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Shuttle overclocking
And... display disparities between BIOS and MBM5
Does Prime95 count as a Temp Test?
Which Sensor to Trust?
Recommendations for HSF for P4s
Panaflos blades break way to easy.
ceramique or arctic silver 3
Cheap Way To Hush The Fans
Zalman CNPS7000Cu on Socket A
Interesting Problem - urgent!!
Do you think that Cooler Master is a good heatsink?
Define Idol / Load
what are the socket 478 and 423 bolt pattern dimensions?
What does the IHS DO!?!
shroud w/ Tornado?
my cooling tell me what u think
Radiate (CPU wattage meter) question
Heat sink compound
Fan hookup...adapter needed
Air coolers hit a wall?
woah....is this thing safe?
temp lowering the easy way
source for thermal tape?
I need some way to filter better
Calling all Canucks...
cleaning incoming air
Is any one using a 120mm fan on a SLK 900?
sticking a heatsink behind my GPU
What 120mm fans have 100CFM or more?
One More Fan, Should I?
should i wait for AS5?
CPU Cooling
Weird heatsink - need info
Computer locking up, what could it be??
cooling diagram, blow IN cold air from the back near the PSU?????
Zalman CNPS7000-Cu with an abit ic7?
Southbridge and Duct :)
Attatching heatsink to GPU...Superglue?
Sunbeam Baybus Problem -- HELP?!
AMD 1800+ temps
SP-94 Results...Here it is
Any one know of a review...
Need fan for Sk-7
Coolermaster XDream heatsink
which temp to go by?
what drill?
SK-7 38mm fan clips?!
Should my fans blow down or up?
The problem with Nanotherm.
Hackin' up my case!
Utilities that can be used
Who makes the highest CFM 80mm fans with low dB?
What temps are you running at with SLK 900
Reducer for a 120mm to 80mm?
Quiet and inexpensive case fans?
Case & fan questions
Do Volcano 7s have a vantec tornado?
will a sp-94 fit on a IC7 mobo?
Where should the fan be for a duct?
Removing thermally bound HS
watercooling/driveway heater???
dang those fan guards
recommend a good heatsink/cpu fan
Thermalright SLK-947-U.
post you temps with slk 800
Thermal Grease Or Pads?
Maybe you can explain this, because I can't - overheating?
Tips For Better Cooling In My PC...
Attaching a radiator
Volcano 11+
Water cooling advice
wrong 120mm fan
Fan Busses
CPU heatsinks...
Cooling overview / Greetings!
Cleaning CPU for Artic Silver
Choosing a cooler... ?
Getting HSs Off
5.25" Air Duct Mod(pics)
Warning for Vantec Iceberq 4 users! PIC!
Sleeve/Ball Bearing - Which One??
I now have a PSU muffler.
What thermal compound to use?
Nice cooling?
Loose heatsink?
Very big problem with slk-800u
Still getting quite warm ???
best cooling system for xp2500+ overclocking
GPU Heatpipes?
? about case & cpu temps when overclocking
best way to lap a heatsink
Swiftech MCX159 heatsink?
What do I install a new hinksink?
need advice about water cooling for amd xp2500+ on a abit nf7-s2.0
Vapochill Radiator placement
powerful yet quiet fan?
Humming 120mm
Would that be REALLY heavy to use on socket clips.
NB cooling (P4C800-E before/after temps)
Papst fans
K-900(A) fit on SL-75FRN2-L?
where to get amd cpu pads to place on intel cpu
Hacking a hole in the back of the mobo mounting plate
Zalman or Themalright?
Fan mounting holes
Need Help Fast!!
Help with broken heatsink mounts
diamond cooling thoughts
Side panel fan decreases CPU fan speed
Cooling the nForce2 Northbrige
More on silent cooling....
Surely there's a way to remove Arctic Alumina?
Which P4 heatsink should I buy?SLK-800U/SLK-900U/SLK-947/SP-94
CPU to GPU conversion
place whre they sell 12v fans?
First time cooling!! need pointers.
cooling and overclocking a p3
cooling kt400 chipset
WHOLY !$#% 76 degrees C
small upgrade
Simple CPU temp monitor & emergency shutdown?
some questions regarding cooling
Good cooling for a 9800np.
