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Thermaltake TR2-M2 opinions
Running 12V fans at 40V :)
good and quiet case fan?
New Policy, "Using AS3 will VOID your AMD warranty"
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Asus P4B and P4 2.4A @ 2.69
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After Cooling
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Temp shutdown saved my computer :)
Tired of Worthless V7+ AND V9 Need RESULTS! I have a CHIEFTECH TOWER!
need help finding a potentiometer. 3.5ohm, 20watt
Motherboard monitor and diode temps
How should I remove this crappy stock thermal stuff?
Quick and Dirty Good Performing Tolerable/Quiet nonadjustable Fans 120s,92s,80s,& 60s
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vantec aeroflow?
Different fan plugs - explain please ??
Intel Stock Heatsink
Removing Stock Heatsinks
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My heat sink fan modification
New heatsink sighting, on Opteron servers!
water or air?
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north/southbridge cooling
Suspended northbridge fan mod (Pic inside)
92x92 heatsinks?
unable to control fan speed on thermaltake smart fan II
Various Temp Questions
emergency! need help!!!
2 pin fans
anyone tried this?
wanna improve performance ATI 9700 PRO
Check this out...almost silent heatsink/fan
better northbridge coolin' = better OC?
P4 Heatsink and Fan suggestions?
Normal Temps
temp readings
Regular epoxy?
Active Noise Cancellation of Blade-Pass Frequency using Microphones and LoudSpeakers
Fan Help Please
Most quiet LED fan
biggest scare in the 6+ years i have worked on comps.
A fresh start: RPM X BLADES to identify fans with a lower primary frequency pitch
Lapping and AS3
SLK 800/ 900 u ?
Panaflo U1A - not so loud..
Any Tips on Zalman CNPS7000 ?
Better aircooling than SLK800+YStech 2700rpm but more quiet?
<80mm clear fans
HSF weight problem
Dragon Orb 3
38c after 12 hours of Prime95
Spring Clean that Baby
Ummm...NO(!) Case?
Need a special heat sink
mounts for water blocks
Blow holes
Dr.Thermal V77L or V77N? Confused about noise rating
RPM multiplied by # of fan blades to find fans with a lower pitch at a given dBA
update on my temp problem
Enermax UC-12FAB 107CFM@32db versus Panaflo 120mm M1A 35.5dBa
Good temp for power supply?
YS Tech fan- 70mm 5800rpm PD1270155B-2F
Too hot..recommend a new fan
Making Fans?
Removed&Re-attached stock fan, now temps 4*C more :(
Need Answers
Zalman ZM80A-HP Cooler
Need Opinions
YStech + SLK800(A) = BOOYA
Volcano 7+ VS Volcano 9 w/ Coolmod
sound dampening with lead?
noise not a factor best HS for $
high cpu temperture
Owners of Comair Rotron
Best Northbridge Cooler
where to put the thermal sensor on a P4
heatsink help
fan question
Budget HSF: Volcano 11 or CM X-Dream?
Mixing thermal paste with Isopropyl alcohol to lower temps
Advice on Evercool CUD-725
Fan measurements and demensions
AS3 experience, nothin specialm just pleased
Making a duct (rear case 80fan->60mm cpu)
moving air with no fan????
120mm case fan sugg
Im worried!!!
Anyone have a Swiftech MCX462+? You like it??
Best Heatsink - 2100+
Zalman For Southbridge??
Thermal Adhesive
need comment on airflow:
The Perfect Heatsink????
evercool 120mm fan
Tip driven fans
More fans.. better? hmmm
I just don't get it
Query to anyone with a Volcano 9
Rigging a Refridgerator up to a PC?
The Curse of Rounded Cables
Delta Fan Question ?
yet another cooling concept thread... well, not really
New Cooler, Ready to OC!
Duct quiets my overclock, + large hsf on Ti4600 (pics)
case fna placement
Ways to reduce heat on a budget..
replacement 70mm fan?
thermaltake crystal orb
Hard drive passive heatsink?
