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Good, quieter 80mm case fans?
PSU cooling?
SLK 800 mod
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my mod to my case
it's never cool enough!
The ELUSIVE Panaflo 120mm U1A
Ocing Athlon Fx-51
Cheap, decent, and quiet $50ish case? No PSU or fans needed.
panaflow H1A
a pic of my MCX478-V w/ Panaflo
amd 2800+ Barton temps
Im Gloating a bit
Cleaning My Processor
How to make an Opteron Heatsink and fan work for my pc
? about SLK947 installaion
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swiftech 159P Will this fit?
fifth grade science fair
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slk-700 or slk-800
New Cooling System, Not Overclocking!
Nb Cooling
is this posible
Good Pressure?
Thermalright SLK900A
new heat sink + fan for barton 2500+
I'm a little cold here
Will this fit an Opteron?
52c @ idle
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer: Revision 2?
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After lapping..flatness check?
Nexus AXP-3200 Quiet Athlon XP?
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Side blow hole FYI
Thermoelectric Cooling
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thermal adhesive
System Fans
The Rise of the Temps.
WARNING! Removing factory heat sink
quick question
Fan Controller modding
Bad Case Fan Grill Designs
Building a duct
I need a 80mm x 15mm fan
SP-94 Check this out!
92mm on XaserIII
What are the best ramsinks?
Daddy's NEW water cooled rig.....(OHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAA)
sp97 small washers
antex style case(80mm) fit 92mm fans?
What's a good fan controller?
too many cpu fans to choose, please help
Which of these 3 SLK's should I pick up?
Phase change materials -- which temperature is best?
Intake and exhaust fans selection?
40 mm high output fans, know any?
Air cooling 2.4c
Get Great Temps Now!!!
fan not running correctly
this fan controller ok?
seen/used this rare thermal compound?
Case fan configuration
25c difference between system and cpu
Attn: The Fanman :)
Athlon 2400+ temps...
Lapping reqired grits?
Decently quiet cooling for my Barton, this do the job?
AC Fans and magnetic fields?
good enough for 2.1ghz?
H1A 7V noise
Video Card RAMsinks
please recommend a quiter fan for ALPHA 8045
I know this has problbly been asked before
fan tuning?
G5 Fans?
Amds hsf?
Would this be a good dremel to....
Case and Cpu cooling
Ceramique Question
speed control
How often to replace As5?
Recommend Cooling Fan
Disappointed with SLK900A performance
chipset fan
antec true control 550
how do you have your case fans off until a certain temp is reached?
Can someone recomend a pair of fans.
ram heatspreader
Computer Turning off every 2 games in warcraft 3 due to WHO KNOWS WHAT???!
Lapped Volcano 11+ with artic silver on a 1900+ and A7V333 are my temps high?
CPU fan on video card
cooling old cpu's
Too heavy for NF7-S Southbridge?
zalman cnps7000a-cu question.
Video card fan making noise
Drilling holes in copper? Cutting heatsinks? etc?
Need the best 120mm fan for WC
Thermaltake Giant III - where to buy?
Ye cursed slk-947u?
CPU Cooling
Gigabyte 3D cooler Pro GH-PCU21-VG
Cheapest place to get heatsink lapping surface?
I am very lucky
Washer Placement Sp-94 Pic
oscillating fans
DIY fan speed controller?
Whats a good temperature for stock P4?
120MM to 80MM
Cooling Science Fair Project
Need a new hsf for my Ti4600
Athlon 64 3200 and cooling question?
Case type question, involves Carbon Fiber...
anyone modded a vantec aeroflow to use a higer cfm 80mm fan?
does anyone reccomend lapping?
Coolermaster Fans?
Looking for Best CPU Cooler
high low siren on NF7-S cause of temps???
Side on side off?
Heatsink for a Soyo K7ADA
Moved PSU
SLK-974U question, missing part?
w00t reduced my temps by 10C
Really quiet fans
Thermaltake case Cooling
Microcool Northpole - any experience?
Antec SLK3700 Case Question
Faulty Sesnor?
(This is a resurrected OLD thread) OCZ not using silver in thermal paste
thermaltake spark 7
How Can I Control My Vantec Tornado
Is Glue Bad for passive Northbridge heatsink?
theoretical question
Is having no forced Exhast Okay?
Question about thermal sensors..
Jab-Tech and Sp-94
Slot fan position
is it ok to unplug CPU fan for a second?
Question for Fanman or any who own Hardcano 9
Applying As 5
Pure Positive Pressure?
As5 question
are they any decent sub $20 heatsinks?
Aero 4
Maybe I missed Something @ SP-97
how do i regulate a fans speed?
Would You use AS3 or Artic Alumina?
Cooler Master AERO 7+ AMD t/m XP3200+
Crap. Need help with Fan asap
cooling advice
How is this? Areo 7 Lite???
is my fan placement ok? And HELP with wire managment!
Aerocool Hercules good enough for 2500+ barton
How would I lengthen my psu power lines?
air cooling
WOW.. Thermalright has the best customer service ever!