PNY (verto) Memory Heat Speaders
what do you recommend...
problem with evercool 120mm aluminum fan
heatsink mounting problem
Your Suggestions
'Bout to get me some better cooling!
converting air duct 80mm to 120mm fan...
How's my airflow looking?
mounting slk-947u
An overclocker tragedy (56k beware)
Need a quiet 60mm fan
Has anyone ever tried Geil Thermal Compound?
deciphering "heatsink and watercooling performance ranking"
Tape thermal grease??
tip for larger heatsinks
high end water cooling vs. sp-94
Searching For A Heatsink
Danger Den MAZE-4 & AS5
How hot
Coolmaster Aero7 (stock) vs. aero7 HS + tt sf2
temp drop of like.....10-12C!
Thermaltake smart II fans
Check this out!
Cooling Emergency!!!
Cooling Qs
Exhaust in front of hard drives?
strange idea
shim and fans
HS for a 3000+
A good 92mm fan?
Zalmans Pure copper or copper-aluminum heat sink?
Some nice air??????????whats a good HS+fan combo?
HD Cooling Contraption
How can I measure air flow?
Air cooling setup
crap! just saw Zalman 7000 not compatible with NF7-S
IS&-G mobo and new HSF
Adding a blowhole/duct over HSF, what fan should i use?
northbridge colling for soltek frn2..
about speeze cooler
Processor Temp after Lapping
My kick ass case cooling
Tornado Fans
should i trust the mb temp reading or the ASUS utility?
Best slot fan??
Fan placement
where can i get 1/2 inch green tubing?
Does Asaka have a website?
Heatsink wont clean
Need GPU cooler
How loud is the Vantec Tornado 84cfm?
Controllers and colored fans
First "real" WC system
heat pipes and strange ideas for 500 bob!
Found something i could use?
Does anyone know where I can buy a Thermal Transtech NPH-2?
installing 92 mm fan on sp-94
What is the best air cooling set up?
What is the best thermal Compound
What is the coolest P4 I can buy for a Canterwood mobo?
New Setup with SP-94+Tornado
Best thermalright hs for athlon xp
home-made fan filters!!!
Hard Drive silent cooler..
How good are aluminum fan filters
ZM80C-HP and ram heatsinks?
How to make my own adjustable speeds on my fan?
Idea for 120mm CPU cooler drwing air from OUTSIDE
Just got my Swiftech MCX159P chipset cooler...
Tired of watercooling will buy something Subzero!
dr. thermal coolers
Thermaltake Spark 7
Liquid cooling
Need better cooling for my 9500pro
Premium Thermal Adhesive
nb lapped, use adhesive?
Papst vs. Enermax
Vantec Tornado fans. Differences?
Fan controllers
GPU heatsink mounting problem
Quick question about P3 cooling and Socket 370
cooling random chips and video memory
fan grills
Damn this Iceberq!
Fan comparison for air cooling
Iceberq or Iceberq 4?
Zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu
Anyone have the SK7 in stock?
4 pin evercool aluminum 120mm louder than the 3 pin version?
Zalman CNPS5100-Cu and CPU Temps?
CPU wattage
nb cooling
Silent Boost
Do you use a hard drive cooler?
alpha Pal6035 vs volcano 7 temp diff
should i lap my heatsink?
If you use Nanotherm's PCM+ , you NEED to read this
alternative to fan in the side panal
Coolermaster Cooldrive4
Heatpipes and physics on a common PC - Bad news?
Should I lap the old, or buy new?
Re-applying thermal compound
Just introducing myself
Xeon HSFs?
Zalman CPU fans
Coolermaster Jet 7
Unorthodox Case Cooling???
Speed control on a Smart Fan II?
volcano 7 airflow
How to create good Head pipe ?
SP-94..Which fan?
weird lap job
Who uses a Tornado on their heatsink?
about this water chiller
Equivelant Fans
24V to a case fan?
Asus Probe & Sisoft Sandra Temp Accuracy?
Long-term stability of Arctic Silver/Ceramique
How well do expansion slot coolers work under an AGP slot?
fudin cases
Project Snuffleupagus
TIM between die & IHS
P4 stock heatsink
which fan to use for sp-94
smart fan + CPU equal high temps... airflow problem?
SP-94 or SLK-947U?
Advice for cooling on my CPU
is the shuttle ICE in SFF box good? anyway to improve it?
