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Stock cooling question
sonata cooling for OC
CPU fan blowing into the cpu or blowing away from the cpu?
Corsair Hydrocool 200 came in today
The UnderSide Of Heatsinks
Best for cooling the north bridge?
new thermaltake
TT Giant II or Vantec Iceberq4 and Ramsinks
3 Fan Heatsink???????
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Aero 7
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Zalman CNPS7000-Cu on AMD
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FAQ: "How loud is my fan?"
Engineering the Perfect Duct
Ducting: Straight or angled any difference?
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AS3 vs As Céramique
Smart Fan II, How Do You Control Fan Speed
HSF mod - amazing
wiring up variable resistor
Best choice
Speed Fan, Which Is My Cpu Temp?
Viking cooler
Replacing Lian Li Pc60 Fans
Need help, cooling...
slk800 - slk-900
need help temporarily cooling NF7-S v2.0 southbridge!!! (already made HSF)
AS3 remover
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Ducting for reducing noise, increasing cooling
how loud is my fan?
Good, cheap HSF for old Tbird 1Ghz
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CD-ROM drive cooling......
Question on Window unit cooling.
RAM Sinks
Cooling my graphics card
I'm Officially back to AirCooling!
Thermal Transtech Int'l Heatpipe TTIC-NPH-2
Can I use tape to hold fan on heatsink?
cooling for 1.7ghz p4 celeron?
Fan tech
Is this the best CPU fan i could get?
I need YOUR help!!!!!!!
Glacialtech IGLOO SILENT BREEZE 462 any good????????
Suggestions with case fan layouts Please
Temp's Not too good.
2500+ Cooling
Ludicrously large fan search, help appreciated
Which cable?
SLK 800u question
AirCooling question (Aeroflow)...
bios or MBM temps higher?
Where to put a case fan?
Case Fan... wierd RPM
Happy 4th of July!
someone help, my computer won't boot =(
4 120mm fans for 18.95
North Pole NB Cooler....the best NB cooler out there!
sk-7's MUST be lapped
Serious Problem
Slk7/Smart Fan II
RMA question.
What epoxy?
Tornados and SLKs - -
What temps do you get with what cooling?
I feel like such a loser....
Abit IS7 reports wrong CPU Temp... confirmed..
Northbridge Fan going out
24" case for $80 CDN
Looking for a new high-CFM low-db 80 mm fan
getting rid of the Thermaltake Volcano 7+ wine
CPU cooling!
SLK-X00 and north bridge?
That sound absorbing padding stuff...
the coolmaster 7
Swiftech 72watt Thermoelectric Module
"warped" cpu heat sink?
is hard-drive cooling worth it?
Attaching a fan to a socket 7 heatsink
Aero7 turbine fan
How loud would 4-5 tornados be?
temps too high with sk7!
CPU temps .. need help ..
Air Ducting question
Can you WC a dual xeon?
Thinking about watercooling...
V11 lapped
the slk900 of northbridge coolers.. at a price
best 2000+ heatsink/fan
To cut or not
how do you install fan clips on sk-7???
noob question
Will a Duron 800 retail hs/fan cool a Palomino 1600+?
thermal grease
Can this handle a tornado?
17 degree increase from idle to load
Tin foil
what kinds of cooling and stuff would u get if u were me?
slk-800 or AX-7 on nf7-s w/ vantec iceburg NB hsf
Coolermaster vs. Thermaltake
Help me with my 92mm Blowhole Fan selection!
How do I remove an old heatsink??
92mm Blowhole Fan Selection?
Modding the Zalman CNPS-7000cu?
Im confused...
Rebooting?!?!?!?!?!!? COoling?!?!?!
Temp readings over time....
A question for Kenski about the Digidoc5
New Case
Mineral oil cooling
Ever seen such a cooler?
Newegg Slk-700- ??Without Fan??
Are my Motherboard Monitor log results okay?
Can you use a 3 to 4 pin adapter on Panaflo L1a's
Thermaltake Xaser III.. fan explanation please..??
