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Wacky temp readings on nf7-s
Temp.diff core/hs?
How Would I
Temperature at heatsink
Arctic Silver Ceramique
TMD Fan noise ?
80mm Aluminum Fan ???
Cool Your System 5 Degrees Celsius!!!
are light up fans any good?
New compound
smal cooling for sb?
Aluminum/Copper HSF vs Copper HSF
Everyone on this forum should make a duct, 10*C - 12*C drop!!!
HAHA... 99% isn't good.
Is there a speed vs. temp rule of thumb?
Anyone used this?
Whats the cheapest i can make my wc for?
Picking a cooling solution
Temps not moving anymore?!
quick question about digi doc 5
Thermalright SLK-700
fan filter on HSF?
Problems with HSF
ordered up an SLK-900A last night
Too Cool? (vs. Too Hot)
Success story
OMG!! I found big fans!!!
temp help for a newbie
what happens to fans when i get board.
Which fan controller?
Fan on NB: size=?
16W Rehostat?
what's wrong?
New to custom PC building
Aerogate II
HELP!!! 63 degrees temp w/ Barton 2500 & A7N8X Deluxe
SLK 900A vs SP 97
cooling a 1.8 celeron
Silence or Performance?
]-------- 27C on Air p4 2.4 @ 2.91 (0 load) --------[
Best fan configuration.
help with the mag 3 barbs
Anyone heard of an SP-98?
arctic ceramique owns
help ?
Jet 4 vs Zalman 7000 alcu
Ramsink glue stuff.......
AS5 Settling phase
ThermalRight vs ThermalTake
Removing Ramsinks?
Down to a few heatsinks to decide on...
budget Overclocking?
Peltier air cooling?
Help Removing Thermalpad
9600pro and hardcore cooling
Thermosonic Thermoengine - need clip
Are my fans running slow?
Sp-97 Now Avaliable
Thermalright Heatsinks
Gotta luv Winter!
Video Card Heatsinks??
What HS for really big fan
80mm Fan cutting guides
P4 Cooling
arctic vga cooler won't fit kt6
Vantec tornado 92mm uncontrollable?
Case noise vs. case heat?
I need intake/exhaust fans for my case
What's the dif between 40C water cooled and 40C air cooled?
Slowing Fans
what do u think
SLK-900A - will it break my mobo?
Papst 80x80x38 fans
what is the best way to cool your video card?
Fanbus DIY
overvolting fans?
why use ram heat spreaders?
Temps - Real or Not?
lubing fans.
150mm fan anyone?
Cooler Master JET 7
going back to air...P4 this time though.
VANTEC ThermoFlow Temperature Controlled Case Fan, 92mm sufficient for sp94?
pushpins for north bridge?
Automatic Fan Speed Control..
penny for your thoughts ;)
Complete Vid Card Cooling
Fire and AS 5
Huge cooling upgrade!
PSU Sleeving and Modulation Tips
New sp-97 socketA thermal pipe.
Need Help Picking Fan Controller
Fan controllers/temp monitors that can hold a HDD
heat spreaders
placing a heatsink on the back of the mobo where cpu is.
My mosfetts dont get hott.
Heatsink Thermal Compounds Review
Cleaning melted thermal pad from P4/HS
Temperature controlled fans?
mounting a heat sink on a heat sink?
nforce2 temps.
Is a 92mm Tornado bareable @3360rpm?
need case fans for new system
Blowers vrs. fans?
P4 2.8HT overclocking questions and suggestions
Northbridge cooler which is better? any difference?
Chain-Ganging fans
Question About P4 Stock Heatsink
NorthBridge cooling!..any better ideas?
Big Question about upgrade from a Volcano 7+?
Best Rheobus?
smart fan 2 or 93mm tornado
Cooling Devices Sci. Project
Where is the best place to put a temp probe
Thermoster on top of TBred die?
straight answer about MBM 5 please.
Deep freezer
cpu temp question
AMD OEM heatsink of the week
Question about Smart Fan 2
chipset cooling? needed?
