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What can i use??
6 spent and i get a fair overclock...
ThermalTake Tornado 7+ Problem
Tt Smart Case Fan A1214 Prob!!!
Digidoc small fan prob
1.8a and Volcano 7+ ???
Quick Question about heatsink + fan...
7V fan mod?
CPU Fan airflow direction..What way?
Any thoughts on the following?
Most cfm fan?
PSU Cooling
Delta Gluen fan mod???
Rhoebus Advise?!?!?
Quietest 80mm quality fans?
Installing side case fans
If I was to open a business, what would you want?
Water cooling in canada
AC fans? EMI?
Bottom Intake
Metal duct=bad news
XP1800 with volcano 7
Sk-7 with enermax fan
Shuttle ak31v3.1, can it read XP diode?
sensor - diode?
heat pipe
Question on high Wattage fans and Rheostats
32 degree load!!
need a super quiet fan for P4 2.4b
NEW bling bling blocks,when gold teeth just arent enough!
Sunon fans suck? Id this true?
Buy 3 or 4-pin connectors with panaflo fans?
Best water block?
Is this right temp change?
Cooling idea for 9700PRO
Please Tell me what ya think!!!!!!!!!!!
80mm fan
Overclocking a KT400, Athlon XP 2200, anyone know how to do this? (hows the cooling?)
Best athlon XP HSF?
Thermal interface compound....
Is 3M Frag Tape electically conductive?
Review of titan 80mm aluminium fan
Post your lowest AMD Air-cooled temps
Choice of cooler?:(
Gheto Cooling on AIR,
53c too high for athlon 2000xp?
MSI specific overclock util...?
question for my cpu cooling
avg oc 1600 on air
IHC-H71 or Vantec Aeroflow
Older type of cooling, what you think
Help What heatsink with pan/fan??
Questions on SLK-800
Delta 68.5 @ 7v
odd temps
Need some digidoc 5 opinions....
Help w/t fan noise
Help Me Decide!
Which would you choose?
Volcano 9 question
51c is this high for cpu??PLZ answer
Did I kill my BOX???
Volcano 9: A tip to improve cooling
What in the world is this? intel micro water cooling heatsink??
Zalman fans
New Enclosed Liquid Heat Sink Fan Combo
Is heatpipe technology good?
Yes I am nice!
thermal paste
How much will a rheo drop down a tornado?
Radioshack Thermometer
Vantec Aeroflow good for me?
My new idea for an air-water heatsink
What's better for a fan grill/filter?
volcano 9
EAT IT!! Minnesota cooling at it's best.
Cheap heatsink compound... any good?
comp runs half the speed as usual
Delta FB0812EHE user come in.
Chipset cooling suggestion from original setup...
re-application times for thermal paste
YS Tech TMD 70mm vs. Tt Smart Fan II on SLK-800
Rheostat and case fans need help again...
Silent Cooling
another Price for Performance HS....thread
About newegg's blue chieftec towers
G4 Mx 440 Fan cooling 80mm
REQUEST to mods
160mm-180mm fans?
Where to buy fans....
Best 80 mm fans for case cooling
The best heatsinc fan combo
The best heatsinc fan combo
Black label delat fans....?
case fans question would this work?
question about cfm's and rpm's on fans...
How to get thermal pad of heatsink?
Where to get Antec blue led case fan?
If I read one more post on Ducting...
IS Gold the best Heat Conductor
Your Guide to a cool Processor without any ThermalX Stuff and only Generic Components
Help w/ Cooling Options
Dell case
Space constrained Heatsink conversion.
what would you recommend for XP 2000 & Epox 8K5A2+ ?
120mm fan on rheostat need help !
Which should I believe.
Vantec Aeroflow
how come?
Lapping..... What ?
Would a SK-7 fit on a EpoX 8K5A2+?
thermal compound choice
DigiDoc 5 Thermostat
really dim blue LED ???
Need Help with North Bridge Hold Down
MOBO Specs? (TEMP?)
AA Epoxy can NOT f$%& up your gpu right?