Volcano 9 temp sensor...
Secret to my Overclocking success.
howz the nexus cpu fan controller?
Suggestions For SX1080 Air Flows...
On-Die Temperatures
Got a somewhat major problem.....
Thermal material better than AS3 ?
safest way to remove heatsinks?
What can i expect?
are TWISTMONSTER ramsinks worth the penny?
slk 800a vs 800U
Fan duct
Fan stacking and back-pressure / back-flow
alright i have these 2 choices (8rda+ nb cooling)
on wich bda quiet become a noise
less fans = better temp?
How to remove thermal tape?
skl-800 + ys-tech fan?
Burning In Really Does Work =D
SLK-800U vs MCX4000 with SmartFan 2
SLK-800U question (....again)
building a rheobus
SLK-800a thermal pads = emergency
I know this has been asked before but quiet air cooling????
SLK-800U + fan
Zalman 5700D-Cu couldnt cut it (New server case build)
question on overclocking
Does aluminum dissipate heat better than copper?
Thermal paste...
Newbie questions
Do you think HP takes cooling seriously?
Comair Rotron Patriot
Zalman 7000AlCu?
Slk 900 ??
Arctic Silver 3 strange problem
Question on "Lapping" To Twirl or not to Twirl?
How loud is your Comair Patriot at 12V?
Looking for Drive fan
Probe Placement
Is This To Hot?
thermoengine on xp1700+
damn these Spring temperatures
my duct mod pics
More cooling
low end peltlier
Side panel fan help pls
How bad is 34 dbA fan ?
I can't descide CPU Cooling
anyone know where to get a foxconn?
89*F While FOLDING
Are these temps good for air cooled?
gosh darn it, I cant choose...
Spent 250$ this month on cooling, without result
Thermally conductive tape, any good for hs additional cooling?
CPU Voltage and Temperature
Zalman torture test (5700D-Cu) Pics inside
Positive or negative?
YS Tech Fan Blade flew off!!!
ANYONE tried a Subzero for amd or P4 yet?
Duct to slk-800 with 22dB fan
best fan for an 1800xp + OC'd at 2gig?
What Waterblock? Matrox Parhelia
zalman 7000cu vs slk900
Cooling the P4 2.4b
CPU Fanwich? Is this a good Idea?
cleaning wiht paint thinner
Safe motherboard Temperature?
Motherboard monitor and GPU temperature monitoring
First plans for Ducting Case Mod - feedback welcome
Metal Foams?
Swiftech Users Post Here:
CPU Temp Appy
cpu temp cooler than case?
Lapping heatsink with dremel?
?? about extreme lapping?
good set up??
Fan/speed/noise question
temp probe
my new antec case
Zalman cooling on Canterwood / 800 FSB P4 setup
panaflo 12v and 24v
cheapskate question!
Possible setup?
Peltier Cooler
Best HSF on the market right now?
artic silver ceramique
Low Profile P4 Cooler
Adequate video card overclocking solution?
Liquid Nitrogen in the UK?
Where do you buy Perspex?!?!?!?
how do i take the fan off the gold orb to put on the blue orb?
whats the difference
which is better
HSF Combo
here is what mbm5.3 shows me....
Low profile HSF for XP 2000?
Which is better?.....
vantec tornado
Strip It ?
Does oiling fans reduce noise noticeably and/or actually fix a problem?
Fan Ducts..
SLK-900 - Best Fan?
what should i do to use 80mm fan on a 60mm heatsink ??
I have a k7n2-L..how can I find the socket temp?
Your opinion on the SK6+
Vantec 62540D or Thermoengine
Vantec 62540D or Thermoengine
I know this has been asked someplace, somewhere, but............
Retail Ducting system!
Fan location on a duct
Silverado too hot - any ideas?
Laptop cooling
wierd wierd cooling trubbles.....
which HSF to get for P4?
Anyone know anything about the XDream hsf. (coolermaster)
Is there some way to adapt this to Socket A use?
Very odd, Processor make more heat over time?
