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Looking for aluminum 3.5" HDD Cooler
faster fans ?
Isolating hot spots?
H2O better than air?
Will 550w Antec Run a 225w peltier ?
cpu so hot sometimes
TMD fan: 92 mm?
What is beter: too fast or too quiet ?
80 and 92mm fans
Vantec Fan Silencer
Fan Master Help Needed!
MCX462 and a mobile 2400+
Color uv fans
Thermalright sp-94 question
should i throw my cpu away? =[
Impressed with Silent Boost
Case fan whining
do 40mm blower fans exist?
insanely high temps?
fan filters?
$5 130CFM 120mm fan!
comparing the zalman heatpipe(or other) to vga silencer
video card cooling...
Bought it - SP97
Mmmmm cold air without refrigeration!!
sk-6 vs. stock?
Noob needs help with cooling NF7-S
Worried About my Temps
Air Conditioning
Tales from the Crypt WARNING! GRAPHIC IMAGES!
Temps are the same with the front fan off...
Cheap water cooling with 10 degree drop
Attn Hardcano 12 owners
Cooling Mosfets
Quick cpu warmup programs
$7, 80 CFM blower
Help with soyo P4I 845PE and cpu temp
No Wonder My Case Temps Are So High!
Liquid nitrogen
How could i lower my cpu temp without buying a new hsf?
Geforce 2 mx400 - Need new HSF + lapping advise.
How good is a MCX462-A
Ge Force 3 mod
Where to get HS and CPU lapping kit
Intel fan noise
Sucess Story, Water cooling
Question about how much a hard drive can take
Got a stupid question
Hot CPU Pictures
92mm panaflo rattles on SP-97
Just lapped my HS and CPU.
Haven't a clue, what cpu cooler should I get??
Should I add these fans?
Is Artic Silver good for Thermoelectric Cooling?
Would i gain from cooling my hard drives?
7V mod w/switch
Thermalright SLK-947 VS. SP-94 ??
Quiet but powerful 80mm case fan
GPU not cooled
best heatsink that will fit on 8knxp with dps2
What is the Pll 2n3904 Diode in Speed Fan
Mobile 2500+ Thermally Challenged - advice needed
Couple of questions
Unknown Metal Slug on AMD Stock HSF.
Can you hear your CPU work?
Suggestions for p3 cooling
Thermalright NB-1 & SP-94
need help cooling for California Summer heat!
Case Recommendations Please
Wrong Vantec Tornado for SP-97?
Case Modding
replacing that delta
noobie needs suggestions
Do I have to remove the shim to install VGA Silencer?
7V 92x38 Tornado= ?? CFM
PWM Temperature
Temp display for system tray?
New Heatsink same temps?
Cheap S478 Heatsink actully working good. Kinda Suprised Me. Evercool CUW8-715
7v mod question...
need help case question
what to believe
SwiftechMCX159northbridge cooler
Speedfan question
water temps vs rad temp
Controller and fan choice questions...
temp monitor...
UV reactive fans
as5 or ceramique?
I'd like to recommend a fan
Super-Quiet PC
run fans at different speeds?
My CPU Cooler Choices, Which Is Better?
Back after a couple years. ( warning )
Thermaltake Silent Tower?
Thermaltake Extreme Spirit Cooler for North Bridge
92mm Tornado+Antec "Fan only" connect=safe?
Antec Sonata Midi Tower 380W
70mm Magnet-Tip Driven
Strange Temp Change
smart fans and sensors?
Problem with radiator fan?
Who is cooling king?
please help with fan placement
Ah crap!
Program that measures temps on desktop
Fan Speed Controllers, Are They Necessary?
Moutning a HS
CoolerMaster Aerogate II
Could the DP-102 be better then SP-94????
Barton 2800 HS for $20 ???
Fan that changes colors with temp changes like a chameleon!!!!
Modding a tornado 92mm down to 7v?
Interesting Review....
Fitting a 120mm Fan on SP-94???
Fan Question
temp gone up
What is the best place to measure case temps?
Fan Speeds on a Retail Intel 3.0 HSF
Low noise hs/fan???
Cool new HS
Do snakes help cool your pc? they are cold blooded...
Microcool MOFSET and PLL heatsinks
SVC is down...:(
Clarification of "negative pressure" - it doesn't exist.
Stock Amd Athlon 64 heatsink
Vantec Aeroflow VA4-C7040 and Artic Silver 3... Enough to handle the heat?
