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Better cooling
Copper BGA Ramsinks ?
What's the best 120mm Fan
where to get cheap sp-94?
What's a good low DBA psu fan replacement?
A64 3200, 70c?
Check ou this fan 1000+ CFM
550cfm blower for $25, cant be bad cud it??
RPM or CFM? / Blow away or into HS?
AS5 Application that went wrong....
80 x 80 x 15 mm fan
How much of an improvement...
What is a good temp readout program?
planning on mobile 2500+ w/ 68cfm 92mm panny. sp97 or slk900a?
want to cut up my spare cpu HS to make some vidcard ramsinks
Nano lightning cooling
How do heatpipes work?
What kind of products are people looking for?
Should I cut off my Case Fan Grids
Whats a good fan controller?
What type of case fans are in the X-Superalien??
Wow, talk about willing!
system fan whyyyy !!
Thermal tape. Where can you get it?
Northbridge cooling question
OCZ ultra 5+
Help with relative's cooling
cooling for a 9800pro in shuttle xpc sb75s
Why doesn't MBM5 love me?
Negative air pressure on cpu hs?
ThermalRight SLK-947U big improvement over TT Volcanoe 11+?
Are these temps a little high?
zahlman Al Cu cooler better then stock AMD hs and 80mm
cooling 754
TermalRight ALX800 vs SLK700 vs VANTEC AirFlow Va4 C7040
Replacement HSF for my 9800pro?
Ooh! hey I just gotta new idea!!
Rediculous CPU temps
It's here :)
best amd heatsink
Intel Boxed Cooler
Which Fan to go with Thermalright SP-94 ?
Should I remount my slk?
Hi-flow 80mm quiet fan?
Vantec Aeroflow 2
Video cooling
Video cooling
PSU temp (Post Blow hole case top)
Cooling the PSU
HD ---->>>> 35c BAD
Fire Cleaning
3 - 120mm Blowholes on top of case
pics! Cmon
Torin Blower question
Vantec Nexus NXP-201 buzzes?
antec superLANboy + 80mm blowhole = no case temp improvemnet :(
Coke Bottle Duct - LOSE 10C!
Why on earth is an SLK base SMALLER than the P4 chip?!?!
Hw to Check whether My NB Cooler is install Properly ?
Contemplating next cooling move?
Diode or socket
anyone have this aluminum 3.5" fan controll panel
Northbridge Blower
Zalman Reserator on the U.S. Market!!!
Planning to do my 1st mod...w/ 150mm fan, 150-80 fan adapter.
vga silencer heatsink base protrusion
Stock HSF Sufficient?
VGA Silencer mod for Geforce 3 Classic
Maximum overclock temp on full load?
radeon 9500 pro cooling
Cooling by auto AC ?
Question about Zalman passive hdd cooler
If u have an SP 94 or 97 read this
What's the Most Accurate Temp Probe Out??
What Dimmer for AC fans?
Advice on How to positon fans.
SP-94 Compatibility
Possibly the cause of my cooling woes???
Whats the best way to fit a temp probe?
Strange Little Heatsink
38 Celcius to much for ambient case temperature??
What kind of heatsink for P3 slot 1?
Question about 12v fans running on 7v/12v controllers
Cleaning & Installing CPU and H/S question
PSU Help
Best fan for SLK-900a with 35dba or less?
panny u1a question
VGA Silencer Makes Ram Really Hot?
120mm fan on Volcano 12
looking for case with some good fans
Chipset Cooling for old BX440 Boards
Broken SLK900U?
Check out this cooling for an Abit NF7-S
temp drops seem about right???
Adding a fan at the side of the heatsink
For those who want to use 24v 2 amp Power Supply
Help cutting hole in case for big fan
72MM Fans?
Could someone critique my wire management?
Motherboard Monitor 5 Case Temperature question
Size of a 120mm fan...
24v output power suppy for a fan?
ramsinks for vga card?
What to buy???
fan controler
AS3 vs. AS5
OCforums Cooling Results
best water cooling parts......best brand
Diode vs Socket temps
Q about instal of Panaflo cpu fan...bare wires...how connect to mobo???
4 to 3 pin adapter
Geek-Speak Dictionary
Case temps
CPU temp (Newbie-ish)
Anyone tried turning the whole computer over ?
What to do with fans...
multiple fan controller questions?
removing northridge heatsink
AS5 curation period
Would this fan go good with a SP-97?