Some pictures of Thermaltake Giant 2 installation on a radeon 9800 pro
Where Did The Sk7 Go! :(
best place to buy smart fan IIs?
What's the best hsf for Intel p4 socket 478 cpu's??
Cooling suggestioned needed
an alternative cooling solution im thinking about. thoughts?
temps+fan ??...
What temperature should I shoot for?
Cooling Diagram
Need a fan recommendation
Ducting questions
Which fan controller should I get?
Fan question
Simple Question About 80mm Case Fans
slk800/900...question about case temps.
fan backwash
NB cooling: stock fan or passive Zalman?
Is Monitoring Fan RPM really necessary?
Little difference between idle and load?
80x80x10 Case fan
92mm Vantec Tornado Question
How to do split wire mod for fan?
which panaflo fan?
TT Smart Fan 2 1/2? (volcano 9 improvements FYI)
Extra Fans - Is it Worth It?
Laptop overheat??? WTF
slk900/u users, do you find this too?
Heatsink suggestions for 9800 pro?
Swiftech..MCX462-V xp 2800+ got my temps down to 57c idle...this is total B.S.
Got my TT Ducting Mod.
Super Glue and heatsinks
Best air cooling for IC7 Max 3
CPU Fan Connect to Pwr supply or MoBo?
yet another comparison (sp94)
Copper shims
Anyone else using a 947u on their +2500?
Need Heatsink Suggestion?
mcw462, mcw462+v, slk-900u
best cooling for the money
free temp improvement for my hec6au6
Crazy Cooling
tarnished SP-94
Thoughts on Coolermaster Aero 7+
Semi Dead PSU for peltier
Does this actually help enough to cost 16$???
Lower fan speed w/ fan controller?
Need a cheap 478 heatsink
Quiet and Efficient 80mm Fan?
peltier and air cooling
Easy CPU Fan Duct
Question: thermal compound mess, lapping, HDD, and vid. memory temp HDD
Will this be enough?
Ok Temps?
newbie, how-to apply thermal paste (and oppinion on which one)
How noisy are Deltas at 5V?
Update "Cooling-The Definitive Guide"???
Zalman CNPS7000A and IC7MAX3...
800, 1000, 1200, 1500grit sandpaper
MBM 5 question
External Laptop Cooling Solution?
brand new MCX462-V and cpu 62c????
An intersting idea to tool around with
Is a non overclocked 1900+ supposed to run at 67º
Thinking of moving radiator and fans outside
Thinking of moving radiator and fans outside
Un-cool "cool mod"
SLk-700 gold edition?
Panaflo 120mm case fan
HSF advice plz
WHAT Heatsink to buy.
do i need a new hsf?
Athlon Xp 2500+ And Swfttech Mcx462+
SLK800A and Vantec Tornado
Heatsink removal question (IC7-G)
Celeron 400Mhz / What temp is good?
Mobo fried? CPU fried??
What do u use to monitor cpu/case temp?
Out of curiosity
What am I doing wrong?
HSF fan blowing towards the cpu or away?
Suggestions on Northbridge Cooling
Any one know where 2 get a 40x40x10mm fan
pentium 2 cooling
Low profile HS
Amd Recommends using thermal Pads??
What is the MOST QUIET way to air cool an Athlon XP 2600?
will 2 120mm fans on side of case be OK?
I need help with cooling my future system...
copper shims?
new computer problems - temperature maybe?
how to get cpu temps on old pc?
Arctic Silver 3 or Ceramique
Lapping/general results...
Overclocking HSF
Anyone got pics of GREEN and BLUE fans in their cases?
anyone connect a blade back to a fan? cause..
Cooling an NF7-S 2.0
panaflo vs stealth
AS2 to Ceramique dropped my temps 7c?!
digidoc thermal sensor wire
Best cooler for AIW 9800pro??
Arctic Silver 5 info!!!!!
two questions about fans
Amazing volcano 9 keeps CPU alive for weeks with dead fan!!!!
Fan Filters?
Just got my Swifty MCX462-V, but....
GPU temp Question
Lapping/general results...
Thermalright SLK-800 and YS-Tech TMD
Revoltec Rheobus any good?
anybody ever ?
which 3.5" fanbus do you recommend?
How long can a laptop be on?
Need fan controller
Exotic Radiator?