AS3 and TBred B CPU corner dots
Need QUIET (but effective) fan recommendation
unsafe temp for amd system =( oh oh
volcano 9 spacers
tips & tricks for SLK-800
? weird/pointless fan
WTF is this a joke?
Lots of questions about my below 0*C Fridge setup...
Burning in: How High is too high?
Temp Problems - Help!
PSU Dual Fan Problems
Artic Silver question
Where did this guy get this???
Types of H2O
gotta love mexico's HOT Temps...
What paste to use for Northbridge?
cpu wattage
change in machine placement raised my temps 5 degrees
this sucks......
Good temperature for athlons to run at?
Zalman CNPS5700D-Cu - VS - Vantec Aeroflow!
More fannage = higher temps???
80mm fan on a 70mm hs??
sudden thermaltake smart fan 2 control death?
How hot should this run???
I need some peace and quiet!
Stock heatsink vs quality?
Vid Card Cooler Or side Blowhole?
Anybody using Swiftech MCX462+ HS
CPU 41 c Motherboard 37 c good?
Ea Games Pack With Nvidia!!!!
Upgrade from a HHC-001?
New Quiet HSF
Need new fan , noise question
Quiet CPU cooler for 1.4 T-Bird
Does anyone get wet and wild anymore?
Vantec Fan Controller
Temps on Both Rigs High! Any Ideas?
zalman 7000cu experiences
I honestly don't understand the hoopla surrounding the TMD fans.
DUCT Mod, Cheap and worth it!
nother northbridge HSF question
Recommend a 120mm fan?
Typical 80mm fan RPMs
stuff that comes with slk-800A.....
help interpret my temperatures
New Coolermaster HDD Cooler!
92mm panaflo on a SLK-800
Best Temp Probe
80-85mm Ducting Tubing (Flexible)
Where do I get a Maxim 6657?
SLK-800U / TT Smart Fan II
Need more case airflow?
least noise emitting, clear fan
MSI PC Alert Program
thin profile fans?
Céramique 2.7g High Density Thermal Compound by Arctic Silver
How fast does your all copper HS oxidize?
tt indigo orb
Vantec or Zalman?? Quiet/Coolness Ratio
Apparently the subzero4g owns.
Stealth vs Panaflo?
antec 120mm fan question
Cooling CPU issue
Aeroflow thermal compound sufficient?
northbridge cooling...
Best Baybus for smartfans...Opinions
Quietest Most Output Case Fan
attaching ramsinks using AS3 + super glue=safe???
Smart fan II, knob not working!
any people test AS Ceramique?
placement of the compu-nurse probe
4pin to 3pin adapters with RPM Monitoring
Thermalright HHC-001
upgrade from volcano7+
Do recent or Socket A fans work with Socket 7 CPUs?
just got my SLK800 ... do I use the pads
looking for 60mm to 80mm adpter
Need some cooling suggestions
3 deg drop from shroud.
xp2100 + nf7 1.1 + Volcano 9 + as3 = 49 degrees?
Suck or Blow? Slk800 and TT Smart fan
Use compu nurse to measure water temperature?
Next best thing?
motherboard transistor cooling helps OC?
Check out this for noise reduction.....
E-mailed AMD? heres the response..
using 800mm tornado or 92mm tornado with slk900?
prepare for conversion
Volcano6 any good?
Thermalright @ THG
How Loud?
need some advice on slk800a
My new watercooler rig
Ambient temps?
slk-800 on 8k3a+
What setup should be better?
Will p2 SECC2 HSF work on p3 SECC2 CPUs?
Hugely inflated prices!! AAArrrrrggghhhh!
I Have Come To One Conclussion!
thermal paste? Help a newbie out...
Stupid School Computer Question
What is the smallest fan w/ blue LED's?
Would this be good or not?
Planning to add a blower exhaust....
how many watts
wouldnt intakes on the bottom be best?
Diamond Heatsink
Which fan should I get?
