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Wow re-routing cables made a huge diffrence
More Fans?
Ok you have converted me.... SLK ques
NF7-s temps
as3 on slk800: must i reapply?
WTF? Is the temp sensor going dead?
RAM heatsinks
92mm high CFM in UK?
Has anybody used an AX-7 on a P4?
how much thermal paste...?
dont understand the Vantec Aeroflow
Stick with my 8045 or go for a SLK800?
Help with fan placements
What temperature/voltage for a P4-2.4? What is too high/much?
where i can find sounds of compared fans
cooling rig idea input request
Canadian CooLing and Parts Stores
K7D - L Check Out PICS, everyone has lsot the right to complain about their temps
Arctic Silver 3g, how many heatsinks?
SLK-xxx rankings(?)
Tt Subzero4g, Tt Aquarius2, Koolance case or something else?
need fan speed control cheap...
Anyone know where I can get a cheap baybus?
slk 900u install question
Just after the beginning
What Amd 2100+ Fan???
Aeroflow paste
heatsink for gfx card.
where can I get prime95?
Using Artic Alumina Epoxy all over parts?
Themaltake Blue Orb?
MBM Weirdness - what should I believe?
four-hole heatsink question
motherboard or 4pin molex?
Redesigned board for the Nexus fan controller
well it used to be stable...
Cnps -7000
Recommend a 80mm fan for my SLK-800U
Y-S Tech TMD fan craps out and damages CPU
fan tail for panaflo
water or not
stupid heavy slk800
Need Recommendation on Fans
Sckt 370 & Sckt A HSFs - compatible?
Recommend what 120mm fan?
Max Temps?
My first wc rig, good temps!
Pentium 200, ok without HSF?
Abit to FIX Intel TEMP issues finally!
slk900-u on ic7
Alpha 6035 + Delta 8cm 5000rpm Fan
how to hook up cpu fan?
Custom Alumunum, Copper or Steel Heatsinks?
Case Cooling... This is ok?
80mm or 92mm on SLK-800?
Radeon 9000 pro cooling
Thermaltake Volcano 9
Thermaltake GIANT II
running 50c?
Loud fan...
New Case Needed?
sys temp seems ok, but cpu temp 60+?
fanbus wattage question
No intakes, need help!
Heatsink question need help!
Laptop Cooling
Explain the 7 volt fan mod please...
Overclocking in AZ
Innovatek Prosecution!
In the market for quiet? cooler?
Thermal Take Smart Fan 2
TT All copper GPU Cooler
CPU Cooler upgrade
SLK700 - A few Q's...
which heatsink??
What more Could I Do?
Best fan for CPU cooling....
cooling question
120mm on slk-800?
Question about Tt's fan control
Radiator efficieny: What's the most efficient way of mounting a radiator's fan?
Want to stop those PAL standoff spinnies?
Need help with my new heatsink
AWESOME article about Cooling and CPU LOAD Testing.
Nf7 1.2 Mounting SLK 900U thermalright
over cautious or well informed?
looking for some quiet (less tha 28db) fans
Rat Shack Heatsinks
Thermaltake TR2-M2 Oppinions
black thing on slk-900, concerns lapping.
Hi! I'm new here and I have a question
To watercool or not... that is the question
Need help!
Cnps 7000
Finally better temps
Would this heatsink fit on an Asus CUSL2?
Intel fan specs?
LMAO! u gotta see this!!
quick noise question!
High voltage?
Possible to remove HS attached with AA??
cooling from behind?
For the first timer
Alpha 8045u, is it a good cooler ???
only one fan slot in my computer!
is this a good computer?
Negative or positive pressure in case air flow?
temps have started rising...
Is This Cooling Overkill
Whats the name of the cpu temp reader
whats a good pump
need some help!
CNPS-7000 Too Big?
Thermaltake Cool Mod
What is your temp with stock AMD HSF?
Such thing as too many fans?
One stupid question
Powerful fan
Wat's a good Multifunction paneL??
Tapping into thermistor under CPU socket
New SLK-900
integrated sound dont work when overclocked.
