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Thermaltake vs Glacialtech
small peltier on innovatek res?
Enermax variable fan
SLK900 fit on a EPOX 8k5a3+?
some panaflo and rheo questions
Attaching my waterblock
Copper or Aluminum for NB, SB, and MOSFET heatsinks?
120mm vs 80mm
Tips On Case Wire Cleanup
CPU Cooling Fan
temp increase?
Just got a tornado...is this about right for temps?
Slim Vocano 8 SE
Why is my on-die so low???
got my rotron patriot... im confused...
pal8045 on an 8k5a2+
Water Cooling for $100 Bucks?
i need a thermal pad
Stacking Fans... Will it work?
Akasa Green LED Fans
combo for best case "air flow".
Thermaltake V9 fan is pants!change it!
For you AT7Max2 owners
Temp probs;, thermal paste probs; need help!
Volcano 11!
Northbridge Cooling
changing fan rpm
Just installed an SLK-800 & Tornado
I'm out of Fan Headers
How do I Quiet my Panaflo H1A's? Nexus Multipanel?
what is this i keep hearing about...
placing a tower on the floor vs on a desktop.... any suggestions?
Where to place fans ??
SLK900 at AK31a
Shall I lap the 900?
are the 68cfm delta fans speed adjustable?
Copper vs Aluminum
what heatsink fan combo to use
what is "lapped"?
Small question
is the slk900 better than the swiftech mc462?
newbie with questions on temps
peltier cooling
Help - overclocked and now my harddrive is destroyed...???
Ahh I Am Going To Lose My Mind
best air cooling for video cards?
NEW Nidec fans! Wild CFM & Power Draw
Will this work?
MSI NForce 2 Mobo and CPU Cooling
Quietest Heatsink & Fan Combos?
Where to buy an SLK900?
YY0221 Cube case fan setup?
which heatsink? the Dynatron 610-P-CU or the TT Volcano 7?
Some fans can't start up at 5v ???
peltier case cooling?
temp probes
How cold is too cold?
Hsf for 1600+ need help choosing
Just got my SLK-900
Best cheap fan for Production non-OC PC's?
vantac aeroflow and celeron-tualatin?
Is it coooool enough??
dust problems
120mm fan acting strange
Thermal Tape
Zalman CNPS 6000-cu with 120mm 80cfm fan
Will a Vantec Aeroflow cool a oc 2100+ at 2300mhz?
Probs with CPU cooling (help)
Video Cards Shouldn't Need Any Cooling
These temps okay?
fan placement with little space
So I'm getting a P4...
What in the heck is this?
SLK-900 worth the pricetag?
How much CFMs and dB levels after running a Nexus?
case window question...
Need expert on lapping everything! eg. BGA
Have any of you been putting pads on bottom of slk 800 which came with it?
Anyway to quiet a cooljag??
weight of v9 and slk800 wich is heavier?
Vantec Aeroflow Thermal Compound
80mm Quiet Colorful Fans???
Ahh, server fan died, plz help.
won't boot up after new cpu cooler
Any cheap slim Celeron Coolers?
I Have Found A New Thermal Interface!!!!!
Is this possible?!
Thermal Control Circuit
Help me pick cooler for to be moderately oc'd Xp2100+ :)
sk-6 go on p4?
which is better?
slk900 92mm fan but 100c bios temp reading :(
ram dimensions
5 1/4 water cooling system
What do you all think of the tt Smart fanII?
a retard has a question
ug, can't make a decision...
need opinions on heat sink fan combo
hsf concept
best case?
A phase change cooling idea
System temp of 69C when water cooled! Bad?
where can you get an slk-900?
Thermal tape removal
No Vent holes!!
best P4 HSF out?
ti4200 gpu at 50C Load!!
Filters for Antec/Chieftec 1030 Intake Case Fan?
Dust (more dangerous that i ever imagined)
fan placement in Lian Li pc70
p4 stock hsf
Stock Fan Intel Noise or no Noise ?
Thermal grease necessary for slk900?
Thermal Grease, is it necessary? plz help
need help in Overclocking
Is the Thermalright SLK900 U compat with the Abit IT7MAX2v2?
