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Recommend a good heatsink/fan combo
Side case fan bad idea?
What's the cause of 20c cpu temp difference between idle and load?
Holy crap... comp is just shuttin off
slk-800A temps?
Temperature sound right?
can you use too little thermal grease?
Best method to remove tarnish on copper HSF?
You gotta see this!!!!!!!!!!!
canterwood cooling?
System Temp
Slk800 !!!
How do I install an external thermal probe on my CPU?
How can I tell how many cfm's a fan is?
help with thermalright slk900u
slk 900u
ax-7 + which fan = cooler cpu?
Should I get more Fans
Artic Silver Ceramique
Heatsink sticky stuff problem help please
Heat sink temp to the touch
Vantec Orange UV LED Case Fan
I 7 volted my fans and....
Stock AMD cooler from an XP on a Tbird?
stactic shock?
What to look for when buying a 80mm fan?
Best Heatsink/Fan combo for highly clocked P4.
Coolermaster Aero 7 + Vs Thermaltake Volcano 11+ .
Northbridge cooling question???
Cooling my graphics card
Cooler Master Aero 7+
Quick Newb Question
Cooling help
Cooling help
Cooling help
cost of Prometeia Mach 2?
20C difference between idle/load temps
AMD Temps
Does my northbridge need to be actively cooled?
Best air cooled case, your opinions(on these) or suggestions.
20c diff between idle and load (P4 2.4ghz)
Hot running 2400+? Cant be this much hotter than my 1900+ can it?
Copper sink cleaning
10 X better TIM
Good 80mm fan
sk-7 fan mounting
Install heatsink = remove MB?
processor,heatsink and HSF setup question
My PC freeze... and work again !
80mm fan on a Thermalright SLK-800(A)?
Volcano 6Cu+ can't cut it anymore
DIY water chiller reality check
vantec fan question
Radeon 9800 Cooling
Ridiculous? Backside cooling?
help with a thermalright slk9000u
good, cheap, lannable, quiet HSF combo
help with a thermalright slk9000u
Zalman for socket A
Can 80mm intake & exhaust enough?
replacing stock AMD fan
Just OC'd for the first time!!!!
Northbridge Cooler?
Does the SKU9000 really outperform the Alpha8050?
SLK-900u install troubles
Lanboy cooling
Yet another lapping question......
looking for a bigger/faster fan for an MCX462
fan controllers overpriced - use a variable resistor, but how much resistance?
measuring chipset, memory, and drive temperatures
fan for thermalright slk800a
SLK-900U Installation Tips
Frag tape
Will a Millennium Glaciator be enough?
Not cheap but the silence is total (well, almost)
Best Water Cooling System for the Price...
Need some heatsinks for you ram or mosfets?
Help with Coolermaster Aero 7+
Good 80mm case fans? And, how loud is *X* db?
Order to do things in...
good case temps?
newbie needs help on cooling
SLK900 and 92mm fan question
Two questions about temperature readings.
92mm fan that is 85+ cfm and under 40db?
how trust worthy comapny
Call me insane :)
quick round cable/sleeving question...
water cooling questions
Air Purification Methods
Cooling if your case is open 24/7
IHC-H71 ~ 70mm to 92mm adapter
120mm to 80mm to 60mm
New killer OCZ copper mosphets/mem chips cooler!!
Bad Temps
Cooling Weight On Motherboard
Cool Your Mouse
120mm LED fan with High CFMs
Removing Stock Heatsink TIM
FS: Mechatronics Fan - 80mm - 46cfm@32dB
Is it possible to buy a new windowed and vented side panel for my Antec Case?
Lapping with granite?
92mm-80mm fan adapter?
Water cooling...Worth it?
Anyone have Zalman 7000cu ?
hooking up a tornado 80mm to fan control
Carbon Black Experiment?
are card blowers worth it?
G-force 4 4600TI Too Hot????
fan speeds
1u heatsink in atx case...
This is ridiculous
New thermal paste!
Best heatsink and fan
P2 Stock fan? cfm? rpm?
is this too hot?
noob fan question
Switched from a 3200RPM fan to a 4800RPM one, and....
