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I need a powerful fan
Buy SLK online
Koolance cooling solution, in another case?
Ok another SLK-800 question
How much to mix for Artic Silver Epoxy with AA???
I've got a question for people with LED fans
Those things that holds fans in those cases.
Low Temps on Zalman?
SLK 800 question
Vantec Nexus panel question
Zalman CNPS7000-Cu
AX-478 Question.
how much benifit from rshack goop to as3?
slk 800 question
SLK-800 V's Zalman
If I plug a fan into my PSU while the comp is on..
Fan ideas
AS2 gave me better temp than AS3
Athlon XP 1.6 @ 1674 48C idle
Exhaust fan rpm rises when side panel is on
die simulator
Thermalright SLK 800 as to AlphaPal?
Low-cost Chevette heater core fan shroud for those who failed shop class
decreasing voltage on LED fan, will leds dim?
HDD silencer PLEASE
Artic silver 3 or artic alumina??
Glacialtech question
HOw far can i go?
Temps on IWILL P4R533-N
good prices for 120mm stealth fans?
"how to calculate rheostat values" mini-guide
new setup
Volcano 9
Building a scsi box
New asus pcprobe
Gotta get a new HSF, what one should i get?
Where to get replacement chipset/gpu fans?
stupid shim
Using hot glue on motherboards/video cards
How hot is too hot for Thermal Tape?
anyone has a digital doc and knows how to use it?
XP Temp question
Danger Den Z-Chip Block
Fan Mod...what do you think of my temps?
Strange temp problems
good rheostat?
hard crap on the side of the core
God F*king Damit
need a fan for my AX-7
a7v333 northbridge mounting holes
Suggestions for THE BEST P4 cooler?
Thermaltake Volcano 7+ is a problem.
Shin-Etsu Thermal Paste ?
Dusting Fans
AA or AS epoxy?
how should a PAL153U be mounted on your gpu?
slot intake fan???
Fan Bearing
PSU cooling
How can i know the Temperature of the Cpu?
Are these decent temps for an SLK800?
Help: Need cheapish cooler for Athlon 1700+
Console PC VER 2 Need Cooling Help
Help me choose my case cooling please :D
Need help with cpu-fan.
case fans
Delta BL 60mm beats Tt SF2 80mm on SLK-800!
**Some advice please**
COOLERMASTER dp5-7h53f-oc and TT valcano 6 cu
heat sink fans
Which cooler?Thermaltke Volcano 9 or Zalman flower?
new hsf for intel; looks cool, quiet, and cools well
Any advice please?
Panaflo 120mm M1A's on RheoBus: silent?
SK6+ with a 38CFM DELTA, yes or no?
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LOL! What an effect!
PIII 600E at 797mhz
lian li pc61 and the front intake fans
4207.96mhz Overclock
CreepingDeath asks for your prayers
Simple questions yet needed
Want to hook up Delta 130CFM to nexus. Need help
graphite as thermal material
Does a Pentium III CPU have to have a heat sink and fan?
Anything better then Volcano7+?
Heat Sink Everywhere
SK6+ question
duuuuhh.... new intel cooler?
The Quest for silence
Silent heatsink and fan
Just a few opinions needed
Heatsink and fan question
Help-Tried 'em all
where to buy 4" fans
Panaflo L1A 120 vs. Delta FFB1212VHE 120
expansion slot coolers and other system coolers
120's in the house?
Thermaltake DRAGON ORB3, how good is it?
Compunurse Questions
Zalman gpu heatpipe
Looking for a cool looking temp monitor...
How to remove a v7+ using the p4 clip?
Case fans and hsf
Need Good Fan For SLK-800
ECS mobo cpu temp?!?
Need help on choosing case Fans and HSF for AMD!!
Delta FFB8012HHE=good cooling & less noise!
In socket thermistor's (lack of) accuracy
chipset cooler
mobo fan hearder
high pitch noise from 120mm ystech fans..
how does this stock hsf ?
3.5 inch bay bus
case or northbridge temp?
Question for the experianced
MBM Sensor shows 90!! :( Please help...
Cooling using loud sounds!!!
A Question of Noise
Fan colors? (just say no to black!)
WTF Corb is LOUD!
