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Is Antec Lanboy a good case???
Zalman NB heatsink with copper block
when i get a heatsink i need a fan with it?
Fridge cooling unit any good?
Case FAN (80 x 25) YS-Tech 1281259B-2F
HELP!! How to re-attach southbridge cooling???
Is 48cfm enough for an SP-94?
Swifty MCX nothbridge clearance issue with zalman videocard heatsink
Index of high cfm 92mm fans
60mm or 80mm
My case and fans question?
p4 stock cooling better then amd stock cooling?
Reliable Temperature readings?
P4 Processor Lapping Question?
what Fan do you recommend with the sk7 thermaright heatsink?
I 'NEW' believer in HIGH quality TIM
24v 1a fan controler
Why so hot?!?!?!?!
Considering a Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu HSF
newer version of tornado?
what to do with a broken fan...
Cooling after?
Looking for a HSF - the Gigabyte 3D Cooler Pro
pls suggest 92mm fan for my new SP-94
what does "folding" mean?
socket temp sensor vs. digidoc
Best site to buy thermalright heatsinks
Post your heatsink cities!
can i trust this? lol
[midly panicing] Which to believe - Asus Probe or MBM
Zalman 7000 Copper Cooler
Thermal Pad & Paste Removal and Application
Searching for a good fan..
Swapping Fan motor...Possible?
Got My SP-97...Results & Pics
home made dust filter with panyhose, best way?
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer v. Homemade copper HS?
will this thermaright be enough for my amd 2500?
My temps... uhh...
Need some fan advice.
What's a good cooling for Barton2500
And it stoned me PC70
the best cooler for amd 2500 barton??
Removed my fan grills today - pics
How do I post pics?
clamps versus bolts (SLK As versus Us)
good cooler for amd 2500 barton overclock
New Thermalright SP97, & where to buy
Is Barton 2500's Stock HS good enough?
Lapped SLK-947U
Vantec Spectrum Fan Card
What is a good 60mm fan?
Thermalright SP-98?
Getting rid of the thermal pad
Mofset Cooling
whats wrong with my cooling setup?
AMD motherboards to keep the same hole location?
Update ur ASUS pc probe!!!
Hard Drive cooling
48c celly!?!?!?
Coolin question
Too hot?
Do i need a blow-hole?
best deal on quiet fan?
Antec TP and TECs
Case fans?
can i epoxy the Heat Sink to the CPU?
Cooler Master AERO 7+ good cooler?
what cooler to get for amd 2500 barton overclocking
is it hard to install a cpu cooler?
SP94 + AS5 + Panaflo 92mm H1b + Suma = happy Ritalin
therm pad
Esiest way to...
AS5 - Traditional Spread or New Dab
anyone hear reviews of this hsf?
4700 Mhz stable record?
Whats a coldplate?
High Temps?
Xaser 4 is Out Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quick question: Old at connector
THE air cooling solution
10C increase with no additional overclock?
Cooling ducts on a dually?
Dust prevention and the Effects of
applying mosfet heatsinks
Extra Case Cooling
New Zalman heatsink Installed!
new p4 rig
Back of the socket.
My pump quits after 30 min? please help...
god bless round IDE cables
Temp rise after lapping and AS5?
Going for a new air-cooling record!
Question about the YS Tech TMD Fan.
another fan location
Attaching nb heatsink
What to change?
future cooling mod idea
Good results with sp97 and as5
too many heatsinks laying around, modding time
Iternesting solution
U-Turn Case Airflow
Heatshrink and sleeving question
A question about Thermal Grease
Ghetto Front Fan Mod *PICS*
Cooling Advice, Which HS ?
mosfet cooling
HELP! Installing a temp sensor on CPU
Quick answer needed!
Aero Cool Deep Impact DP-102
Oddly High CPU Temp
Check out this Ghetto Fan I "Found"
My cpu fan exploded
Just installed SP-97
Volcano 12
PCI Blowers
Do you "tint" with AS5?
BGA RAM sinks: aluminum or copper?
92 mm tornado-life back to an old hs
hypothetically speaking
Lapping the SP-94
How do you know when you thermal compound is breaking down?
Are My Fans fighting each other?
