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Cardboard ducts
TRUE cpu temps
DD5 to measure cpu temp
12v to 7v fan mod
Fan Adapters PLEASE HELP!!!!
Throttle stock P4 heatsink?
Silly question but would like an answer =)
Delta, maybe ?
Northbridge cooling
got the slk-800
Question about air ducts
CompUSA burnout
should i get an ax-7?
AX-478 with 92mm Tornado?
High temps? Look here for cooling solutions
How loud is too loud?
My Athlon is too hot!
Duct from outside?
i bought a big lot of heat sinks and fans
Gosh Its Not Hot!
switch to artic silver3?
Copper or Aluminum PsU Case
Arctic Silver - can it go bad?
Uhoh, this aint good.....
Cooling suggestion
new heatsink mod
AX7.. wow.. amazing!
double fans?
Quiet this thing down! Opinions?
cpu wattage?
video card cooling idea
Volcano 7+, heat issues
Please help.
Strange behavior
what do ya think?
Cooling a stock xp1600+
Temperature help please
Pleeeease Read!!!!!!
Is it safe without the fan?
So i went to re-apply a new coating of as3...
Ghetto Duct goodness
A newbie looking to overclock
burn point
motherboard temps way off.
Need help
Mounting temp. sensor - Smartfan II
shrouded in mystery
MBM5, socket temp vs. diode temp?
CompUSA brand HSF
Help with volcano 7+ install.
Strange Problem (newbie!)
swiftech mcx4000 vs mcx462/463
Replacing HS/Fan Questions..
I Cant Take It Anymore!
Video card to hot?
What is the strongest fan out there?
What should I keep?
LED Fans
is my cooler about to die?
ax-7 not making good contact with cpu?
Keeping Volcano 7+ hs but new FAn
A newbie's idiotic question!
Can't seem to O/C too well
temp moniter
small and easy case mode
slot blower help
where do I buy ax7 ??
Does best buy sells good CPU fans ??
Eek quick help please!
Insulating The CPU
Alcohol Question
The principle of back logging
Dynatron HS weight
Bye 1600+ and 1700+...miss you
Bout' to build a Rheobus ...
SLK-800 or MCX462+
60mm to 120mm Fan Adapter
Too hot....
300+ CFM Ducted Cooling...Heatsink advice?
HOLY crap this cant be RIGHT! (HDD TEMP)
Will the ax-7 fit abit motherboards?
Input needed
Non-direct cooling of a heatsink
crashing temperature
Whoa! Hot Cpu! Help!
P4 Heatsink- Coolermaster or Thermalright
overclockers paradise!
How much has lapping improved your HS?
Danger Den's Server Went Down
Would this HS be better if I lapped it?
Antec case owners: how loud are the stock Antec fans?
2 mobos/2 temps, which to believe??
Primary Sensor Chip?
Volcano 9 Owners
I got the relay..but I am relay direction reading challanged! :)
Is the coin a liar? (MCX462+ & SLK-800)
Took off side of case..lower my temps 4-5C
plans for 80mm adapter
Zalman northbridge heatsink
what to do with corb hs without a fan
Perssure porb?
lapped my ax-7
Socket 370 Cooler
AX7 vs SK7 vs SL6
SVC HSF. Any good?
Your thoughts
New System
Where have all the AX478s gone?
How do you secure a Smart fan II to a slk800?
Tennmax Lasagna
9.1w tornado on 8w baybus
QUIET cooling
New offering from thermalright...
can there be to much CFM
Digital Doctor LCD backlight Question
using my desk to help quiet 4 tt smart 2's and a tornado...
LOL, look what I came across...
Air Conditioning
adding intake fans on a lian-li?
Freon Cooling....W/ Oil?
Back to my shaded pole blower...
What is the best way to achieve positive air flow in a cheiftec/antec case?
Ordered an xp1600+ agoia, need hsf
artic silver question
Heat or Voltage?
Well, I must be braindead or something
symptoms for a fan's dying?
Taking a 120mm down to 5 volts ????
Switches for case fans
found some PWM Fan control chips
Fanless Heatsinks Who Uses Them ?
80mm to 60mm adapters
How much Thermal Paste?
if you want to see watercooling stuff
3pin connectors and controlling RPM on delta fans
cpu temp going up?
Air cooling system design.
Removing HSF from GF4?
Best temp measurment program ?
Thermaltake Smart Fan II
What can this be?
120mm Blowing over Heat Sink
Need help with my system temp!
Where to buy those pads for the base of the sink?
AX-7 with GA-7DX(R)(+)
huge heat problem
RAM Cooling
OCZ Goliath 2 SE is it good?
Org and XP2600+
Rheostat troubles...
any downside to adjustable fans?
Just got this akasa pax.mate stuff...
custom duct for CPU help in Design please
Advice on a bunch of stuff
Is sugar cane ethilic alcohol acceptable to clean a cpu???
Shaded Pole Blower, for free!
Cooling my XP 1900+
Thermal Conductiance of Metals
Quick question?
Thermalright is the best!!
My proposed cooling solution (LOUD)...
cooling shims!the results?
moniter heat
Most powerful 80mm case fan??
Use of active cooling of the northbirdge?
Thermalright SLK800
Tornado at 5V?
156W peltier leads are hot!
how do you remove a h/s?
172mm fans
40mm screamers
Athlon 1400 temps running too high
Ducting & Thermal Probe Question
Another fan question..
Non-oc 1800+ running VERY hot. Is this normal?
Swiftech MCX462+ review on frontpage disappointed :(
In your opinion, what are accepted system temps and the limit
cool fan
Liquid Nitrogen Cooling??
time-delayed relay for funbus
pls advise on these water pump specs
fan cleaning
Does cooling NorthBridge affect CPU temp?
