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Can you splice thermal probe wire??
looking for cheap black 5.25bay fan controller for my system..advice
Thermalright Chipset Cooler for Videocards
SP97 + Aluminimum fan
Best low-profile 1u hsf?
HOLY CRAP! My SFII almost started on FIRE!!
Mobo Wall mod
Platinum heatsink / waterblock
Good mATX heatsink/fan for CPU?
What is the best cooler for a socket 478?
I just ordered 2!!
80mm case fans
gold dust?
Anyone know where to buy 3 pin molex connectors?
SP94 and IS7 chipset question
Vantec question:
New Antec case SWEET temps
P4 2.4c Stock Cooling O.Cing - Should I buy a new heatsink+fan?
30.10DBA 95CFM 120mm good or not
Where to find refrigiration cooling?
Tornado: 80mm vs. 92mm
Extra cooling for my gpu
tin snips question
Has anyone made a duct for Zalman 7000s?
How often do you oil your fans?
Valcano 10?
Thermalright SLK series heatsinks
Which is more accurate - bios temp monitor or MBM?
SLK-947U = worse than AeroFlow??
ahhh!! my blowers buzzing?!?!
thermalright new toy
CPU Heatsink Fan Combo
Interesting heatsink found
How many CFMs are needed for a given volume case (to get nice ambients)?
Vantec Aeroflow 1 or 2?
RIP: Smart fan two
Fan wire too short
120mm Case fans...
Why so Hot? Too Hot! (P4 3.0GHz)
Can this temp be right?
dismembering tornado
cutting hole for intake in windows - guide?
Help! Is it safe to ghetto rig this?
UK source for panaflo or Evercool 120mm's?
Whats the quietest and most airflow 60mm fan?
whats best 2 cool vmem ram?
MBM question. Got an answer?
Controlling 115v Fans
Newbie Xeon Question
Modify Fan holdings in the case?
Fans and amps
why are some fans noisy and others are not
where to get panaflo L 120mm
Portable air conditioners?
thermaletake ducting mod
cooling 2500+ barton in shuttle
Prescott Heat Help
Vcore stablity
CPU coolers compared !
just modded my 9800 with new HSF! 56k WARNING
Aero 7 Lite or HHC-001
Oh Woe is me...
92mm blower?
Aero 7+ or Jet 7?
Question Reguarding Thermalright SP 94
Thermalright northbridge cooler !
Need to cool my XP2800s
ThermalTake SilentBoost
ok i just completed the Intel Online Course for Thermaly Advantaged Chassis
My comp is WAY TOO LOUD!!!!
cpu shim for bartons?
My modded Radeon 9800 Pro (Large Pics)
It's newbie day for me *sigh* (Concerns installing in socket holes)
Thermal paste?
need advice
This made me laugh - Magic Sleeving Scroll!
Common knowledge is untrue!! Panaflo 120mm fans are NOT the best!!!
Mobo Wall Mod
Looking for a cheap fan controller
Questions regarding necessity of cooling mods...
Fan mod/placement in Antec P160.
Lapping Kit from easypckits.com
"Windtunnel" technology, has it been applied?
TT smart fan II question
ROFL cooling solution that makes you look like an idiot
Planning to build new computer
temp readings questions
Are the MOSFET heatsinks too big??
is this a DO or a DONT?
Heavy Zalman... whats going to break?
Whats the best way to clean the dust out of fan grills?
The search for the best deal on some Evercool Aluminum 120mm Fans!!!
SP97 arrived today and my 9700pro mod
Need a good cheap heatsink
thanks guys
In-Car Cooling
Will an SLK-900A fit my DFI NFII Ultra Infinity??
sp-97 placement????
Thermo sensors?
To Infinity and Beyond!
Need quick advice: SLK900A vs Zalman 7000Cu
Onboard sound and mobo temps
Need a suggestion regarding heatsink + mobo combination
Best Heatsink NOT requiring motherboard removal
Brand Name Temps?
delta 120mm on a Sp-97. Crazy or Insane?
Building an OC'd gaming system, please review and critique
THE BEST 80mm fan?
Performance decrease to remounting
heatsink instalation
new air duct idea
Could Use Some Help Cooling My System
Holy Heatsink Batman!
I Hate -!NOISY!- fans!!!
Lapping SP-97
hm, temp rise--big.
