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TT Hardcano 12
Cooler Electronics = Better Performance...REALLY?
turning a heatsink into a waterblock?
How do I overvolt my 80X25mm fans?
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A second TORNADO
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CPU/Cooling Buy List: Please Look
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Zalman 7000A-Cu
Thermal Take Dragon Orb 3 any good?
When AS3 Is Watery(hey that rhyms)
Heatpipes, how they work?
OMG weird
Would these actually work?
Stock or not
2600+barton Temps>>
NorthBridge Abit IC7 MAX3 default cool?
slk-900a or slk-947u?
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SLK-947U or MCX-462V?
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CNPS7000-AlCu question
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ramsinks - copper or aluminum with passive cooling?
what is the better fan for a slk900a
Advise on a clip-mount waterblock
Sunbeam Reo Problem HELP
Arctic Silver 5
Shuttle cooling
SP-94 with Tornado 92mm / Fan controller?
3M Fluorinert... Somethin for the xtremes?
lapping, nice temprature drop
whats the biggest fan
Shrouds on CPU HS/F
Cooler Master Jet 4 OwnS!!!
Looking to purchase the best Fan for my new SP-94, please bring your suggestions !
Good cheap fan controller
Athlon 1800+ is overheating, need some help
Anyone ever try a boat bilge blower?
92mm Fan in a Chieftec Dragon Case
How do you apply your arctic silver to ur P4?
fan question
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CPU Temp are high...Help!
Cutting case fan grills has does wonders!
how do i wire a 12VDC 6-3/4" X 2" FAN ?
Best Cooling!!!
Need help to choose cooler, limited space...
Temperature probes
sp-94 or zalman 7000alcu or cu?
Best sensor placements.
how many fans can you hook up in one long chain?
How much CFM does a standard P4 fan move?
Err...my GPU fan is not turning help!!!
Daisy-Chaining Fans
Need Help!! System way to hot!!!
Useful Info on lapping...
Problem with Zalman?
Modding a Zalman cnps7000-Au
is this a good heatsink?
high flow fan filters?
Anyone have any experience with Thermaltake Silent Boost HSFU?
Quiet and small video card cooling?
Recommend Me A Socket 423 Heatsink(no fan)
Shuttle Cooling prob...Pics would be nice
System improvements based on information from these forums, thanks everyone
icemax(galaxy) fancontroller...STAY AWAY!
What is my Fan RPM?(Koolance fans)
2C drop after lapping and using Nanotherm PCM+
SFII < SFI ??? which one has a higher cfm
Quiet Case fans..
AS5 on actual CPU, ok?
cpu temp ok?
Sandra or asus probe?
OCZ Ultra II thermal compound is awesome!!!
fan control for second 120mm in Sonata
Best VGA Heatpipe?
SLK-900 or 947?
Help Please...
Watrercooling my vid card
Looking for a fan larger than 120mm??
Best Fan for Thermalright SLK-947U?
Best GeForce 4 Air-based Cooling?
Celeron cooling?
Motherboard cooling
blow hole?!
NB/SB Cooling needed?
Has anyone taken an SLK900 apart?
NB Home cooling mod
Non peltier, peltier like cooling
Playing with PSUs and Fans
best way to remove vga ramsinks...
Good cooling for a 2000+?
SP94 vs SLK947U
System will not POST or even beep.
Does an AMD 2500 and 3200 have the same stock HSFU?
Lapping the Zalman NB cooler?
multiple fans on a big hs...
vga heatsink doesnt completly cover vga...
Plastic Glue for heatsinks?
HELP! I need to know the name of this thing!!
If You Use Case Fans Read This(no Joke)
P1 Heatsink instead of Stock on 8500?
Making a dust filter
MC462a pitted after 2 years???????
SLK-947-U fits A7N8X Deluxe 2.0
Which fan?
Running two Thermaltake SF2 on heatsink?
Need better cooling
Anyone using the TT Ductingmod
contact problem?
a new heatsink (out of three)...
Volt Modding Fans - how do I?
What would happen if....
Aerogate II fails to impress...
fan expert please
2.0 ghz processor, what kind of cooling do I need?