Volcano7+. But still get high temp readings. Wth?
CPU Core or Surface Temp?
mcx4000 swiftech problem
New P4 cooler: Zalman CNPS5700D-Cu
Fan placement suggestions please
best 80mm fan
Do these temps seem about right? (1st time building comp)
50CFM LED Fans?
Homemade Fan Filters
What screws do I use to attach my mobo to case?
My processor isn't all the way down in socket!!!
Shin Etsu = coolermaster
attaching heatsink, which side first?
How do you gauge if a heatsink is flat?
New Motherboard Monitor
New rig, VERY strange temp readings, many crashes
How do I attach my 80mm fan to my SK-7 using the fan clips?
Advice of fan connections
Untailed fan
hey, it DOES work!
Aluminum can video card ramsinks?
Lapping V7
Another MBM5 ques.
What is this??
Excuse me....
very confused
help! duct hole on acrylic window?
how to remove fan from dell 4100
High Temps?
Arctic silver actually works!
Vapochill Project
Going to O/C my first AMD is my case cooling going to be okay?
Volcano 7+
Do these temps seem too high?
n00b side blowhole question
Blue LED Fans - Pics?
website that computed cpu watts?????
Single 7volt modded connector for 3 fans?
ax7? where?
Swiftech MCX462+T. TEC air cooling for AMD (not P4?)
xp2200 cooling 35C load?
SETI laptop cooling
n00b has a question :D
personal Sunflower AVC 117140 result
Is 104cfm in and 79cfm out enough?
cooler master
120mm fan in front
Volcano 9 or DragonORB?
Revolutionary cooling method?
SLK 800 or CoolerMaster IHC-L71
XP thermal diode support.
Should I clean my NEW heatsink and NEW athlon XP with alcohol before installing?
power problems
What would u do?
Can I spray compressed air directley into my computer?
Which Temp Monitor Program to trust?
Psu Choice
Is the core making contact with the heatsink?
How hot is too hot
Metal to Metal !!!
Has Anyone Tryed ?
Need Advice for New Fan for Heatsink
YIKES!!! close call
how many cfm needed?
80cfm, 30dBA 120mm? A load of sh*t or real?
Thermal Compund Shootout
Noise Reduction
Reading The Xp's on die temp
Case temps compairison
Fan size adapters
best non-delta fan for the SLK-800
Willamettes temps
What exactly is the problem...
This ever been tried?
Need to undervolt some fans, plz help.
noob heatsink question
Cooling and performance
Need a good 60mm slim fan
SK6+ vs. AMD stock heatsink
thermal take
use thermal pad or as2 for mom?
Heatsink help, please.
Tornado on a PCmods rheobus
10C Temp drop!
Best heatsink/Overclockers.com database units flawed?
cpu shims
Top Blowhole...Intake or Exhaust??
92mm to 60mm Fan Adapters
A Different Kind Of Blowhole?
Comair Rotron Patriot Fans
I want an extra case cooling fan in front
ok wtf. Hot chip?
Need Fan/Sink P4 2.4B CPU
Homemade HS's?
RAMsink baseplate thickness???
Just a thought
My mobo has q-fan...... is that like Rheo?
Need some advice
Help me choose a new system !!!!!
Volcano 9 adjustable fan speed...
Do i need a CPU shim?
Volcano 8
need some direction on putting on a rheostat
Ram Sinks
Ummm... is this Vantec supposed to be this loud? lol!
Lian Air Cooling?
Arctic Silver breaking in time...
Has anyone tried to fit a 120mm fan on a....
higher PSU wattage = hotter CPU temp?
opinions please
Does it matter which molex connector I use
Video Fan Removal Problem
Should I spread the AS3 on the core?
silent powerfull combination to beat my volcano 9: slk-800 and what fan??
enermax case fan ?
Watercooling with peltier?
Cpu heatsink placement question
Increase Airflow, includes pics.
my thermaltake memory cooling kit does not fit my samsung 256 ddr
Excessive temps with mild AthlonXP 1600...