My water cooler (pics)
SP-97 problems
Okay, what's the WORST that could happen if my NB or NBHSF failed???
diode temps
Going back in time (cooling p3's)
Convince me to get a sp94 instead of a Zalman 7000.
Heat issues, Please help.
Finished case and cpu mod pictures!
Cooling Case Mod
Nail Polish Remover
Cooling for a Sony Vaio GRX-560 notebook
Full Tower Case Recommendation??
gfx card cooling
fried ram due to bad as5 application?
temp update
Is this my HDD or is it a fan?
Leadtek A170 Card Fan Dying (MX440)
Arctic VGA silencer or.....
Aerogate II/Panaflo fans
Enermax or Panaflow? (on slk-947U)
Thermaltake A1614 Subzero4G Thermo-Electric Cooling for Intel P4
heatsink/fan for 2.4C OC'd to 3.0-3.2 range?
Couple easy questions for guru's like you guys
If positive pressure is generally better...
dual cpu rig, one runs way hotter than the other
Dropped temps 2 degrees!!
grrr so confused
heatsinks (another one)
Some Ramsinks
fan on death bed...help me choose a new one
Fan Filters - fine or finer mesh?
A 6K fan will mess up your day. Seriously.
THIS could possibly be an emergency
Gigabyte 3d Cooler Pro - another heatpipe with radiator stack.
2.4B Intel Running Too Hot?
are these temps too high???
to HOT!!!!
What is the best northbridge heatsink + fan for A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 ?
A few cooling questions (AMD & GF3Ti200):
Thank You Overclockers.com!
Awesome Air Flow with Fans
who to trust?
6C load temp drop!
Best video card cooler for budget?
these temps look okay
Best budget sink?
Case fan of choice?
Temperature Oddity
New design for a Shroud
Graphics card area to hot
heat sink for a 1600+
P160 - High temp problems
Announcement: Shuttle cases may be reporting wrong temps
FAN sounds like a mofo
How good is this fan setup? Having high system temps!
Quietest cooling for the Pentium 4?
my friends hp is cooking, i need a good cheap heatsink
Stock fan enough to cool OCed 2600?
Cooling a Dual Oced..
X-Superalien Case
Looking for clip supports for a Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu
The AMD 2500 Stock fan
White Thermalright thermal paste
Remote Rf Thermometer
Getting an SLK-900A soon, need a fan recommendation.
Intel Heat Sink
Best blower?
fan position question
Xblower Surprise results!!!
SP-97 owners, what are your results?
RAID Cooler
Need assistance concerning SKL 900A
How To apply Heatsink to SB and Moffets???
Fan for sp94 that dosent sound like a jet
is it ok to use this with a fan controller?
how are the vantec orbs?
how good is cpuidle?
Nice load temps?
negative air pressure
Why am I crashing furing prime95?
Unusual increase in temp. Please help.
Volcano 7+ Question
How hard/dangerous is.......
What is the best HSF in your opinion...
need cheap HQ Socket A heatsink
high temps on slk-700?
Moving the power supply out of the case
laser thermometers
Really Stupid SMARTFAN II Question, Please Please Help
Which way do you duct?
For all the people who get big temp drops from ducting is your case air flow bad?
Thermalright SP-94 with blower installed pics.
Checking Temps problem
Tornado fun
Kingwin Copper Heatsink a pleasant surprise
Gigabyte GA-7VT600L running way too hot...
Does SLK-800A fit Socket 478?
question on fan speed controller...
Gfx Cooling
Air Pressure: Positive vs. Negative vs. Neutral
Is this too high?
whoops, lol
Software to check temps?
Type/size fan for SP-97
What on earth
Where can I get some Copper Heatsink for memory
Can someone please explain cfm to me?
High temps with SLK-947U!?
I say SmartFan 2s are OVERKILL!!!
Eliminating condensation
Should i lap my new slk-700?
when removing a heatsink
temp probe question
Smart fan-II
Question about Aero7+ heatsink
advantages to cooling southbridge?
??? Slk-700 causing a cpu beep code?
Cooling Tutorial
My new CoolerMaster 800mm fan came with a little green thingie attached to it. . .
EasyPCKits.com micro-review
Thermal Pad idle: 104 F --- AS5: 114 F WTF???
