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sucking or blowing?
Sandra CPU Reading?
Slk-800 :(
Coolermaster aero
unfiltered intakes...
How to wire fans and lights......
Problem with a lousy fan rheostat?
Heatsink of the Asus P4C800 E Dlx
X-dream, best cooler for the money? I think so.
CPU Ducting??????????
Thermaltake Spark 7....good heatsink??????????
SLK-800 Temps
what fans?
diode vs socket temp question
4 fan locations?
best noise/performance ratio on ttsfII
What Waterchiller?
New cooling technique
thermal paste questions?
How are these temps?
SLK-800 (u or a) or the zalman 7000CU
List of SK7 supported motherboards
Aluminum fans
Sparkle power supply fan replace?
need a brief explanation of how to clean 'goop' off (solvents?)
optimal blowhole locations
modding x-dream?
Your opinion on HSF please
How about this for a water block design?
Dremel Disk tip
need some advice
cooling dilemma...
Side panel fans: suck air IN or blow air OUT?
anyone have an idea to attatch my zalman to my sb?
A crazy predicererment
Please sign the petition!!!!!
Spark 7 In da house!
Buidling first computer, looking for good fan to put on SLK-900
80mm to 120mm fan adapter
Laptop cooling, thinking of uping cpu
Wow, what a diff
There be a new blower in town!
Akasa solvent / cleaner any good?
Original SLK-800 ok for Barton 2500+?
With an SK-7, does a 80mm to 92mm duct have significant decrease in temps?
Flow rate vs RPM
Vaccume Cleaner Case Cooler
Intel Stock HS on AMD
Volcano 7+
ThermalRight SK-6+ and TMD fan??
New heatsink higher temps?
SK-7 Cooling Capability
911 question
Fan Controller
Impossible?....Maybe, Maybe Not
Zipties are our friends.
1U Cooler On Ti4200
i need help please
thermal resistance?
Handling Heatsink
Advice req: Thermal Adhesives
how many cut-off wheels will i need?
General Air Cooling Theory?
Temp Probe question
Best place to store arctic silver?... How about the fridge?
slot/bay fans
CPU Tempurature Die/Socket differences
Suspending the Fans?
Enermax or Noiseblocker fan ??
Anyone using this OEM rheobus?
TEC cold plates
cooling question
Surprisingly cheap and good cooler
igloo active cooling
Please help
General equation for fan wattage
I spent $30 on my HSF and i'm getting 30c under load
quick thermal grease question
ducting w/ 2 fans + HS?
Is thermal grease a must?
Need some help in deciding air vs water
Prometeia-I or Mach II? Worth my extra $400?
Fan/heatsink for P4
Fans for 9500pro
Is this possible?
are these temps too high
Performance Vs. Lifetime?
the best 80mm fans out there?
witch sandpaper use to lap a Volcano 8 Slim HS?
Help deciding on NF7-S northbridge hs\f
Too Many SLK's?
How can I make this heatsink more effective
One small step for liquid cooling, one giant leap for overclocking.
I Need help!!!
central air...
REmove NB heatsink without unscrewing mobo?
got my water cooling rig up
Ducting mod?
Overclocking Woes
80mm fan on an SLK-900U
How much could i overclock?
New foxconn HSF @ directron
suggested cooling for gaining ~350MHz?
Make your 3/8" WC kit look Kick***
EXOS or HydroCool?
Need some help from Toronto people.
Big problems, please help!!!
Cooler XP questions
Used VapoChill PE or New Mach 2?
Dig these temps with stock HSF
possible to fit better fan on Intel supplied P4 HSF?
Panaflo L1As enough for case cooling? And more ?'s
Using a 1U Heatsink in a Desktop?
Temperature Sensor On The Mobo
What is the largest shroud?
SLK900 pressure?
Cooling kit help
Tualatin Celeron HSF combo
Vantec Tornado very loud
Need a Cheap cooler for Xp 1700+
Cooling Tip!!!
question on OC
what to get what to get....help?
Why do we use heatsinks and fans?
DIY Fanbus schematics
I am in need of a 40mm fan...
