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Need help. Any GT AP-15's + Corsair H50 (push-pull) combo users?
Removing old thermal paste with these products.
Bad Mount?
6 Fans, 1 Molex...
CPU Cooling
Confused about air flow.
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Pay attention to your fan setup!
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Compression Fittings, How Tight?
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fan running extremly load
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Another DIY Fan Controller - Adjustable Voltage Regulation 5-11v with Kickstart!
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Just installed Cooler Master V6 cpu cooler.
NH-D14 and the i7-2600k
Cooler Master V8 Replacement Fan
cut off Yate loon Molex?
Megahalems and 2500k, or something else?
Cooler for 965 BE
Replacing my 650D Intake.. What fan?
Arctic Silver Céramique 2 Tri-Linear Thermal Paste
Advice Needed
Temp Probe placement
Personal Hyper 212+ Experiences
Help with Q9650 temps please???
vortex tube cooling?
Will Hyper 212+ fit my case?
Air getting caught up?
Modified DBX-B for 1155
ATCS 840 - GTX295 - Heat issues?!
i7 950 @ 4.01Ghz temps
TRUE and yate loons
High Temps - How long it too long?
Aerocool V12XT vs NZXT SEN-001LX
Best Air Cooling for i7?
Temp reading question.
NHD14 backplate oozing glue...
Modding my desk with cooling fans, need opinions/help
Can I ever get back?
Cooler Upgrade
Is Zalman back in the game?
Corsair 650D fan controller wiring, help!
HELP! H70 or what??
Best Thermal Paste Application For Notcua NH-D14
Silent cooling on a prescott?
Needing Fan Suggestions
Hard drive cooling
Will these fans do?
New to forums and need help
Will OEM 1366 Cooler Fit 1155?
True 120 black or NH D14?
What Heatsink should I get?
Safe to use 7 year old arctic silver 5 paste?
LGA 1156 Heatsink
Worth some MX-2?
PWM fan bank controller with average readout
Should I get a new CPU cooler?
Need extreme fast intake/exhaust case fans!
[COOLING]i7 950 strange thing on backside of motherboard?!
Weird question about Accelero Twin Turbo Pro fan connectors
New CPU Fan?
Thermal grease best application method
Best fan with blue LEDs?
Fan Noise
cooling issue
Heatsink weight! Anyone ever worry about cracking their mobo?!
Arctic Accelero Extreme Plus Review on a 6970
Thermalright Silver Arrow
Noctua NH-U9B SE2 vs. Zalman CNPS 9700.
any1 have the accelero Extreme Plus
Need help with coolermaster hyper TX3 sudden FPS drop.
Adding Antec Kuhler 620 to my build
Will these CPU Coolers fit in my case.
best air cooling temps
Thermal Sensor Placement
Tuniq T120 adapter for 1155?
Help an old dinosaur get a clue - old Panaflos any good?
Best CPU Temp monitoring program for core 2 quad Q8400?
Gentle Typhoon 1850's finally available (FrozenCPU)
Pc makes alot of noise randomly.
sunon fans?
Recommendations for cpu coolers
ultra chilltech
Newb i7 930 OC temp questions
case colling:how much intake and exhaust ?
Can't Get i7-920 High Temps Low Enough
First time lapping a heatsink
Applying artic silver thermal paste
790fx-gd70 NB/SB/Mosfet heatsink needs a fan
Help identify this fan wire for me please
Something Wrong with Lamptron Fc6 ?
Need an opinion on a cooler.
help, chassis fan isnt working
Case Cooling Questions
SLI Cooling
Effect of heat on a Hard Drive
Just scored a Noctua NH-D14
Possible to resurrect a dead fan?
Who has Gentle typhoon 1850s in stock?
is this heater core fine for a radiator ?
thermal ADHESIVE question.
Best fan controller options for these...
Question about CPU Cooling
Powering four 3pin fans in an HTPC with 1 fan header
Fan Question
CM Hyper 212+ or Corsair H70
Water cooling my new build a lot of question O_O
85c!!! Not good.
pc getting too hot for summer.
Zalman CNPS9900MAX CPU Cooler
which CPU FAN & HeatSink to get
Skinnee puts MX-3 and Mx-4 to the test
how good is my Aluminium heatsink lapping and shine ?
Help with better cooling
Hardware Concern?
External Temp monitor for Msi G65/Linux. Or universal.
North Bridge temps
Best Thermal Compound/Paste application methods
Case temps
Good temps for CM Hyper N520?
