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Definitive site on cooling.
Thermaltake Subzero4g
Swiftech MCX4000 Fan Choices/Setup
heatsing and cooling suppliers
check out my cooling idea,lemme know if u think it will work
AX-478 out of production?
Digital Doc 5 Bad temp readings?
CPU fan controller?
Tualatin heatsinks
Cooling oddities
Dell Case Fans
Nexus Multi-Function Panel and Tornado
need help w/ pump asap...
why am i not any cooler?
putting on vantec aeroflow - damaged cpu?
DIY waterblock testing sponsorship.
Huge Sunon AC fan
Question about the 7volt Mod
3 fan cooler
Tt p4 Spark 7
Tornados won't fit holders!!! any thoughts?
Good fan for Pentium 3 1 ghz?
are these fans any good?
HSF outside case air cooling
I got goofy with the cooling.
slk 900?
sk-7 just arrived, need help!
slk-800.. wtf!!
Best P4/478 HSF under 1.5" in height
How can I make a smart-fan less smart ???
Mounting hardware for custom cooling
Tornado stats?
120 or 92mm to 80mm adapter
Is it the PowerSupply?
Fan Holes ?
a good (and cool combo)
Lapping a silverado
Can the SLK-800 cool a pelt?
Accuracy between mobo thermistor and the V9 thermal probe?
Thermal resistance between die and back
Looking for a Socket 478 HSF
never seen this kind of bearing before
Case fans?
Just noticed something on SLK-800
What is the best Socket 478 HSF?
Whats this CW thing?
Am i Bananas?!?
Oh My Gawd!
is there any big differences between sk6+ and sk7?
how many fans can i hook to this power supply unit?
Tornado (slowed down) vs. Smart Fan II
Cpu cooling idea
9 volt fan mod
The Swiftech MCX462+
Case Pressure.......err
Conductive Tape
cleaning the cpu???
removing of thermal paste
Maybe an airflow problem
Anyone have aluminum 120mm Fan?
Arctic Silver 3 or Arctic Alumina?
what is difference between 4 pin and 3 pin case fans?
Cpu Fan Airflow
case/cpu cooling experience
temperature sensor install
which heatsink?
9700 pro mem sinks
vantec aeroflow
Hard lesson in heat
Nearly-passive celeron cooling.
Blow hole. Worth it or not?
water block
Is it FRIED??? Help for an Idiot
Help with possible FRIED chip
What is wrong with these....
Spring on my SK7 is touching a capacitor
What speed does a 80mm Tornado fan @ 7v run
Which one is my real CPU temp?
CPU heatsinks that use 3 lugs on socket
Opinions on heatsinks
Anyone with a Volcano 9
What is a good fan for a AMD?
case temp
wear to buy shin etsu
A new system with some new questions
Which 120mm fan???
Vantec Nexus... I smell smoke!
filters (i have a cat)
NEED HELP! MOBO that kills PSU's??
3 pin molex?
Mbm 5
Work this one out, you (AX-7) HSF experts
What to get?
slightly damaged slk-800
Albatron 4200P cooling
keeping the XP nice & cool
conductivity of my rheo backing?
What will give me better temps?
Cases affect on cooling
looking for an SK6
suggestions plz...
Need feet for SLK800
will a Thermalright SK6+ and a 38 CFM Delta be good?
new cooling idea
Thermaltake SupZero4G Thermo-Electic Cooling
highest cfm for 80mm fan
i thought this was impossible
System Temp?
Vantec Nexus Help needed
Water cooling on my way
Does ducting make sense in a horizontal system?
What to use to cool Northbridge?
where to find a good HS and Fan in UK
Volcano9 way too loud. What else is there??
Should I be happy??
What's better... negative or positive airflow?
120mm fan with rpm monitoring
Need help connecting fan
IS it worth it?
Anyone try these micro freezers, Prometeia?
northbridge cooler?
Just built my first voltage regulator
overclocking a xp2000
best price/performance for a socket A cpu heat sink
How cold will she go????? feed back request
Wut is the loudest thing in your computer?
Got my CPU down to 19C with air cooling. LOL
best way to keep ram cool
PSU Temp 37C is this high?
Zalman Silent Flower Cooler
anyone with volcano 7+ have n e trouble with it?
How can I adapt a TEC to a Molex connection?
phase change heat transfer block what should i use
which one for socket A, the VOLCANO 9, VOLCANO 9 CoolMod, or VOLCANO 7+?
Stock Fan for P4 results in hi temps?
1800XP T-bred A
SK-7 question
TOO MUCH AS3 problem? causing heat?
QuietMAXX 6500?
Is my AX-7 on properly? Arctic silver?
heatsink & temp
Random reboots: 5V line fluctations or CPU cooling?
Need the bracket for a BD7-II for stock HSF, any idea where I can get one?
Slk-800 Temps too good to be true?
Power supply limits
My experience with ducting the Volcano 9
Please help me !!!
Vantec Airflow vs Alpha Pal 8942 vs CM IHC-H71
Best P4 HSF that works good with low dbA fans
Fan placement concerns
PC temps high...noise is loud
need help installing sk-7
Athlon XP 2700+ aircooled idle/load temps
Is a chipset fan really necessary?