Are these temps good???
where can i get the zalman fan fix1 thingy?
Best NB cooler on NF7?
How hot is too hot?
my mini review comparing the Zalman CNPS-7000CU against the SLK-900 (pics)
Flow direction of the cpu fan... question.
putting ceramique on slk900u
SLK-800 vs TTV11
Case Cooling
Putting Ceramique on the Radeon9500 core.
Vantec Stealth vs Panaflow L1A
Zalman ZNPS7000-Cu vs. Thermalright SLK-900u
Another lapping question - sorry...
CPU temps with side of case on and off???
I want to glue a heatsink to a southbridge
Smart Case Fan 1 -Temp Diode
I need cheap alluminum heatsink for L1A
Switching from AS3 to ceramique
Best case fans?
Dont spread Ceramique??
An Odyssey of Cooling Nightmares! (chapter 1)
Zalman CNPS 7000-Cu vs Swifty MCX400 vs SLK900
What is a good 92 mm fan...
30K RPM fan!
cooling 800mhz celeron -> 1.1ghz?
cord not long enough
is it humanly possible to fit an 80 mm fan into an slk-700?
My Northbrigde isn't flat and I am ticked!
anyone here use
SuperRed fans any good??
New MachII review from VR-Zone
Will this work for better cooling?
o/c P3-700E
What is "Lapped" (n00b Question)
NB cooling pointless....
My vantec aeroflow just stopped working! help
Hardrive Coolers....
Sunon 120mm Metal fans?
Back Flow Heilum
Airflow question
Double fan type thing
SLK-800 temperatures. I GOT IT :D
Which is better?
Need the best cooler for AMD Socket A with fan included
Cooling Options (Water vs Air)
AX-478 Discontinued?
P4 HSF: which is the better out of Spark7/Vantec Aeroflow?
Hear of the Thermalright AKV-478
i give up on temps with asus boards
help me please
GPU Heatpipe vs Fans
plcaeing psu outside case? better cooling?
Swiftech MCX4000 vs Thermalright SLK900U
Another worthless THG read...
PC in da closet
Would you??
Is a GPU cooler really worth it?
Stock Fan /w AC3 Hitting 50C?? Help?
Corsair Hydrocool 200 who else is buying this ?
How about painting a HS black?
PSU modding
Thermaltake Ducting Mod....
ax7 help.
Aquarius2 vs Iceberg, both $100 H20 cooling. Tips on makin a $150 high-end H20 system
what performs better: slk-800 or slk-800u
The Thermaltake volcano 12 is born
Monitor temps across a network with MBM5
AX-7 vs. SK-7
some cooling mods :)
Need instructions help w/ AS Ceramique
[best] CPU fan --- :D
sucking vs blowing
Thermaltake or Thermalright?
fan ?
Are these the only Hard Drive water coolers?
uh oh....
which metal is softer?
How can I make thermal paste
Upgrading HSF
UK - Where can you buy Old Heatsinks?
Stability test
486 HSF for a Ti4200
Good HD Cooler any advise
Freon or Water
Toronto users please help...
thanx for help but 1 more q......
Wireing Volcano 9
Don't lap with a dremel
fan for heatsink
Thoughts about these temps.
nb/south bridge cooling options
Use my old Arctic Silver 2 or buy fresh AS3/Ceramique?
antec case fan placement
Vantec Aeroflow problem
Easy Question Thermaltake Smart Case Fan 2 / Nexus
can't you all see from your eyes????
SF2 w/ Coolmod on a CPU w/ AX-7
Prometeia as a GPU Cooler?
GFX card cooling.....
TOAST = Not good *sizzle*
another quick question
TT blower
lol willl this work
Cable sleeving
What to do with those screamers?
15C drop
Groaning Gf 4 Ti Cooper Cooler???
large jump under load
AS3 Vs Ceramique
What is the best fan/heatsink for a 2.4 p4?
Ram Sinks
Adapter for Aeroflow.
Suggested coolers?
Cheap heatsink needed!
where to buy slk900u
cant get zalman nb cooler back on
how to lap a heatsink fan
heatsink for 2.4c?
