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Gotta love the winter air cooling
Volcano 11
Need an answer about PIII's - read on...
SK-7 or SK-800 ? $10 difference
some good 80mm fans for 5$
Scavenging a DD5
I'm Back!!! WooT!
How did this happen?
Colermaster Ram-Sinks
Best way to remove an epoxied-on GPU HSF?
Good Heatsink that...
how to fit 60mm fan on slk-800?
Good Deal on 120mm Fans
Correct sequence to link fans to PSU connections..?
slk800 -- sk7 and vantec 38 mm fan?
sk7 or slk800?
peltier cooling
Will this setup cool effectively?
120mm cpu fan!
Whats Impossible = THIS IS !
V5500: need quiet-ish cooling ideas
Newbie Help:
Hfe 7100
AMD XP processor in Dual mobo
Will it burn?
fan q for a ax-478
Price to Power
Anyone tried this one yet?
What are some good fans for an Alpha 8942?
Need good place to buy fans
Tornado: Intake or Exhaust
New to the forums...Greetings...Some questions.
fan RPM
Did I just buy an Alpha 8942 for $8.01???
Removing Thermal Grease
Speeze 5F263B1M3
Problem with Volcano 9 cpu fan
Slk-800+ Uk
Thermagic Recall
Fan Measures
just don't know which slk-800 fan to get?
Check this out!!
do you do it up or down?
Panaflo 80mm H1A Fans $2.95
What kinda heatsink required?
Intake Fan Filters
Tornado Clone?
difference between slk 800 and sk7?
Need Help Lapping my thermalright AX7 Heatsink
MP hsf
My New System - Running Too Hot???
slk-800 install help *urgent*
Where to get an Intel heat spreader?
Material For Quieting Cases
What do you think about this Heatsink
cleaning the core
tri-state thermostat fans?
All of a Sudden my GF4 temps shot up!
Improving the Lian-Li PC65..
Case cooling "top 10"
For lazy people who want a duct
Awkward fan duct
i need an advice... thanx
Making Your Own Fan Adaptor
Just had to share this
how hot does the radeon 9550 run
Northbridge Cooling vs. OC
Hmmm..... Heatsink idea
120mm cool fan guard.
Volcano 9
need a quiet but powerfull 80mm fan
My auxillary fans in my case are pulsing and stopping
Gargantuan Supar Passive CPU Sink
Via Pump Question(Silly Question!!!):
zalman or chystal orb?
Check out my homemade copper ramsinks:D
Velocity Titanium Water Pumps
where to put them fans...
XP2400, which HSF?
What temp is considered dangerous
yet another SLK-800 fan question, but..
is my setup gonna be adequite
My CPU Heatsink/Fan cooler fell off mobo
temp monitoring
120mm to 80mm Adapters.... do they work?
Hammer CPU's and Waterblock compatability
Water-Cooling: In what order should the components be?
Arctic Silver 3 Tips and Tricks
EXOS performance...
What fan sizes can fit on the SLK-800
intake to Exauhst ratio
Omg Im Soooo Happy Weeeee
Best temps with air?
XP Retail Heatsink
Volcano 9
SK7 not performing well
4 pin molex to 3 pin connector
SuperHOT P4 on boot up
Something new with my SLK-800
Tt Smart Fan 2 has to be connected to molex 4-pin only?
Whats is the best 80mm case fan???
why to NEVER trust your temps
QUIETEST hsf for no o/c running XP1700
Modding for better temp... input please!!!!
A possible fan solution for me ?
2 Q's Intell & Amd
Tmd ????
What is the bestest Northbridge cooler (air) and what else should I cool on the mobo?
High temps, SLK / 2100+
Which Way does the Air Move.
System sucking cold air from outside, dangerous?
taking advantage of the weather
any of u lapp your stock 370 cooler
what is the most productive way to lap heatsink?
Question about scatches on an SLK800 HS
quick need help with sk7
cooling with submerged oil lol!
My Volcano 7+ isn't touching my P4 !!!!