Wow !!
best price/performance/noise HSF
Overheating problem -- Looking for advice on airflow in my case. Question from Noob
No four holes to hold down waterblock?
good hsf for P4
Switched back to air
installing blue power led into case, super glue?
theres something wrong with my V9, or installation 49c load!!
More fans in a Lian-Li PC-65
CPU Cooler with low CFM Fans?
GeForce3 Cooling?
Good Gravy !
Overclocking Meltdown
what to get :1) ramsinks for 9700 2) slk-600 3)ax-7
Vote Now
Zalman case fans?
tubing for fan wires, ect?
Difference between ASII and ASIII?
My Enemy Dust!
check my pc :D
Does anyone know where I can find something like this?
High High powered fan
difinitive thread on Smart Fan 2 Vs competition (lets settle this finally)
can i just superglue my home-made memory heatsinks?
Heatsinks for the radeon's 9700 pro memory chips
what program can i use to monitor my temps
Watts delta between Idle and 100%
The Dust Acumulation Test
120mm for intake or exhaust????
Question about the P4 bracket thing for mounting HSF
Which high cfm fan is best?
Watercooling Info. PLEASE!!
Newbie computer builder
FINALLY.. resolved my overheating
Rheobus question...
What to clean my cpu core with?
LCD temp. monitor questions
Thermalright SLK 800
replacing fan on Glaciator heatsink???
To all that have lapped their AX-7's.....
AX-7 + Delta 80mm
Where to buy Vantec Stealth or Panaflo L1a fans?
Question on a heatsink
how can i connect my pelt on an old 486 power supply
Smart Fan II not so smart?!
Which high cfm fan, and how to quiet it...
P4 Air Cooling?
Should I go higher than 1.7V?
Motherboard Temp
AWESOME! Keep cooling w/o computer on!
What grit to use to sand down Volcano 7
Heatsink review noise level question
Temp usin AX7 and Delta Fan
El Cheapo Fan
Good Cooling?
Which temps are correct?
General Cooling & Overclocking Questions....
Cut a hole underneath the CPU Socket?
This one or this one?
Memory Cooling
Aluminum/Chrome fans?
wow somebody copied me
Tired of the noise!!!
Where to buy Sunflower?
Where to buy!!!
AX-7 removal off a Epox 8K3A
VOLCANO 9 - not using AS ?
Volcano 9+Cool Mod (by ThermalTake) Anyway to still have LEDs on case front too!?
What cooling my system would need?
Thermalright SK-7 and Delta 80CFM, BEST $45 I ever spent
---ARGHHH Die MOFO 4600---
vantac tornado noisy fan
How accurate are the MSI-K7D Master Temps?
Thermalright sk-7 and thermaltake smart fan II?
RPM readings wrong
What fan do you use w/ your SLK-800??
Vantec Iceberq install information
black rheobus
3-pin Case Fans
Huge advance in air cooling.
MBM5 and Asus A7V333
Case Cooling, but how ?
Help Me
I need a heatsink....
Velcro Cable Mesh
Your computer room isn't loud at all...
Fan RPM counter thingy...
quieting a Delta 38
Extreme Cooling question
my new fans got her today
Best combination quiet hsf?
Heavy duty
first duct experiment LMAO
Replace Zalman fan with smaller ones ???
Vcore adjustment
ax-7 done for?
Converting DC Fans to work with 12v
much cooler northbridge
Hey guys, I need adivce.
Whats the most Ghetto thing you ever did to cool an Overclock?
hot and noisy video card
What are the best Ramsinks or the best way to cool Ram?
Impossibly high temps !!!
AX7 - blow air in or out?
how many days?
Heatsink Clip
how often?
Alpha 8942 fan supposed to blow -away- from HS?
Lapping the MCX462
Temps for my 1.33 GHz T-bird
Cooling Lian some more?
Chipset Cooler, A7M266
Can I plug a 4pin fan into PSU while comp is running?
Reccomended cooling
Cooling websites, where to buy
CPU Voltage
Lapping my volcano 9.....
got my new slk-800 + tornado and...