Radeon cooling mod tutorial.
alpha cna-462
are heatspreaders FLAT?
installing panaflo made my system hotter!?
Fan Questions
cooling NB
I just istalled vantec aeroflow...
Fan Help, Desperate Need
thermalright heatsink and vantec tornado
My NB heatsink doesn't touch the NB?
apple g5 cooling
Intake fan required ?
Thermal Paste observation..
Not another SF2 ):
Temp sensor equipment
thats some thick shieet!?!
Ceramique or As3
How much as5 on gpu?
cold outside air duct now inside
possible to lap an amd cpu core?
Ducting/Cooler kit
Fan bracket in place of PCi slot blanks?
fresh idea?
Cooling my CPU
mounting my delta 120mm monster?
New 80mm fans for XaserIII
This would work sooooooo nice on an slk 947U hehehehe
OC'ing the 2500+ -> 3200+ speeds
SP-94 vs. CNPS7000A-Cu
Power Supply temps
usb fan
Are my temps high?
Absorption Cooling
need some artic stuff
I need a good non thermalright heatsink
Question about condensation
OMG guess what i found on my hp hs
Case Fan Question
Need help eliminating dust!
Heatsink mount
Budget cooling?
cleaning with vodka
fx5600 hsf
Lian Li temp probes
Antec smart fan question
Best method of attaching removable RAMsinks?
What is the verdict on the ALX-800?
CompuNurse Dual LED Sensor..anyone use this..
Fan Question
Whats wrong here?
copper heatspreaders on back of ddr safe to do?
Thermaltake Slim Volcano 10+ Question
good memory heatsinks
i just ordered VANTEC AEROFLOW VP4-C7040
Calling all Thermalright SP-97 & SP-94 users!
Has anyone had any proplems with ArticSiver 5
What Can I do to Improve My Temps
Is this too hot?
Will 92mm tornados fit in xaser 2 case?
How much of a difference does it make when AS "breaks in"?
How can I get my PC silent?
:Got New case, fan mount question*-*
POST Zalman 7000A-CU temperatures (if have one)
Thinking of a new case
Fan help
New computer and heat? problem
What's going on??
Thermal adhesive - cooler problem
Ramsinks&mosfets with thermal tape ok?
What makes you hotest?
Temperature checking
Front fan mod
Temp Drop!
Video Card RAMsinks.
Newbie rig, air cooled monster, a& some Linux tips
thermocontrolled case fans mod
gfx card watercooling
Advice needed
fan question
Coolermaster Aerogate 1 fan controller
Fan Shopping...kinda
Which kind of sandpaper is better for Lapping?
Good heatsink and fan for AMD 2500+ o/c
PCI Slot fan brackets?
Fan adapter needed ?
Cooling problem
Mosfet heatsinks are they worth it?
new CPU hs
how much cash spend on case fans?
Good CPU cooling?
using 2 docting mod to get fresh air
Side fan needed or not?
Where to hook up fan wire?
Temperature probes
do they make fan speed controllers for four pin fans?
Cooling solution for a 2500+?
Thermaltake Smart&Silent Volcano 9
HD cooling? These any good?
A newbie electronic question.
radio shack thermal goo- how long does it last?
any way to attach 80mm tornado onto thermaltake volcano 6 C+
Case door fan mounting: How?
New 80 mm case fans
Anybody seen these?
Fan question
Temp Problems
4-pin to 3-pin
Cooling the 256 9800XT
good case with psu under $100
Artic Silver 5 over 3?
need help deciding on cooling
Temps in good range?
dig. temp monitor for 3.5?
Air cooling heaven
Vantec AeroFlow VP4-C7040
Panaflos question
exaust/psu fans cause turbulance 2 cpu
Cooling the AMD Athlon64 fx51
OCZ Issues Recall of Ultra 2 Thermal Compound
What do you gys think
help cool my 9700pro
What Case fans u think.
Zalman CU-7000A and Abit - NF7
mcx478-v... boy, was it a bad choice
HA HA cool!
Application ,ethod for AS5
Enermax 92mm v. Panaflo H1B
How loud is a Tornado (92mm) at half speed?
Eek Sp-94
condensation discussion for cold air intakes
just got a 80mm Tordado and my temps r down 2 14C
Can't get heatsink on, don't know what to do
grrr... fan = loud!
NB fan replacements possibly a 60mm fan?
Sp-97 overclockers.com review
artic silver adhesive
Covering the holes on my Sonata
Northbridge Fan Replacement
post your temps
thermal grease AND contact cement?
SK-7 modding
Best Heatsink for Barton 2500 to overclock?
Is this a good setup?
water cooling vs/ fan cooling
Can't decide on a fan
Arctic Silver 5 or Ceremaique?
NB Fan replacement for stock NF7-S POS cooler.
Just Purchased SP 94
Maximum Air Coolage
Can videocard overheating cause system reboot?
Water cooler size
Hard driver cooling?
What is "ambient" temperature?
Help with my heatsink fan (smart fan 2)
What is a surface that I can lap on that is around my house?
sp-97 with 92mm fan and AS5... 49c...