Temprature are a bit high?
Best way to go about installing heatsink
dell cases
220 Watt Peltier
Arctic Alumina Adhesive
Back to air...
Best hsf for an athlon xp 1800?
is a zalmon heat pipe vid cooler as good or better than stock?
Thermalright ALX-800 Socket A Heatsink, anybody get one?
fan broken, will it overheat?
Modding Xaser III
Thermal Probe where to put?
Thermalright HS
3 exhaust fans vs. 1 intake fan?
Fan Noise
need help wiring 24V fan
TtV7+ NE1's fan die on them?
so i lapped my slk-900a
Anyone else impressed with Arctic cooling?
Overclocking and Heat Problems with my XaserIII/Volcano 11 + Barton 2500+
Help me cool down my room!
947-u on my asus
Silver coating your heatsink
Coolmasters Jet 7
Knocking down T-bird temps in 10 minutes...by 20+ degrees!
80mm or 92mm??
Possible Fan Mod?
to shim or not to shim
Why the Thermaltake SF2?
Help with choices....
Sneak peek at the MCX159MrB that Mr B and I are creating to evaluate this new Fan
volcano 2 fan vs amd 60mm
Forhead grease a good conductor?
Best HSF fo Me
What case is this?
CPU HS and Fan
Any high cfm LED case fans out there?
Northbridge cooling Recommendations
nForce2 FSB vs Cooling Relationship
Attatching Heatspreaders onto RAM
Air vs. Water confusion
arctic silver II still good?
Removing stock hs from a 9500pro?
Best position for a fan on Zalman ZM80A-HP VGA-cooler?
Vantec Thermoflow case fan question
OCZ Annihilater W/C kit
What Temperature Reading to trust??
Which thermal compound you recomend??????
Need quiet 120mm fan
Tornado vs Regular fans..the compromise?
had so much headache installing SP94
mcx159P cooler fit with thermalright SP94?
a question of no small significance
Is freezing always caused by overheating?
fan for a vocano 12
Some cooling questions
what do yas think of this cooler?
Ambient temp decrease results
Whats a good heatsink for a AMD Athlon XP 2600 333...
Swiftech MCX159P Chipset Cooler
Arctic Silver 5 or Ceramique?
the best heastink for AMD barton 2600+?
cpu freezing temperaure??
abit IC7 Max3...how to tell CPU fan is max RPM?
Use explosion proof electrical equipment.
quiet hsf
modify volcano11 for performance?
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro 2 CPU Fan Problem
OLD school agp cooling:TENNMAX
Tornado 92mm + SP-94
Masking NB for lapping
Super Flower Fan Master---good or bad?
which fans should i use
cant find temp read out.
Better CFM..(I have choices)
92mm or 80mm?
Enermax controller
Will overclocker kit fit slk900-a?
CNPS7000Cu (NonSocketA) adapted to Socket A!!!
Help me with Case Cooling.. Teach me the basics.
Leveling the HSF or WaterBlock
Programs with different temp readings
superglue and heatsinks
New Project.. any sugestions on it
How long does Ceramique last?
HAC-V81 Pot problem
motherboard reads wrong temp?
Vantec Iceberg 4 Opinions?
n00b fan question, can all fans be controlled?
Zalman 80C
Heatsink and fan for 2500 barton CPU
Help on athlon 2800xp+ cooling
overclocking a fan?
SLK-947-U or SKL-900-A
VGA card heatsink choices:
whats a good way to clean up my wire mess?
SLK-900A Suitable for overclocking a 2.4c to 3.2Ghz?
help with a question about temps
SLK-900U and A
Cooling a barton 2500
does my cpu need beter cooling?
Fried chip using Artic Silver???
CFM of Power Supply
do fan filters restrict airflow?
counter rotating dc fan
Water kits
Any pictures of SP-94 on a IC7-MAX3?
Look at this email i got from sapphire tech about my fan problem
SK6+ not enough?
Pump magnetism
Cooling the laptop!
Speed Wire only connected to Mobo
9700 pro cooling question!
microcool northpole chipset cooler for IC7 MAX3?
which gpu cooler for my 9500
SK-7 dissappearing?