Need Help With Fan Placement
Temp Probes : A64, Geforce4, Case etc
What is your opinion on teh Xaser III steel case?
Rheaostats versus a fan controller
How effective would a.....
A Guid to Lose 6c to 10c on air.
Arctic Silver Adhesive
Cancelling Out CPU Fan Noise
I lapped my HS and it runs hotter!!
Thermaltake XaserIII front pannle light.
attaching led to non-led fan help
Whats the best 92mm fan for cpu cooler?
Smart Fan II
Heatsink mount tension
mobo monitor?
Enermax 3.5" Thermal fan controler question
PC in mini-fridge ?how?
Holy Cow Smart Fan 2s are awesome!!
Budget cooling for P4...
Sudden Overheating. I Need Your help
Which HSF? Thermaltake Volcano 6Cu or Cooler Master SP5-6G31C
Volcanoe 12 or SK7?
Lil more attractive, lil more thought, BUT
Thermal paste + Epoxy ??
Help me choose a HSF for an mATX case...
Areocool Phantom vs. HT-101 vs. SLK-900A
Looking to Water Cool and OC My Athlon64 3400+
Video Card cooling
About 120MM Fans.
hd mounting for flow?
Holy crap bad heatsink in laptops
thermal probe
cooling MOSFETS on a ASUS P4P800-DLX
High CPU Temps AMD 2000
Ghetto ducting = Oops
Will a Swifttech MCX159 fit on an Asus P4C800 E Deluxe with a SP-94 Heatsink?
question on removal of sp-94?
Fan Reccommendations
Small/Thin LED Fans?
Which cooler for Ti4200?
Holy Freaking Crap! O_O
Problem with Aerogate II and 92mm Tornado
Looking to put heatsinks on MOFSETS on my IS7-E.
Quietest Fan or Fan/Heatsink for XP1800
What are those temps in SpeedFan?
opinions on THERMALTAKE A1889
$15 HSFs???
alx-800 or slk-700 to overclock a 2100+
Thermaltape on southbridge, good idea?
Air problems... help :)
P4 Heatsink/fan on a 9800 Pro?
Fan for SP94 and Sp97
Can an SP-97 be turned 90 degrees?
Custom Northbridge?
VGA Cooling
Anadtech Overclocking Article = CRAP
Anyone ever try one of these "fans"?
What are your temps using SLK-9** w/90mm Panaflo?
LED fan but with L1A type quietness?
Zero dB Heatsink....
OMG dropped 20C on air in 15MIN !!
Any one want some Panaflo FBA08A12L for $3.19
Thermalright SP98??
question about temperatures
Cooling Off MR Prescott
Temperature controlled fans
Which heatsink is the best for OC? is Thermalright SP97+DELTA FFB0812EHE(80mm) good?
best 120mm fans
Removing Case Side Panel
Using a 12V fan with a 9V battery...
VGA Silencer mounting
What parts of motherboard do you actively cool?
quick question
About to install VGA Silencer - help!
Safe to change Clips on volcano7+?
I found the holy grail of cooling! 7deg C drop with stock HSF!
Which Heatsink Should I Buy?
Probably old news, but anyone useing these?
N/B Fan
Thermal Epoxy
AMD 1800+ at 63 deg. or 48 deg. ?
high air flow 80mm
78C core temp down to 24C :)
Cooling Update: SP94 + Panaflow H1B + Vantec Nexus 305 Installed!!
Choosing a cooler shouldn't be this hard.
panaflo case fan
Chipset cooling questions
Rheostat with my TORNADO
Chipset cooler
wierd PAPST fan power connectors!?!?
Lost the backplate of my 900u, what use is it now? ramsinks?
Vga silencer
how to mount a duct onto a thermalright heatsink?
ThermalTake Extreme Giant III Video Cooler
Which fan for this Heatsink??
TMD vs. fop38 fan on SLK-700 (pictures)
Thermal probe
Aluminum Heatsink Lapping?
Keep my zalman or switch to gigabyte 3dcooler?
Safely removing Vantec Aeroflow
SP-94 and Fan .. Show me the money!
Does anyone know the voltage for the VGA Cooling Silencer fan?
Maximum wattage of on-board MB fan connectors.
OK, NOW i'm confused!!! - please help
AMD64 3200+ - how to cool consistently w/Zalman CNPS7000Cu
Cooling my Toshiba Laptop
Thermaltake Volcanoe12
new HS and HSF setup
my thermal monitor is a p.o.s.
