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Zalman caught my attention
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too hot?
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Thermally conductive / electirically insulationg material?
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Need Advice on Build
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Would like some help choosing a cpu cooler
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PC Upgrade, Temperatures not Reported Properly
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HDT-S1283 + ACK-I5361 + 960
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EVGA classifed 200 + NH-D14 and foreign language
EVGA classifed 200 and NH-D14?
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vipochill mod
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Fans - again
Thermal Monester!!!
Is this normal?
I'm talkin', case cooling on my toes...
Venomous x mounting plate
Low CFM Low Profile
Air flow in box
Quiet CPU Cooler Help
What CPU core temperature is acceptable?
Result of recent Upgrade.
Noctua NH-D14, 140mm Fan Swap
CPU cooler socket differences
Help me choose a new cooler.
Large air cooler Q
Best air CPU cooler?
Unlocked Phenom II x2 555 BE
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4 pin to 3 pin adapter
Phenom II x4 965 overclock temp
Noctua NH-D14 -- Worth it? Will it fit in an Antec300?
How are people getting 20C CPU temps?
Running my E2200 with stock cooler at 16c
External Temp Displays
Low profile LGA 1366 cooler?
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Will it work/fit?
AMD Phenom 9850
MX-3 vs MX-4?
Thinking of water.....
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Thermal Paste
H70 problem? Unable to cool when system is overclocked?!?!?!
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Help Need aftermarket cooling for Asus 4770
Fan speed hotkey?
FANS leaking OIL????
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coolIt Eco A.L.C 240mm simple cooling kit ?
core #3 temp doesnt change
Product like this? (CLIP-on Fan)
Cooler Master V8
Artic cooling support number?
Temp program?
Fan replacement on old hp
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gtx470 with gelid icy vision VRM cooling solution?
Best 120mm fan about?
PREVIEW Thermalright Archon (+ D-14 & Megahalems) ...NO 56K...!
My blower will steal your fans lunch money
Xigmatek XLF-F1455
140mm Green LED fan options & fan orientation
Final choice between..
[O/C]Heatsink Improv: A Small Tribute to Overclockers of Old
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 pro
thoughts on this cooler?
Frio cooler? Anyone have one?
Best Heatsink for the money
3pin Fans To 2 Pin (3 Wide) Female Connector Safe?
1st CPU/Heat sink lapping
how do you remove the adhesive tape
Swiftech H20-220 Compact Watercooling Kit
i5 Cooler that looks cool
Adapt GT1800 for NH-D14
Rosewill RCX-Z5
Noctua NH-D14
foxconn 2zr71-409 amd 939 to intell lga775 adapter bracket? + p4 cooling ?
cpu watercooling advice
Megahalems clearance with Mushkin redline
Possible to set an alarm to go off when stress testing fails?
Heat pipe + water cooling = new (?) cooling system
stock heatsink and fan...e-waste?
Interest Check.
H50 Won't Cool Properly Extremely High Temps (Help ASAP)
Need a cooler for gaming PC
The final choice
fans throttling
Help with Fan and Heatsink
SLI/XFire Cooling Question
Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000rpm jobbie
Cooling system for tight pc
This cooler any good?
Out for a bit, new SSD install.
Water or air for GTX460 non-reference PCB?
Thermalight Ultima 90 question
Water cooling..opinions?
Motherboard Cooling Fan Mount
high temperature 4ghz
Temperature difference between cpu and its cooler?
Just Lapped my E6300 an tunq tower 120
Thermalright Shaman Review
HDT S1283 with Crossbow Mounting Bracket
MSI Control Center CPU Temp VS Core Temp
Cpu with a deathwish >_<
Gigabyte MoBo temps significantly lowered by...
Stability issue related to cooling?
Stock thermal paste or AS5 to go with Corsair H70
MSI 870A-G54 Mosfet cooling options
Will a Corsair H70 have clearance issues with my EVGA E758-A1 Mobo???
System Temps
Corsair H70 - Which PWM Fans?
i7-950 quiet air cooling ??
Recent temps
Please rank these coolers in terms of performance
Converting Fan Power Adapters
I7 930 @ 4.0 GHz temps
Scythe ninja 3.
Is it ok to leave megahalems as passive cooler?
What happened to the heatsink performance list?
Hyper 212+ Installation
How much Ambient Temperature Plays A Role in Cooling
Hyper 212+/HAF 922
Triple 5.25 drive bay fan
Adding fan on NH-D14
Meghalems what are 2 of the best fans
AMD CPU cooling help
XIGMATEK Dark Knight-S1283V worth it?