My case front looks so awfull now lol Ideas needed
fan position on side window?
AS5 does it get hard?
Which CPU cooler for P4 3.4GHz?
Looking for..
A True story about a man who re-gained his hearing...
Lower Temps with Less Noise!!!
xeon 3.2 / 3.0ghz
Additional Heatsinks & Coolers
CPU Temp
SP-94 install
2.8E cooling; WTF to buy???
74 degrees cpu temp.......my eye!!!!
Difference in cpu/case temps
cool sound deadeners
Need help picking out HSF for nf7-s and mobile 2600+
high CPU temp
Thermal adhesive questions
MBM 5 problem
IC7 stock nb hsf upgrage suggestions?
got really bored today!
VGA Silenver rev 3 does it exist?
last vga silencer mod
Cpu running too hot?
What does low delta between idle and load mean?
Possible to remove AS AA adhesive?
Temp sensors
Ready to advance beyond my Exos
Does anyone know where to get a 92mm Panny U1A?
I overclocked my 3.2 to 8GHZ!!!!
Any news on Copper VGA Silencer???
MBM5 show 2 CPU on desktop..how?
Low-cost ways to improve CPU cooling
Ahh help! Installing Arctic Cooler on 9800AIW?
VGA chipset ramsinks
Lowering min voltage on Nexus controller...?
How far does Room Temp affect Cooling
best heatsink and fan
Lapping A Monster
attaching heatsinks to ram on videocard?
Having problems PROBING
some newbish case cooling questions
Prescott to be cooled by a brick + 8k a delta!
How to clean oxidization?
Is it worth it?
How long does it usually take...
OCZ Eliminator 2 HSF...
a Quiet high performance air cooling solution
Will a SP-97 fit on a NF7-S 2.0?
38 idle 49slight load!
Need advice on HSF pls...
Thermalright SP-94 vs Swiftech MCX478-V
Is it possible?
wrong temps??
Not Sure Why It's So Damn Hot ..
Thrmal Tape in UK
Vapochill Standalone
Vantec or Delta 92mm ?
MBM5 temps: Is this accurate?
120v AC fans?
Newbie: Choosing a fan (+controller)
What is that largest 12v fan you can buy?
thinking of going H2O cooling
24v pabst on 12v?
Eliminating noise technicks - how to use ?
Too Hot???
Noise ..
Quick Question About A64 Heatsink
Best 80mm Fan For CFM
Xp 2500 to 3200 OC, what HSF?
Suggestions for water cooling kit
Air Flow
Probably a very simple answer to this fan question...
Glacialtech Silentbreeze II
A few questions from a noob...
Case cooling
Please Help me with this Fan Config for the Antec SOHO File Server
2 80's, 2 92's, or 1 120 on the side
Difference between air and water?
Building Athlon XP 3000, what are good HSF's?
Any tried the tint technique on the arcticsilver website?
Case Temp vs CPU Temp vs Room Temp
Panaflo Fans
Slap ____ on my 947U?
78CFM @ 21dba FAN? 120mm & only 8bux? Thermaltake Thunderblade.
Difference between AS3 and AS5???
Need proper resistance for Blowers...
what if they made a fan so loud its inaudible?
Best fan for SLK-900a
Help With Removing Heatsink
120 mm fan
Best Heatsink and Fan?
temp check
Oxidized sp97
Hardcano 12 returns to default settings from power off - Help!
Vantec Tornado 92mm, 52dba??? fcuk me!
Best way to apply AS5?
raidmax fans any good?
Ramsinks with vga silencer?
Temp v Noise? Help!
Zalman Heatpipe on FX 5600
dust bunnies :\
Where to connect fans...
Aero 7 Lite = Best Price Performance Ratio EVER?
Panaflo Wire Pin-out... HELP!
Hole on the P4...
Cooling questions from a noober.
Cooling power reported by Sandra
DO NOT buy a TT smart Case fan 2 (rip off)
copper vs aluminum heat sinks
Whining TMD Fan on Vantec
120mm fan question
Best way to clean off thermal pad
Better than water? .16C/W on AIR?
just knocked 6 degrees off temps
are these good temps
UFO?? Unidentified Fan Object - please help
Mounting A Socket Mounted HSF
sandra vs bios (a beasty battle)
FANS and Blowers Galore and a case too!!
loud cpu fan
What a differance a cold room makes
help, 2400 XP-M running too hot!
extremed vga silencer to the max
Best 1U Socket370/A heatsink for the price
Zalman Reserator Review!!!