Becauseof high temp?
unexpected temp rise
Delta 80mm to 7 volt mod?
inaccurate temps explained
Delta 120 on a nexus Fan Controller
Lapping Silver to a mirror finish
New links to HSF comparisions
Thermal Compound from CompUSA
The Ultimate in Air Cooling
Should I get a new heatsink?
Delta 80mm 5700rpm noise level
ok..what the @#&@
Thermal Take Technology Volcano 9 A1365
Is this possable.
Extreme P4 Cooler, but where can I find it?
intel stock hsf mod
Somethings not right here..
has anyone seen this?
Vantec Nexus...my experience
Info on the SLK800
Wierd AMD temps
Need some help here plz - Temps. seem way to high
Swiftech MCX462+ AMD and Delta fan
Thermaltake A1545?
fans, fans and more fans
fan specs
CPU Temperature Problem HELP!!! ASAP
SLK-800, CFU needs
I think mobo is f***ed
P4 Cooling..NEWBIE!!!..HS/F.Intake..Exhaust...
How to install a HSF on an AMD Mobo by Elmo
Would this cool my cpu better?
My adventures with the Nexus LCD display/temp monitor/fan controller...
Zalman Northbridge cooler
What temperature is real.
Lapping heatsink...
Installing the AX-478
How to lap an irregular HS
Vantec Stealth, or Enermax?
To shim or not to shim?
Replacing the Retail fan
anyone heard of Spire Coolers
OH *$&^, I killed my system.....HELP!!!!! PLZ READ!
Question about temps and the ThermalTake Smart fan II
High temp problams
Compunurse Thermal sensor
speedfan showing 0 rpm on cpu fan...technical question
3.5" fan controller???
Cheap and Quiet HSF
HSF for Epox 8RDA+
if you have lapped your heatsink post here...
Al mesh filters
Advice with AMD Heatsink...
Question about fan...
Removing thermal epoxy from GF4200
Fans gradually speeding up upon bootup? normal?
High case temps?
Where should I stick my fan....?
Gotta love temperature monitoring programs...
Weird FSB error?
do i really need a fan on heatsink?
Better Temp measurement with V9
Designing a Heatsink
Heat Problem
84cfm on dr thermal
Molex Heatsinks!!
tape wont hold thermometer down
I lapped my SLK800!
For those conerned with moisture
slk800 or V11?
temps for a gf4??
Thermaltake releases whole bunch of stuff.
Take a look at the Volcano 11!
A better Fan??
120mm for heatercore
temp readings
SLK800 + Sunon 92mm = enough?
Aluminum case cooling?
AVC Sunflowers? Who sells em?
AGOIA finally unlocked!
cybercooler db rating?
what to do with old p4 hsf?
A few questions!
Some temp questions
temp meter
Heatspreaders on memory or not?
31db is not loud? well 21db is LOUD!
stupied question: heat; cpu or psu?
Best solution to cool my P4 2ghz OCed to 2.4Ghz..
which way is the intake on my fan
Do you hear that?
thermal ADHESIVE?
Ebay Heatsink
Nail polish remover
8k3ae+tbred1700= high temps?
okay thermalright ax478 is a good product! flip that fan the right way folks!
What is the best noise to cfm fan?
cold start problems
I know but still.... The BEST Coolersetup??
lol wow
Corsair memory heatsinks
First Attempt at Fan Filters
mounting sk7 on 8k3ae
sk7 or slk-800
just got my sk-7 from newegg.. got a question.
is this safe?
SLK 800 0wnz!!
Thermaltak bashing...
What exactly is a heatpipe?
Options for the aging Thermalright sk-6
Do I Need A Better Heatsink
No matter what I do I can't get CPU temp under 50c..Help
Fan Stacking
Pretty bummed about the Thermalright ax478 i just got
How good are coolermaster?
dumbest nexus question ever asked
Best HSF combo for an Athlon XP 2400+ t-bred?
Are these temps ok?
2 21db fans make comp louder?!?!?!
Tt Smart Fan II on coolermaster's heatsink?