What About A Laptop Power Adapter To Power A Peltier?
SK7 With Delta 80mm Fan better than....
9800pro hsf fits 9700pro?
Fan voltage control
hot or what? soltek readings not to figure out
Heatsink league
Problem w/ my SLK-800A
building a system -- getting overheated CPU -- HELP!
changed hsf= higher temps?
Can CPU temp < case temp?
cool as3
help setting fan in case
machine in trouble ... help needed
IC7 and Swiftech MCX4000
Quick question answer needed fast plz
Problems installing Volcano 11+ on my mobo
Offset fan placement
How far would an Alpha PAL8045w/delta fan HSF be able to OC a 2500+ barton?
how good is the 7000Cu when compare to SLK900??
Cooling problems
Poor-Man's 120x120mm Air Duct
Cooling more than just your PC
recomendation for p4 hsf and case fans.
very noisy fan???
Zalman CNPS7000-Cu
Comair 172mm
Xaser case and Smart Fan II question
P4 Cooler
which is which
easy 12c drop *pics*
GPU cooling trick everyone should know
*sigh Another GPU fan toast, and another trick up my sleeve
Anyone know measurements of SLK-900 on A7N8X DX mobo?
GPU cooling-- adhesive?
A few Volcano 11 reviews...
Which is better Volcano9 or VantecVA4?
Horrible, Horrible temperatures
SmartFan2 with Alpha 8045 vs. SLK800
I noticed that there isnt a ducting guide in the stickies. thinking about making one.
Any used thermaltake ducting mod?
CPU Stamp
cooling cpu!!
Gettin a slk-800 soon,so do I .................
how many cfm?
Bios help
zalman nb cooler
Best "Household" Thermal Adhesive
barton heatsink with no screws
Rubber Washers
RE:What are some good system coolers?
Ducting Material
Coolermaster X-dream?any good?
New Bios, New Temps?
how do i take off a volcano 9?
Funniest thing I have ever seen...
Quad Led Fan Question
HUGE Passive HS for opteron available NOW!
Ducting for my case. I got an idea..Feed back welcome:0)
room cooling unit
Thermaltake Smart Case Fan 2
AS3? 80mm fan
Suggestions wanted...
Heatsink Help
Lapping Paper Online in UK?
Too hot and loud
Looking for a good P4 aircooler, but as quiet as retail Intel HSF!
92m/m fan question
Thermaltake - DuctingMod
slk900u expected temps
Installing Vantec VA4-C7040
UV fans w/ UV lights
Copper Silent or Copper Silent Pro TC
PcToys rehobus?
a greeting to everyone
80mm Mechatronics Fan - Post input plz..
Aero 7
modified Intel HSF???
Either something's wrong with my fan, or I'm going insane
Cooling Video RAM-- beneficial??
Has anyone used a SLK-900U on Abit NF7-S?
need some input...
recommend a h/s fan for my xp2600
will this hsf fit on a radeon 9800 pro?
whats phase changing, and TEC?
Debate: Rounded cables vs Flat for cooling.
heatsink idea........
What heatsink do you recommend for my vid card?
"Feathered" Fan Blades...?
Help me to coole my case
AX-7/SLK? and tmd fan?
System Questions
Tmd Ii
Aero 7+ Blower Fan (any sightings?)
What MANY websites had to say about the Aeroflow :)
Why TMD/ hubless fans are a gimmik
Compunurse probe placement
Vantec Aeroflow issue
HDD cooling
which heatsink should i get?
Digital Doc 5+
oc specs for 2.4c and zalman7000cu
radiator duct loop around?
Volcano 6 Cu Plus for T-Bird Overclocking?
Has anyone added a sk6 on there Videocard?
Wow... Ati's retail cooling SUCKS!
what is the best way to get arctic Alumin a adhesive off of a chip?
ThermalRIGHT Ducting mod
mosfet cooling
Shin Etsu G751 lowest price
North Bridge cooler
fan push pins
Where Can I Buy a Thermal Display To Show My Temps?
adding fan noise
Total Cost of A Good Air Cooled System
Why I believe the Aeroflow performs so well.
does thermal grease void mfg warranty?