Dynatron DC1205SO-C Socket 370 CPU Cooler -- how do I install it?
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus, will it fit.
CoolIt Eco replacement
Modded Corsair H70 as a GPU Cooler
TRUE to Corsair H70?
Fan Suggestions
NH-D14 + AMD back-plate replacement?
Best fans to use for radiators? Such as an H50?
Dual fan CPU cooler help?
Cheap effective and quiet cooler
Dark Knight For $25 after MIR+Promo code
Experimenting with airflow, thoughts?
Evercool Transformer 4 Heatsink Review
Liquid cooling vs. Heatsink+Fan
quick question
MUX-120 best cooler for about $50?
i7 940 Cooling
Best fans to use on a cpu heatsink?
Something wrong with fan speed
Do I need to reseat my cooler?
2 4 pin pwm fans on a splitter to motherboard?
Need advice..
AMD Athlon XP +2200 at 109F?
Best case fans/fan controller???
Beginner's Guide to Water Cooling Your PC *** READ THIS FIRST ***
Will hibernate mode shut down my pump?
H50 in Antec Dark Fleet 30 Case
CM Storm Scout+Phenom 2 x4 840+Cooler Master Hyper 520=36 degrees celcius!
Scythe Susanoo, anyone know load statistics for it?
Enzotech Extreme-X for newer CPUs
Best cooler for i5 2500k that isnt a nightmare to install?
Coolermaster Hyper212+ and AMD Phenom II 1090T
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Heatsink Review
What do you think of this ATCS 840 setup?
Fan Speed Control
DIY Laptop Cooling pad
i7 720QM temperatures
Which was the first Tower HSF?
Need a cooling solution for a Sapphire 6950 2gb.
Where have the ultra quiet fans gone?
i7 920 lapped temp differences
How to control my case fans
Reusing copper heatsink
Quick Thermal Paste Question
1155 Cooler Question
Cheeky 5850Crossfire cooling solution
Fan Advice
Best Cooling?
CPUTIN lower than Core Temp?
Cpu cooler replacement (Looking for some feed back)
Quick thermalpaste question
Could someone measure the temps of their computer exhaust air during a game?
Panaflo CPU Cooler Fan Upgrade?
which fans for nxtz phantom?
Cooling Questions
Hyper 212 vs Hydro H50 + g.skill 3500C6-s
Notctua NH-D14 Vs Memory Clearance
Asus M4A89GTD PRO high temps ?
Cooler master V8 with three fans
Phenom II stock cooling, quick question.
Noctua NH-D14 different fans?
Speedfan & Maximus IV
Thermaltake Frio
Does Turpentine use to solve thermal paste?
How much does this costs?
Case fan advice
Need solution make CPU Fan fit
HAF-X + Fan Controller
Thermal Grease (PK-1) included with Megahalems: best way to spread?
140mm fan advice
Red or red LED 50mm fan
Overclocked Mac Pro
Vacuum killed my fans...
Do copper vga coolers still exist?
TRUE 120 Ultra Extreme to Noctua DH-D14?
Is my temp are good with H50?
Cooler Master Hyper 212
Whoa guys do you use this fan to cooling?
New Water Cooling Setup Opinions for system(copy}
Chilltec thermal cooler not adjusting fan speed
Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler - Reduce Noise?
I'm not sure about my pc's temp...:(
My "Power" temperature is 200C....
870 4ghz on air?
Megahalems and Delta AFC1212DE on the way
Just a quick one!
Hyper 212+ or get new bracket for Ultra 120?
10c temperature delta between cores
Corsair Obsidian 800D fans, CPU-cooler and thermal compound
Fitting a PC heatsink and fan to a PS3
Thermalright XP-90c 1155/1366 Upgrade?
Venomous X installation
2 questions....fans and controllers
Am I getting good temperatures?
Hyper 212+ enough to get around 4Ghz?
loop setup help
Cpu Heatsink and Large Memory Heatsink
Trying to decide between some fans
ENERMAX case fan question
Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler or hyper 212+ with 2 extra fans.
Which of these 3 fans is the best?
Scythe GentleTyphoon 120mm 1850RPM D1225C12B5AP-15
Genesis prolimatech. It's finally here...
Air Flow
Help please!
Case Temperature
Help with CPU temp please
Intel: WTF?
CPU core temps read 0c, HELP!!
Suggest a decent air cooler for socket 1155/1156?