Thermal sensor splitter
Wow thats nice
Advice on Abit ic7-Max3 with p43.2EE with Mach2
Volcano 7
Watercooling... 2.4C newbie watercooler
Mini-Fridge mod?
why are heatspreaders in alu?
made a proggy (calculates dba)
Prime95 almost melts my system!!!!
Heat pipes vs water cooling?
Re: 8IPE1000 System fan not detected
thermal compound gets "squished" out
which cooling to get
MBM 5 vs. BIOS Temp.
Zalman CNPS6000-CU
Fan at the top of case
Warrenty void?
Anyone has Antec P160?
SLK900U - where do the washers go??
Best HS & F
Thermaltake Subzero Thermo-Electric AMD
Will a Copper Silent 2 handle my T-Bird 1200@1400?
MBM 5 question???
aerocool hs????
Coolermaster Aerogate 2
Awesome Temperatures
Peltier in a non traditional way
best air for 2.4c
Noob question (can I smell burning?)
Super Lanboy?
thermaltake hardcano10...
Tidying up all the wires in my case
Best Case for Water Cooling
Need a fan for my Dad (quiet!!)
Need a good CPU cooler (AMD)
How do i get rid of drive bats
Can I use this?
Artic Silver 5 dropped my Vcore
Air flow through out my computer
AIR COOling @ 35c underload possible?
NB wayy hot
How to lose 3C
PCI Card temp monitor
Would this be good for an Athlon XP 2000+?
are these pots okey?
fan noise dampeners? do they work?
Noise Q
Air Cooling: A decrease of 30C
SLK-900 w/120mm
Filter question
OCZ Ultra 2 silver compound
MOSFET mod cooling via soldering: the safe way
Heat transfer capabilities?
Diamond thermal paste?
Vantec NXP-205 > anything better?
Zalman CNPS7000A-CU or SLK-900U w/ 92 Panaflo 12M?
Intake And Exhaust cooling
Water cooling beginner
Temp monitor accuracy?
System temp too low?
P4 clock speed throttling...
49c on slk-900a whats up with this
Need Better Cooling
3.0C Temps too high?
Heatsink for socket 478 - what to buy?
Is there a CNPS-7000 for a socker A?
I got heat issues...
ocing, not sure which forum to put this in
Best copper heatsink for p-4?
Hi all Im new to all this
Vantec Aeroflow on 9800NP
Turning a window a/c unit into a chiller (56k warning)
When does condensation become an issue?
Radeon9800NP: Which heatsink?
3.06Ghz Pentium4
Extra HDDs raise temps by 10C!
Passive Cool Duron with Alpha PAL-8045?
Installing my Zalman
volcano 7+
Well no more need for T.I.M. (picts)
Would these work for cooling the MOSFETS?
fan wiring question
sunbeam rheobus...=)
zalman heatpipe
fan placement
converting db(c) to db(a)
Fans which to get!?
Fortron PSU - 120mm fan = bad.
Running Hot
Counter-rotating double fan
All my new parts come today except...
Will the alpha 8045 fit on the NF7-S?
Is there a way to turn on devices independently?
Best Silent Fans
How to apply Artic Silver Adhesive compound...
Hot NB heatsink
Whooaaa there cowboy!!!!
What is the coolest air cooler out there thats quite?
Zalman ZM50-HP?
AS3, AS5, AS Ceramique. Your choice
Any input from you guys on this fan?
Cooling tips?
Swiftech Mcx 462+ Vs"s Thermaltake Volcano 11+
Another fan question
Artic Ceramique?
Fan rating system
fan controller
Woa! check the program out
Metric Conversion
What is your ambient temperature?
Switched PCM+ to Nanotherm Silver XTC
Question for S94 users.
DUST!!! arhh
And yet another reason to use AS5
Best memory heat sinks for 9700/9500
What Do You Think Of This??
Best SILENT Socket 462 heatsink for overclocking?
Use a Thermaltake Spark 7 on an Athlon XP?
fan on heatsink....wrong way?
has anyone ever seen this stuff befrore?
HDD cooling fans
Is there thermal paste on my CPU?
Something doesn't seem quite right here...
Is it really better than copper?
pmsl anyone ever tried this ????