Heatsinks for Radeon 8500LE
Future SLK900
Volcano 11 ! xD !
No More Cracked Palominos and Thoroughbreds
No ordinary question for the SLK800
"Quick" case cooling question
Could This Be The Reason For High Heat?
COoling Radeon 9700 check this plz>
cooling UNDER the board.
How do I 5volt my 120mm fan?
Is this going to make more noise and impede my air flow?
Are Stock Heatsinks Different?
Thinking of using outside New York for cooling
Palamino o'c high temp
Vantec Nexus Multifunction w/LCD Display Temp Sensors?
Omfg Volcano 7+!!!
new thermaltake hsf?
Northbridge too hot
new setup 39C cpu/37C case reading?
SK6 and.....?
DO I need a SHIM with an SLK-800?
SK-7 + which fan?
im building a die simulator
Is this temp normal, will any damage occur?
my vantec nexus does something odd should I be worried...
Need opinion on this case!!
Fans and Grills
would this fan be loud?
Who here has changed fans on their SK-7 while it was mounted?
uuumm possible highest xp temps ever..
Comair Rotron question...
High Temp question
What to apply to a lapped heatsink?
172 mm fan?
Anyone use this fan?
AS3 or AA????
Difference between double bearing, single, and sleave bearing fans?
This fan ok to plug into motherboard?
another use for artic alumina...
how far can i oc xp2000+ v7
Cutoff for using mobo headers???
cooling both sides of cpu
SK-7 vs. AX-7
Hard Drive cooling thoughts.
Is my temps normal :(
Help!! with a SLK-800
How do I wire an ac fan?
just got volcano 7 and temp climbing higher and still..
Epox 8rda+ N/B cooler
3.5" fan controller more than 8w?
somebody probably alrdy thought this
3 pin 4 pin?? im confused!
120mm on SK-7????
awesome temps lol
ThermalTake GeForce4 CoolMod - Where to get?
Likelihood of cracked Athlon core?
Why use Arctic Alumina?
34 socket A coolers reviewed at Toms...???
best air cooling <40 dollars /w or w/o fan?
Good 80x25mm 40-50CFM fan w/rpm monitoring?
SLK-800 + 92mm TOrnado = 39C?
What is "lap" the heatsink?
XP2800+ Heatsink/Fan
looking for theralright ax478
duct instead of cpu heatsink fan?
Intake & Exhaust
DD 5 or the Nexus Multi-function
This fan any good?
benefits of insomnia
can u ever have to many fans ???
RPM Averaging Circuit
Can you trust those rounded cables?
Cheap 120mm Aluminum Fan
Impressive Looks!!!
does the ballbearing fan get louder with time
top-end air vs. water
2Ghz Celeron Cooling Questions
no water cooling needed here
Slk-800.... Wow !!!
Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive Kit
strange temps with v9 .. help
SLK-800 which fan
Questions about the Nexus Multi-Function Panel
Multi-fan heatsinks
stock P4 to Cooler Master IHC-H71
Anyone know how to turn on fans without turning on the mobo?
Volcano 7+ & high temp readings?
sound dampening
What louder Delta 68CFM or Vantec Tornado 85CFM??
What wires to 7v case fans
PSU fan change
green pictures -> NEED dead CPUs
remove silicone
i need help installing sk 7!!!! please come quick
Helpful Fan Spec Info
case fan setup
V7+ or V9?
Vantec AeroFlow
Newbie Temperature Question
To anyone with a Vantec Nexus...
Volcano 7+ Fan
Krazy Ideas for a mod on the V9
Adding another fan to my HSF
getting that freakin gummy crap off northbridges...how?
cheap case
Exhaust Fan on Truepower 330
Can anyone tell me how my temps are with my SLK-800?
Another question about SLK-800
Cooler Master or THERMALTAKE??????
how do u monitor RPM
Power Logic case fan?
New Cooling concept
WC experts - opinion on best setup w/GPU WB
I need decent quiet cooling!
which is hotter
Vantec Nexus Death / Destruction Thread
How NOT to do WATER COOLING> funny made me laugh
Vibration bad for components?