Zalman 7000A Cu or Therlamright SP 94 w/ 56cfm Panaflow
Dead NB fan
best socket a cooler?
Benefit of second fan in power supply ?
slk 947U question
ahhhh cooling fluid for the best of the best
Domb cooler solution
Best Temp monitor/fan controller
HELP - Fans have mind of their Own
SLK900U X-Plate In The Way?
DIY Quiet, cheap and effective fan adapter
Anyone else running a HT-101 HSF?
Fan controller in an Antec SLK3700
A little cooling theory...and whether i need a new cooling setup.
RAMsinks: Tape or Epoxy
Is this a good althon 64 cooler?
This just CANNOT be real
Awesome cooling
questions about Zalman cnps3100+
Things appear to be running very HOT. . .
Volcano 7+
Fan Controller Showdown: Vantec Nexus vs. Kingwin Thermal Center!!!
a bit worried - help! Heatsink is stuck to my CPU!!
Are ocz ultra 5+ any good?
temps keep rising after priming
Replacing my paste/fans - do I really need to?
NB cooling??
seems to be running rather hot
What is the best temperature sensor program?
Help me cool a Wavemaster
its official, im a fanboy
does da paste degade? hotter cpu temps suddenly
Super Vacuum suckage power
CPU Temps are hotter after trying higher vcore...???
New to custom building-Cooling Question
92mm fan
Any Have A Thermaltake Volcano 11+?????
Thermalright Model:SP-94
Advanced Prime95?
Bab methodology of delivering results
Copper Grease???????
Fan Noise
Db Noise
Free thermal tape sample.
Socket or Diode?
arctic cooling heatsinks ..any good?
I complete n00b to mods... help me...
A more-advanced cooling question
80 mm
Solder as thermal interface material?
quest for CHEAP hs/f
Best fan performance for 2.4c?
Question about amps and watts when modding a fan.
OEM Cooling question
is it ok to set a fan on top of a CD-rom drive?
Cooling Pics
Major A64 3400 cooling issues with friend's system...
Cheep cooling for 1900+
Lapping an SP94
Anybody apply AS5 on a Barton using the P4 method?
How hot is too hot for Video Cards?
(pseudo-) Diary of a newb [lengthy]
Is this a good fan controller?
graphics card fan....
Would this work as a heatsink?
custom heatsink idea... thoughts?
Which HS is better?
What heatsince to use on a Lanparty Ultra B
Some questions about ducting
Another question about cooling the mosfets ..
cooling question, i think
Thermalright p97
mounting a fan
Fan RPMs not displaying
a couple question on cheap heatsink
Any Antec P160/Panaflo 120mm/DFI Ultra Infinity owners??
Sp 94 or zalman 7000 for inwin 500?
Does this make any sense?
Normal temps??
SP94 or Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu
Weird temp behavior... worry or not?
High cpu temps?
Thermalright SP-94 with blower?
Nb cooling
Cooling system failure. Not what you think....
Too Much Arctic Silver?
questions on termalright heatsink for amd
Just Got My SP-94!
The Best 80mm Case Fan...
Good heatsinks for AMD?
Worse temps, should be better!
ALX-800 for 1700+
How easily do they burn up?
as5 question
Cpu 46c Idle/60c Load From Sys Temp?
I made the plunge!
Which should I go for vid card cooling?
Poll Wanabe: Everyday use Rig Temps (Intel)
modding a TC fan
Thermalright SP-97 on an A7N8X Deluxe
MBM 5 High Readings?....Help Please
Another reason for using a DUCTED side-panel fan
Emergency NEED HELP
help with case/cpu cooling ideas?
Abit Temps
does this serve purpose or is it a joke?
Anyone has used this finishing compound?
SLK-900-U Fan Mounts
Weird problem, anyone else got it?!?
Epoxy vs. Thermal pads REALLY URGENT
Zalman installed incorrectly?
HD Cooling
will 80mm case fan work on hs
hardcano 12 is out
removing the fan grids
How should CPU fan be oriented?
Finished Sysetm... pics!
SP-97 results
Mosfets Cooling with Duct (kinda)
Is this a crazy idea? [ghetto cooling]
Front Fans won't fit?
Video Card Fan Sound...
Is there a guide anywhere on proper temp diode placement?
Fitting a 120mm delta into a h700c
Lower idle but higher load...
Thermalright SP94 question
antec server case or similar (cheiftec?)