92mm fans in the 70-90cfm range??
major fuzz with AAA
Canadians: where to get SLK?
Heat sink glue?
SLK-900u with Vantec Tornado Fan.. is installation Hard?
Good combo?
SLK900 - local purchase in SoCal
Computer "Accident"...
northbridge cooling?
My First Mod
Static with 3 120mm
Cooling out on TI4200
ridiculous cpu temps
Bad airflow - Why??
Recommended cooler for a GF4MX440?
Instructions for SLK-800 fan holder set up
Gigabyte 8knxp + Slk 900u
volcano 9 and 47º 2100+ (stock speed)
Best heatsink/fan for 2800?
O Boy the next SLK
check this cooling out..
A couple Lapping Questions
SLK-800A Pads
Geforce2 cooling?
help decide what fan I need for o/c'ed 1700+
Falling Heat Sinks
Will the Cyrstal Orb fit on the Hercules 3d Prophet II GTS 64 meg video card?
Check this out heh...(AVI)
Nice Little Duct?
where can I get some quiet 172mm fans? (24v)
Connecting more than one fan????
rpm on TT Smart Fan 2
continued from last
General Cooling Question
Thermaltake Giant II Video Cooler
Need help bad
Barton w/slk900&Tornado
What's a good 120mm fan to use with the Antec 3700?
How far do I screw down on SLK-800U ?
What the...!
Which Heatsinks Are The Easist To Snap on?
Non-loud 80X80X38mm fans?
how big are these radioshack heatsinks?
Take 3-pin off old fan, solder multiple fans to it?
Fan and voltage monitoring?
What fan will fit SLK-900u on Abit IS7 mobo
slk800 fit in Sonata
what to cool an xp2500?
Watercooling Relay Switches/cards?
we learn our mistakes at an expensive price
temperatures ... what is ok, what is not
Remember ...
Microcool NorthPole northbridge cooler
Volcano9 cool a 2500+barton?
Coolermaster Aero 7+ blower on a Swiftech 462-U HS.
Just lapped my heatsink
I need a CPU cooler
Volcano 11
Recomended HS for IS7 north bridge?
Do these temps sound right to you?
Are these temps o.k?
Heat Shrink
New Pc Case
Vantec HDD Cooler
would this be a good cooling config?
clip on socket A heatsink
13 hours of prime sufficient?...I think it is....
Best use for dead thermaltake
What is the best fan to put on a Swiftech MCX4000?
random restarting
SLK800-U or SLK-800 (A)
Comments needed
Prices of heatsinks in Asia compared to US/UK?
System Temps in new case
what can i expect?
Cutting fan holes.....
Altered version of PROBE available?
Another Fan setup
Abit IC7-G Temps
Is there a rheobus that allows you to switch fans off?
3 to 4 pin adaptor
Need some help with arctic silver3 Please
How do I make a shroud to my CPU
PAL8045 Push or Pull
in need of help please!
Which Mounts Better?
This heatsink is worth less
best air cooler wit low noise
HSF. Should I upgrade? (+)
Case Cooling
cpu die temps
Temp Ranges (Need Advice)
SLK 900u installation method for P4
PSU overheating
what is confirmed to work with a tornado?
thermalright sk6+ vs. stock hsf?
omg so happy!
prime95 question
After lapping a heatsink...
Thermal Monitors - Which to choose?
xp question
How can i cool it down
how hot is to hot for a system temp?
Lap a HCC001?
drilling in copper, advice needed.
is this hsf good for overclocking my athlon xp 1800?
Removing the Heatsink off of a GeForce256
CD-ROM and Harddrive cords????????
Found HUGE heatsink
Cleaning the Alpha PAL8045
questions about mounting hs
Chieftec Matrix Full tower cooling setup
Side fan airflow question
Hot in Heeeerrreee!
OC System 9700 video card cooling kit
Converting CPU heat to Tons
Another very tragic tale...