Is this even proper?
swiftech mcx462+t thermalelectric amd heatsink
I i don't overclock...
20C IDLE / 25C LOAD Temps on Aeroflow - Very Weird
Good water cooling case + wetting agent question
should the fan on the side of the case by sucking air in or blowing it out?
Zalman Northbridge cooler FAN mod.
Vantec Aeroflow OR Volcano 11+
tornado 92 mm 199cfm
Could have fried bacon on it....
Exploding Fan!!
about heatsinks...
Vantec Aeroflow OR Volcano 11+
slk900 high temps?
Modding to 7v
Ceramique flakes?!?!?
Harddrive cooling
Using "CPUCOOL" ???
Laser Temp readers
woah... like... silent!
Just got my Comair Rtoron Patriot
Arctic Silver free shipping?
Is a Crystal Orb good for cooling a 9700 Pro?
7V trick
weird power on problem
static pressure
Anyone have any experience with this type of fan?
Yay, look what i got!
CPU temp reading + dodgy thermal paste
Shin-Etsu Thermal Pads???
Celeron (yeah, its bad) fan?
Temp. Sensor Removing
What to do, what to do
Need help on installing the swiftech MCW462U water block
Lapped an Aeroflow just cause :)
Bigger fan for CPU
Abit IC7-G MaxII and SLK-900
what the heck is...
ThermalTake SubZero4G ??
Brett's Zalman PSU review
Zalman CNPS-7000
Slk 800 (A) sticky strips??
about the MCX4000
Dynatron DC1206BM-L/610-PCu vs Coolermaster DP5 6l31c
Too Hot?
fan for zalman heatsink
80mm to 120mm Fan Adapter Question
Zalman VGA heatpipe any good?
Interesting "Fan"
Is a 60W Peltier big enough to chill a P4?
can some one put these coolers in order
Blowhole Fan or Back Exhaust?
How tight should the slk900u standoff bolts be ?
Vantec Nexus 201 - what to do. . .
Peltier refrigerator 'silent' as reservoir/radiator?
Asus probe accuracy
Cyclone Evolution ....where to buy
Cyclone Evolution ....where to buy
Heat question, all i ever have
SLK-900-U + Panaflo
my "heat rises theory"
Is This Posable?
Looking for a really powerfull Hard drive cooler
silver heatsinks?
a newbie question, more like a sujestion
Are fans from old PSUs any good?
Vantec Nexus 101 Question
Cooling advice
Heatsink behind core (on video card)...?
General Cooling Quiet Fan
Looking for Thermal Switches
Question about the Thermaltake SmartFan2
Brand 2500XP Barton
Question about temps on mobo and cpu
Vantec Iceberg4 - where to buy?
HAHA Oh god that's funny!!
another fan placement thread
who makes the cases that look like the Falcon NW cases?
45c on a tbred B 1700+ with no overclock?
Issue with Volcano 7+
Tmd Airflow fan.. but my temps...
show me some northbridge cooling resaults
PAL8942 and intel fan?
Best HSF For P4's
Safe temps for a power supply?
Drillin' through a heatsink
Thermistors & GP_temp / thermogamer ?
Ducting ? is it worth it ?
Northbridge Heatsink Lapping Project
600+ watt peltier
my new videocard mod (pics)
Should I upgrade ?
crystal orb results
Help with MBM5 readings
Is undervolting bad?
SLK900 on a IC7-G
Dell Duct
how do i clean the Thermal Right SK 7 from and dust that has accumalted over time?
A bit ridiculous to be asking but I will anyway
Round Cable
Great hsf for $12 shipped
Dead TT smartfan2
Round IDE & FDD Cables...Are they worth the green?
new HSF time... suggestions plz
Bad ass hsf setup
Glacialtech heatsink performance
this guy has some nice cooling stuff
Case fan position, need a fast reply.
Vantec Tornado 92x92x38mm @5V???
How to sound defend (spell?) desk
CPU Probe
Problems with Sunbeam fan controller?
Silent fans
Lapping with a V9CoolMod a must!
SLK-900U - great buy!
fav temp monitor
Fans are dying...
tbred with A core
AS2 - AS3 - Ceramique??