Athlon 64 Dimensions
120 mm aluminum fan lookie here!!!
how loud would a thermalright sp-94 be with a vantec tornado
good 120mm fan for low voltage?
auto single fan controller
SLK-900 or 800?
Monitoring Programs
Quiet cooling
Artic Silver 5
p4 1.6 Temperatures HI CW823 :>
does your computer heat your room?
OMG Got SLK-900A How to install?
Replacement for NF7-S's Northbridge cooler
intake vs exhaust speeds
What's wrong with the volcano9?
good chipset cooler?
Airflow of custom case
What is a good temp range for a p4 2.3GHz processor oc to 3.00 GHz
TIM removal
486 heatsinks as ramsinks
My Modded Zalman CNPS7000-CU
1800+ cooling
!! Extreme Cooling !!
Cpu Fan for AMD 2500+
Thermal Expoy -Where is it cheap?
Using the Zalman 7000A-Alcu without the Fan mate may damage mobo?
fan less ZALMAN PC starting to sell
The Nanotherm PCM+ Trade-In Program
Chipset Water Blocks
Koolance w/ a Broken Nozzle
What filter materail? Scotchbright pad or A/C filter
hows is the enermax 92mm fan?
chieftec cases
SK7 + TT SCF2 blow air up or down?
good fan to use with thermalright SP 94
Installed Zalman 7000A (AL/CU) on a P4 2.4C, temps pretty much the same :(
Anyone Try The Jet4 ??
Does PCM+ screw up my 7000al-cu
Thermalright need lapping upon arrival?
Will My...
Re case fans
Hardware shop in Geneva area or South of France
Air Duct on Side of case = 7-12C cooler CPU temps... WOW!
Cooling Not-so-common chips
Help a n00b out with some cooling info.
cool product: notebook cooler
heatsinks on different chips?
Thermalright rubber pads
temperature of the little things by the socket.
80-60 mm Fan Switch On HSF
cooling for new setup
sp-94 for AMD
Is my temperatures good for my Barton?
Use a Dremel on the North Bridge?
Tualatin Celeron HSF Combo
Long ago, in a galaxy far away....
Has anyone tried this yet??
compare panaflo pics
Any 120mm to 92mm adapter in existance?
Aero 7+ closer look and temps (Pics, 56k warning)
best air cooling for an abit nf7-s 2.0 /2500+?
got my 900a
Super loud case fans
Fanless NB Coolers
Very efficient bong, high cpu temps...
dumb question about ram sink sizes
Can't take Thermalright's fan clips... suggestions?
High temps? Sorry about the poor cooling rig
What fan controller should I get?
Rate my temps.
Alpha PAL 8942 Compatibility
cpu idle and load difference.Whats yours??c
80mm Antec fans on a controller...
Laptop cooling
CPU Cooler
re: dBA; Does two 35 dBA fans produce 41 dBA?
Ideas for HDD cooling and possible WC uses...
Attaching Tornado (92mm) to SLK-947U
How can i get the HS of my gpu?
fan wiring?
heat monitors?
2000+ cooling
Fan controller question (Hardcano 9)
SP-94 with Fan speed controller
Internal CPU DIODE and External CPU DIODE
arctic silver made it hotter?
It's time for a -real- fan comparison
Forgot to replug water pump
Volcano 12?
New Heatsink or New fan?
Zalman copper flower?
Tornado 80mm / TT SF2 && SLK-800A / SK-7
SLK 900U, 900A, or 947U?
Laptop Cooling
mobo temps higher than cpu temps, real ? or sensor BS ?
Thermal Tape, Where can I get it?
Uneven base on SLK 900u
my temps are whack
Getting a sp-94 HS to Israel
hey guys i just wanted to share an awesum way to fix noisy fans!
Coolermaster Aero 7+
Best blower fans?
Best control method for cpu
what is a pelter???
Mounting fan on heatsink..
Lookin for processor heat curve graphs, ect
case fan layout
vantec nexus oddities...
What are good/safe voltages.
Which sensor to trust?