Thermaltake coolmod
Good news if you want to upgrade SLK-900 to SP-94!
How loud will cooling be for the Athlon FX?
Tt spark 7+
Thermalright - which one from these 3?
Cooling Systems
As much as I love amd...
aluminum vs copper?
AMD retail fan???
Swiftech MCX159-P versus Stock Abit IS7 NB HSF
Wierd cooling
the DOLPHINS pumps
Fan Speed Controller questions??
Panaflo Hydro Bearing fans
Icebeq4 & 9600AIW / NF7-S Northbridge
I need to cool, advice please!
Help me quiet my computer down...
How to clean silver paste from carpet?
Tt heatsink fan?
Ask the pros
Best Cooler
Ram Sinks
Northbridge cooling
Heatsink/Fan for xp2500+ @3200+
will a Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu fit on an Abit NF7-S Rev2.0?
enermax 120mm aluminum fan problems?
need better than slk800
Which HSF would be best for a p4 2.6c?
epoxy enough?
Heatsinks for my GPU
Nanotherm PCM+ (6 month test, PICS!!!)
Chipset Cooling question...
Which cooling for my gpu?
p2.4c & slk-900u
Seeking high performance LED or Cold Cathode fans
wc/ram sinks worth it for 9800 np?
Special Arctic silver?
Heatsink for new P4 system
Wiring up Panaflos
laptop temps, what difference?
has anyone changed..
differnce in cooling between .36 and .14-.10 c/w?
Will SP-94 fit?
*sniff* I fried my Panaflo
opinion on Vantec AeroFlow
Aero exhaust fans (pics)
Currently on water...Go back to air?
case can't exhaust
My OEM video card cooler went bad...
Overclocking with the VGA heatpipes?
Need advice on airflow
Good shop in Paris
High case and cpu temps even with side panel open
aluminum take out containers.
cpu fan and heat sink for barton 2500
Need P4 cooling suggestions
Nexsus Fan Controller
GPU cooling ?
Equalizing Airflow, Fan Suggestions?
anyone using the Swiftech MCX462-V?
Sunbeam rheobus- blown resistor
Heatpipe commissions?
volt modding led fans
fans noisy at start-up, then goes away
Whats the difference between.....
do my temps sound right??
SP-94 mouting compatible with SLK-900?
HSF decision
Help Fan Black Out!!!
Pic of "Dead Zone" created by a Tornado on SLK-900
Temps for an XP1800+ tbred at stock?
Heat Pipe stuff
Laptop cooling
rheobus question...
VGA Silencer
Mixing Metals ??
Are the temps OK? Help!
Custom rubbermaid case (PICS, 56k warning)
Temperatures seem to be a little off....
PSU fans not doing much...
Side Panel Off...Temps Decrease...
WTF!!! 53C load @ stock w/ SP-94...
northbridge cooler!
fan on top of case...should it blow in or out?
Need To Know
Thermalright SP97 reviewed! (best socket A heatsink till now)
"Diamond heat properties"
swiftech mcx159 as gpu cooler?
Non-Mechanical Air blower?
why is TT so bad?
Passive cooling for Athlon XP 2000+
Copper Hs????????
need a small and adjustabel Barton Cooler
Cooling the Abit NF7-S Mosfet...
comment on summer vs winter temps
Optimal Temperature For CPU
rheostat instilation?
fan tails not 'sleeved'
high wattage fan controller
LED case fans
Need Cooling Help
Which CPU fan and heatsink
Radeon 9600 overclocking
Thermal paste
Got my new pc pretty "cool"
Another Q about fan mods.
Mobo reading correct?
TT Hardcano 12
Cooler Electronics = Better Performance...REALLY?
turning a heatsink into a waterblock?
How do I overvolt my 80X25mm fans?
vantec stealth fan, 28 dba, 53 cfm...
A second TORNADO
CPU fan mod
Temp of an AMD 2500+ oc to 3000+
CPU/Cooling Buy List: Please Look
Is this cooling going to work?
Zalman 7000A-Cu
Thermal Take Dragon Orb 3 any good?
When AS3 Is Watery(hey that rhyms)
Heatpipes, how they work?