Is Stock Cooling Enough?
Mount fan on outside of case?
Are these HSFs better than stock 2.8c?
Please recommend me an NB cooler
GeFoce 4 Cooling
Stock h/s bracket
My Computer heats up my room!
where? =/
aluminum foil?
What if I don't use a thermal compound...
SLK-947U Temps Revisited
Artic Silver 5
Northbridge cooling.
is this to hot for a 3.2EE???
WOW. Huge temp drop.
My newest cooling project...success!
Cooling ?'s for next upgrade
1.75 CPU Voltage AMD 2500 Temps
southbridge too hot?
Best socket 754 Heatsink?
Measuring GPU temps
Just got my 947U
Just received my Sp97.
is this ok? =/
rbx w/ 226w peltier
mbm5 temps
Adapters for the fan power on a motherboard
CPU temp ~60C idle
temp should a Intel 2.8Ghz CPU be at?
Will the Silent Boost Fan for Athlon XP work for Athlon64?
High CPU/Case temps
Best asus 9800xt ramsinks?
Does high quality thermal paste do any better than the cheap white stuff?
Sapphire Cooling ?
ok, needing some cooling advice
Help me choose a Socket A Heastink Fan
Weird But True......
"HOT" Cd's...
Help me chose a heatsink!
Another new toy from Thermaltake.
Could this work?
Does all Panaflo have RMP sensing functionality?
First-Time "Dream" System - Advice Needed
SLK-947U users.. pls post.
idle and load temp alomst the same
Adhesive and Heatsinks
need ideas for better duct
Side case fan or open case?
help a nb (plz) :)
cooling WITHOUT water cooling
Finally sorted new cooling out temps are good.
$130 for a fan! Am I insane?!
New Temps
will this work?
Does this work?
How hot is too hot?
Is it getting too hot?
Temperature Controlled Fan Hacking?
The best air cooling solution for 9800XT
Can I use just 2 screws?
A Cooling Guide.
Aerocool HT-101
My 1U GPU cooler mod [56K = no]
Thermal Compound Question
Recommendations for a Silient 120mm Case Fan
BTX = Bezzelbub's Technology eXtended?
Mach vs Vapochill
Installing Sp97 HSF
Please help me with fan set-up
Your thoughts on tidying internals?
[see&say]And the fan controller goes... BOOM![/see&say]
P4 heatsinks, which to buy?
Athlon XP 3200+
help removing PII hs+f
TT volcano 12 bein compared to slk900
Nice temps yet?
Fan Controller Question
Holy crap.
New GigaByte PCU31-VG HSF - anyone seen anything on this?
Delta FFB 120mms
Some Silent cooling questions
what cfm does a intel fan have?
Panel modding sticky needed
The ULTIMATE Thermal comound remover
Vantec AeroFlow vs. Thermaltake Spark 7+
Sci fair report
Finding your airflow WITHOUT SMOKE!!!
Whats the best VGA cooler for my Ati All in wonder 9700 Pro?
Any1 hear/use silverstone fans?
Tornado placement
Northbridge isn't flat - now what?
How to cut a hole in a case?
rev.3 vga silencer?
using smoke to see airflow?
Making your own heatsink
Panaflo 92H w/ shroud vs. tornado 92
big diff in mobo temp readings
3 Intake and One Exhaust
Anyone have any experience with these?
6650 rpms at 12v - is mobo fan1 to blame for 3443?
The Future of Thermal Pastes
lapping question
Fanb question.
Question about cooling a DFI NFII ULTRA B
Face off Extreme Giant 3 vc VGA Silencer!
Which temp reading do ya think is accuratish?
Mosfet, NB, SB, cooling?
slk900 w/80mm stealth -> sp-97 w/92mm panaflo
just dont get it 45-60C
slk900+gutted 80mm fan+92mm panoflo
SP-97 and a 2500+
High CPU Temp?
GeForce FX5200 - how to cool?
Confused about fan sizes
any MCX462+t users out there?
arctic silencer fix
wow my case is hot
DIY Thermal Probes
Best Heatsink These days ?
Thermalright SP- 97 on A7N8X Deluxe Rev.2
Hot in Spain!