New Microcool ChipSink line
Watercooling but I live in a cold place?
Chipset cooling
An idea or two from a site newcomer
No excuse NOT to do this simple mod!
CRAZY high CPU temps.
which will cause more heat?
Good Idea? (LED fan on SLK-900(a))
northbridge too hot?
are these GOOD temps?
do we or can we have a standard for cpu temps?
A new Aircooling Low??
Thermaltake ducting mod - effective?
Which cpu cooler for r9700?
stock amd 2500 heatsink
Need a better heatsink
Will I get better results if I remove the fan on the MCX159-P if,,
SP-97 Review?
FX5600 Fan
Cooling Problem
aerogate 2 and smartfan 2
Cooling an OC'd LAPTOP???
Omfg, i did it RIGHT this time!
Whats a good polish for lapped copper HS
The truth about AS-5 settling in
Sooo... Whats the best heatsink for the money now..
Noob to cooling and need suggestions
Arctic Silver is good, eh? How do I clean my white stuff?
Thermalright ALX-800 with 92mm Tornado fan or Thermaltake A1745 Volcano 12?
Heatpipe Solutions
WHOLLY MOLEY! AS5.. Didnt know what i was missing =D
Killing the fans for a download
Break in period w/ AS5--what to do?
Need good heat sink
Someone Help Me With Airflow Problems
Arctic Silver 5
CPU Intake Hole
lol at these temps plz help
which temp to trust?
New Lian-Li install (warning 56K)
Gigabyte 3D Cooler-Pro
Why Everyone should buy Thermalright
Overvolted aero?
Where to find replacement fan for Slot 1 PIII heatsink?
What could be causing high load temps at stock speeds???
Swiftech MCX159 on Radeon 9700 Pro?
Just bought a zalman 7000a-alcu
P4 Spark 7+ ??
How thin is too thin?
Heatsink recommendations?
volts & temps
39c or less on air?
Pyramid Smart fan controller
Computer Cooling Solutions
Heatsink/CPU Cleaning
fan on ti4600 died
Determining CFM's
Praetorian Airflow *-| semi 56k warn |-*
will a nxp-201 fit in a SLK3700?
my temps just jumped 7 degrees idle......WHY?
Does OC'ing reduce the life of components?
Starting voltage with Delta SHE
Heatsink /W Fan need for a moded Case
Fan Controller for Smart Fan II's
cooling Radeon 7200 lol.
COMBO: fan grilles AND Thermalright questions...
Need Help with HS Fan
Need help w/ install of my sp-94?
best heatsink?
is Thermaltake SILENT BOOST a good thing for 2100+
kick ass new fan at SVC
what should i do?
new 160m 240v monstar
MOD a thermal-controlled fan to blow at FULL SPEED
EASY INSTALL + Good Performance P4 Cooler
Water Cooling - interesting thing !
Fan Vibrations Making Me MAD
Thermaltake And/Or Thermalright ?!?
more intake or more exhaust?
goop heat resistance
I can't beleive it, but I shall
Good emergency cooler.
what ever happened to that counter-rotationg fan SSS was gonna use on a NB heatsink?
overclocking help
Sort this one out if you can: 40mm fan+NB HS
Power Connections for more fans
CDRW Cooling?
Cleaning CPU and AS information
New HSF Question
FYI 92mm Tornado
Quiet heat sink
Weird O/C Problems - please help
what size thread is a coke bottle
northbridge mod
Mod the Thermaltake Smart Fan I to blow FULL SPEED
SB is hot, hot HOT!
Easy question for you guys ...
Which temp to watch in MBM
HDD stacked heat concern
Mosfet Cooling Confusion
how to galvanize stuff?
spark 7+ results
Sp-94 installation
now takeing recomendations for a socket A heatsink
How much better is AS vs. White Stuff?
SLK-947U on an epox EP-8rgm2i
Ram sinks for a 9800 pro?
Gaskets and Dragon/Antec cases...
mega hot cpu temps :(
HELP - Installing Case Fans
Help with temp sensor
Northbridge cooler
fan boffins
fan on HDD
Is this a good deal? (Heatsink and Fan combo)
Simple Heatsink Question (Like which one i should buy)
Advice Needed!@!$@#!