OMG weird
Would these actually work?
Stock or not
2600+barton Temps>>
NorthBridge Abit IC7 MAX3 default cool?
slk-900a or slk-947u?
Check this Coolermaster HSF Out
LED fan + Rheostat
SLK-947U or MCX-462V?
Water Cooling Blade servers
Volcano 12
NB UltraSilentFan SX2 120mm
Best ever Fan
Stupidity Increases
cheapest way to control fans??
CNPS7000-AlCu question
cooling problem?
Zalman CNPS7000 owners
ramsinks - copper or aluminum with passive cooling?
what is the better fan for a slk900a
Advise on a clip-mount waterblock
Sunbeam Reo Problem HELP
Arctic Silver 5
Shuttle cooling
SP-94 with Tornado 92mm / Fan controller?
3M Fluorinert... Somethin for the xtremes?
lapping, nice temprature drop
whats the biggest fan
Shrouds on CPU HS/F
Cooler Master Jet 4 OwnS!!!
Looking to purchase the best Fan for my new SP-94, please bring your suggestions !
Good cheap fan controller
Athlon 1800+ is overheating, need some help
Anyone ever try a boat bilge blower?
92mm Fan in a Chieftec Dragon Case
How do you apply your arctic silver to ur P4?
fan question
fan placement...
CPU Temp are high...Help!
Cutting case fan grills has does wonders!
how do i wire a 12VDC 6-3/4" X 2" FAN ?
Best Cooling!!!
Need help to choose cooler, limited space...
Temperature probes
sp-94 or zalman 7000alcu or cu?
Best sensor placements.
how many fans can you hook up in one long chain?
How much CFM does a standard P4 fan move?
Err...my GPU fan is not turning help!!!
Daisy-Chaining Fans
Need Help!! System way to hot!!!
Useful Info on lapping...
Problem with Zalman?
Modding a Zalman cnps7000-Au
is this a good heatsink?
high flow fan filters?
Anyone have any experience with Thermaltake Silent Boost HSFU?
Quiet and small video card cooling?
Recommend Me A Socket 423 Heatsink(no fan)
Shuttle Cooling prob...Pics would be nice
System improvements based on information from these forums, thanks everyone
icemax(galaxy) fancontroller...STAY AWAY!
What is my Fan RPM?(Koolance fans)
2C drop after lapping and using Nanotherm PCM+
SFII < SFI ??? which one has a higher cfm
Quiet Case fans..
AS5 on actual CPU, ok?
cpu temp ok?
Sandra or asus probe?
OCZ Ultra II thermal compound is awesome!!!
fan control for second 120mm in Sonata
Best VGA Heatpipe?
SLK-900 or 947?
Help Please...
Watrercooling my vid card
Looking for a fan larger than 120mm??
Best Fan for Thermalright SLK-947U?
Best GeForce 4 Air-based Cooling?
Celeron cooling?
Motherboard cooling
blow hole?!
NB/SB Cooling needed?
Has anyone taken an SLK900 apart?
NB Home cooling mod
Non peltier, peltier like cooling
Playing with PSUs and Fans
best way to remove vga ramsinks...
Good cooling for a 2000+?
SP94 vs SLK947U
System will not POST or even beep.
Does an AMD 2500 and 3200 have the same stock HSFU?
Lapping the Zalman NB cooler?
multiple fans on a big hs...
vga heatsink doesnt completly cover vga...
Plastic Glue for heatsinks?
HELP! I need to know the name of this thing!!
If You Use Case Fans Read This(no Joke)
P1 Heatsink instead of Stock on 8500?
Making a dust filter
MC462a pitted after 2 years???????
SLK-947-U fits A7N8X Deluxe 2.0
Which fan?
Running two Thermaltake SF2 on heatsink?
Need better cooling
Anyone using the TT Ductingmod
contact problem?
a new heatsink (out of three)...
Volt Modding Fans - how do I?
What would happen if....
Aerogate II fails to impress...
fan expert please
2.0 ghz processor, what kind of cooling do I need?
Temprature are a bit high?
Best way to go about installing heatsink
dell cases
220 Watt Peltier