Thermalright SLK-900 - the BEST heatsink available!
Advantages of water cooling personal computers?
Clear Case Fan ?
SLK-900 on KD7?
VANTEC AeroFlow VP4-C7040
Do Cathode Light kits put out heat?
temp reading question
Slk over rated?
Need Opinions...
Quieting my Antec HSF
Is a AMD shim really worth buying?
Best HSF for 2200+
is this information accurate?
Windows sensor VS BIOS sensor
great deal on vantec aeroflow...
FSB and Vcore..
Need help buying RAM heatsink...
True CPU voltage
VA4-C7040 and KT7A
Watercooling Questions
slk-800 + tt smart fan II w/ coolmod
Heat Pipes
Core temp for P4 is 47-49C
RESTARTED How many CFM through your radiator
SLK800 not doing as well as expected
will all socket 370 fans fit on...
question on my cooling system
SLK-800a w 70mm and 80mm TT Fans
Southbridge at 42 C....
Artic Silver + PCB board = ?
Whats the deal with the SLK's?
How much louder are dba increases?
Room Fan
Celeron II 950mhz passive cooling?
Positive airflow and vents
Suggestions for a suitable HSF for an unsuitable system
some very strange temps...
Seeking fan placement guide
Vantec W-Force Super Panel LCD problems?
Output and noise of Lian-Li Case Fans
Lapping the heat sink question
Variations on heatsink fan ducting
Are the temp probes on a Digidoc conductive.
120mm LED fans
Water-X CP101
Noobie SLK-900 question on fan mount
Soltek NFORCE2 board and SLK 900
possible to use mercury in a liquid system?
Question on temps...
Lanboy Case temp
SLK-900 and EP-8rda+
Need help with 120mm fan placement in case!
Does the slk900 have instructions how to put the 900 together?
Dust: Public Enemy #1
Case temp vs Room temp
Y.S. Tech TMD fan incompatible with Winbond chips!
Which one fits on a p4 board
What kind of compound for CPU?
my next heatsink fan. what do you suggest?
highest performins heatsink?
Optimal Tempature
SLK-900 Temp and stuff.
slk-900 w/o screw mounts?
I need help! SLK 800
120mm fan with rpm monitoring.
watercooler design.
The Ultimate Lapping Guide
I have a Antec 1080+ Case and want to know how powerful the fans are that come?
Non conductive glue
Alpha PAL8450
Digi-Doc 5 worth the price?
Why cant I go over 160fsb?
Comair rotron
HSF/CPU issue
where to buy HSF?
How much?
Alternative to Isopropyl Alcohol?
looking for a SocketA heatsink
AAAHHHH!! This Noise!!!
SLK-900 base doesn't cover P4 IHS completely?
swiftech MCW-50T?
MCX4000 can use a 90mm fan now?
How to mount a CPU cooler on northbridge?
A7n8x Northbridge Cooling Help!
Will This fan controller from newegg be ok?
Getting SLK 800 off
Custom Water Block Mounting Socket 8
case cooling advice.
Is there any reliable way to mount a HSF without thermal grease?
Thermal Paste Shootout
Lapping a Heatsink...
Clean thermalpaste
Swifttech MCX462+T VS SLK900 ?
Koolance PC System
92mm to 80mm adapter?
GeForce cooling...
Defective SLK-800A? Please Help
Totally passive CPU cooling idea, works?
Maybe it's time to look at software cooling again
looken for copper stock
best HS/Fan combo
Thermalright SLK-900
Delta fan question
What is better, V 7+ or Aeroflow?
T-bred A temps?
Fan controller ?
Thermo grease...
Lapping Question
Grills for Comair Rotron Patriot
Quiet Computer
WHAT is that noise comparrison site again?
post a poll please
Northbridge temps.
room temp
CPU Water Cooler
looking for a northbridge cooler
Home made chip sinks....
Akasa LED Fan
Gigabyte's reported temperature reliability???
Artic Silver Installation...
Thermaltake Volcano 9 Cooler and Barton 2800+
Need some help...
Tt Volcano 9+ powerful enough?