Cooling the More Important Things In Life
another which HSF question
9700pro fan???on northbridge
Fan info for you..
60 to 80 adapter on a HS?
Low Profile Athlon Heatsink
How noisey should a TMD 4500rpm fan be?
Zalman ZM80A-HP | Question
hick cooling
how many of you use a passively cooled radiator?
memory cooling question
shim question
A 5400rpm Chrome Orb on an Athlon XP
Air Filters?
Zalman CNPS7000-Cu
Looking for advice on air cooling a Shuttle XPC SN41G2
Cheap(ish) HSF for XP1700 in a NF7-s
Silence my delta.
New Project. As small as possible
More efficent exaust vent.
case's with top vent
A Small Heat Sink And Fan?
Hi, and my first question.
Effects of Ambient Temperature on Temps
Which temp proggy do I believe??
Is this the Zalman SB HS everyone is talking about?
AMD XP 1800+ Retail Heatsink/Fan and Thermal Paste?
dimensions of a 9500p
Manufacturer of Edgefans?
nomenclature: socket cooler
AS3 break-in period
Tornado Volt Mod?
Added Ramsinks
Owners of Antec 3700 AMB please read
Thermaltake Ducting Mod
Smart Fan II
Opinions on this HSF wanted
slk 900 fit?
Heatsink, Waterblock, Mounting Accessories?
What Cooling for my Computer?
Global Win Tak 58
Hardcano 9 Basic Q's...
Chieftec Fans
Where could I buy 30mm or smaller fans?
Northbridge Cooling Options
Weird Sandra Readings 125C???
Best P4 Heatsink/Fan Combo using less than 45db???
Im running in the high 40's at idle with a 1700 tbred b...
High temps
SLK-800 or Volanco 9
not sure where to post this...
white water availability?
slk series heatsinks
I don't get it
New Case Mod Near Completion
SLK-900(u) or SLK-800(u)
Installing a SLK-800(A)
Which fan to buy...
What's my Heatsinks c/w rating
slk-800u/slk-900u iinstallation tips
Need some good *cheap* heatsink/fans
SLK 800A = Amazing CPU cooler
Sunbeam or Nexus
chipset cooling
fan question
run over this setup
Tweak my Air Cooling Setup Plz
Alternate Current fans
Is it worth it?
A ducting IDea
RoadWarrior's RAMwich.....
what the flock
boot failure
Quiet Fan choice
Will It Hold ?
What do you guys think
Vantec Aeroflow vs. SLK-800a
dropped my temp 5C.
I just put together a new CPU/MOBO setup and the temps seem high...
amd mounting hole question
My Zalman doesn't fit?
liquid nitrogen?
Vantec Nexus
Sign of good cooling!
Vantec aeroflow and fans
why doesnt anyone use metal polish to "lap" heatsinks?
Thermalright SLK-900 compatability
Best P4 HSF
List of 120mm case fans?
Shims? Good or Bad?
watercooling help
Abit's Official Intel Temp issue response
pls post 92x38 fans with rpm monitoring...
Choosing a waterblock...
Bacitracin Zinc Ointment works as Thermal Compound?
Fans and Motherboards...
cooler cpu w/o case cover on
Stock Chieftec Dragon Case fans...
bios failure
what do ppl think of this OCsystems HSF for a 9700pro?
shorter life?
God's gift to heatsinks
Open case = massive heat reduction. What's wrong with my case?
Anyone recommend a good fan to put ontop of SLK-800?
Installing ThermalTake DDR passive
How do I cool my HDD's??
idle overheats
Temp Reaches 90 degrees then cuts out. help plz
P4 CPU Fan problem...
choice btw....
Quickest way to tell a dead core.
installation of slk-800u
What in the PSU is so darn hot?
Best way to install slk900-u on IC7-G
Tornada @ 7 volts
Stupid Question #32.8
Active Northbridge Cooler
Coolmaster's Aero 7
Fundamental rule of overclocking?