Adhesives for fans/heatsinks
Best, silent fan for Thermalright SK-7
Which Product is best
I am off by me a HSF for my 1800+
1 Rheostat to control all fans?
Is it a good idea to hook up some of your fans to mobo?
Vid card cooling
Dream fan specs
Volcano 7+ p4 brackets needed
a7v8x Just flashed 2 1010, funky TEMP!
Vantec Stealth vs. Panaflo L1A 120s
BEST fan!
SLK-800 Temps on 8k3a
Intel HSF
ASUS A7V8X AND Thermaltake VOLCANO 7+
Blue LED Fans
Possible way to get better C/W ratio for a HSF?!?!
2.53 P4, Volcano 7 work ok?
maybe a bad idea, maybe an ugly one
Arkua 7528
cfm and rpm change in 7volting?
Video card madness
fan for SLK800
Cooling 1800+ thoroughbred
Inexplicable drop in temps?
Can AS3 "dry up" ?
is CFM related to voltage? ppl with fanbus plz read! :)
hsf sizes
Fan noise Qs
Fan Renovation Project, help wanted
No temp improvement after replacing stock cooling
Vantec Aeroflow-P4 hsf
windows 98 back to yesterday
Dodgy ASUS PC Probe?
voltage mod for stock p4 heatsink fan?
gf4 mounting
Which p4 HSF for silence? Questions...
Copper, aluminim sp?
big mofo
Heat Pipe Coolers
Nforce2 Chipset Cooling
the noise decibels border
why different?
How good are Delta fans compared to Panaflo?
heatsink compatability
small temp reduction with AS3?
New case and cooling questions
Heat problems
top P4 Hsf's
orbs mania!
MBM question
Anybody seen this Vantec Nexus NXP201 ?
Temperature reader
delta triple bladed?
Cheapest Way to cool an xp1600?
Need To Get HS/F For XP2600/333. Suggestion's?
help stuck heatsink
How do you calculate the volume of air a fan pushes?
Fan for SK-7
800mhz c3 fanless?
Convert a delta 50cfm 60mm fan to turn on depending on temperature?
GeForce FX Cooling
120 - 80 mm adapter...worthwhile?
Why does the SLK-800 performs better with 50 cfm 60mm fan than 84cfm tornado?
how do i know which senser?
Help w/ Vocano 9
where to get the cooljag 1u cooler
sound question
Active noise suppression
Volcano 7+?
Need ordering assistance with the Maze 3...
Have question about fan controllers
Need help on how to make ramsinks...
Comp reboots when CPU hits 43C!
58c 2000+
Where To Buy AS3 Cheap?
intel thermal pads
Sensor Installation?
Fan question
what to expect
New Heatsink or voltmod?
[b]Opinions on HS&F that is not much louder than retail AMD HS&F[/b]
Taisol K7
Lian-Li Fan Speed Adjuster Questions
NB HSF for A7N8X
question about speedfan..
removing thermal pad....melted on proc. HELP
What's the best fan for the Northbridge?
Heatsink/fan compatability
This is for everyone for wants to volt mod a fan.
Is this the cable I need to get for my fan?
I don't know what HSF to get.
Air/water vs. $$$/temp.
New PC cooling ??
I need a great CPU waterblock for the Koolance Exos.
Have you ever wondered what the inside of a fan looks like?
has anyone here used the 130CFM Delta 120mm w/ a rheostat?
Thermalright ax-7 & Delta 80mm
Air Cooling - not enough
120mm fan positioning
7-volting adjustable fans a good idea ??
cooling question
Cooling Question
P4 Mounting System
Cooling question
About those Vantec TMD fans...!!!
quiet 120mm fans, 7v-mod...
DigitalDoc fan speed control
cpu fan question
Thermalright SK7 & Sunon Tornado
please help
Mini Fridge System?
DIE simulator confusion
PC Alert 4 or MBM5 more accurate?
Running fan at 17v -Safe?
Will a Duron 750 MHz heatsink/fan work on a Duron 1.3 GHz?
Passivly cooling a K6-2
SLK-800 anf my mobo
Will a Theramltake GF4 work on a GeForce3?
Psu and Voltages and stuff
What is a nice quiet heatsink?