Question about Arctic Silver Epoxy...
Good Fan Needed
Here Are My Settings...Do I Need To Change Anything?
P4's and IHC-L71 - Post your temps here :)
Wierd! Check this out...
CoolerMaster IHC-L71 Fujiyama - Problems
Can't Wait For Summer
what is the best 3200 dual channel combo?
MCX4000 vs. PAL8942
What's a good P4 HS/fan??
As promised, new pics of my northbridge cooling.
ZNB's ok like this...or would littel fan on them be
Fan attachment for gpus and NB's
best 120mm fan- CFM vs Airflow
Case fans increase the CPU temp
Paste vs Pads
Unexpected temp rise
slk-800 and Sunon 80mm, great combo.
Thermalright discontinuing the SLK800??
Advice on mounting fan on the asus a7n8x northbridge...
Is it a hairdryer? Is it a tumble dryer? No its my computer project X304
temp difference between diode and in socket
Can't get my ThermalTake Volcano 9 to work :(
ThermalRight AX-7 Users?
another thought on cooling
Slowing down case fans?
Room Cooling
Goodbye you piece of junk...
want the loudest computer fan on the fourm?
Flow direction on CPU
How hot should my AMD athlon xp be running with a Volcano 9
note to self: never stick your fingers into a tornado
Northbridge temps.
KD7 Temps?
Another "What to choose" post!
new method of applying artic silver
heatsinks and warranty
HAHAHA! really quiet pc, and idk how
Vantec Fan Controller Problems?
socket 370 golden orb vs taisol CEK733092
I need help removing thermaltape.
Vantec Aeroflow good cooler?
New metalworking forum
High temps
Need advice on temperature probes!
HELP SK7 and Tornado
Best Socket-A Heatsink Under $30?
what a good cpu tempature software
GPU cooling on Radeon 8500
Which HSF And Fan should I buy? Newbie.
5v 7v 12v rheo or bay bus
v9 speeding up by itself when on manual control
Ramsinks For Video Card!! Help Please!
Northbridge and GF2 Ultra fans dead...
żBest water cooling pump?
Seen Reviews of SLK-900 vs MCX-462+????????
Arctic Cooler Copper Silent - Too Good ?
Do you clean your heatsink.
Whatever happened to Alpha PAL 8045?
need advice on a digi probe.
What a Beautifully huge fan.
Volcano 7+ VS SK-6 w/ smart fan
Cooling a 9700 PRO
Tt SubZero4G
Tt Ducting Mod
T-Bred 1700+
Digital Doc 5
SK-7 vs AX-7
temperature convertion formulas
where can i find 80mm clips for slk-800?
Compaq Presario notebook with temperature problems
Laptop overheating
how do I get the cpu, system temps
thermal paste and temp sensors
more intake
Slk-800 Fanless?
Noise Sensitive Overclocking?
Coke on mobo and CPU, NEED HELP!
GF4 cooler on northbridge
PIII 1.2GHz Tualatin Best HSF
Heatsink Mounting Screws
Different Reading of VCore
Need a recommandtion for cooling..
Splice rpm sensor wires
what do you think of my cooling? more ? in post
Thermaltake Aquarius II Water Cooling Kit
Zalman (6000alcu), might be a good idea.
making a heatsink instead of buying one
Lower Temps
Has anyone tested this product out?
What DBA is this??
2100+ overclocking
Fan adequate for radiator?
High 12V/ Temp
Nexus ports conflict?
Check out this cooling system...
will the TC-4 Rev 2 fit the P4 S478?
When good fans go bad...
Everyone lap your Volcano 9!!!!
on die sensor?? 60 deg!!
Affordable Watercooling
HSF for oc'ed 2100+
Poor Temps for a Top of the line HS?
How hot is too hot, and what fan is best + most quiet?
Weird fan noise - Thermaltake Smart Fan 2
Opinions on case setup
MSI K7T Turbo2 and SLK-800
Will WC improve my chances of hitting 150fsb?
chipset fan
how can my heatsink work better?
PC Exhaust gismo
Buy SLK-800 or SLK-900?
i'm confused
Overclock 1.8 to 2.7 -> CPU cooling
slk800 fit this?
