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Diluting Thermal Adhesive
PC Alert 4 and Cooler XP
My case cooling setup......
Stock fan or no?
Anyone used these fans before?
Will a SP-97 fit a...
cpu fan too loud
Quick SP-97 question
Zalman zero noise case
Planning My New Cooling Setup
Ho to reduce sound in a fan
Which fan controller should i get?
80 to 120mm cpu cooling
How do you lap a VGA Silencer?
Lian-Li PC-6070
Fan controllers??
case fans..
smartfan 2 problem
Question about installing NB cooler...
fan mounting
30mm blower at 40cfm+!!
Are there any reviews of this CPU Cooler?
Can't I use this?
Arctic alumina adhesive - removal
Sticking my Shuttle XPC in a refridgerator?
Internal/External Thermometers
Will this fit?
IRC Channel and can someone suggest cooling for me
what to do?
Tornado Vs. Panaflo Temp Comparison
Filter fabric.
Will sp-97 fit?
Kool Aid?
I'm getting alitte frustrated at my temps, suggestions welcome
Should i switch these fans to exhaust?
sp-94 running at 43c idle!!!
Silverstone SST-B032FW or Antec SLK3700AMB
Thermal Probes
Built-In Fan Grilles Suck!
How do i cool this??
Hard drive temperature readings in mbm5
First Build, Wondering...
How reusable are sandpapers?
removing thermal pad off HSF?
What's the "Goop"?
Accuracy of CPU temps
Which of these two HS would you use?
Antec/Chieftec question (fans)
I don't understand this heat problem!!!
help a newbie oc!
whats a safe temp?
aero modded onto a vga silencer?
Oh poor GeForce, how shall I cool thee?
Just put in my new VGA silencer..
Which one?
Two Buck Duct
Do you guys recomend AS5?
Whats Keeping My Case Temps So High?
plug panaflow's to MB?
Case Cluster
Average Temps w/ a SLK-948?
What Are Good Hard Drive Temps?
has anybody else seen....................
Idea on chaning my Sonata's airflow circulation
How's this for cable cleanup? :)
is my comp overheating?
Where can i get a small LCD thermometer for a home made RPM controller?
Thermalright Heatsink
is this good to run 1 or a cpl pelts..
i got my blowholes......
Need a fan recomendation
Able to control?
a 100CFM, 120mm fan that is 30-36DB NO MORE?
Help. Do i need a new one???
So I took apart my PSU...fan is blowing NOTHING!
Finally got sp-94 installed and i have seen the light
Thermaltake Thunderblade fan
Tornados stall out out my PS fans... (pressure question?)
Monitoring Software
Wire Sleeving
Newb question, no RPMs registerring on monitors
Anyone put a 120mm fan on an SP-94?
Another reason to kill the fangrills.
Home-made fan controller?
Funny story
This is way too cool!
can tec's die?
Help finding Panaflo 92mm in Vancouver
Spring pressure?
Lower temp with 2 fans instead of 3?
Cleaning the CPU
Lian-Li PC-75 -> Plz give me some feedback on my idea. . .
Danger Den pump
Temp difference between case temp and CPU temp
Maximum Heatsink weight for an AMD cpu?
Heatsink dimensions for machining
Sandpaper Size for Lapping a HS
ThermalTake Silent Cool weirdness
Omg 33
SLK 800, 900 or SP 97 ?
What if i cut of the temp sencer?
How does black affect performance?
Aero Blowers for GFX?
How much AS3 to put on a NF2 chip?
Another tower from coolermaster
Burning In Arctic Silver 5
Broken Plastic Motherboard Heatsink Bracket - And Easy Fix!!!
My latest watercooling project (BIG!)
Better Heatsink?
Does a SP94 HS fit in this MB?
To cut fan grills, or not....
case airflow question
thermal compound ?
Is this too hot?
Auto fan control
Which case fans are the best?
Blizzard Rheo hook up..
Need a Heatsink
Clock Gen
Do you have a loud rig? Read this!
best fan controller?
Case flow could use some tweaking...
Zalman Passive cooler causes freezing?
Case airflow design opinions?
Serious overheating problems
Grill w/ SP-97?
Zalman ZALMAN CNPS7000A-Cu
Lowest CPU to Case Temps Ratio?
how much more CFM?
Northbridge Cooling
cooling FX 5900 nu quietly?