Athlon XP 2700+ thoroughbred too hot
Most Accurate readings?
Need help connecting case fan
Variable speed fan controller??
What do you guys think?
SLK947 and NF7
Zalman ZM-NB47J ZM-NB32J dissapation
33C full load
those torins...
Too much clamp pressure??? (SLK-947U)
Aerocool DP-102 king of SocketA coolers?
Wow, heat can affect speed a LOT!
CoolerMAster Thermal Compound kit
Filling the case with water
Funny temps.
Zalman Reserator
Woops i did it!
which thermalright is best?
Why is Thermalright so great?
Make Fan Stay on heatsink without screws?
Dual Fan SP-94 or 97
Winfast FX5900 cooling issue ...
About to order an SP94. Which fan to get?
80mm fan question
Artic alumina: remove?
Water to air
permenant solution only
Fan Filter question...
cpu temp monitors
Daisy-Chaining Fans
Side Panel Off! Temps Drop
What cooler to use?
Quick Question... Are Coolermaster Case Fans Uv Reactive?
Yet another cooling dilemma for... the YellowDart
fan & controller
reccomendations for cooling smaller stuff
89 degrees celcius!!!!!!
Idle temp too high
A review of two Surplus Center Blowers
Socket vs. CPU diode
Ducting Kits, do they make that much difference!?
good combo?
Concerning the heat on new Intel processors
$30 heatsink?
Adding a fan to the side of my case??!?
Cheap cooling system need to go back to air can I though.
Controlling cpu fan
My Smartfan II died!!! argh!!!
comp reporting two temps
Artic Silver 5 Thermal compound
NB cooling Options:
High CPU temps after new heatsink...
Thermaltake 7 + 2.6C performance?
Thermalright SLK-974U and mounting hardware
Gigabyte Coolers?
CPU not recognizing system fan
high end components = lower OCed parts?
A New Look (Part 2 of 2)
Epoxy compund question
Is this possible? Low temps, high VCore on Air.
Performance Difference Between Thermalright SP94 & Zalman CNPS-7000-CU/AL-CU
AS3 vs. AS5
mcw50-t & ati aiw
Arctic VGA Silencer owners did yours have mill marks? and how do you like it?
Which fan should i get to go w/ a SLK-900A?
NB and GPU cooling Project!
My Torin Blower / SLK-900A Mod
AS5 cooling and "settling" time...
Why isn't my new slk-700 cooling any better than the stock HSF?
Three pin power connector with 4 pin plug NEED HELP now
Anyone use the Thermalright Duct?
Pentium 4 2.8c - Temperature Problem ?
Dell stock HS&fans
ThermalTake Volcano 12
P4 3.2 temps
Thinking about having 4-7 80mm 21db fans all exhaust
Adding water block to CPU need to know about Thermal Compund
Prime95 and overheating
Thermalright SLK-947 vs 900
Hotspot troubleshooting
Can The Zalman Fan Mate Control More Than 1 Fan?
9800xt watercooled : how about the ram?
Thermalright slk900a vs slk900u
Fan to go with my Heatsink
Radeon 9800 XT need to know if it is ok to add Heatsink
sp 94 problem
New Intel Heatsinks
Which temp to check?
good articles on heat dissipation?
Positioning of CPU temp probe
Which fan goes best with the SLK-800-U?
Notes on HT-101, ducting and design for airflow
Quiet 25mm fan?
vga silencer N 9800se
Dumb Questions about HSF
Fan over CPU Heatsink ... connect to mobo or power supply?
Thermaltake Volcano 6cu -v- Cooler Master DP5-6i31c
Blower on CPU, wow, I can hear again
120mm Panaflo
Thermaltake Volcano 6cu -v- Cooler Master DP5-6i31c
Antec 92mm Smartcool
Sensor Vs. Motherboard
No room for NB heatsink, what do I do?
Looking for aluminum 3.5" HDD Cooler
faster fans ?
Isolating hot spots?
H2O better than air?
Will 550w Antec Run a 225w peltier ?
cpu so hot sometimes
TMD fan: 92 mm?
What is beter: too fast or too quiet ?
80 and 92mm fans
Vantec Fan Silencer
Fan Master Help Needed!
MCX462 and a mobile 2400+
Color uv fans
Thermalright sp-94 question
should i throw my cpu away? =[
Impressed with Silent Boost
Case fan whining
do 40mm blower fans exist?
insanely high temps?
fan filters?