120mm 24V Panaflo question
Finding out CFM for psu fans
CPU Speed Controller
How good is the Powerleap HSF (PL-iP3/T)
The Good, Bad and Ugly
ahhhhhh its loud!!!!
northbridge fan replacement
so is the new Aero7 really that good?
Help needed with casefan set-up
Thermalright AX-7 & TT 80mmx25mm fan questions
Do you ever need to replace AS3?
will this be a quiet setup?
Another Vantec Question
Poll: Your favorite cooling setup.
Decrease your idle temp on a nforce2 mb
New to the forum
Supply less than 12V to a Rheobus?
High temp auto shutdown = :(
What is the Rule of Thumb for Case cooling???
Need help on an OCing setup.
watercooling kit for ATHLON XP
evercool 120mm fan
Does running in Windows lower your CPU temp?
Calm System
GPU cooler?
fan trouble
how do you connect panaflow fan without fan tails ?
gigabyte radeon 8500
for a top blowhole...
Experts :: Need your Help about Water Blocks
need new cooling
Blower coolers on GF4?
intel hsf
What setting Do you use on Your Volcano9??
Installing HS with screwdriver
Quiet My System & Results
Peliter Explanation
PC TOYS Premium Arctic Silver III??
SubZero4G now available
Installing SK-7 heatsink?
need vendors for passive cooling heatsinks !
Should i burn in my cpu?, 6mths old..
what fan is better for my alpha 8942
Just got my Patriot Fan
Newb Qs - HSF removal and fan RPM monitoring
SLK-800 with XP2100 Temps
fan suggestion
Panaflo fan, wondering about specs..
Abit KD7 + Chieftec + HSF = Scared
Zalman CNP7000-CU
smart fans or rehostat control?
what if i.....
Where are the 80mm tmd fans?
Anyone ever thought of this?
7v modding
Any word on Volcano 11??????
CORE power ?
athlon xp 2700 retail fan
Stick with AIR or fork some $$ for H2O.
Volcano 9 good enough to hold me over till H20???
Need help installing HS/F!
Bios Temps
would this work?
tbred too hot
looking for 120x38mm fans
12* CPU drop with drainpipe mod (pics)
Multiplier Locked?
New Arctic Silver "Ceramique"
Zalman + slk900 + epox8rda?
Thermalright SLK-900 & epox 8k3a
How You Spread Thermal Grease!
Got different temp readings
MBM5/AsusPCProbe/BIOS "HM"
Pics of ZALMAN & 40MM
My First Mod!
Need some help cooling my system
What's the right heatsink for me?
vantec aeroflow problem
92mm fan 45.2cfm 35.5db
vantec aeroflow fan problem
thunderbird temps
case cooling
Spare "snap-in fan mounts"...where to buy?
CoolerMaster AERO 7, looking for one...
Mystery Temperatures in MBM5
Golden Orb vs Zalman Zalman CNPS 6000-Cu
Why does the SK-7 perform worse than SLK-800?
New Vantec Aeroflow...Its alright....
Whats a good HS?
Low Profile CPU Cooler
Why exactly are 38mm fans better?
AS Ceramique
Vantec Stealth 60mm fan
increase of smartfan2 vs YS tech variable
Should you "burn in" again after re-seating the heatsink?
Proof wiring cools!
Make shift Washers
Stacking two fans?
Nexus MFP - Worth the $$?
New Zalmann is good!
Could you fit a 120mm fan on an slk-900?
big air dead spot under fan moter
Volcano 7+ cooling
what is the hottest you have seen your processor at
Question on Arctic Silver 3...
Thermal properties of superglue
Rounded cable lengths please
stock HSF
Quiet 80mm fans
Stock Northbridge HSF
Same temp with dif rpm
Fan pressure/cfm
SK7 or SK800 for 2100+ ?
Intake fan mod writeup (with pics) and thanks to all for suggestions!
My First Case Mod
TT smart fan
Can you make your own artic sliver epoxy?
slk-800 vs. slk-900
TT SF II and SLK-800a heat
Are these cases any good for cooling?
cable sleeving
weird mbm5 problem