52C on an AXP with V7+
Question about extreme lapping
7 volting PSU fan
Guidance on Temps
How to Overvolt Fan without cutting and soldering?
Yes I'm crazy.
case cooling
why same
120mmx25mm aluminum fan
record temp on air?
cooling for overclockin P4 2.4b Ghz
Fan Adapters
Bad airflow dilema
AMD & Heat
how to convert Skt478 HSF to use on Skt423 socket???
Question About Heatsink Fan
Rheobus suggestions
new heatsink
Good P4 Cooler?
Fan suggestions for my Thermalright SLK-800
Volcano 7+ vs SLK-800 READ
AA epoxy help!!!
r temp sensors right
Performance Booster or Quarterly Earnings Booster?
Help w/pipe routing for dual WB's.
Thermalright AX-7 ?...
oooh Xeos watercooling
Different PSU Better Temps?
Which fan would you chose?
Cant Believe the Difference!!!!!!!
Cheiftec Side fans
need a new cooling solution...what should i get?
Need help and info on a old old fan i salvaged out of my old cpu....
Help with cooling please
Help with Case Fan Selection
Poll: CPU Idle + Load temps
Where can I get info on the Alpha 1U fan?
cfm fan
MCX4000 and 120 fan
Powerful fan controller
Thought this was funny - Product at NewEgg
how much different?
Overclocking/Cooling Article in WIRED magazine!
pumps and blocks i need a review
fan filters
Spark 7?
Everyone with a Tornado PLEASE HELP!
HSF that wont block DIMM slot on ABIT BE6?
Need a coooling advise
will the mcx462 fit on the mis dually baord?
fans fans
Using AMD heatsink on PIII
So freaking mad at thermalright
Difference Between SLK-800 n SLK-800(A)
compunurse thermal probe deally...
Passive Cooling A Reality Now With AMD? !
Antec Silver Thermal Compound
8RDA+ cooling mods, everything seem ok?
anyone know where to find this
cool master ihc-h71????????
Sunon vs. Y.S. TECH
Anyone with a Nexus multifunction panel...
Does a voltage regulator need to be grounded?
Where to buy heatsinks/thermal paste/ etc...
Buying some new fans & HSF
Case Fan - 80mm vs 120mm
AS3 with aluminum hsf ?
Dampening Tornado's noise
Video card fan
Aluminum fans
Video Guide for Applying Arctic Silver 3
Motherboard Monitor Diode 127C ????
Alienware Laptop Cooling Specifics
A little attachment
Chipset cooling?
is this bad ??
case cooling advise??????
FSB vs Clock speed????
2 fans= more cfm
Help! What is safe? Overclocking as I type this.
Volcano 7+ and 9 question.
Ok guys i need everyone and absolutely everyones opinions about custom cooling...
question on slim volcano 8 by thermaltake
hey Canadians where did you order your hsf?
Northbridge cooling?
Reapplied Artic Silver 3
ThermalRight SLK-900
Pump heat realls does exist!
Coolermaster HHC-001&SLK-800
SLK-900 final verdict on Compatibility?
wow big improvement
hmm low temps but cant get fsb up ?
Suggestions for a HSF
Mainboard Temps?
stock fan
silver based compound?
P4 Probs..
what is your cpu temp and fsb
Fans bigger than 120mm?
Candian Stores?
Good God!
Temp Monitoring
Building a TEC PSU
Case Fans
Would these fans be better?
Good article on Thermalright SLK-900
Whats The Best Way to Lap a HSF?.
air flow
Chieftec case fans....
which one better
why no different
big cooling question !!!!!!!!!!
Fan flow direction..
T-bredB 2100+ cooling?
air cooling over the volt
Heatskink removal
XP2100+ cooling
Volcano Slim 8 heatsink - anyone?
MBM5 and settings! Help.
Reading Temperatures. . .
Best P4 fan?
New Waterblock Idea
AGH! wires....everywhere...cant..breath
Just got an SLK-800(A)...
heatercore shroud
my new rig :D
Could I solder the tygon tubing onto the barbs?
120mm fan dimensions?