AMD HSF 80mm->60mm adapter
MCX159™ series Chipset Heatsinks for AMD® & Intel® platform motherboards
Lowered my temps
Akasa Fan Controller Pro
Ceramique's setting period
Airflow advice
quick heads-up
Goof-off for cleaning heatsinks/processors?
cpu seems aweful hot...how to fix?
Will I stay cool?
Disappointed with my slk-900a
Need suggestions...Celeron 400Mhz OC Heatsink
does anyone know what thermaltake uses...
cutting the stock p4 HSF into ram sinks ?
how to wire a fan....
Temperature Sensor Placement
how much difference??
SP-94 or SLK-947U
TT smartfan 2?
Fx 5900 HSF question
What to cool with opinions
Some Q's about Zalman 7000ALCU
Heat SInk Fan Question!
Is this heatsink on the market yet?
temp moniter that was in max pc
Lapping Question
"Tornado Intake" concept?
SP-94 on the way
Cooling Results
Best 3pin fan controller available in the UK?
What can I do with this fridge?
plan for fridge cooling - please critique
cooling on a ti4600
SLK800a temps with NF7-S
Is the sk-7 good with...
Best "quiet" Cooler
Is 59c Load too hot with a 900u??
Fan controller considerations.
Question about a Heatsink?
Need your opinion Case cooling hd, cooling cpu gpu cooling I want to cool the world!!
MD 1800+ Too Hot, But why?
Water or extreme or nothing
Best place to guy Sk-7
Should I be worried? Too high?
overclocked athlon cooler
Swiftech MCX462-V
Specs on these ebay fans? (120mm panaflos)
Questiong about videocard HSF
Sapphire radeon 9800 pro thermal interface
Those of you who have lapped before.....
So, I need something Cool and Quiet.
anyone here with a 120mm vantec stealth?
How to go about this??
Any ramsink is better than none right?
This may sound dumb but... What's Lapping?
cfm differences
120MM fan for my case
Which case will give better airflow Sonata or PC-65?
is my hsf good? should i change the fan?
did anyone see the totally heatpiped case?
Best P4 Cooler with Gigabyte Board?
Why are my temps so high?
2 fans on one rheostat?
best fan for my slk800u c/w 1700+ @ 2300mhz
Isn't 65 degrees too hot?
Radeon 9600 Pro Zalman Heatpipe?
I found this at AV forums, a must read
6 stock P4 HSF, ideas?
Ahhhhhh On Fire!!!
vga wb idea - cools gpu + memory - tell me what you think
Using Arctic Ceramique
thoughts about the xaser
Temp questions! plz help!
Hooking up case fans to PSU?
Best way to wire fans for Xaser III case for max airflow
Temp check!
1/4in acrylic
Cooling my 8rda+ nb..
Can I use regular fan for heatsink?
how often
Best HSF for Athlon CPU
Quiet or Silent cooling...
2500+ barton at 46°C idle
Zalman 7000 on an NF7-S 2.0 ?
help me FAST!!! tt smart fan 2 "coolmod"
So far Ceramique rocks!
Airflow Query
vid-ram question!!
Air Cooling: Are Duct Cooling Mods Worth It?
best heatsink for the ic7-g
Do these rubber fan silencer plates work?
What is the best 1U cooper cooler availble?
mobo chips
HSF upgrade from stock to SLK800A
ceramique users give me your results and tips
New case, new fans, new configuration
FHS for Athlon 1900?
HS's fan replacement...need suggestions
120mm fan placement help needed
FX5800 Ultra cooling
Thermal Transtech Int'l Heatpipe TTIC-NPH-2 vs. Vantec Aeroflow
Zalman CPU Cooler
chip wont die
how good is the new slk-947U?
Negative pressure = good?
screen artifacts - cpu overheating?
120mm fan on slk900u
How to connect 2 fans to a single switch
HELP!! My computer won't turn on!!
what fans push most CFM with least noise?
Need opinions on what kind of Fan/HS i should get
Round cables and system blowers
mounting heatsink / waterblock - motherboard mounting holes
1 beep, then it froze...
Gigabyte MB not detecting my TT Subzero-G
Case, Open or Closed?
Heatsink need re apply?
7 volt mod
my vid card
Where can I get a GIANT Heatsink, like a 1 1/2 feet by 1 1/2 feet?
Heatsink Recommendation
120mm Enermax or Aluminum
Airflow question...
Enough power for 5 fans?
best heatsink
Thermaltake Thingie