SX835 - Side Fan...Door Handle
Would this fan setup work?
Blowers vs. axial fans
DigitalDoc5 Temp Sensor Placement
SF2 wiring question
panaflo 120mm L1A's
Noob Questions
Is it possible to calculate cfm, and dba by volt modding?
AX-7 vs. SK-7?
Right kind of Silicon for adhering neoprene to motherboard?
tornado voltage?
Just An Idea.
Temp problems on IC7?
fan on my 850e mobo
HDD Lights
how do i do a 7v mod on a delta fan?
Should i have got a volcano 7+ instead of a volcano 9+????
Machine Shop Ideas Wanted
AX-7 on a KR7A-133R??
copper shims
zalman 92mm fan
Thermaltake Cool MOD????
Volcano6 Is A Pos!!
MB Temperatures
AX-7 best price
Took another step forward.
Whats the best Peltier unit?
heat pipes
Help me find some links for my research paper.
Badong fan ducting questions
Anyone ever try ZeroTherm ?
Antec 1080 case - rear 120mm exhaust fan?
Going from 43CFM to 52CFM, worth it?
Read!! The Truth About Artic Silver!!
Arctic Compound???
Thermaltake SubZero4G Thermo-Electric Cooling?
Need creative mind
Retail Celeron II cooler by Intel vs. Thermaltake Golden Orb
Submerged fans!!!!!!!!
Where to buy Ax-7 cheap?
Where is that lapping kit at?
Serious temp problems, silver compound?
Looking for a good article on mounting temp sensor on AMD
Recommended thermal compounds?
A few fan related questions.
90MM fan on a Thermalright ax-7
I want one of these
Forums to Buy/Sell with other users
7v question
slk-800u and 92mm panflo
ghetto rigged temp probe..
dielectric grease. what may i use as an alternative?
WARNING: Vantek VA4-C7040 TMD technology
slk800(A) or slk800(u)
Flowmeter questions (I used the search feature before posting this)
SWIFTECH MCX462+T? Thermoelectric heatsink...What do you guys think?
Vantec Aeroflow on a 2500+ vs Volcano 7+ (Or other HSF suggestions?)
filters that dont slow down airflow
Installing a TT smartfan 2?
thermal sensor placement
Need help with case fans
AX7 or SK7?
Questions About Peltier
Will a Heatsink Recommended up to 2600+ properly support one?
Vapo Chill
ARGH! where can i find this in the U.S...
SLK900 on a 2.4C/IC7?
Cooling with a Volcano 6.
slk-900 on ASUS A7N8X Deluxe GOLD, will that fit?
Vantec AeroFlow or ThermalRight Sk-7
Thermal Conductivity of Car Thermostat sealant?
Quietest 80mm fans in the world ?
Ya think Jackal's crazy for punchin' a hole in his wall? Check this out!
Arctic Silver Ceramique....
Would a faster fan be much help with my Alpha PAL8045?
Help a person obsessed with fans
voltage mod question
Keep the TT Volcano 7+ or get the Vantec?
Questions on heatercore....
intel Stock HSF
HOW TO: Voltage mod Molex connectors THE EASY WAY
Makeshift cooler
Which heatsink and fan for P4 2.8 on Abit IC7-G
Need Help On W/C from canadians
zalman 7000cu fits on abit ic7-g?
12v->7v, how?
Can the SLK900 fit on MSI's K7N2?
1U amd hsf
Copper in pennies...Melting..molding... :)
Can the slk900U fit on the Abit KD7-RAID
uncut heatsink fins
Arguemnts about fans
Thermaltake Golden orb?
Heat is enemy, but cold?
surgery on my case.....
Quick, check this out !
Quick, check this out !
CPU fan RPM.....
what cfm am I gertting?
Rotron Major Question
c/w POLL: A Brainstorm.
who has the Tt Subzero4G
A must do!
Good site for metric to standard
stop the noise!
Best single fan case mod?
Volcano 11
What the?!
2200+ Cooling Question
duct system question
Fan for Alpha PAL8045?
why do i need cooling?
