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Heatsink need re apply?
7 volt mod
my vid card
Where can I get a GIANT Heatsink, like a 1 1/2 feet by 1 1/2 feet?
Heatsink Recommendation
120mm Enermax or Aluminum
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Northbridge doesn't like active cooling.
What should i get for silent air cooling for a barton
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Anyone have a Swiftech MX4000 hs for P4?
where can i buy slk800a 80mm fan retention clips?
best P4 heatsink?
Thermaltake X-Blower
Dear God, What Have I done!!!!!
cheap cooling - with pics
New case 46$ and free shipping
How do I tell my GPU (video card) temp? Mobo monitor?
Has anyone gotten a 92 or 120mm fan to mount on an SLK-800A
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1800+ cooling question
Sweet mother of god, New swifty heatsink
CPU idling for lower temp, good idea or not?
I need so help...
Case airflow (56k warning)
barton 2500+ spire whisperrock 47C ?
After market GPU coolers
pelts: on the chip vs. chilling the water
Mobo not happy with Fanmate?
Looking for cooling advice (to wc or not to)
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4 x80mm vs 1 x120mm
modding my case with dremel or other tool, need help
anyone use a 120mm exhaust fan?
Why would a fan just stop working???
Blower fans, any good?
home made ducting
What VGS Chipset Fan for MX card? Orb? Abit. i dunno?
using a heat exchanger and 2 water system
Fan direction?
Rheostat Supplier
suggestions for cheap and effective cooling please
Video Card cooling/Overclocking question
Something new (sort of) Atacom.com Air Duct Kit
- ultimate "goop" better than toothpaste and as3 -
SLK-900U + Tornado 92mm , idle temp is kinda high.
Extremely hot AMD 1.4 Tbird
oc cooling
Tornado Is it worth it
Lapping SLK-900U and 8RDA+ Northbridge
Best 70mm Fan?
how do i clean stained white hoses?
stupid question about swiftech cooler
Miniature Air conditioner?
is prestone good to use for water mixture?
Mounting a 92mm fan to a slk-900
Random Beep?
Legacy cooling question
I still wanna OC, dagnabbit
lets go north ,were its not cold
Taming the beast (Cooling a Palimino)
Ever seen a barton run on a socket7 HSF?
SLK-900U with Abit BD7-II on a 1.8A,help?
measuring my temp
Where can I find a Cooler Master S4000 SX1?
P4 stock fan? to hot?
NF7-S SB Heatsink
heatsink/fan fell off of cpu in UPS mailing to vermont.
What have these reviewers been smoking? No way an SKU900 outperforms an Alpha8045!
Another thumbs up for the SLK800A / Smart Fan 2 combo :)
help with aero 7+.....
Need the best heatsink/fan combo for 478 retension bracket
Digital Doc 5+
temp monitoring
My cheap solution...
new rig ideas
Safe North Bridge Temps?
Ghetto mod on my SLK900
Have you seen this?
Looking for some info on this product....
does this REALLY WORK??!
Thermal transfer of blu tac
Help: my PC sounds like a raging beast!
AnyHelp Please
NEW!! ThermalRight SLK-947U
Overclocking 1700+ w/ a Volcano7+
Super Quiet Cooler
Lapping the NB too far?
cooling setup..
looking for an old liquid nitro cpu article
The orders are coming! The orders are coming! What to expect?
Aftercooling Question....
Glacialtech IGLOO
Vapochill XE vs prommy MachII
Cutting 60mm to fit an 80mm, plus two other questions
smartfan2 thermal sensor location + northbridge question.
Quiet heatsink?
The Professor Strikes Again
Could I get some help with my cooling setup, please?
It almost killed my nf7-s and I'm still not sure it didn't kill me...
CPU temp higher with 120mm fans on...wierd?
No RPM reading on 3-wire Panaflo case fans ...
fan controllers (real name i dont know:))
Fans too loud!
Woot me!
NorthBridge Mounting mechanisms for i875 boards
vortex cooling
its not even winter !!!!
226 watt pelt question
Best Custom Watercooling Kit For Around $200?
Got my new fan today!!
Whats the quietest 92mm fan ???