Help me pick a fan speed controller
Water Cooling Question
Need to lap a thermalrigth heatsink?
WTF happened?!!?
Air Flow Question
How thin layer of AS3 ?
Smart Fan 2 ??
Is the thermal paste with the SLK-800u conductive?
Help me choose some case fans
Need to cool my 2100xp+
Heatsink/Fan question
Quiet case fan
new carbon thermal grease?
Thermalright heatsink adhesive removal
How do I remove and reinstall the NB heatsink
Cooling things other than the CPU
typical results?
Carbon Black Thermal Paste whoops solder, diamond in thermal conductivity
SIde case fan question
Replacment for Vantec Tornado
Where does a temperature probe have to be placed on a P4?
why does NB need to be cooled?
sk7 vs slk800
best 60mm fan
Zalman CNPS7000A-CU vs. SLK800-U w/TT Smartfan 2
Better than ASGIII ?
My SLK doesn't seem to be all copper....?
Will this HSF be able to cool my XP1900+?
Micron size of grit
Volcano 6Cu+ good enough for 1800+?
PLL Chips
SLK 900U Came with...
Lapping Sandpaper?????
Good idea for a duct mod?
Which would be better?
Can I hotglue a fan directly to the mobo?
Stock H/S on O/C'd 1700?
Why can't i post in general forum!
Northbridge heatsink removal...
Another Noob Fan Question?
Can 210MHz of FSB damage motherboard without any extra heatsinks (SB and Mosfets)?
thermal pad removal
AS thermal epoxy dry up
Where to buy
where can i find these heatsinks?
33C Good Idle Temp for Air?
Best GF3 or 4 cooler?
Tornado w/ Nexus vs. Enermax Variable - <40db
Do u have to remove the motherboard to put on the slk900 on a p4?
I need to find a heatsink!
Thermal Compound for WaterBlocks
CPU getting cooler and cooler...
cutting fluid
Northbridge Cooling for Intel
Nanotherm PCM+
Chipped Core = High Temps ?
900U and "Insert best cfm: dba ratio fan here"
voltmod for 24v?
Do my fans just suck or do I have them set up incorrectly?
800u advantage over 800a?
Mobo hold downs for AX7?? Anyone made one??
air bubbles?
How many case fans do you run?
Cooling and muffling noisy hard disks
A Newb With Questions
Zalman (CNPS6000-Cu) Long-Term Test-Drive
Removing fan off of video card?
thoughts on new xp2500+ stock hsf?
SK-7. Where to buy?
newbie question right here
Good idea to add a side panel fan?
HSF recommendation
Looking for Thermal Probes.
Centrifugal Blower plans... suggestions or opinions?
radiator mounting idea
panaflo voltage lowering
Just added 2 more fans to my....vacuum cleaner
Anyone Wanna pick me out a quiet setup?
slk 900a vs slk 900u
Ax-7 vs slk-800
need some tips on sleeving a psu
SLK-800U - Smart Fan 2 the best match?
Interesting use of SmartfanII...
what is the best budget heatsink at newegg
Upgrade time, QUIET setup suggestions.
Just an idea
Better then Vantec Aeroflow?
Filtering the air
Random Crashing
Next Gen Compatible?
Do I apply Thermal paste on NB?
are theese temps ok???
am i insane??
my cpu just heated up ;T
How many fans do you have?
Where can I sell a radiator?
what does it mean when...
Open Case question
thermal paste
Vantec Tornado with Nexus
Vantec Tornado with Nexus
still need suggestions on 1700 cooling
MSI NB cooling HSF?
y da **** did my temps go up so ****in sudennly???
Getting errors in Prime95...need help.
Need some advice on case cooling
fx5900 ultra ram cooling
increasing air flow
Need some advise
Vantec Tornado @7V ????
is the volcano 7 good enough for barton 3000
Quiet Case Fan
Fan for volcano7+
AirFlow In this Case OK?
Cooling vs. noise for Barton 2500
Help setting up digital fan control
Just built new P4 3.06, but need advice on temp
Mcx462+t Help!
VGA cooler?
Ultimate Thermal Paste Round Up
new heatsink options?