Megahalem install question
Better cooling for Northbridge?
GTX 480 + Gelid Icy Vision Rev.2
automatic fans, fan control?
Cooler for i7 2600K
bios says 60 sensorsview says 37
Xigmatek Balder i7 high temps.
Motherboard fan headers
Mobo Won't Recognize CPU fan
3 pin fans have extra solder for 4 pin?
$50 cooler for 2500k
Cooling replacement for gtx 460?
Laptop running at 37C
Big Ceramique Tubes
Delta Tea - it's not cold enough!
Air Cooling - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275
High temps with Noctua NH-d14?
1090t stock + Mugen 2 rev B temps
Recommended high-qual CPU coolers that don't require mobo removal?
mugen 2?
Cooler Master Thermal Compound Any Good???
Case Fan Question
Are these TEMPs ok?
fan control
Fans for Obsidian 800D
Super quick question
Zalman CNPS10X Performa vs Extreme
Fan System
Plastic vs Wire 212+
Air vs. Close Water Kits
Noctua NH-D14 in Thermaltake V4
Cheap/decent AM3 cooler
fan controller question
XFX 8800 GTS Replacement Fan
SpeedFan temps
Best air cooler
Rethinking the H50/H70
Green and blue wires backwards?
Advice on fans...
Air cooled cm690. Any ideas on improvements?
Vantec Pci Cooler?
Cooler Master v8 for overclocking?
~$35 CPU Cooler
Need Heatsink that will fit around Obstacles on MSI P7N mobo
GPU, V10, need i say more?
Risky voltage and temperature
Can't find any TRUEs in NZ.. Will the Venomous-X do?
just a quick q on cooler to get.
thermal paste
Are these temps normal/safe
PC-K62 Venting Issue
How to put two 12cm fan on Hyper 212 Plus?
Will it Fit? Noctua NH-C14 Heatsink in an ExtremEngine 3T Case?
Any new CPU colers coming out?
thermaltake frio vs corsair h50
thermalrite silver arrow & EVGA matx
Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme Delta 120x25 Fan
Fan for CM Hyper 212 Plus
Thermal Grease Question
New HW info proggy, very nice
Does chipset cooler worth it?
vidcard fan oil
old man part 2
The plan
Noctua NH-D14, G.Skill PI, & Gigabyte X58A-UD5
Question about the Scythe Slip Stream PWM
Bent Backplate?
memory too close and too tall for air
[O/C]Prolimatech Samuel 17 Heatsink Review
CPU Cooling, help? :S
Scythe Mugen-2 Rev.B (SCMG-2100) - Metal Backplate?
5870 VDDC High Temp
fan speed cooler master v6gt
Too many options?
Auto fan control
Heatsink Compatibility?
Can I use a 754/939 HSF on a AM3 Board
Air coolers, take a look, 88 pages of data
Thermalright Shaman?
Extreme air cooling?
Best AM3 Cooler? Measurements inside.
Intel 2600K cooling help please
Corsair A70 question
Is my processor running too hot?
Help me out here
Fan suggestions for my Venomous X
4 pin fan, 3 pin header
Can't find accurate reading
i7 960 oc to 4.4 or 4.5 ghz with D14 cooler ?
gpu fan silent mod
Will I Have Enough Thermal Paste?
scythe yasya
GTX 480 Inno3D Cooler?
Normal Temps for i5-760
Please inform me if this is normal!
Temp3 rises to 127C under stress.
Quick question!
"Wind Tunnel"
Case fan - speed up!!
cooling for a i5 2500k in a antec DF-85
690 2
GTS 250 help with cooling
Looking for the best compatable cooler with my setup.
cooler master hyper 212+ or corsair A50
External Radiator box
Recomend me a VGA cooler?
Corsair Hyper 212+ Config help needed.
Coolermaster V10
Delta Fan
[New Poll]What kind of cooling do you use poll (2011)
Short lived smile
CPU Fan wires Red Black Yellow what sequence to get it to work?
Noiseblocker Multiframe Fans
CFM vs Static Pressure vs Rethink my design
overclocking core i5 2500k
Heatsink mounting tips
How good is good airflow
120mm Fan collection picture thread
Confused about my temp
i5 2500k CPU Temp Concerns
The 4Ghz damn stove.
AMD Phenom II x4 945 BE is too damn high!
IHO Temp to "High"
Pull/push on cpu heatsink
Heatsink suggestions
XIGMATEK Fans. What are your Thoughts.