Yet another Panaflo question
A7N8X Northbridge Heatsink Removal
Adhesive on bottom of hsf...
Vantec Iceberg 4 Pro or ........
artic silver 3 question - rookie
AMD stock HS
what is that one cooljag heatsink..
SLK-900 mounting.
Could someone explain fan connectors please
Zalman CNPS7000-Cu 8rda+ & overclocking
high case temp
Is there anyway to reverse airflow?
Let's put the 80mm Fan arguement to rest
Zalman CNPS7000-CU Fan Mod
Strange hsf
north bridge cooling
asus a7n8x deluxe
Question about condensation/frost
swiftech mcx4000
better heatsink
Fan on SLK-800
With Summer rolling around, do I need to make a few changes?
is my fan setup ok?
shouldn't my temps rise under load alot?
Some questions on the CPU core
AirFlow Through my WC Case!
Temp Readings
AX-7 vs. SK-7 ?
good hsf cooler for athlon xp for it's price
Help! 8RDA+ and Thermalright SLK-800 and Hot?
Too hot?
Question about Reinstalling Heatsink
The Best p4 heatsink?
Quietest HSF for Athlon
Cooling and BSOD?
The final vertict on slot blowers?
Fan connections....How to????????
Put fan on south bridge????
Making A Blowhollllllle
Is this a good Motherboard?????
A tragic tale...
vantec aeroflow
Intel Stock Cooler
92mm tornados..
Good CPU temp monitor [hardware]
AX-7 compares to???
AX-7 of PAL8045
Cold cathodes and thermalright
The ° symbol
What rheostat do I need?
benefits of cooling other parts of your mobo
The die temp diodes location, and the best possible achived die temp?
Zalman CNPS3100+ ??
Planned Ducting Question
Should i lap my slk900?
Northbridge Cooler for GigaByte 8KNXP ???
Cardboard Airduct mod
SLK800 or SLK800u
What fan controller can handle a tornado?
question on SLK 800a
Help temp problem!!!
How do I mod my fan
Best cooling setup?
lapping zalman cnps7000 -alcu??
Will this ghetto r9700np oc setup work??
Disabling Thermal probe on Fan
Can't take the damn slk800 off
what is the best VGA chipset cooler for ATI 9600Pro?
Zero pressure best, over positive pressure?
Case temps?
Ducting mod you won't believe
how much temp diff. in sk7 and slk800?
replacement window for chieftec
VDD Mod/Chip Set Cooler
Anyone know of any places that sell UV reactive RED fans without LEDs?
auto shut off
Which heatsink/fan to buy? Help!
Heatsink comparison on front page??
For those of yo wondering what my ac/ducting mod looked like
low speed fan on CPU fan header has weird reading?
My cpu fan is randomly stopping.....
7 volt 3 pin fans
Ducting Mod Questions?
sk-7 question
SLK-900U: Suck out or blow in?
Clothes dryer duct vent.
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Clear Acrylic Case Cooling
Ac fans or ac/dc converter?
3 wire or 4 wire connector?
Noise reduction page
Where to make holes bigger for fans....
Peltier on Air?
I love my slk-900U........
AMD 2800 barton or 2700 tbred??? asus or abit mobo?
Case Fans...LED's??????
quick response zalman 5500 cu= problems
WOW!! lapping works wonders
Thermaltake Tiger install question.
Crossed Over The Line.....
Crystal Orb on GF2, too loud, use rheostat?
sucking or blowing?
Sandra CPU Reading?
Slk-800 :(
Coolermaster aero
unfiltered intakes...
How to wire fans and lights......
Problem with a lousy fan rheostat?
Heatsink of the Asus P4C800 E Dlx
X-dream, best cooler for the money? I think so.
CPU Ducting??????????
Thermaltake Spark 7....good heatsink??????????
SLK-800 Temps
what fans?
diode vs socket temp question
4 fan locations?
best noise/performance ratio on ttsfII
What Waterchiller?
New cooling technique
thermal paste questions?