Swiftech MCX370 not any better than Stock AMD cooler!
SLK lapping question
Temperature or Stability?
Suggestions for replacing the fan on a MC462
PCI FANstrain my vid card fan?
What to improve cooling ??
Load vs idle
Acceptable noise level for quiet PC's?
has anyone used this kit or heard anything about it
WTF? Led case fan, light up with no power?
SLK800U better than AX-478?
Sapphire ATI Radeon 9000 cooling
zalman 7000cu at frozen cpu
overclocking question
OMG Look at these temps...
OC'ed P4 Temps.... Are they right?
SLK-x00(A) vs (U)
My OCed P4 2.4B is too hot
using socket 370 hsf for socket 478?
two case fans on the back
How Much Thermal Paste????????????
Which way should i go?
in my fight against stupidity, I need some help here....
MBM5 For 8RDA+
How hot is too hot for northbridge??
Stupid Question
SLK-900 120mm Fan Mod?
volcano 9 temp cont better
Lap that SLK!
Interesting Dilema involving an SLK-900u
Are my temps ok?
Uber cooling foil?
radeon 7000 heatsink
Arctic Silver Prototype?
HSF for AthlonXP 2500+
Funny looking waterblock.
I hate goop
shim or no shim?
Help installing Swiftech MCX(C)370 heatsink
Best fan for slk 900??????? PLEASE HELP
I have four questions so I bundled them together here...
This can't be right...
Best airflow for case with no front panel fan
Have u not seen the darklord overclocking thing in "overclocking" info on this site!
The quick short ducting guide. Cheap! Free! maybe pics inside!
cooling my case
i can't believe this whole time..
Zalman7000cu X SLK900U
mounting temp sensor on AMD prociessor
IC7 high temps
EKL Blade XP controlled..
completely heatpiped cooled case!
New Temps
Heatsink difference
TT Tiger 1 chipset cooler
Hydo Cool?
thermal sensor adjustments
mini-fridge setup
Noob CPU cooling questions
Painting Heatsinks?????????
Do i really need thermal greese?
Thermal Paste
Lapping a heatsink
New comp, running a little hot.
Krazy Zalman GPU Cooler
best air cooled heat sink to be had?
Zalman Fanless HD Cooler
Where to put a fan?
Help cooling rig...
small free program to check temps
Quiet but powerful fan?
There the heck can I get thermal tape in Vancouver, CA?
Question about that stuff you get from radio shack..
thermal pad removal
surface temp :D core temp :eek: :eek: :eek:
How do I check my system temperature in Windows?
8-16VDC fans ok to use w/ ATX PS?
Zalman 7000 vs SK-7 with 48.5cfm fan
WTF?! Worst watercooling setup ever!!!
water cooling in a dif way
arctic alumina or cyramique?
Newb ... P4 Cooling
slk-900U whereabouts
Connecting a Tornado to a fan controller
Voltage drop on a rheobus?
P4 Temp
intake vs. exhaust
Vapochill under case?
Few mods on NF7-S(cooling)
SLK800U poor result
major heat problems
SK-7 + TT SmartFan2
All of the thermal material buzz...
temps ok or can i get colder
SLK900u + Ventec TMD fan
Dang, (age old question) Vapo or Prommie for custom case?
AS3 before or after adhesive?
would it be ok to use 1900 stock on 2400
Any good southbridge cooling solutions?
cooling this case
installing SK-7
themaltake subzero 4g
Remove stock NB block
Home-made waterblock.
Cooling a 2.8 Ghz p4?
Heatsink problems
NB Cooling
New System Pics!
I'm not using any Thermal Grease...
nexus NXP-205 w/ chieftec
HELP! 55*+ with NO load!!
please help...new
Thermalright SLK-900-U?!?!?!??!
Can't boost my OC ?
Temps to high?
Best Heatsink and Fan
piggy back fans?
Overclocking Barton 2500+ with stock hs/f
Ultimate Thermal Paste Round up@TheCrucible.ca
Vantec AeroFlow adequate?
Controlling RPM's
nexus questions
hi all, cooling help needed
need help and this is the most popular forum
Watercooling Graphics Ram
What is the best way to cool RAM??