Refrigerator mod
source for best quietest 120mm fans
sp-94 = panaflo high=good?
correct temp readings?
Anyone know how to make heatpipes?
Lian-Li PC-V1000
Cooler idea
Puers Annual Spring Clean Thread
Best way to remove dust from Coolermaster Blower fan?
radeon 9500 pro cooling
Panaflo FBA08A12H fans (80mm)
TEMP 3??? What is this?
Duck Tape + Post-It Notes Aero 7+ Mod
SLK / SP Real Temps
Question about fan (big fan)
Cooling A Pentium II 400mhz
cpu at bottom mod
This fan is awesome...
ZALMAN cnps 7000 Al-Cu
diamond thermal grease?
Has the world gone mad?
5x intake, 2x exhaust?
Epox 8KHA+ with SP-97
Remove thermal paste and clean heatskink?
Need some help.
Anyway i can drop my cpu temps without buying anything?
Polishing compound? where?
Panaflo fans are the ****nit!
difference in temerature
Will a 120mm fan fit on sp-94?
Nidec Beta V FANS!!
which NB heatsink and fan is better?
new intresting heatsinks
whats the best NB cooling at the moment?
major fluctions in the fan vid card fan
Fan Screws
Hows this for cooling?
MSI 865PE Neo2 Northbridge heatsink/fan replacement....
quieter replacement for volcano 7+ fan
What all these chips on the NF7-S
Asus A7N8X Temp Readings
broke my lian li window today
i need help
Hercules HS/fan mod to NB help
abotu the sp97 socket a
the 117CFM FAN!
good 120x38 mm fan?
Where to find Cheap Video Ram Sinks
More intake or more exhaust?
Whats Up With This??????????psu Intake Into Case???????
Xaser III skull fans
Is This Over kill?
Making my own sinks and block questions, any machinest experince appreciated
Replacing PSU Fan
want a side fan and blowhole... Stealths or Panaflo lows?
SP97 and casemod: 12 degees lower...
What's d best P4 HSF that does not require removing mobo?
cooling my 9700pro
Whats The Lowest Temps You've Got On Air?
90mm fan or 80 fan for SLK heatsink
need help on make a few dicesions on this new case biuld
Akasa Carnival (AK-825) HSF, anyone?
Using SLK-900a for my 2100xp, but for A64, i use...
lint-free cloth
Weird Weird Stuff
Where to put a fan...
Please help an idiot!!
Lets settle this: What do RAM Heatspreaders do?
My Current water cooling Setup
rheostat + 2 vantec tornados?
Custom case, low heat, high perf. what hardware?
athlon fan shroud
Hmm, got it running....but
decisions decisions :)
blowhole or no hole?
side removed temps drop 10deg
Shims - How Tight
Side Panel Increasing Temps..
air intake filters
I need some help
TT Spark7+ with Hardcano9
fan controllers?
Tornado and AI7 FanEQ
Safe Mobo Temp?
Fan Controller/Monitor/Temp Display/HDD Cooler
HMonitor Software
2.8e temps 49/30 C? isnt that kinda high
how many 80 mm fans on one sunbeam rheobus channel
Build your own PC with easy Mods!!
Pentium 4 1.5 ghz at 75-80, plz help
which design should i use to make my fan grills
good hard drive cooling?
MCX462+T vs SP-97??
Cooling Dually Slot 1's
Four fans or one
summer now - huge temp change?
lapped or not lapped.
silent tower heatsink! anyone using one?
Fan Placement Decision
small fan under CPU and big drop
CPU Heatsink?
tips/suggestions on installing a VGA Silencer rev. 3?
Cooling my 2100xp preparing for the OC
SP-94 heatpipe+92mm Tornado installation...
Concern with Cooling
If You Want To Know How Loud The 92mm Vantec Tornado Is.......
My Cooling problems
Suggestins for Ti450 cooling (need GOOD/QUIET setup)
noob question video card temp monitoring
socket 370 P III stock heatsink, how to install?
I need Help//Advice//ANYTHING!!
Case Cooling Thought
Tornado or Panaflo on top of SP94?
Lian Li PC65 cooling
HEV Competition
Enermax vs. Panaflo. Enermax wins?
Nanotherm vs. Arctic Silver
Good 80mm quiet LED UV fans
Case Fan Clips/frames for a Raidmax 668, PICS INSIDE.
smallest fan?