Cooler for BTX mobo
Which cooler out of these
Thermaltake Jing
FrostyTech's #1 Rated Heatsink
5.25 Bay air conditioner to CPU cooler.
Temps in Linux
LF advise for goto fans for HS for Push/Pull
A Fine Water Cooling unit.
Heatsink orientation... Vertical or horizontal ?
[Please help] AM3 CPU Cooler for 955 BE
Why can't I cool down?
Corsair A70
New cooling method?!?
asus rampage extreme x48 problem
CoolerMaster 212 CPU cooler with Extra Fan???
Dispute re: application of arctic silver 5
Zalman CPNS10X Performa for Asus P7P55D Pro?
Does this fit?
Controlling fan speed without PWM or seperate fan controller?
Anyone know of any 160mm fans?
[O/C]Fan Noise Utility
[O/C]Rubbermaid Container Fan Shroud
[O/C]Applying Thermal Grease
P4 3.06 cooling
Corsair H50 - How to Connect New Push/Pull Fans
Stock GTX 470 Shroud Removal + New Fan
What is better... Case fans Sucking or Blowing ?
Mistery Delta Fan
Northbridge running hot
trouble controlling fan speed.
Cooling Intel i3 with AMD cooler!
NZXT fan trouble...
Corsair H70 VS Zalman cpns 9500AT
Recommend CPU cooler
[O/C]Thermalright Announces Archon Heatsink
Heatsink Recommendation Needed
P5Q3 E8400 overheating issues
Newbie at work... fan modding for Northbridge
Best Quality 120mm Case fan
Noctua NF-S12B
Advise on Cooling for OC
Is it safe to have my case open and just have a small fan pointed into it?
one case fan intake or exhaust?
high speed 16" fans
Intel Stock 1156 cooler problem
Big Fans for
Replacing fans on CM 690 II Advanced
Fan Controller Suggestion for COOLMAX CMF-1225-GN
corsair H50
what's the normal temp for the TRUS SPIRIT 1366?
Cooler Master Hyper N520 Cooling System with AMD 6 Core 1055T Overclocked to 3.6
[O/C]Lamptron Touch Fan Controller Review
Temp question/Should I OC?
True Spirit 1366 Compatibility and possible alternatives
Idle temp problems
Best program for controlling chassis fan speeds?
Here's an odd one
which is a better cooler: cooler master hyper 212 plus or Ocz vendetta 2?
MOSFET cooling - is it needed for oc'ing??
Cooler for PII 955 BE to hit 4GHZ on m4a89gtdpro/usb3
New Rig Cooling Suggestions
How to get better cooling in case...
Cooling help
Room temperature vs CPU temperature ??
Thermal paste!
Best heatsink for a i7 930???
TRUE 1366 RT Rev. C Fans
Question About GPU cooling
T.I.M battle Old vs. New
Which Heatsink suits my needs?
Heatsink for overclocking...?
My Kingdom for a Mega Shadow. Still available?
i5-760/Hyper TX3 high temps
safe temps??
opinion on cooler master 212 and the coolit eco
x58 overheat
Upgrade stock cooler for core i7-920
Questions about overall cooling.
Indigo Xtreme worth it?
Mounting Yate's on a True Rev. C?
Zalman VF1000 fan too fast
Temp way to high..?
Adapt the AC xtreme on rev2 5870!
cogage true spirit
200m fan options (Antec 900)
need someone to try something for me
Fall is in the air!
HSF Mounting nuts
Best Air coolers
Best Cooler For 8400 & 9800GT
i7 930 needs to be cooler and more silent.
Coolit OMNI review with Corsair 700D case and EVGA GTX 480
SirJamesDTech - Prolimatech Super Mega CPU Cooler Review
number of fans question
Noctua D14 on a 920 c0/1 - Normal Temps?
14cm fan round up by Xbitlabs...
5870 after market cooler
the best way of putting fans on a case?
This new 'Cooling' thing..
Upgrade From Stock Air Cooler
Temp difference for NB, STOCK thermal tape sux!
Temps to low? or correct?
which is quieter.
Basic Cool
zalman cnps 7000 al-cu
intel g41 chipset cooler
Prolimatech Super Mega CPU Cooler Unboxing
pmw plans found for free and easy to build
Quick help!
Coolit ALC Domino vs. Scythe Mugen 2
Need a plastic surgery to the computer
NH-D14 in HAF-X
Cooling issues
is this a good T.I.M. ??
socket a zalman cooler question
Fan Silencers
wtf just turned my computer on and this happened???
I need some more fans
Corsair Obsidian 800D Air Questions?