Should I get the ThermalTake Tiger or New Revision Abit NB fan for my IS7?
cooling my Radeon 9500 np
looking for 120V AC fans
cheap cooling
Oil-Submerged Computer (PICS!!)
Need best options for air cooling
Separating Drives
Looking for some all copper ramsinks with fan.
Multiply cooling fans
Have an aluminum piece
Smart Fan II
ZM-80A HP and Radeon 9800 Pro
Can i use 70% isopropyl alchohol to clean the Arctic Alumina off my AMD?
2 front intake fans
What can take the heat?? (excess of 120F) ambient
Adequate cooling for a non O/C xp1700?
Extreme Cooling
cooling nb?
this dont fit here
what fan?
Uber fan for stock heat sink?
My Plans For a Custom Water Kit.
Quick Question - Building My First PC
Artic Silver III 3 grams or 6 grams?
Heatsink is too loose with thermal tape removed. Help?
heatsink/fan suggestion
How I made a Blowhole without drilling metal
458 cfm
Motherboard to CPU temp difference
hey guys, ARCTIC SILVER applying guide
Ascent Technologies
Intel Stock w/o TIM?
VGA Cooling for a ATI Radeon 9700 pro
ceramique or AS3??
5V/12V Switch
which fans should suck and which should blow(lol)
Thermal Greases
Case cooling studies
chipset cooling
SLK900 & MSI NEO2-LS compatible?
my uber mosfets =)
Spark 7 Too Hot!
Proper Case Airflow?
Fan overvolting...
im looking for super glue compound...
AX-7 still champion?
Deep Impact HSF
SK-7 install - help a newbie
92mm tornado+slk900u VS volcano 11+ xaser edition
how do you install a slk-800a?
system/cpu temp difference
Please comment on watercooling setup
Thermaltake peltier hsf fan thingy
Ceramique problem
slk-800u mounting/design: Problem?
Does anyone know what CFM the stock 120mm case fan is? or the db it puts out?
Installing CNPS-7000cu
To ANYONE Using Radioshack Thermal Paste
SLK-800 w/ Thermaltake Smartfan II
Good UV reactive green fan?
AS3 or Arctic Silver Ceramique?
Installing 900U
Comments on the Coolermaster Aero 7+ HSF
Choosing cooling
heatsink clip for the Swiftech MCXC370
If taking off the side of the case drops temps 5-6C is that bad?
where to buy heatsinks
taking off the mounting pads
REhostat question
The math of 7 volting a fan.
A little color....
Panaflow LA-1 Question
Temporary cooling decision...
3-position single toggle fan controller
Program to measure heat?
system temperature
Biggest and Best Fan for SLK-800U
My New Stuff..
Help me find a 70mm to 80mm fan adapter Please!!!!!
New Thermal Paste
My Hardrive Is Hot/warm
does any1 have a link to air cooling BENCHMARKS?
Comair Rotron as single case fan - intake or exhaust?
Just making an observation
Just got SLK-800A
Way to cool air flowing through case?
CPU running hot!
Had a cooling question.....
SLk-900 running hot
SLK800 clips question
imthechamp.com is the best
Running hot i think
Should I lap these two heatsinks?
South Bridge cooling........
Is it True Arctic Silver 3 gets better with time lowering temps more?
Actual Proof that heat is bad for computers
Which VGA cooler?
slk-900 compatibility
A couple of questions about ducting...
120mm fans: AoC/Titan/Evercool vs. Evermax adjustable (does this run 30dB @ 90CFM)
Speedfan readings?
TT smart fan 2 questions
SLK-900 or sk-7
anyone have experience with the fanless zalman big vid card sink?
my heatsink
Cheap cooling needed! Links appreciated! :P
Best P4 Cooler?
Xp2000+ O/c
Sekisui #5760 thermal tape specs?
swiftech mcx370-0a
barton 2500 newbie needs help
clean those heatsinks!
Different temp sensors
How To?
Fitting 92mm Tornado on SLK-900?
will my amd system blow up in a year lol
Zalman7000 or SLK900 with Smart Fan II? REady to buy right now
cheaper cooling solution than this?