Panaflo clarification
Sonata Mod Idea: Bottom Intake Fan
Athlon64 3400 HS/F.
Best place to get heatsinks
Best Case for Air Cooling? :O
FYI! How to post the symbol!
Best store bought Air North Bridge Cooling?
Super glueing ram chips... stop me....
leadtek winfast a350 cooling questiuon
Ok are these temps good?
Im ready to get started!
at what temperature does a pc automatically shutoff at?
Pelter Chilling, not feasible? Think again.
Okay to lower fan speed on an overclocked video card?
case is hott all of a sudden
Changes by ur request
Water-cooled PS :-)
TT Smartfan II coolmod requires unplugging power & HD LEDs?!
Question about ramsinks.....
Vantec Tornado?
Looking to buy a fan controller
public service announcement - dust levels on the rise
Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu or Thermalright SP94?
Changing LEDs on Sunbeam Rheobus?
Thermalright heatsink for 12 bucks
Sp97, Slk947, Slk900
sp-94 cpu temps
Tip for CoolerMaster Jet 7
Mofsets at 80C. Help!
how good are Ram sinks
How will these products work for me?
I need a decen quite HSF to run AthlonXP at stock...
Critical Antec Fan Lubricant Failure
Case & CPU Temps Jumped 4C with new PSU??
80mm to 92 mm
Modding a Raidmax 868
Radeon 9600 vs 9200
140mm Fan?
Pics of my case (suggestions please)
Thermaltake "Blue-Eye" 80mm Fan
how do i find out the temp of my VC
Case suction fan?
best cpu air cooler for MSI K7D Master?
120 to 92/90mm Fan Adapter
you know your addicted to overclocking when...
Where to get Glacialtech in USA?
optimal airflow for SLK...
Pads for SLK Sinks
Is there a guide for case fans?
Choosing a 120mm X 38mm fan
Should I cool GPU
So We All Void Our AMD Warranties When We Improve Our Cooling!
small prob.....:(
Anyone with Xaser III case and AMD64
Applying CoolerMaster ShenEtsu paste?
Case fans configuration
Anyone Tried A Smartfan II On A Volcano12?
Too much thermal compound on GPU?
Best fan monitoring software?
Some questions about nb, sb, mosfet cooling.
RAM SINK ATTACHEMENT.... super glue?
my temps are nuts
Quick Easy Questions
cheap ez better cooling
How to install a rheostat to adjust fan speed
Best fan for a SLK-948U?
Just installed my Vantec Tornado on my SP-94.....Its LOUD!
Need some feedback on my SLK900A performance
What's a good fan for a SP-97?
12v variable to24vdc for torin and 24v Fans
Do I Really Need Thermal "Grease" ?
Redux: IC7 NB cooling
I spent 57 on an SLK-948U and a Zalman FB-123 92mm fan
SVC bay res\ tline drain
SLK 900a!!!!
zalman cnps7000a-alcu or cu?
would this be overkill?
Grease on chip?
Air or Water?
arctic silver 3 or vga thermal???
How to remove thermal tape?
TR SLK-947 on a NF7-S rev 2?
Need help with this fan!!
northpole cooler
Post your current cooling setup!
vga blower mod pics
CPU Ducting mod? Does it really Work?
quick question about sp-94 install
Overclocking newbie needs some advice
Zalman CNPS3100 Plus and Asus A7NX8 Board
AS Alumina Adhesive is Permanent ... yeah RIGHT!!
Upgrading from SLK-947U to SP94
947U mounting?
How tight?
Extreme Overclocking and Southbridge Cooling
Which would be a better cooler.....
need help with fans [in/out]
Determining temps, external display what should I buy etc
Looking for NF7-S NB Cooler, vert tight, see Pic
How important is it for AS5 to "set up"?
Good cooler for 9500pro?
Thermalright NB-1
Added New Fan, Now higher temps?
What 120mm fans are you using?
Broken Fans?
Check out my new fan!!!!
ASF 5 and heatsink?
Thermalright NB-1 northbridge heatsink/fan, any good?
Northbridge Cooling Problem
LIS 2 LCD fan controller?
Types of fans and Heatsinks
Fan Advice Needed
Freezer trick or card cooler?
Whats Better...
Choosing between NB coolers for an AI7
Mystery Temp Readings
Fans at 3.3 Volts?