Statup voltage on sunon, vantec and delta
Temperature Monitoring Utility...
Need info on water cooling
is this normal?
Which way to point Tornado on SLK800?
SLK800 vs. MCX462
odd fan noise after case mod
Tbred 1700+ at 50c
Sensor 3 @ 54 deg. C, too hot?
Newbie, how to take temperature?
New heatsink / Fan
Dual-fan PS equates to 2x CFM?
FAN / Dust Prob...HELP?!?!?
Cheap, quiet, 2100+ heatsink, not OCing
ROFL http://www.bbspot.com/News/2002/08/house.html
am i killing the connectors?
Dba Difference
xp2100 AGOIA 0211?
VOLCANO 7+ P4PE 2.53 fan, is dropping
Not enough ASII = 75C & a migrain
cooling for shuttle ss51g?
Old psu fan
Crystal ORB Urgent!
Software for on die temp reading?
Anyone know of a good mid to high cfm fan w/ 3 pin connectors?
Which HSF should I use on this Non-Oced But Full Load pc?
black ice pro, is it good?
Volcano 9 - Thermaltake Smart Fan II : NOISY?
P4 Heatsink Adapter
Cooler Master w/ ShinEtsu or Artic Silver 3?
Which HSF?
hsf Questions
fan connections, help
Commercial diamond heat spreader links
Stable at 1950 Mhz at 1.65 Vcore
heatsink fan on motherboard header
Sanity. Sweet precious sanity.
Absolute best heat spreader,short of diamond, i found for sale!
Pyramid 2 and HSF-ducting question...
Heatsink for Athlon Xp 2000+?
Which fan is better?
Where can I buy compressed air?
Applying Artic Alumina Thermal Adhesive???
Where to get aluminum frame panaflos
New Arctic Silver!!!!
Must have been an AMD system.
need help making fan duct
system cooling question
Vantec Nexus?>
URGENT!! a heatsink with dual/triple clips make/models pls
aluminium mesh filter in Australia
Variable resistor help...
Electronic expert, pls come in...
Drawing AIR from fridge
need help from a cooling guru
SLK 800 & 80mm Tornado Issues
Sk-7 Vs Ax-7
120/80 adapter plus 80/60 adapter=??
a duct without modifying the case... Tell me what you think (I'm a newbie)
How good is the Cooljag JAC102C?
Ball Bearing? Double Ball Bearing fans?
aluminum or steel case?
Good fan combination for the AX7?
Load Temps, What's Wrong ?
Has anyone seen the new Vantec product? SWEET!!!
Antic Silver ?????
Conflicting New Info on V9 vs. V7+
I can't take it anymore!!
CPU Heat UP?
making rheostat from Volcano 9?
XP Air-cooled Overclockers poll post here.
Close call...
3M thermal tape for mem sinks?
need help on how to rig up a fan in a tight spot for video card...
Listening to fan noise
green LED fans
Silent PC
Crystal Orb is loud :(
smartfan2 problem
Is there a way to test fan first before installing?
Water Cooling Fan?!
quiet video card cooling
anybody know where i can get this black desktop case?
SLK-800 + Smart Fan 2 = Suck?
Coolbits Prob
What type of Water Block would be good to cool my processor
Rheoing a fan?
GPU heat when "inactive"
Help with Lian Li case mod for cooling
What to clean with?
vantec chipset cooler
why anticsilver3 and not articsilver3?
Moddin the side panel to fix a big fan blowin into a hsf?
fan speed control question
watercooling?!?BAH HUMBUG!!!
A fan through the bottom of my case?
Difference between idle temp and full load temp.
Case and CPU cooling questions...
Unexpected Shutdonws, It was running good!!
Vantec Aeroflow quiet enough?
I need a really really quiet 120MM fan.
how much noise???
Parting with my chiller
Sunon 84cfm w/Tt speed control?
Mi case temp is fine, but CPU is high
best p4 hsf?
What's your highest temp?
still needs work(water cooled)
When should I raise the core voltage?
Lovering CPU fan speed
AX-7 Problem?
power leads and noisy fans
case mods, pci slot cooling
Interesting temperature changes
XP2000+ AGOIA questions
Temps a bit high?
just dropped my temperatures
Do people actually know what neoprene is??