SPIN-Q HSF Surprisingly positive, MAYBE
Noisy fan on reference 5870, need heatsink suggestions
CM Hyper 212+ - Not cooling as much as I would like.
am2+ / am3 mounting
Need advice on Antec 300 Fan Configuration
Custom ps3 60gb cooling with liquid or fans?for Ylod preventing
Tips on getting a good O/C?
V6 Cooler to 939 socket MB Adapter
DIY Fan Controller for PWM Fans
delta afc1212de pinout
MSI Afterburner fan control
I7 920 temps need advice
Amount of thermal paste on 2600k?
Gentle Typhoon Warranty
HAF X Fans
Best air cooler for 570?
Thoughts on a temp gauge
Notes on GT 4250rpm Fan (Mini Review)
Cooler Master V6
Best heatsink/fan for CPU
Please help me choose my cpu cooler
First attempt with H70
any nh-d14 owners w/ x6 @ 4ghz+?
Noctua NH-D14 orientation?
MacPro1,1 @ 3.3Ghz and Corsair H50
i3 540 4.2 Ghz OC bundle cooling
ThermalTake Big Typhoon VX and socket 1155
ty-140 fan pwm rpms screwy
AVC fan
Panaflo fans getting noisy :(
i7-2600k, stock cooler - should I bother overclocking?
ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2
Noctua NH-H1 Thermal Paste, Anyone tried it?
need help building a fan controller
Help the core temps
Better fans for Noctua's NH-D14
Looking for advise for a fan to push/pull my Zalman
Corsair h50 vs Intel stock cooler.
Corsair A70
What thermal paste for a Coolermaster Hyper-212+ (Universal) CPU Cooler
in need of hsf replacement
Water cooling or Air cooling
Noobie in Need of Cooling
Thermalright Bot-thru kit Rev2 & IFX-14
Cpu Cooler installation
Fan behind motherboard
Best sandy bridge cooler
Zalman caught my attention
which cpu cooler is best tmg 1 or Contac 29?
7 case fans, what extra do I need?
decent fan controller?
rosewill challenger case, corsair a50?
GPU cooling options with P6X58D Premium
Ever seen an i7 that can boil water?
cpu temp readings =\
CPU Cooling for i7 950
Coolermaster V10...Worth the money?
Can't decided between 2 heatsinks
Spare heatsink shootout
Asus lion square can it cool a i7 920????
Freezer 7 Pro rev 2 quick review.
92mm heatsinks?
Is my cooling adequate?
Best 1156 cooler / heatsink?
too hot?
Cooling my i7
Thermally conductive / electirically insulationg material?
[O/C]Thermalright HR-02 Review
How far can you go with a TR-120 Fanless
Does the noctua nh-d14 fit on a evga X58 FTW3 mobo?
[O/C]Thermalright Socket AM2/AM2+ Bolt-Thru-Kit
Core Temp higher than SpeedFan?!
Need Advice on Build
Xigmatek S1283
Anyone with a Corsair H50?
New build cooling questions (from a noob)
BSOD problems
Changing from Zalman AlCu to Coolermaster v8? Any idea
Scythe Mine on an I7-930?
What cooler is best for me?
Cooling, Overclocking & Questions (HELP)
H-70 to good to be true???
Any experience with Ultra Chill Tec's?
H50 noise
Help choosing a CPU Cooler
The Re-Build
What temp program?
How to control molex fans?
Air cooler for R3E and Ripjaws DDR3-1600 8GB
HP Pavilion Elite m9340f Q6700 Quad cores overheating?
Would like some help choosing a cpu cooler
Should I use the TIM on my H70 or mx-4?
In love with Noctua...
HAF 932 and Corsair H50 Setup/Config
Noctua Vs Rasa
First ground up build cooling help please ....
i7 950 cooler advice
Extreme Air Cooling: TRUE Copper, 6000rpm fan, -8C outside air!
Temp still running high with H50
H70 airflow and SSD Cooling
Themaltake Element G issue
Reversing direction of case fans for "cooling channel"?
H70 corsair With a Twist or two :):)
CPU overheating past 80 degrees celsius
i3 530 cooling
Is my H50 working right?
Scythe Kaze Server
Is water cooler better then air cooler?
PC Upgrade, Temperatures not Reported Properly
Cannot find any docs on led fan switch with rear push pins - need help!
Asus Silent Knight AL
Core i7 950 Stock runs very hot