SLK-900...got a bit of a problem :(
Securing my heatsink
ready to make more holes in my case :)
Exploding fans
My new P4 3.0E read 297mhz when installing my SB Audigy gamer!?
Bidding on a Sp97
New AS5, curious heat output increase
which fans for controller?
Several Quick Cooling Questions
How can I mod "Nexus" fan controller, so it goes from 0 to Full Blast?
How are YOUR fans set up?
My 1st BUILT machine is 1 year old! Still flies!
Is lapping worthwhile with Shin Etsu?
why are my temps high
What is a good fan controller for a Tornado fan?
My heatsink is so noisy !!
How good are vantec sound dampening pads?
i modded my vga silencer
Fans On My Side Case????
Where should the PSU fan be pointing?
Question about SP-97 and Tornado fan
Nidec For >$8
Smoke comming from case is bad right?
Ducting my CPU fan
Has anybody heard anything on the Aerocool DP-102 Special Edition?
Smartfan II & PCI Fan Controllers Question
Aluminium Fans
AMD Athlon XP-M on a Duron HSF
anyone ever used this(Aerocool DP-102 )? O.o
SP97 worth upgrading from SLK-900A?
Best quiet fans?
OK brainaics, help me out, W 2 A
Guess what my mum just did...
92mm Panaflo or Enermax?
stupid fan question
Best HSF for Socket A
Applying AS Ceramique
Project Solace (aka. my cunning plan)
Artic Silver 5 questions...
Wheres the cheapest SP-94?
cooling a mobile 2500_ amd
Looking for suggestions on CPU cooling
Digital Doc 5+ versus regular fan controller
7 Volt mod on fans in series?
Shin Etsu thermal compound = -10C!
SLK 800A VS SLK-97u
Koolance PC2-601BLW
Can someone tell me if this is a good fan/hs to buy?
So where can I find the worlds smallest air conditioner
Fan Jackpot, Compaq Server Fans and Such Nidec Beta V
MY NEW TORIN = DOA!!! ...and other bad news...
Fan Voltage
My temps are nuts.
415 Cfm 53 Vdc Blower
torin blower and sp-97
Quiet cooling solution
Thermaltake EXTREME VOLCANO 12
What is the best fan controller?
Tips on cooling the P4 3.0ghz Prescott?
Nidec 120mm Fan
TBird seems too hot
High Temperatures?
NorthBridge Noise GA-7nnxp
Does ShinEtsu thermal compound need to set
awww my cpu is overheating
Do I need Watercooling?
Swiftech MCX4000
How dangerous is 60c load temps for intel?
Best aircooling for northbridge?
Optimal placement of fans
Do YOU use tornado + SP-94?
Watercooling = $400, Mach 1 = $450
Utilizing Floor Fans
DP-102 or SP92?
Are Panaflo's SILENT?
tornadoes are loud
Awesome Cooling
Cable Routing
program that shows temperature of your hardware is
Here's a [I][B]crazy[/B][/I] idea...
>120MM fans?
Best HS - Non mobo socket mount !
blower upgrade :D
Down Low or Up Top?
BEST "no hassle" water cooling solution?
Heatsink Fan ?
lian li pc-65 case runs so hot
GeForce 4 Ti4200 Ram Heatsink Falling off...
whats up with my overclock?
pics of my setup
CPU Temp to high
Slot Fans For Extra Graphics Card Cooling?
Need some help if you have a moment ?
I can hear my computer across the room, even with the quietest fans..
127mm Hole for a 120mm Fan
Anybody got shuttle raid?
AS5 droped my temps about 15-17C!!
placement of thermal sensors
I want a quiet computer. What fans should I get? Need airflow advice too.(pics)
Whaddya think about the "Coolermaster Hyper 6?"
Thermaltake Smart UFO Fan
What is the quietest 120mm fan?
SP-97, Too hot?
Kryotech Renagade
best 120mm cooling? led or no. doesnt matter...
Ben & Jerry's Thermoacoustic Refrigeration
sp-94 - bargain price!
System fan control?
where to get 120mm fans
Research Project
Need help with a dremel
How is Shuttle's cooling?
fitment issues with NB1,SP97 on nf7-s?
Little Advice Please
SP-97 advice
gone WC'ing...
Need a cooling suggestion for airflow
experimental prescott heatsink...funny
Need some help with RAMsinks!
so why cool your mosfets?