Good Intake and Exhaust Fans for Cases
voltage n stuff...
where to go ??
The SLK-700 with adapter?
Too hot?
Thermaltake subzero thermo-electric?
How hot is a slot2 PIII 550MHz Xeon supposed to get?
5 1/2 inch bay water cool system
Newbie needs help
4 pin to 3 pin adapter?
new vantec nexus 3.5" fan controller
cooling graphics core
Side vs. rear exhaust
In Your Opinion.....the best??
I have an idea, let me now what you guys think.
newb question
What's the best clip-on socket A cooler?
Should I be worried???
Zalman CNPS6000-Cu
Whats so bad about Speeze Coolers?
laptop heat issues
My Heatware
using polishing paste in lapping
Looking for Liquid Nitrogen cooling video
Question about fitting Zalman CNPS7000
R9500Pro Ramsinks?
AS5 has HIGHER thermal resistance than AS3 !
? good H2O setup at a reasonable price
CPU Temps??
easy way to cool your video!
Is enothanol useable for cleaning parts?
Can a Mod help me
Arctic Silver 5 cooling results??
does slk-900a from svc comes w/ thermal materials?
Help, my being absent minded.......
A simple quick cheap trick
Aero 7+ and noise ?
Hi everyone, I'm new here
i m stupid... fan problem :(
Look At This!! Im Cooler
got my 900a today
Fan configuration
Radeon 9700 Temps
Fan Controlers?
The Fan"holes" in your case
Does SLK900(U) fits on an NF7-S v2,0?
Aero7 HS and fan.
Passive Zalman on 9600XT
250cfm blower....
HSF Recommendation for Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ
Fan for a SLK900(A)
need some advice and tips on 9800np cooling
NF7-S NB Cooling [Zalman?]
Volcano 12 Info??
Cant find a thread...please help
SLK-947...Upgrade factory fan? ~~~>>
60mm fan
Air Cooling that is quite and effecient?
Slot 1 cooling mods?
Fan RPM monitor wire and signal...how can I fake it?
Another n00b question...
IA II project.
Zalman hs not compatable
NorthBridge & SouthBridge Cooling?
Fan Clips for SLK947U
I think I came up with something original
OCZ Eliminator Pentium 4 HSF any good? gimme oter suggestions
YelloDizle's aparent unsuccess in hs lapping/applying as5... :(
Safe temp for my pc?
Vantec Fan Vibration Dampener Kits?
Heatsink + cooling
120mm fan on slk947?
Case ventilation problem
lower temp
9700 shim
Fanless Heatpipe CPU Cooling System by FMAH
you guys put Artic Silver on your gpu's?
Intel HSF Pencil Trick
Joe Newbie here <dorky wave> (asking advice of course)
is it heat or what?
cooling graphics card
making a duct. 3ft down to like 3 inches.
After $350+...
My Rig and a couple questions 56k alert!
How to position my fans...
ATI 9800 PRO Cooling
What is BEST QUIET (I mean quiet) HSF?
Northbridge Temps
gpu temps
air cooling suggestion?
High CFM 80mm or 92mm fan
Fans not working...
BigFan working like a charm
What kind of FAN I should buy for AMD Athlon XP 1500?
Fan on the CAK4-88T Heatsink
Heatsink for NB on Asus P4P800
plans for a duct mod...
n00b cooling question...
slk-800x compatible
very good heatsink question (thermlright)
Normal temp for Barton?
applying thermal compound
Temps always high..
Big old fan, where to put it? how do i clean it?
Galaxy GC88
Best fan for SP-94?
Knowing how far to go...
Help needed with PSU temps/fans
What is this monitoring?? MBM5
best buy hs+fan
Air Cooling Question.
Has my heatsink lost itself?!
Fancontroler question.
Have u Guys seen the Coolermaster Jet 7
wow 15c with slk800u
modding my case help
How much improvement?
whats the safest,"best" CPU temperature?
fluid bearing 120mm fans?
more than 1 fan to CPU?
mod time
Wierd cooling - Ideas and questions
When should it heat up?
White Water waterblocks
Good CPU Temperature?