Temps shooting up
Considering buying this peltier - does it look good?
Good Job on the Links, Hoot.
where to buy thin thermistors that fit against cpu core under block?
Simple Question
from stock to SK7, only moderate drop
vantec aeroflow
Zalman 7000A and Skyhawk case?
Which Silent fans
Case reccomendations.
Silent Boost Cooler (thermaltake) is this good? eh !
fan cfm
What do you use to control your Vantec 80mm?
Higher-end System cooling
trying to keep my cool
Smart Fan Question
Most Accurate Way To Install a Diode?
Help with MBM5 Please.
Temperature monitoring programs
Should I go water cooling / Are these good temps?
Looking for an easy duct?
Smart Fan 2 Thermistor Replacement
will a slk fit??
Teasers inside... Cooling upgrade!
Just installed my 900u......
Do you think this will fit?
Airflow guide ??
The relationship between clock speed and heat output
Efficent Fan Air Flow?
Non computer damaging smoke?
CPU Cooler review
Pelt or water?
Installing a slk-900u on a A7N8X-dlx
Forget cooling your cpu, cool this instead!
NorthBridge/ Southbridge Cooling - recommendations?
Fan control software for a Compaq Presario 8200ea
I'm not sure that.......
Airflow question
liquid nitrogen
Which direction does the fan blow?
Aluminum fans
computer nurse, waterproof?
Is 91% Isopropyl alcohol pure enough to remove thermal grease?
Thermalright SP-94... anyone seen one for sale yet?
removing nb heatsink without taking nf7s out
No cooling
Good led fan ??
slk-800, and which fan??
Pal6035 alpha vs volcano 7
SLK-900U Installation
Best place to buy SK-7 with Tornado fan?
Is this a good temp?
new case = -10c
Lap your Northbridge/GPU
Jesus H Christ, those are some hot mosfets.
3.5" Fan Controller?
Heatsink Advice Needed
Water Cooling
Wow So Hard To Do Stuff W/ Comps These Days
White pads with Thermalright SK-7?
Anyone own an AeroGate II?
Need help installing the SLK-900
heatspreaders on RAM
CPU Case heating problemo...
Slkk700 cooling barton
I notice big temp difference in system when I take off the filter in the front
Ceramic Heatsinks?
OMG!!! God is with ME!!!!!
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NB cooler kit
Need a cheap and reliable AMD Cooler
AMD thermal protection
Cable Question
Why choose Swiftech????
South bridge too hot to handle
Cool and quiet
Cable Sleeving
what is a fan sleeve?
What is going on???? I can't understand it.
SO I bought a SLK800....
onboard lan
copper staining
Just Installed 7000AlCu
Got my new SK7 and Tornado fan.... It's LOUD!!!
80mm Fan Ducts
cooler for amd 1800+ JUIHB DL3TC
South Bridge
Successful overclock ?
epox 8rda+ overclock cooling
Heatspreaders on RAM, use Thermal tape or AS3?
Which out of these.....
4pin fan noise reduction
GlacialTech Igloo Silent Breeze 462 II
I wanted to know if you think......
Temperature Concern
Movirg PC with SLK 900
What is the best cooling alt to water??
Swiftech MCX603
Where to find 92mm LED fans
please help a newb out
Is something like this an effective cooler?
ok quick! which CPU fan, will use a fan controller
Zalman Heatpipe
7000A-cu question
Best way to remove silicon based thermal grease?
- - toothpaste performs better than generic "goop" - -
MCX4000 and p4p800
Can I use Thermaltake's Ducting mod with the SLK 900?
AS3 on CPU + Iceberg w/AS3 on NB = temp rise!!!
Grrr.... MB Mounting Holes NOT present....
blower fan & a sk-7
SLK-800u fitting mechanism
question about wiring fans
Best way to make a duct
SLK-900A Question??
Southbridge heatsink.
Tip: Use Teflon on HS or WB mounting posts
Swiftech to sell northbridge coolers in Sept.
which rheobus is
Normal Temps for a 2.8C
Zalman 6000 Cu
80mm fans?
Cooling an overclocked BARTON 2500+
How To Test Acid In Water
Zalman 7000A-CU + Abit NF7-S ?