Newbie Cooling Help
No system Fan?
3D Cooler-Pro???
killing the high pitched whistle
Simple Question: Artic 5 or Ceramique?
Fan RPM Problems.
"Air Blast" Case cooling theory?
Tornado and Thermaltake fan bus?
nForce2 boards and temperature accuracy - anyone have any info?
Results with Volcano 10 & AS5 !!!
Do you know a way to mount this to a socket a
which fan for my slk947..
Is this an upgrade in cooling?
thoughts about SWIFTECH MCX462-V
Fan question
SLK947U and Abit NS-7 MB
Need A Fan Controller
Socket 754 Heatsinks... where?
Is My Cpu Temp Too High????
Need assistance please
Thermal paste shock resistance
To water or to Peltier, or both that tis the question
Took of my 9600pro's HS+F today...
Watercooling Fx-51/9800xt
Case Fans
9500 np Cooler
another case fan choice question
how to change cpu fan speed?
Positive case pressure question
I like it loud! But cool
Loud Antec Sonata... ideas?
ASUS Probe question...
Winter is here, who else is gonna use this to their advantage?
Attatching Ramsinks w/ White glue?
Fan question (related to 2x fans on a shroud)
Reputation of this HSF?
Diaper cream is like HCC?
Is 52 @ full load too high to run constantly?
Panaflo as CPU fan
Got wacky temp readings?.. see here.
case cooling with foams?
Duct on slk-900a -- removing deadspot
Can someone help with this
Attaching heatsinks to my radeon 9800 pro
HSF and MotherBoard Problem
SP-97 on Basic NF7?
Best Panaflo for an SP-97, 80mm or 92mm?
Need advice on cooling...
71 C and holding
CPU temp Drop??
Started purchasing WC Parts, need some advice.
extreme temps on my P4, not even oced!
mbm5 & shut down
need some advice on my 2200+
P4 2.8C Heatsink
Where to buy thermal tape?
thermaltake chipset blower
Aerocool Deep Impact 102 cpu cooler
Temp software
Putting a heatsink on the SB, correct?
Bios Temps and voltage software
Is the case color make a big impact
which zalman hsf better?
Flipped the fan on my Volcano 11+
lets see some thermalright SP-94's in action
OMG!! The difference silver makes!
Fan for an SLK947U
Blowed Hole Vs. Drilled Hole
Zaleman problems
Heatsink Pads
My Brpther-in-law is setting up a dual AMD board need cooling help
my nasty temps with zalman 7000cu/barton2500 again
P2 passive cooling
Air cooling problem, not getting temps I expected
Anyone have a X-SuperAlien Case?
Am I lapping it wrong?
Athlon 2400+ on a Volcano 5
Thermaltake silent boost
more fans and more fans
Black marks on bottom of new thermalright heatsink?
Need Heatsink Suggestion
what kind of fan should i get for 2100+ under $25
geforce cooling modification
correct Prime95 usage?
CPU Temps normal?
Thermalright SP-94 question
Install hard drives backwards to help cooling and hide wires?
Iceberq4 Pro, too big for NB
phase or water?
Christmas plea
hows the Coolermaster Aerogate II
best artic silver spread..
Back panel stock fan grills
Bad Cooling with my SP-94
Watercooling in Antec Super Lanboy
Eliminating air bubbles
Powering a 24vdc fan??
Help mounting my Zalman CNPS7000-CU
Duron Cooling Questions
help with cooler noise question -thx
My cooling plan, is it any good?
top blow hole
Overclocking troubleshooting
That C/W thingy .......
Over Heating!!!
Temps Dont Stay
Thinking hard about going Pelt
! ! ! - Happy Holidays - ! ! !
what are good fans to get for a new pc...
Do I need to lap? (sp-97)
Do fan adapters really help?
Cooling advice needed.......
How can you tell if NorthBridge is too hot?
Temp Readings..
Fan question
goo gone?
case modding
diode temps
2 cords on fan?
What to OC to please
cpu fan
mcx4000 vs 947u which is better
"Motherboard" Temperature
Looking for good 80mm fans?
Resistor for Fan control?