Stupid question: P4 & AC3?
heatsink imprint
Overclockability Limitations
Any difference between 3pin and 4pin fans?
Need a place to buy both these...
Volcano 7+ vs Volcano 9
How dangerous is artic silver?
These temps ok?
Great Instructions to put on SLK-800 !
Dragon Orb or Volcano 7+
What type should I use to overclock a 1600
anyone buy a sk-7 from bestbyte.net?
Should i do this?
geforce 2 mx400 cooling...
Cheap and relatively quiet HS/F?
Asus Sensor different?
Volcano 7+ to CoolerMaster temps HIGHER plz answer soonest
Question about nexus multifunction panel
Case temperature problem....
slk 800 + 50cfm sunon fan = high temps
80mm to 120mm CPU mod not working
Passive cooling...
Hot exhaust
How close to room temp?
Volcano 7 MOD??
Installed a CC and my temps shoot up!!!
anyone using a tornado on a vantec fan controller?
how long?
mobo temp
8K3A+ and XP2400+ users post your CPU temps...
Celeron too hot?
temp accuracy
for the absolute cooling nut, Liquid Nitrogen closed system.
Pc Mods Ver 2.0 reobus~
120mm Fans
SLK-800 and mechatronics 53cfm
450 to spend hmmm
Lapping a Heatsink
New SLK800 & TT Smartfan II
Thin CPU coolers
No circle pads with my SLK800?
What fan for the SLK-800
noise problem
Too much lapping?
Delta 92mm High Output fans.
2400+ Temps seem too high!
New heatsink design - 80% cooler
My Master Plan!
Best Pentium 4 Aircooler
Air Circulation in Case
XP2100+ Temp
lapping thermaltake gf4 HS
Xtreme Cooling
Problem with the CPU
RPM monitoring??
soldering a 2 wire fan to 4 wires, what color to what color?
Hole spacing for socket-a heatshinks
A link on lapping?
Where to get RamSinks?
Example why you should lap it right the first time
Along with my SLK-8
How much thermal Paste?!?!
globalwin cak4-88t
case only has 2 fan spots
Ceramique & ASV
50$ Limit
175$ whats the best you can get watercooledon!
Where to find high grit sand paper for lapping?
Tweak Monster BGA Ram Sinks
A quiet X-mas...
Making my own water cooling setup i need YOUR HELP
cooling down a server
Is the volcano 7+ up for the job ?
no way to hush tornado?
why still high
What HSF should i get?
What NOT to do with fans
Help me to set up my fans!!!
Fitting a Comair Rotron Caravel 10" fan into a case?
rheobus cooling
ThermalTake SubZero4G, who, what, where, when, why?
SLK-800 still cream of the crop?
Artic Silver
Problem regarding cooler
Which case fan?
MCX4000 or ?
case fan question
hdd temp
Installing SLK800
Memory Cooling Kits
installation of an mcx4000 on a p4pe
removing old thermal paste
case fan making a crunchy noise?
Replacing case fans
will the retail 1800+ thoroughbred heatsink fan be enuff?
Vantec Nexus
high cpu temps
volcano 9 .. good cooler?
Best Cooler for a XP 2100+
R9700 cooling Q
heat sink compound question
will this be enough
Anybody Use a 80-120 Adapter w/ 120 fan on SLK-800?
wait for the SK-7?
Just thought of the weirdest idea for Heatsink!
Which cooler?
Spire Coolers, Are they any good?
which case fans
My Volcano 9 & Results
How to use MBM5
slk-800 is not as good as sk6?
Just goes to show.....
Got a Alpha P3125?? this might interest you.
Whats a rheobus?
Harddrive Fan?
1 or 4 Fan controls?
Is the AMD 2000+ XP retail heatsink A Dynatron DC1206BM-L?
747 or Skittles
Ever see one of these?
Please help me OC!
Best AthlonXP cooler/heatsink
Sickening discovery
Low noise fans?
Athlon 2600 cooling
looking for 120x120x38 high output fan w/speed control
Best Fan, Best Acooling For Oc 478 P4pe
Lapping does work!
arctic silver 1 or 3?
What the best place to order HSF online?
PcWorld 120mm fans
how to remove the shim from the Radeon 9700 Gpu?
Also to do with fan placings
Some questions im not sure bout
Tornado SF2 Delta
How do you lap a GF4 Ti4200?
80-120 adapters..
heatsink only
9700 pro cooling
cpu fan reccomendations
Quick Question I need answered fast!
Leadtek heatsink removal and remounting
A quick question
Volcano 5 to Volcano 7
Is it possible to make my CPU fan spin faster?
What HSF for Intel 2.66?
Heat pipe side fan cpu??????????? FAST ANS NEEDED PLZ
SLK-800 and YS Tech Adjustable
I just bought a thermal take smart fan 2
Does thermal compound type matter?
QTec copper HSF
sk-7 question
RAM heat sinks
New Cpu Fan Or Gimmick?? P4 478??