SLK-800 and 92mm fan
Zalman CNPS7000-cu WOW, am I impressed !!
nexus multifunctional
remember silence?
dell dimension xps
Best S462 HSF that uses the three prong clip?
slk 900
case temps?
It makes sence to me, intake fans are useless
New System Finally Complete!! (almost)
infra red pictures
what to do
2500 Barton temp?
Artic Alumna = junk?
recorded the annoying noise...
Silicon Paste?
darn cheapo generic cases.....
Suggestion for a good CPU temp monitor program
Slk 800(u) or Slk 800
Thermalright SK-7 on Abit KR7A-133 will it fit??
what is the thing called that is the peltier sandwich
What is up with my temperatures?
Quick question
need some opinions!!
How often to Re-Apply ASIII
Duct Design Tip
How to determine Decibels?
Which way does it blow?
What heatsink and fan to buy
Thermaltake Subzero4g Users?
old attaching fan to heatsink question
Fan location in case? help
Volcano 7+ cooling 2ghz 2100
Stupid me, PSU issues...
Real temp????
volcano 11
which 12v molex to use when connecting Sunbeam Rheobus?
Is it just me??
Thermal Compound Application?
what is the processor limit of a swifteck MCX462?
Whats wrong with this picture??
New Arctic 'Silver' Compound
thoughts on this one?
can i lap it?
Thermaltake Spark 7 Plus
Coolermaster case air flow problems?
fiinally cool and quiet:D
My new video card is overheating suggestions?
Volcano 9, your thoughts.
reapplying thermal paste
Lapping - (An ongoing Project)
slk900 fins on base
whats the best P4 Air Heatsink?
Is this a good fan?
Where to buy this?
Fan duct anyone? Check this out!
Official Tribes 2 CPU OC Stability test server!
Good methods of removing anodization?
Rheostat or pot?
MBM 5 and NB Fan - PWR Fan???
fan noise levels
Tribes 2 better then Prime95! Seriously!
Fan questions.
recommended case fans for performance
TNT2 fan... do I need it?
Tt Spark 7+
What water cooling should i get?
what do you guys use to cool MOSEFT
Wiring fans in series for lower volts?
SK7 Heatsink?
Heya, hows the standard default AMD fan go? 2700...
to lap or not to lap...
Correct Way to install the Thermal Sensor?
Tt Ducting Mod... Yes OR No?
Intel stock fan question.
new to oc'ing question about setup...
SLK-800a and this
3000+ quiet cooling...
Correct way to install AX-7?
Ammonia: Since I can't post in the Sticky Forum
Ramsinks on 9700pro needed?
how to take off a SLK-800?
COrb on NB Chip?
Small AC Cooling Idea
My Homemade Duct PIX
Are Sunon fans designed well or not.?
Now this is quiet
volcano 7+ and xp 1900+
10C drop on all sensors for $4.
how about this fan on a SLK900U?
AX-7 or SK-7
What do you guy's think???
Going with the Zalman VGA fanless heatpipe
Quiet CPU HSF for HTPC
over 3.0 ghz p4 heatsinks
SLK-800 fan selection help
74mm TMD fan question
open blowers
Stock Intel P4 2.4 533 Fan RPMs?
I think i figured out
are there any programs...
Hurry! Need help!
Bottom Cooler.
Interesting cpu cooler.
Cooling A 1000mhz Thats At 66c???
is 50c a good temp?
Quitest 120mm Fan out???
socket 370 to 478 heatsink converter
grease or pads?
was wondering aboutu as3 application...
Pentium II CPU fan
fan duct
check this out
Thermalright SLK-800 or Swiftech MCX462+?
best effective cooling solution?
Thermal grease induced death?
PLEASE HELP before i FRY my CPU!!
400 watt antec alright for pc and 80 watt pelt?
Waste of cash?
SLK900 vs 7000cu
question on cooling and OC'ing
Heat pipes
i think directron sent me the wrong fan
XP 2700+, SLK-900, AC3. No OC.
Low CPU High System with three new fans
reapply as3???
PSU Modificiation?
already got slk-800 suggestions for a good fan?