Heatsink...no room
which HSF should i get?
cheapest fans
Hows this thermal paste??
enermax fan controller and vantec tornado
P4 1.3ghz running at 94 degrees celsius. Error with the bios temp readings?
peltier cooling a water reservoir
How many ramsinks should I buy?
Look at this big ass HS
have any one used those side way fans?
If You’re Hard Core, You Need This...
Do they make 90 degree fan deflectors or ducts
No change in temp, stock or OC
Part 2 Of my Cooling Quest
Best modestly priced heatsink?
HS doesn't cover chip
Thermalright SP-97 Advice
Attaching Thermaltake Temp Probe?
In need of the ultimate :-)
How to cool SB?
Coolermaster Aero 7+, good?
volt mod case fans
Overclocking with a Sonata
Which heatsink/fan
Hard Drive cooling for cd-rom
Question about temporary HSF
Trying to decide from these HSF units.
My lanboy ^^
Would these CPU fans/heatsinks work with a 2500+ Barton?
Thermal probe questions
70mm fan (VERY high cfm)
AS5 VS AS creme stuff
74c with zalman cnps7000a-cu during prime95?
Arctic Silver Ceramique dangerous for cpu
Volcano 9 on an intel?
Thermal grease how long to breaking?
LianLi PC60 cooling ?
Thermaltake Blue LED Smartfan
NF7-S NB Passive Cooling Possible?
2 HDD right next to each other?
big fan controller?
Overclocking the 2500+ with an aeroflow...
cooling opinions.
I am so happy
2 pin connector -> 3 pin connector
R134A some time, a compressor, let the cold times roll.
·Mounting Qs·
CPU Fan pushing or Pulling???
Vantec 92 mm tornado
lapping Northbridge HSF
Case cooling questions?
120mm to 92mm adapter and s-94
Attaching fan to heatsink question
Thermal Grease or pad?
Good CPU fan/heat sink?
Can I use passive cooling on a P233
OC'ing my Celeron 2.4ghz- very very newbie
SLK-900A / 92mm fan ducting
Intel Heatsink
92 mm Vantec on a swifech
MAX temps p4 can handle
Aquarius 2 questions?
Replacing loud fan on slk-900
Sound is the name of the game
AS-5 is not what I expected!
cooling a radeon 9500
7v fan mod
Fan controllers
Best SP-94 fan
Cooling for a T-bird 1400 and an Athlon XP 2100?
Hydrx Coolant or Redline water wetter Coolant?
Good Barton temps for server?
7v mod on Thermaltake Volcano 7+
Thermaltake Smart Case Fan II Sensor Question
the $5 duct mod i got in thailand
northbridge cooling (water)
Down graded from Vapo to SP-94...are my temps right?
splicing rpm sensors on fans
northbridge cooling
Active memory cooling....any suggestions?
zalman heatpipe zm80C help
Should i cut off these grills
Heat sensors, where to place them best?
Vantec IceBurq4
Simple Request. Recomendation for a P4 Heatsink
help with teflon tape
Help about fans and HS
Little Advice Please!
What are your thoughts on Volcano 12
Help- making cool air intake
Lapping the Crystal Orb
attaching Zalman CU7000 to a radeon
HSF on SB75G2
On a tight budget? $9 Speeze FalconRock cooler works great!
Swift Tech MCX478 and MCX462 Difference
help with slk 900a HS
Quiet Fans!?!?
Quiet Fans!?!?
mcx4000- temps too high
Cpu temperature?
What temp for NB is too high?
Question on HSF
Mod An SLK947U
got my 900A, what a difference!
Cleaning a Heatsink
Overclocking my Shuttle SB 51G - newbie
IHC-H71 (6000 rpm)
Fan Controller for big fans
Thermalright for P4 2.4
would this work ?
shroud building tips
better at 35-40 dbl - Tornado or Panaflo ?
Oc'd amd XP 2500+ running 51 celcius??
BIG heatsinks
Need help NF7 Compatability Issues with CNPS7000-Cu
Dihydrogen Dioxide (Hydrogen Peroxide)
help with heatsink choice
What are your temps w/ SP-97?
Which Temps are the right ones?