Newbie here - regarding Sys&CPU temp and other WC
coolermaster areograte II
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Rev 2 + Sapphire 9600pro
Gutted 80mm fan under my 80mm tornado question
New player in town, very competitive to SP94.
temp/noise balance
NB/SB coolers
Thermal Epoxy supplied with Zalman heatsink
disrepancies between asus a7n8x and diode readings using mbm5
cpu probe
will a ATHLON 64 heatsink fit on a Socket A processor?
Swiftec R and A?
70mm TMD fans. Whats your opinion of them?
Heatsinks work better black
TT Duct mod with fan adapter
HEH my new heatsink+fan setup on oc frontpage :)
best 120mm 4 blowhole
NF7-S cooling mods
PCI Cyclone fans / blowers ???
Kingwin Thermal Center
Cooling a m2500+
What to cool mobile 2600 with?
volcano, tornado or what?
Fan doesn't fit my heatsink?
nb heatsink?
Degree of Burn?
Saw this in glock's thread
up to date temp readings
Help! Not sure if this matters
Delta on HardCano12?
Northbridge Question
Modded Zalman 7000CU for the best air cooling
Which combo to go with???
Heatsink For Athlon-Fx51?
what are good speeds?
My VGA Silencer Mod - 56K'ers beware
CPU Temp Probe
VGA silencer no fit?
high temps
Suspended Fan
Fan-Controller not controlling the fan
tornado on nexus 101 multi-controller
Reseat Heatsink?
Portable Air Conditioner?
delta of tornado?
put an old globalwin fan on my SLK700 (picture)
black stuff on stock p4 heatsync?
VGA Noise
Aeroflow 2 or slk700
AC fan speed control ?
Why less case fan airflow when not hooked to mobo?
Swiftech MCX462+T Thermoelectric AMD cooler?
zalman 7000A-Cu VS non-A
Acceptable amounts of Thermal paste?
Looking for a watercooling kit for newb.
SP-97, but what fan?
Recommendation for Fans Galore ...
Super Flower Fan Master
Volcano 12+
Help! Mistake made with thermal tape
HD Temp question
Fluctuations with processor temps @ idle
fans in 5.25 in. bays?
What is the quietest case fan?
case fans blowing or sucking
ugh please help
Already Known, nut maybe usefull link
Filtering dust?
Panaflo 92mm Fans question
5 and 7 volt mods
Buying new pc, but not sure what kind of cooling products to get...
Need Some Input
Volt modding a blower.
Ideal Case Temps for Air Colling from ambient temp?
Delta 190cfm, aerogate 2 and high cfm neon case fans
"Open case with NO case Fans" or "Closed case with Case fans"?
Might be Ditching H20... need advice
Passive video cooling with a Shuttle case?
video cooling
New CPU!heat?
72c on video card
8rda+ northbridge at 45C!
TT extreme giant III... um.. whoa..
which releases heat faster
how much cfm for HDs?
Fan Filters
Diff between Hydro Wave Silent Boost and Ball Bearing Sb?
Panaflo H1A or L1A??
Cooling a 9800XT
Good Fan Controller
as5 cooling problems
How can I improve my airflow/temps?
best place for a temp prob.
Enermax 120mm Adjustable fan is great!!
Skt A Cooling.
feel the heat
Aerocool HT-101 installed
best heatsink for lee than $20
Best Case Scenario (No Pun Intended)
dryer sheets on a pc?
Alpha Pal8045u Vs. Slk700
looking for something better than hhc-001
Thermaltake Ducting Mod and SLK-800(A)??
Help! System dosnt even boot into bios!
Finishing Compound B4 you apply artic silver
Diamond heatspreaders
I got AeroCool HT 101
artic silver
slk 700 VS volcano 7+
Enermax 92mm question
which is better for air cooling
ALX 800, slk 800, or slk 900
ALPHA PAL 8045U and Tbred
Help with Swiftech MCX4000-T TEC....
The "I forgot to turn the pump on" horror story ...
Passively cooled Pentium 75?
Duct Question
Amazed that my computer has survived...
Stuff they use to stick cpu to heatsinks+fans
I love tornados!
Will Case Fans Help even if my Casing Remains open 24/7?
Lower Ambient Temps != Greater CPU Temps
ddr ram plate coolers?
New pump with no moving parts.
Looking for HSF for Athlon 1GHz
Wattage of case/cpu fans?
Whats a good NB hsf for an IS7-E
How much does 3.5g can fill?
SP94. What fan goes good with that?
What to use to remove thermal grease from Ex-Vapochill chip