Cpu/Rig cooling
Artic Cooling Case fans
All "New" GPU Cooler Brought to You by MattNo5ss
CPU cooler?
Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme for 5870
Corsair H70
Need help finding a cooler to fit on my mobo
CPU Cooling question
Temperature Hysteresis
Low End Cooling
TJ07+Asus R3E mobo additional air flow
side panel fan orientation Q
Nidec BETAV TA450DC wiring help please
Anti vibration mod for fan?
my fan setup - any advice?
H50 Fan Shroud
Palit GTX 460 Cooling Adivce
Q9550 core 2 quad & CM X Dream4 fan/cpu cooler
which cpu cooler?
Trying to install Thermalright True
Fan controller advice
Anyone tried the Thermalright HR-02?
Noisy Fan
Fan touching Heatsink question
Show your H50 mount!
Which case fans?
Aftermarket cooler for a 5850
unsure which way case fan mounts
heat sink lapping lol
Pro help for newbie with cooling problems
Heatsink suggestions for an Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3?
worlds's first vga cooler with 8 heatpipes from Thermalright
WTF is up with Speedfan vs. Core temp vs. RealTemp (See screenshot)
why a 9 degree difference?
Improving the Airflow of the Alienware Aurora Case
Aftermarket Cooling for a GTX 470?
Air cooler for my i7 950?
Question about Corsair H70 Thermal Grease
Zalman 9900 issue 1399
Intel i7 920 cooling
Mosfet Temps
Which fans?
Third fan for heatsink + extra fan case - Help!
GTX 480 SLI increase room temps??
Gentle Typhoon's adapter
Everest temperature readings
Another "Venomous-X + P6X58D-E" thread...
Which fan setup with H50?
1 -> 6 fan controller
which fans?
recommend hsf for Core i7-875K
Looking for good Exhaust and Intake fans
first fan controller-need help
HAF 922, will it fit the Mugen 2?
Cooling a fish tank with computer fans
Negative or Positive?
Static pressure & fan config
e5400 budget build temperature problems.
In need of Professional Assistance.
which cooler?
Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 - Airflow Advice Needed
am i running too hot?
Remove heatsink (1366) before long car trip?
Cooling Suggestions: Antec 300
Any good, quiet VGA coolers?
Fan Controller Lamptron 20w x4 ..help I want no humm or buzz
Need a Fan-less cooler for Phenom 955BE
Cooling issue.
Positive and Negative air flow
Q9550 Temp sensor broken ?
Help buying CPU cooler
Heatsink Advice? 1366 Xeon vs 1366 i7
Anything as affordable and as good/better as ARCTIC Silver 5?
[O/C]Six Premium Heatsink Shootout
Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo Pro
Hyper 212 plus questions
Intake or Exhaust?
G. Skill Pi + P6X58D-E = HELP!!!!!! (looking for heatsink!)
Slimline 140mm fan
Case Fans
Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro Rev.2 - Feedback
Northbridge / Southbridge
CPU heatsink positioning in a case, is it important?
Best cooling?
ThermalRight TR-TY140 fan, a new good noise/performance 140mm fan ?
I need the best air cooler for am3 socket
corsair 700D case cooling surprise
too hot
Sometimes you just have to improvise
Looking For i7 Air Cooler Help
Good quality fans for push/pull?
Spire Thermax Eclipse 2
i am between 4 cpu coolers plz help
Re-applying thermal paste to GPU
New rig needs cooling
Push/Pull Success! and question
Replacement 140mm Fans - Corsair 800D
Problem with Front 200mm fan on the Cooler Master HAF 922
478 cooling help
Will the Noctua NH-D14 be too big for my case?
haf 932 black
Fans, Noctua NF-P12 vs Scythe Gentle Typhoon
Burning up
CPU Fan replacement for stock Athlon II 250
Help with Sysfan positioning
antec 902 question
Texas LN2 benching event, post in this thread if you want to join us.
Noctua NH-D14 versus the Prolimatech Megahalems?
Cooling / Overclocking - Just getting started!
True 120 on my Q6600, CM v8 on my i7 920, worth swapping them?
quietest 120mm case fans? want them to perform like the corsair 700D fans
Connect Ultra Kaze to TRUE
unable to cool the primary (top) gtx 460 in this sli setup
Thermal Take Frio on Asus M4A785TD-V Evo?
what is best aircooling cpu?
Stock i7 930 w/ Megahalems: cannot get below 42C IDLE. Opinions?
Heatsinks!? what are they
Core temp questions (too high?)
Will a Megahalems fit?
Thermaltake V1 HSF CPU Cooler any good?
Case Fans
Which fans.