How are these temps?
SLK-800 (u or a) or the zalman 7000CU
List of SK7 supported motherboards
Aluminum fans
Sparkle power supply fan replace?
need a brief explanation of how to clean 'goop' off (solvents?)
optimal blowhole locations
modding x-dream?
Your opinion on HSF please
How about this for a water block design?
Dremel Disk tip
need some advice
cooling dilemma...
Side panel fans: suck air IN or blow air OUT?
anyone have an idea to attatch my zalman to my sb?
A crazy predicererment
Please sign the petition!!!!!
Spark 7 In da house!
Buidling first computer, looking for good fan to put on SLK-900
80mm to 120mm fan adapter
Laptop cooling, thinking of uping cpu
Wow, what a diff
There be a new blower in town!
Akasa solvent / cleaner any good?
Original SLK-800 ok for Barton 2500+?
With an SK-7, does a 80mm to 92mm duct have significant decrease in temps?
Flow rate vs RPM
Vaccume Cleaner Case Cooler
Intel Stock HS on AMD
Volcano 7+
ThermalRight SK-6+ and TMD fan??
New heatsink higher temps?
SK-7 Cooling Capability
911 question
Fan Controller
Impossible?....Maybe, Maybe Not
Zipties are our friends.
1U Cooler On Ti4200
i need help please
thermal resistance?
Handling Heatsink
Advice req: Thermal Adhesives
how many cut-off wheels will i need?
General Air Cooling Theory?
Temp Probe question
Best place to store arctic silver?... How about the fridge?
slot/bay fans
CPU Tempurature Die/Socket differences
Suspending the Fans?
Enermax or Noiseblocker fan ??
Anyone using this OEM rheobus?
TEC cold plates
cooling question
Surprisingly cheap and good cooler
igloo active cooling
Please help
General equation for fan wattage
I spent $30 on my HSF and i'm getting 30c under load
quick thermal grease question
ducting w/ 2 fans + HS?
Is thermal grease a must?
Need some help in deciding air vs water
Prometeia-I or Mach II? Worth my extra $400?
Fan/heatsink for P4
Fans for 9500pro
Is this possible?
are these temps too high
Performance Vs. Lifetime?
the best 80mm fans out there?
witch sandpaper use to lap a Volcano 8 Slim HS?
Help deciding on NF7-S northbridge hs\f
Too Many SLK's?
How can I make this heatsink more effective
One small step for liquid cooling, one giant leap for overclocking.
I Need help!!!
central air...
REmove NB heatsink without unscrewing mobo?
got my water cooling rig up
Ducting mod?
Overclocking Woes
80mm fan on an SLK-900U
How much could i overclock?
New foxconn HSF @ directron
suggested cooling for gaining ~350MHz?
Make your 3/8" WC kit look Kick***
EXOS or HydroCool?
Need some help from Toronto people.
Big problems, please help!!!
Cooler XP questions
Used VapoChill PE or New Mach 2?
Dig these temps with stock HSF
possible to fit better fan on Intel supplied P4 HSF?
Panaflo L1As enough for case cooling? And more ?'s
Using a 1U Heatsink in a Desktop?
Temperature Sensor On The Mobo
What is the largest shroud?
SLK900 pressure?
Cooling kit help
Tualatin Celeron HSF combo
Vantec Tornado very loud
Need a Cheap cooler for Xp 1700+
Cooling Tip!!!
question on OC
what to get what to get....help?
Why do we use heatsinks and fans?
DIY Fanbus schematics
I am in need of a 40mm fan...
Are these temps good???
where can i get the zalman fan fix1 thingy?
Best NB cooler on NF7?
How hot is too hot?
my mini review comparing the Zalman CNPS-7000CU against the SLK-900 (pics)
Flow direction of the cpu fan... question.
putting ceramique on slk900u
SLK-800 vs TTV11
Case Cooling
Putting Ceramique on the Radeon9500 core.
Vantec Stealth vs Panaflow L1A