Anybody know of a good, high cfm 92mm fan that also LOOkS GOOD?
2.4 celeron temp voltage
bios temp vs mbm temp reading
Cleaning Thermal Grease
I got some thermal paste .
artic silver 5
New Cooler
I can't get this system to cool off...
top air hole
What have you done to your PC-65's top blowhole?
All copper Xdream socket A cooler?
Listen up, 92mm Tornado sounds...
NB Cooling?
looking for good fan controler
HELP! Diagnosing heat related problem...
Zalman CNPS7000A-AICu cooling fan
Cooling down a 130Watt peltier with a heatsink.
Good Canadian site?
sp 94 results
are lian-li pc-65 fans significantly louder than L1A's?
Hardcano help
SLK-700 and 80mm fan
quick question about weird smell
Torin Blowers...impressed!
Duron 1.3 Heatsink on a 2500 Barton?
will the 9700pro/w ZM80C-HP fit on the nf7-s 2.0??
need advice on fan placement
TEC, phasechange, waterchill, bong? Which?
Damn what HS to get???
building my own pc
SIent PC
MBM vs. Hardware Doctor.Wich one to believe?
What are reasonable temperatures?
help me out with air flow
Blow Hole!
reliability of manufacturer specs? (namely thermaltake)
thermalright ALX 800 question
Panaflo 92mm H1A Question
overheating maybe
Took Dremel to case - results follow ...
Installing case fans
Silent air mover: Ionic Breeze
Which HSF To Put In a Lian-Li Pc60
Wanna break 2.7 on mobile bartons for $100 spent for cooling.
advantages of running fan at an angle to heat sink?
Where can I get Tornados!?
Thermalright oldies but goodies - get your bargains here!
Panaflo L1A's for Chieftec dragon case?
Iceberg 4 or 80C?
dull or shiny??????
Just use an electric drill.
Loop Heat Pipes
Hooking up my X-Superalien fan controllers?
Mercury as a TIM
first time water cooling
Burn-in Program
Is a Fan's CFM rating the best measure of its performance?
South and Northbridge cooling
HSF combo question
Replace Fans?
what size fans?
Drilling holes on cases
9*C Difference between readings?
good, cheap, quiet 120mm fan
mbm5 (CPU socket vs. CPU Diode)
Zalman 7000-CU on a DFI 875Pro?
I Think this is kinda weird...
Sk7 -----> Slk947/sp97?
Are the FMI thermal pads from compusa adhesive!!!!???
Looking for an SK-7?
Best Cooling Soultion
Interesting kit that can be made at home
Temp too high with p4+Zalman ALCU?
Peltier Q
Which heatsink for my board?
Replace PSU fans, or buy new PSU?
system temp?
help with.. Cooler Master Aerogate II
PSU Exhaust...
Good, quieter 80mm case fans?
PSU cooling?
SLK 800 mod
Does a geforce2 REALLY need a heatsink?
NB cooling on a p4c800e-deluxe....
thermal probe placement on videocards
Enermax 120x25mm performance as claimed?
HELP! Cooling noob needs advice
need help finding something for experiment
Good hsf - in germany
just ordered my sp 94
EXOS false alarms ?
RM for 947U isnt going well
heatsink fan suck or blow?
thermal paste which one??
Anyone have the Enermax 120mm?
HS Idea
my mod to my case
it's never cool enough!
The ELUSIVE Panaflo 120mm U1A
Ocing Athlon Fx-51
Cheap, decent, and quiet $50ish case? No PSU or fans needed.
panaflow H1A
a pic of my MCX478-V w/ Panaflo
amd 2800+ Barton temps
Im Gloating a bit
Cleaning My Processor
How to make an Opteron Heatsink and fan work for my pc
? about SLK947 installaion
power went out, fan blows mad air
Picking out CPU heatsink/fan! Need adivce!
Northbridge Cooling Recomendation
swiftech 159P Will this fit?
fifth grade science fair
Could I put a SLK-900a on an AMD K6-2 350MHz?
The best Heatsink Cooler for Case Modding ever
Need help to choose Cooling for my 1800 JIUHB DLT3C
slk-700 or slk-800
New Cooling System, Not Overclocking!
Nb Cooling
is this posible
Good Pressure?
Thermalright SLK900A
new heat sink + fan for barton 2500+