OK what to use for HSF??
Reapplication of Arctic Silver
need some advice on air flow in case
My cooling woes
How much to get into Water cooling?
is this case fan any good?
Faster PSU fan helps cooling?
Case fans...
Is the SLK800 better than my Glaciator?
should i?
HSF combo
CoolerMaster DP5-6I31C......
How loud is the Stock AMD HSF?
Silver for cold plates??????
Conflict with exhaust placement?
Source for fans locally
1000 and 1 Questions
New setup assistance
P4 cooling : CoolerMaster HeatPipe\AX478?
Standard size 80MM with highest CFM?
Need serious help!
Fan List
Tornado 80x80x38 too loud ??
sk7 with bad fan
moved my computer..omg
New Fan Placement
Thermal paste is for nUbs
Lapping Killed My Cpu
Big Fan For FREE :)
Ugg make it stop
sheesh, that hot?
how to apply AS3
Just ordered........
3 heatsink fans!
How to run 10v to my Delta 80mm EHE fan?
Sk7 Installation?
Cheap dB meter?
Good P4 Cooler for about $25
Specs of this fan ?
Fans on the OUTSIDE or the INSIDE
which one?
Is my CPU temp out of whack?
Cheap Online Prices
AX-7 + MSI 745 Ultra
Best Combination of Systems?
Alpha 8045 or the SLK800
fan placement
Whatsa good quiet fan?
what heatsink/fan for 1800+ thorough bred?
Can thermal pads be used instead of thermal grease?
cooler master??
Vantec Nexus only goes down to 7v...
whats a bong?
Asus probe 40C all the time!!!! elp elp!
finally, poor mans prometeia pic
Another Rheobus
Tornado Question
Yet another slk-800 question
very low temps
prime or toast ?
p4 Cooling Question
Intel retail HSF question
I Have Researched About Fans.....
Fan Specifications Please
7 volt mod questions?
SLK-800@31*c/Full Load On XP2600/333!
re poor mans prometeia pic
poor mans prometeia
I want a diamond heatsink
SLK-800 Claims Another Victim....XP 1600 AGOIA you will be missed!
Whoa, chaeck out this cooling.......
MCX4000 Clearance Problem?
Newbie DIY Watercooling
this isn't the most brilliant design zalman has put out
What are some of your system temps?
using mbm to possibly control fans
Fan on Heatsink, suck or blow?
High temps with SLK-800/SmartFan II
mcx 4000 comparison
MBM Question
Panaflo prices?
does anyone find this surprising?
need a high cfm, low dba fan
Alpha PAL8942 a decent cooler?
Sandia National Labs and a Methanol-based copper block-hybrid...
Volcano 7
kudos to vantec.
GeiL Copper Thermal Grease
Ax-7 saves the day
ATI Radeon 9700 Cooling Mods
help installing fans
weird crystal orb problem
Which fan would you choose?
Thermal pad: Leave it or scrape it?
which 120mm fan can I use?
Look at this!
AX-7 Vs SLK-800
Cable Length
quiet PSU fan
Volcano 9
Best HSF for Duron
Fan needed on A7N8X Northbridge?
maxing out the mhz
Fan Question
Watercooling Pumps
potiometer specs????
fan how to?
Best Options for Aircooling
arctic silver 3 after 72hrs
overheating fixed lol
Strange problem with my comp
Thermal paste and micro-crevices
Zalman VGA Heatpipe cooler sufficient for R9700
7v mod on a Delta 130CFM
question about intake grilles...
Fan Setup Help
help with modding a wbk38!
Thermalright vs. Thermalright
SLK-800 mounting question...
Custom space constrained cooling...
Lotsa HSFs compared. Must read if you have no clue what to get.
Can I get a bigger heatsink?
I'm desperate for lower temps..
Best cooling system?
Sk-7 help
upgrading a sk-6 to slk800... worth it?
the sweetness of sucess
Volcano 9 vs. SLK800 - Is one better than the other?
Bought SK-7 Got SLK-800
Athlon 900 problem
Tt SmartFan2 RPM Adjustment Knob
How can this be?
globalwin wbk-38 mod
12-volts *quiet* inline waterpump
Thermal Compound misinformation
Cover on/off
arctic silver 3......re-apply?
High Cfm?
Thermalright Cutting Corners on SLK-800?
Air flow?
total newb, need help w/ heatsink fan
how quiet can you get a vantec tornado?
wewt l33t temps just by moving fans
advice on changing case fans on Lian Li case
How can i overclock my p42.0ghz?
sk6 with 80 trick from hsf tips
HSF Suggestions for my new setup?
Just a little question
Is it safe??
Sick Of Using The 4 Mounting Holes!!
SLK800 worth it????
slk800 temps
AMD 1700+ high temps using vantec AeroFlow
P4 Heatspreader Questions
P4 Xeon HSF on P4 NW - Possible?
Up the voltage on fans
laugh if ya want
Filters, who needs them!
HELP!!! bought a sk7
Hhc-001 Too Loud !!!!
SLK-700 Moving computer
weird results from temp experiment
I need a powerful fan