Room temp means aLOT
Replacing heatsink fan
apply thermal paste
thermal paste
Need good fan for SLK-800
I love BIG fans!
Most Powerful Fan?
Whats the best water kooling kit
Is this the best AMD heat sink
Major overhaul of an outdated system... What about cooling?
Athlon XP Motherboard
How do you get a think layer of AS3 on the CPU core?
Iceberg 1 from Exotic PC any good?
what the different
PIV 2.8 pc1066 Question
Same Old Ques: Which HSF To Get??
I don't want the best.
Two ? about Athlon cooling
Volcano 7+ OR 9 Value Vs. Performance
HOw do I find out my HDD temp ?
ok, Volcano 7 fried my chip
Which temp do i refur to ? CPU Internal temp or surface?
Air Flow Prob? Suggestions.
cooler master heat pipe
what do u use your amd retail heatsink for
Cooler master TLF-R82 blue LED case fan!
How's the Vantec HDC-502A Hard Drive cooler?
Best Air Cooling for P4
160mm fan needed!
Talk about cooling!
Temp Readouts VERY HIGH. Need suggestions.
Computer on 24/7 Or shutdown ?
good temperature?
Finally some cold weather!!
how inaccurate?
Lapping AX-7
apex (supercase) tu-124 Mid-atx case
which method is better for cpu temperature
whoohoo 28deg idle on air!!
Well aint that odd...
Will cooling of graphic memory help OCing?
Panaflo 120mmL
Compunurse Thermometer Problem
knows nothing about modding but did improve my temps, tell me what you think
Whats a good 80mm fan?
The ingredients of generic thermal compound and CoolerMaster thermal compound
the place to by vantec online....
Fanbus...i think
AX7+Tornado owners ... ...
Fan choice: 4 80mm or 1 120mm?
Should I Get Smart Fans?
Side case fan
Are my temps good?
Case fans...which size will fit?
1600+ agoia
quiet 120mm fan
46C Load temps
Another Silly question.....
First Time Question
Help! with my side panel off i drop from 46 idle to 42!
Pentium Pro Cooling
Cooling apps.
Dust Prevention
AX7 Questions
Retro thread: What iis the best way to cool a Slot 1 proc?
what fan to use on mb chip set ?
Need help with athlon xp cpu temps
Post CPU Temp. w/AX-7
how high is too high on a p4
flow recomedations
and now i relize how crappy insocket temp reader is
Volcano 9 question
shuttle case with water cooling
Motherboard Monitor 5
what's the best hard drive cooler?
What should be hooked where?
Should air be forced down onto, or drawn up and away from the CPU?
What grade sandpaper might this be?
Alpha PAL8942/paps vs Zalman CNPS6500-AlCu
Will a 120mm fan work on a Zalman fanmate?
Has a Glaciator...
How to Calculate Heat Generated from o/c CPU ?
Bios temp??
best-but not too loud HSF for p4
Will a SLK-800 fit on a PIII?
MBM Reading Correct Temps?
cpu fan mounted backwards?
XP2200+ super high temps on 8K3A+
Average CPU Temps
Are my HDDs too hot?
Pringles any1....
How do I know ??
how to apply thermal paste?
what is the best heatsink?
MCX462+T, super fan and TEC from swiftech, what do you think?
Man good airflow is very affective
Cleaning Thermal Compound off CPU
my temps/cpu suck
Slightly different type of airflow...
Bah what did I screw up now......
What True Cooling Means
must be somthing im doing wrong!
What is to LOUD! IYO???
Heatsink Grill
I've tried everything...
need a waterblock
AK7 Question
new sk7
i lapped it again
Upside down Taisol heatpipe HSF
MCX-4000 screw length?
Proper way to setup fans...
Zalman CNPS6000A-AluCu
Dance of Joy, Its finally all here
New Vantec heatsink with copper plug and vertical sawed fins
High pitched sound from Thermaltake Smart Fan II
will more exhaust help?
Temps Help!!
need help on cooling my new case
Ever think about ... ? (fan cooling)
Is it true...
Help with modifying my case
leaky caps on new mobo why????