Cooking northbridge
Power Boost for 12v Aero Fan
Locating Gigabyte PLL
Heatsink for Soltek sl75drv2?
slk800a temps are still high 59c underload
uses for old heatsinks
Zalman CNPS7000-Cu question
Swiftech MCX4000-T + 3GHz P4 =?
Best Heatsink for the Money
super simple minimalistic cheap 7v/12v switch
SLK800 floppin in the breeze
Volcano not helping
Fan in the bottom on a Lian-Li PC65
It overheats and I can't stop it.
Slk 800 For Vid Card
Do speedholes make your comp. cooler?
The noise!!!!!!
less cfm=more cooling
Guess this HSF combo
spectacular case mods
hardware monitor program
Please help me select a good HSF and Fan system
Temp drop!why?
Cleaning dust off of a HSF
HELP!! Sevier coolling Issues!!!
aero 7+ and an a7v266
What do you guys think......
Case Fan Suggestion
How do i remove my cid card fan?
Silent (or close) fans
o/c fan
what case!?
CPU temp lower then MB temp
case and ambient temp.
Unorthodox usage of Ceramique
Using glass as side panel
What you guys of these temps?
How to cool the mosfets?
zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu and A7N8X-X
SLK900U and MSI 865PE Neo SL
volcano 11+ review
Lapping? info needed please
Cleaning my SK-7
119x119x25 on a SP-4
hard drive cooling
I need to MAKE an adhesive Thermal paste.
Is this normal for SLK-900?
why are my temps so high?
hot ! too hot !
Cpu HSF question once again!
case fan positioning
Serious cooling GF3 Ti200 - need advice
Heater core
Improving airflow in Lian-Li PC-6x
My Homebuilt Heatsink
Do I need more powerful case fans?
? the best s478 hsf
Using Smart Fan 2 as calibrator
What Do u think.
How high Should case temps be?
P4B266 and SLK900U
30C difference between socket and diode
newb questions (sorry)
SLK-900u fan..
Zalman CNPS7000AlCu and P4
dam ecs board...
Fan wiring question
Newbie question: XP 3200+ - New HS/fan??
front fans in case???
Peltier and watercooling
Heat pipe CASE
Excellent cooling AND quiet?
Memory burn in ...... Same Sort Offects On A CPU??
Temperature variations on a P4.
fan connector wiring
Need a case
Lian Li or Antec
All these temperatures are confusing
heatsink decision
Barton 2800+ with Coolermaster HHC-001
Can i use a slk900A on a pentium board??
cleaning fans
Disconnecting fans with the PC on
Ever take a Smart Fan 2 apart??
Possibly the stupidist problem ever (concerning a Smart Fan 2)
SK7 came with circular grooves and machine marks
'burn-in' period for nanotherm pcm+?
Thanks Guys!!!!!
30,000th post again, except with a legitimate question!
Need Help lapping HS
cooling ram and o/c
80mm fans and Epox 8RGA+
CPU temp?
whats the best goop?
Blow out or suck in?
Blow out or suck in?
SLK 900U has no effect?!
epox 8rda+ northbridge heatsink
Removing Arctic Alumina
gona be installing a temp probe
Anyone consider mounting/ducting a vornado fan to their case or heatsink?
Question about SK-7
CPU Temperature DISPLAY
Best/Quietest NB cooler?
I am thinking of getting the Thermalright slk-900 with a 92mm tornado...
an idea for a hsk
Thermal Compound, does it matter?
Slk 800a
Smart Case Fan II setup
air cooled peltier setup
Why are my load temps so high?
I wont the battle of the temps ... somewhat
Zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu
Fan stacking works...........
How to disable P4 stock HSF fan throttling
Aluminum stock NB heatsink vs Copper Iceberq
Radeon 9800 Pro with AMD CPU heatsink anyone?
Phase-Change vs. Watercooling (serious questions)
nb cooler
please recommend HSF
Need help with OC decision
What is the best 80 mm fan with 30 db?
Whats soooo loud?
Will a SLK-800(U) work on a P4P800 deluxe?
I'm liking this Ceramique stuff :)
Proper placement of a 120mm side fan.
Ducting on an SK-7?
