cases with 92mm and 120mm fan mounts?
Cleaning on a Budget! (PICTURES)
Passive Cooling
HSF Round-up
Gateway and Zalman
Uneven CPU core?
best fan for SLK800?
GPU temps
Where to get thermal tape in Toronto area?
HS for Intel socket 478 board
Enough Cooling?
chipset running too hot!
Ever tried a leaf blower?
Crammed P-160 Needs Cooling
GigaByte Cooler Any Suggestions
"F1" "F1" I need a Fan Controller
Lapping Questions
Cooler Master Jet 4 p4 hsf
Panaflo L1A or Vantec Stealth?
When do I need to cool mosfets?
southbridege cooling
VGA cooling... depressing
Calling all Swiftech MCX159P NB Owners!!
Temp monitor proggie needed
What do you think of these??
Chipset cooling = more overclock?
Help... opinions too.. NEED MORE COOLING!
Computer won't post
Blowers (ie, squirrel cage fan): yes/no?
The air conditioner anti-noise phenomenon.
FX 5900 Ultra heatsink?
Need Help!!
Wierd Readings
Thermaltake spark 7+
Harddrives the problem!
The stack effect-the science behind air movement and case cooling
Vantec ICEBERG4 or stock cooler on a GeCube 9800 Pro?
120mm counter-rotating matched pairs?
CPU Temp problem
[Cooling] Stock HSF + AS5 good for a locked 2500+ to 3200+?
My SilenX 80mm (Thermistor) case fan review
upgrading socket a heatsink
SFII 9cm on a SP-97?
MBM update
Seedfan Vs. MBM5
Good Socket-A cooler
Too many fans, too much modding
Using Iceberg4Pro with AS alumina epoxy as NB cooler question
120 or 127mm fan over 90CFM and under 35dB(A)?
Silver based thermal combound question
thermalright nb-1
Uh oh...
More air in or out?
quiet replacement for Sanyo Denki 109p0812a201
strange readings?
Best Case Fans
just installed new hsf
I need some help deciding on how to cool my 3.0E
Physical temp diode under cpu
Pentium 4 + Athlon heat sink?
Small Changes in temp from idle to load
who has done h20 and phase change both? questions inside.
Arctic Allumina or AS3 ?
RAM sinks. How big is too big?
MBM5 Readings?????
Replacing the Alpha PAL8045?
Temperature problems
renewing thermal compound
The search for lower temps...
Aluminum fan blade broke off question
An idea to adapt Sp-94 for AMD FX processors?
Fitting a Rheobus in the Super Lanboy...
Help.. case temp doesn't change..
Major cooling/instability Issue
SP94/SP97 for low noise cooling?
NOISY volcano 11+ cpu fan!!! help!!
modding a panaflo L1A
Adrenaline vs. CPU FAN FAILURE!!! please help me :(
Maybe I'm just not seeing this the right way?
Is my setup done right?
Temp Concerns...
External fan control...
noise isolator?
Added a blow-hole...
Do these temps sound good for my setup?
Newb Question, 7v fans
Best Site to find Arctic Sliver?
Extreme silence
What color is Arctic Silver 5?
Fan placement proposal? What do you think? (Opinions are accepted and suggested)
drie ice water cooling?
Industrial AC System for a PC Case
Is there something wrong here?
can u hear that?
omGG wat CPU COoLER???! >.<
Super glue vs. Arctic alumina
Case Temps??? What Do I Do???
Northbridge and Southbridge Heatsink
cooling fan question
_The third edition of A Heat Transfer Textbook_
Need HELP keeping my new fan to stay on my 9100...
Cant break 290
5.25 Bay Air Filter
w00t! /me huggles my SP-94 and Tornado
blow hole
Ok what else can I do?
moving a heatsink removes thermal paste?
150mm to 120mm Fan adapter?
FS slighley over used SLK-800! for a paper weight mabey :)
Looking for machine screws
Best cooler for GF4 4600 ?
Was just doing some physics homework...
Northbridge & Southbridge Cooler
Thermal Grease for South Bridge
Fan Controller To Fit A Chieftec BX-01