Vantec AeroFlow
SK6+ question
which hfs is better?
SK-7 - 80mm, or 60mm?
AS Ceramique
Which Monitor???
Help w/ my AVC Sunflower
To hot to handle?? help asap please
northbridge fan decrease CPU temp 4C
Utility/Software for reading cpu temp in Windows
stock tualatin cooler available?
temps on new p4 rig
SLK-600 vs AX-7
Buses & Monitors.....
1800+ or 1700+ tbred at newegg?
A fan on a fan??
It's AS3 not AC3 -- Get it right dammit
northbridge water block
Need some fans...Suggestions?
Looking for shoulder washers for Alpha 8045.
Whats a good water cooler?
Opening a Retail Store!! Poll on Products
PLEASE HELP....amd xp 100c!!
Nice Temp Drop with ac3 First Time
sk7 mounting problems
Swiftech MCX462+T TEC Heatsink
Peltier verses Phase Change
Which harddrive cooler?
Tell me about Peltiers, please?
Help with cooling please! =)
Decent, quiet 80mm case fan?
Anyone use Zalman 6500?
how many volts can a fan take??
Frist mod and Q
Just Cleaned out the Dust...
SK-7 or AX-7??
What are your air cooled temps?
92mm fan on SLK-800?
Fan header questions?
My case and intresting info!
What do you guys use to keep dust out?
Need help with MBM5...
Cak-ii 38cpu
Fan on the heatsink? Blow or Suck?
I want to add a forth fan on top of my heatsink
Looking for this fan.....
laptop fan
Ram fan recommendations...
HOT all the sudden...
SLK-800 fit on this board?
Adheisive removal
getting into watercooling
cutting into the case
Need Some Help/Advice about Case Temperatures (Beginner level of PC knowledge)
Lesson I learned about ocing and cpu temp
Is this safe?
Rated operating temp for P4/1.6Ghz Willie?
Is this for real?
Is this for real?
CaseFan+PSU problem/help
Small project, need some help please :)
Will dust filter decrease CFM?
removed fan from heat sink put back on now makes noise whats wrong?
Home-made heatpipe?
couple of questions on air cooling
No Case Temps
Alpha PAL8045 with low cfm fan?
SLK-800 Quiet Setup?
how to take out wires from 2-pin head
Cooler AMD Athlon XP 2200+
What is the best way to remove old AC3 ?
Cooling a 2600+
Memory Cooling Kits?
Overclocking MP 1800's
Variable Speed Fan Control for Multiple Fans
Cold Caths on a baybus???
Chrome Fans /w Cold Cathode vs 4 Led
Dewpoint Calculator
Volcano 9 mod'n
What are good proccessor and system temps?
slight problem
Why such high temps...****ES ME OFF!
My First Creation (runs well, but. . . )
120 mm fans w/ led?
Bergquist Hi-flow thermal pad
I am at such a loss with this...
Are Y.S. Tech fans any good?
SK-7 w/ smart fan II
AMD temperatures
Do the new amd cpus have integrated shims/heat spreaders?
psu fan swap
Slk-800 with heatpipes among other new heatsink pictures
How are Top Motor fans?
12 inch case fan!!
Evaporative cooling
Replacement Fan for Volcano 7+?
over heating
66C Temp on idle TB 1.4 Ghz
new mobo sorring temps
Need your input on this....
How to keep your fans clean and lookin' new!
turning evolution
Comparing SLK800 and ARKUA 7228
Heat Spreader my butt
Best hsf for under $30?
Fan speed controler?
120mm to 60mm adapter pulling air, amazing result!
Replacing thermal pad with thermal grease/paste
i have a ThermalTake XaserII 6000 and i need a new side Panel
Should I add more Fans?
Thermalright SLK-800 For $34.99
What kind of heatercore??! pls help newbie
Dilema... air or water?
Vantec Nexus Temp monitor/fancontroller.
King of high temps!
Noise Dampners and Heat
Thermaltake Volcano 7+
120mm fan + AX7 + AS3 = 56C??? Whats happening??
Great case fan
Major Heat Problem!!!
120 clear fans ?
Digidoc5 temp sensor