How to get rid of old heatsink ??
Cooling Q's
AC let out moisture?
Temp Help
How big of a difference do case fans make?
Cooling idea...What u think?
SLK-800U/A: Do you think Thermalright is taking advantage?
True 7 volt fan mode?
Where to put hard drives in a Lian-Li case
Thermal grease on RAM
anyone seen the new stock 2500+ cooler
Toothpaste is better than thermal compound...
What really needs active cooling?
Possesed fan?
Need some help with CPU Temps!
Whats Your Idle Temp
Speeze falconrock cools just as well as sk-7! read
2 stock AMD heatsink
my ghetto duct mod
Best 120mm for 30 DB's or UNDER
? about slk-800 hs.
Thermal probe + fan question
Thermal Probe
Questions about NB & GPU cooling
High Cpu Temp on load
Zalman socket A worth it?
NB cooling. what's better?
Need a good heatsink for a AMD BARTON 2500
NewEggs outta SMartFan II's, What should I get?
Overclocker's Cooler Kit from SVC...?
SLK question !!!
fans and cpu cooler
Results of adding a Tt duct to a SLK-800U
Northbridge and Zalman NB Cooler question.
Cooling with a Chaintech
A fan to cool the NB
holy hot hell batman
installing new cpu heatsink
slowing down an AeroFlow
looking for new fan controller...
Has anyone tried the Thermaltake (angled)Ducting mod with a slk-800?900? no dead zone
Run Smartfan at Full Speed?
Updating Windows
Upcoming Lapping Article
Positive Press or Not?
Removing stock heatsink
Getting rid of high temps with SLK-800U: Bolting on tight enough?
AS3... higher temps????
CPU Fan, blow away or towards? should you reverse the fan?
CPU fan duct HOWTO
slk 800u + pelt
Can I replace the zalman 700cu fan with a tornado?
Anyone use silent Zalman NB coolers with IS/IC7?
where to get smart fan 2?
How are my temps still this high??
Short rounded cables
Fan question
For any interested in my cpu temp..
Confused by lots of Thermalright numbers
Fan Ducting to my CPU
Need a lower CPU temp
Here are some pics of some cooling mods
Necus Fan Controller
SLK-900 + 80mm Smart Fan 2 or 92mm Tornado
Cpu Fan list, help me choose the best one!
Zalman CNPS7000A with ABit KG7
ATI ALL In Wonder 9800 PRO Stock Cooling Vs My Planned Cooling plans,Please Help
Fan fell of HSF
120mm/92mm adjustable fans?
How high can I go and what do I switch to?
Thermaltake A1165 Active RAM Cooling Kit
Slk-800(A) moving on CPU?
Temp CNPS700cu+2.4c?
Watercooling using only a water reservoir for cooling water?
Anyone tried an Aero 4?
Swiftech MCX4000 vs SLK900u.. which is better?
MBM5 shutdown problems
Will high temps that run stably have any negative affect... at all?
Thermaltake A1165 Active RAM Cooling Kit
case cooling question
Which temp matters most?
Best cooling
House fan duct mod?
P4 HSF questions
Cleaning a laptop
8C for opening a frige door
new monitor suggestions
better temps thank god
Anyone using Zalman-video-cooler with P4P800 Deluxe ??
Hmmmm I was thinking about heatpipes and...
Lookie What I did Today
SK7+92mm Vantec Tornado?
Lapping a northbridge or GPU
Set of mosfet and vga ram cooling set.
What does a P4 thermal pad look like?
i875 Northbridge Heatsinks
Summer heat's killing me!!!!!!
fan intake or exit
reversing fans (for stacking)
nexus repair help
Shin Etsu Paste
Nexus Fan Controller
Sk7 uses on Barton?
Changed case + applied AS3 = big heat increase
is cyclopentane bad?
how do i remove oil from heatsink?
Can I trust the internal Intel temp ?
which is better to do?
Sanding the heatsink
Something weard
Lapping in regards to thermal grease
Where can I get a Windows kit that has a FAn hole over the CPU?
Heatsinks are discouraging
Will this mobo/heatsink/fan/case/chip combo OC well?
BIG, but quiet fan