Heatsink Problem...BIG PROBLEM
Definitive site on cooling.
Thermaltake Subzero4g
Swiftech MCX4000 Fan Choices/Setup
heatsing and cooling suppliers
check out my cooling idea,lemme know if u think it will work
AX-478 out of production?
Digital Doc 5 Bad temp readings?
CPU fan controller?
Tualatin heatsinks
Cooling oddities
Dell Case Fans
Nexus Multi-Function Panel and Tornado
need help w/ pump asap...
why am i not any cooler?
putting on vantec aeroflow - damaged cpu?
DIY waterblock testing sponsorship.
Huge Sunon AC fan
Question about the 7volt Mod
3 fan cooler
Tt p4 Spark 7
Tornados won't fit holders!!! any thoughts?
Good fan for Pentium 3 1 ghz?
are these fans any good?
HSF outside case air cooling
I got goofy with the cooling.
slk 900?
sk-7 just arrived, need help!
slk-800.. wtf!!
Best P4/478 HSF under 1.5" in height
How can I make a smart-fan less smart ???
Mounting hardware for custom cooling
Tornado stats?
120 or 92mm to 80mm adapter
Is it the PowerSupply?
Fan Holes ?
a good (and cool combo)
Lapping a silverado
Can the SLK-800 cool a pelt?
Accuracy between mobo thermistor and the V9 thermal probe?
Thermal resistance between die and back
Looking for a Socket 478 HSF
never seen this kind of bearing before
Case fans?
Just noticed something on SLK-800
What is the best Socket 478 HSF?
Whats this CW thing?
Am i Bananas?!?
Oh My Gawd!
is there any big differences between sk6+ and sk7?
how many fans can i hook to this power supply unit?
Tornado (slowed down) vs. Smart Fan II
Cpu cooling idea
9 volt fan mod
The Swiftech MCX462+
Case Pressure.......err
Conductive Tape
cleaning the cpu???
removing of thermal paste
Maybe an airflow problem
Anyone have aluminum 120mm Fan?
Arctic Silver 3 or Arctic Alumina?
what is difference between 4 pin and 3 pin case fans?
Cpu Fan Airflow
case/cpu cooling experience
temperature sensor install
which heatsink?
9700 pro mem sinks
vantec aeroflow
Hard lesson in heat
Nearly-passive celeron cooling.
Blow hole. Worth it or not?
water block
Is it FRIED??? Help for an Idiot
Help with possible FRIED chip
What is wrong with these....
Spring on my SK7 is touching a capacitor
What speed does a 80mm Tornado fan @ 7v run
Which one is my real CPU temp?
CPU heatsinks that use 3 lugs on socket
Opinions on heatsinks
Anyone with a Volcano 9
What is a good fan for a AMD?
case temp
wear to buy shin etsu
A new system with some new questions
Which 120mm fan???
Vantec Nexus... I smell smoke!
filters (i have a cat)
NEED HELP! MOBO that kills PSU's??
3 pin molex?
Mbm 5
Work this one out, you (AX-7) HSF experts
What to get?
slightly damaged slk-800
Albatron 4200P cooling
keeping the XP nice & cool
conductivity of my rheo backing?
What will give me better temps?
Cases affect on cooling
looking for an SK6
suggestions plz...
Need feet for SLK800
will a Thermalright SK6+ and a 38 CFM Delta be good?
new cooling idea
Thermaltake SupZero4G Thermo-Electic Cooling
highest cfm for 80mm fan
i thought this was impossible
System Temp?
Vantec Nexus Help needed
Water cooling on my way
Does ducting make sense in a horizontal system?
What to use to cool Northbridge?
where to find a good HS and Fan in UK
Volcano9 way too loud. What else is there??
Should I be happy??
What's better... negative or positive airflow?
120mm fan with rpm monitoring
Need help connecting fan
IS it worth it?
Anyone try these micro freezers, Prometeia?
northbridge cooler?
Just built my first voltage regulator