MCX478-V SWIFTEC, Where to buy in CA today ?
Prepping to put SP-94 on P4C800-E
CPU Diode temp with a7v333
Quiet HSF for xp2100
Thermalright SP-94/97
Swiftech heatsink and 'Tornado''80mm, is it true?
"Silver Thermal Pastes - Buyer Beware!"
i got my package
Chiller for water cooling
Blow hole Under MoBo
Alpha PAL 8150 + 80mm tornado =
NB heat
"Artic Silver" thread, was it pulled?
Ghetto cooling
Dont understand why I get 62C under load?
Quieter-than-delta 80x25mm HO fan...
What are blow holes?
PSU, Fan question
Serious problem, Computer shuts down during games with brand new volcano 11+
Pic of Ownage Cooling Setup
92mm to 60mm fan adapters
CPU Duct Materials?
Suggestions for thin 120mm fan?
Nothing works
Compaq 7500 boards
Asus probe question
antec fan sensor wire?
Help with Zalman CNPS6000-Cu
My dell spl at avg of 56 db
chassis fan
Another quick AS3/5 question
MBM, BIOS, and ASUS Probe agree but..
sweet fan
Trying to cool down my system, need some tips...
Uber modding skillz
good place to get fan for laptop
Value of thermalright...
My Rig Pics
temp\fans questions..
Enermax Fans
alternative methods of cooling
Best round UV IDE cables?
Best Heatsink/Fan for an overclocked Socket 370 Celeron?
92mm fan for Thermalright AX-478 ?
mobo temp readings
New here and need some direction
Best fan for a SLK-900A?
heat sink mod question
Quiet 120mm Case Fan?
A Successful Modification of an SLK947-U on a Shuttle AN35N Ultra Motherboard
are these temps ok?
Heatsink fan
Lian-Li PC-75/b Question
Additional Cooling PSU related
4 pin to 3 pin adapters?
i have the loudest fan in town
Idea for cooling. Hook up my only intake fan to ice.
Arctic Silver
Thermalright HS & KT7A
taking heatsink off processor
Fan Vibration!
Processor heat sink fan mod
Stock Pentium4 Heatsink
Volume knob as rheostat
Vantec Iceberg or Iceberg 4?
Temps On Sp 94 Heatsink
Chipset fan
How to cut holes on case for fans?
7Volt mod on variable fans?
Temperature Monitoring
bolt pattern measurements on mobos
Thermalright SLK-900A or ALX-800?
Just installed "NorthPole" (Few ?'s)
Cat Hair!!!
Check out these insane temps
Power Unit "NEED" motherboard?
budget cooling
what hdd cooling device do U use?
AI7 users, which Thermalright HS?
best fan for heatsink?
Koolance PC2-601 radiator fan replacement
Water or Air?
Thermal paste opinion
getting dust out of heatsink?
case temperature??
SLK800U+92mm Panaflo vs. Zalman CNPS7000Cu
Abit IS7 2.4C with Zalman 7000 Alcu - Cooling Issues
where to buy a artic cooler?
Zalman CNPS7000A & 8RDA+ ?
ti4200 stock heatsink
WTF? I can hit 992.9 mhz fsb, but not 1ghz?
Installed new stuff! Got new questions...
Dustyy Dusty dusty
Another new case suggestion???? 120 mm
Which grades of sandpaper to use for Lapping?
CPU temp is out of control - help!!
Do I really "need" 4th fan for side panel?
Intake Fans...
Alternative for thermal compound?
Thanks To Vrykyl!!!
Should I Tighten the Screws on My SP-97?
Question about modding a video card... please take a look.
Fan decision time!
Problems overclocking, do I need active northbridge cooling?
Jet7 Fan
Help With New Heatsink.
Need New Cooling
slk700 enough for barton 2500+ cpu?
I want QUIET!
my hand lapping experience
Measuring case airflow?
broke a piece off my case fan...
Chill Vent
A new cool HS design from GigaByte!!!
Is this normal?
fan to choose for front inlet?
CPU Temps Lower than MOBO Temps???
Does anyone understand this bizarre temperature behaviour??
I wonder if a VGA Silencer can be modded to fit a TI4600?
Variable speed fan recommendation?
Cheap heatsink
Intel Stock cooler?
New System, Need Help Cooling
My new temps
Just installed a SLK 900A
How is the Arctic Silver Ceramique?
AS5 question
Tiger 1 NB cooler work on IC7?
Bad thermalright experience
Different Voltages with the 'pyramid' ??
Installed SP-94, temps are same
CM Aero7+ position & orientation
fans for MB?
Petrolium Jelly
N2 cooling?
Extreme Volcano 12
Thermalright SP-97
Lappping Question
Little heat Probes
Custom Case : Fan Placement. Need your help ..
Witch cpu cooler should i buy.....
Silent cooling for a duron at hopefully 2.0Ghz
pretty darn cold!
Another Happy SP94 owner!
Nforce2 chipset heatsink
anybody used one of these?
Fan Controllers.
waaa, my ear..., do i have ears?
best water cooling setup?