$5 130CFM 120mm fan!
comparing the zalman heatpipe(or other) to vga silencer
video card cooling...
Bought it - SP97
Mmmmm cold air without refrigeration!!
sk-6 vs. stock?
Noob needs help with cooling NF7-S
Worried About my Temps
Air Conditioning
Tales from the Crypt WARNING! GRAPHIC IMAGES!
Temps are the same with the front fan off...
Cheap water cooling with 10 degree drop
Attn Hardcano 12 owners
Cooling Mosfets
Quick cpu warmup programs
$7, 80 CFM blower
Help with soyo P4I 845PE and cpu temp
No Wonder My Case Temps Are So High!
Liquid nitrogen
How could i lower my cpu temp without buying a new hsf?
Geforce 2 mx400 - Need new HSF + lapping advise.
How good is a MCX462-A
Ge Force 3 mod
Where to get HS and CPU lapping kit
Intel fan noise
Sucess Story, Water cooling
Question about how much a hard drive can take
Got a stupid question
Hot CPU Pictures
92mm panaflo rattles on SP-97
Just lapped my HS and CPU.
Haven't a clue, what cpu cooler should I get??
Should I add these fans?
Is Artic Silver good for Thermoelectric Cooling?
Would i gain from cooling my hard drives?
7V mod w/switch
Thermalright SLK-947 VS. SP-94 ??
Quiet but powerful 80mm case fan
GPU not cooled
best heatsink that will fit on 8knxp with dps2
What is the Pll 2n3904 Diode in Speed Fan
Mobile 2500+ Thermally Challenged - advice needed
Couple of questions
Unknown Metal Slug on AMD Stock HSF.
Can you hear your CPU work?
Suggestions for p3 cooling
Thermalright NB-1 & SP-94
need help cooling for California Summer heat!
Case Recommendations Please
Wrong Vantec Tornado for SP-97?
Case Modding
replacing that delta
noobie needs suggestions
Do I have to remove the shim to install VGA Silencer?
7V 92x38 Tornado= ?? CFM
PWM Temperature
Temp display for system tray?
New Heatsink same temps?
Cheap S478 Heatsink actully working good. Kinda Suprised Me. Evercool CUW8-715
7v mod question...
need help case question
what to believe
SwiftechMCX159northbridge cooler
Speedfan question
water temps vs rad temp
Controller and fan choice questions...
temp monitor...
UV reactive fans
as5 or ceramique?
I'd like to recommend a fan
Super-Quiet PC
run fans at different speeds?
My CPU Cooler Choices, Which Is Better?
Back after a couple years. ( warning )
Thermaltake Silent Tower?
Thermaltake Extreme Spirit Cooler for North Bridge
92mm Tornado+Antec "Fan only" connect=safe?
Antec Sonata Midi Tower 380W
70mm Magnet-Tip Driven
Strange Temp Change
smart fans and sensors?
Problem with radiator fan?
Who is cooling king?
please help with fan placement
Ah crap!
Program that measures temps on desktop
Fan Speed Controllers, Are They Necessary?
Moutning a HS
CoolerMaster Aerogate II
Could the DP-102 be better then SP-94????
Barton 2800 HS for $20 ???
Fan that changes colors with temp changes like a chameleon!!!!
Modding a tornado 92mm down to 7v?
Interesting Review....
Fitting a 120mm Fan on SP-94???
Fan Question
temp gone up
What is the best place to measure case temps?
Fan Speeds on a Retail Intel 3.0 HSF
Low noise hs/fan???
Cool new HS
Do snakes help cool your pc? they are cold blooded...
Microcool MOFSET and PLL heatsinks
SVC is down...:(
Clarification of "negative pressure" - it doesn't exist.
Stock Amd Athlon 64 heatsink
Vantec Aeroflow VA4-C7040 and Artic Silver 3... Enough to handle the heat?
Need Help With Fan Placement
Temp Probes : A64, Geforce4, Case etc
What is your opinion on teh Xaser III steel case?
Rheaostats versus a fan controller
How effective would a.....
A Guid to Lose 6c to 10c on air.
Arctic Silver Adhesive
Cancelling Out CPU Fan Noise
I lapped my HS and it runs hotter!!
Thermaltake XaserIII front pannle light.
attaching led to non-led fan help
Whats the best 92mm fan for cpu cooler?
Smart Fan II
Heatsink mount tension
mobo monitor?