IS my CPU fan dying ?!
Piii Hs?
Got My New Ax7
50 high for non-overclocked?
Is my Intel HSF making this noise?
Loud fans
blow holes.
watercooling where to buy?
panaflo or TT smartfan?
What is this?
How well does solder transfer heat?
antec and their crappy PSU fans...
All you guys that use negative air pressure....
AX-7 With Smart Fans
What kind of cooling would you recommend?
AC 3 guide? i need it!
RPM hookup?
Will this suffice?
General cooling quesitons
Are these temps possible!!!!!
New hsf temps WAY too high
High CFM fans?
ax-7 and 120mm fan
Temp program problem
Would like to make a 12/7v switch for fan bay
Need assistance quick like =\
Help with new hsf please
Best 80x25 mm Fan?
High Temps on a stock P3!!! Probe's Fault?
when to flip the switch
Coolermaster HHC-L61 Heatpipe
Have you seen 80x80x50 delta?
Does My HSF suck?
Temperature Program
Thermaltake Smart Fan II Success Story
Iceberq or Crystal Orb?
120mm rad fan
need a program
CPU Temp Question
Couple of fan questions.
Can You Make Slow Fans Faster??
Why not get the fan with the most CFMs?
So I was stupid and bought a smart fan...
Great PDF file and Great links Maybe a Sticky?
On die temps
Normal Temp. on a 2100+XP...
88f idle 114f load on air!
Case fan noise
Best cpu cooler for 1600+ overcloked
Attaching 80mm Tornado to TT Volcano 7+?
I845E chipset cooler
Aussie AMD users
awkwardly cooled radeon cards
need a fast reply heatsink help
How much CFM does a 7v-modded tornado put out?
question about the tornado.
Video Card fans and System Exhausts
CPU Heatsink Cleaning, your thoughts on this (long)
CPU Shims?
Thermalright = AIR COOLING OWNAGE???
Cleaning CPUs - The answer is QD Contact Cleaner
Air presure
lapping... (newbie here)
high system temps
Case/Mobo Freezing..... CPU temp wont budge
Which way does the CPU fan point?
nail varnish on the cpu
quick question..
80mm to 120mm fan adapter?
Tornado 84.1 @ 7volts
metal thing located the chip
sweet temps, i love you AS3
Will I lose much, downgrading heatsink
case fan question
globalwin cak38 VIBRATIONS?!?!?!
6 New Case Fans Installed
Fresh Install
Is there fan like this that will cool an ax-7?
Program to monitor system temps?
how are sunon for case fans?
air cooling versus peltier
Best fans for case cooling ?
Best cooler for P4 2GHz
what is the best Cpu Cooling Device
p4 temp issue
case fans?
How do these temps sound?
Side Panel 120mm fan
Self Sacrifice
Thermalright AX-478 Fan Mounting Question....
OK ...a true solution......needed :'(
Optimal fan adapter shape
OC Dreams
What's the lowest case temp you've had?
A better way to cool my Amp??
Need help with Artic Alumina instructions
homemade hs
question about panaflos
temp controlled fans? Volcano 9
hot temps!
Psu Cooling
Anyone use the IHC-H71?
Received my AX-478 Today.
Intel CPU Temp above Ambient ?
80mm -> 120mm fan adapter
A Cool and Quiet HSF
XP1600 Cooling
amd xp 1800+ cooling question
Fan speeding up over time
how do you calculate C/W
sunon, or stock Volcano?
Which case fans should I get?
Water vs. air, the facts
Question on VCOOL
Most powerful 80mm fan.....
Fan on HS blow in or out??
a n00b question - is it overheated?
Top Fan!
my comp isnt that loud any more...
How do dB add up?
Artic Silver WTF
Cooling solution for the 9700Pro
case fans
push-pins on NB
... that was cool. $0.00 and minus 4C...
should I have my case fan blow in or out?
Is this a good fan choice for the Slk-800?
what is the correct way to apply thermal paste?
Which HSF combo to use for the P4
what's the difference between water cool and phrase charge??
P4 2.4a Temp!
Motherboard monitor... Winbond
how do i know how many watts a fan produces?
Bigger fan?
slk800 vs mcx462
In the Market for a new heatsink
mbm5 and volcano 9
thermal epoxy
El Cheapo card cooler
SLK-800 question
How to keep my XP 2100 cool?
Volcano 7+ or 9 ? (plz help)
wow this baby runs cool
die simulator - flawed?
ax478 or mcx4000?
Change direction of fans?
Question about Volcano 9
amd thunderbird 1.33ghz too hot
ThermalTake Smart Fan 2
Is there really a huge advantage switching from...
Problem attaching AX-7
Few Questions
Better fan for IHC-H71 or IHC-L71
Case cooling ..
Sound Insulation
what HSF should i get for Athlon xp 1900
Help me choose heatsinks, people
Cooling Measures
better P4 HSF
Winbond Hardware Doctor....accurate??
Which connector on HSF
grooves in v6
hard drive runs cooler when mounted upside down!
need abit of help with extra cooling
fan overvolt warning
Arctic Silver III
Temps with 1.6A on Air
alpha pal8045 vs. SLK-800
low temps??
Desk Cooling ??
CPU Duct to outside of case?
Fan wattage and rheobus
Case temps...
Is This Thing Too Hot Or What
slk 800 compared to alpha pal 8045
Tips on Improving Airflow
which fan
AX-478 good bad?
ThermalRight SLK-800
rigging my sk6
question all?
Grills - any NON circular ones available?
Finally finished a ramsink :)
Temp Readings From AMD XP 2000+
Dragon 478
Best Heatsink/fan combo for $20
Alpha pal8942 PIV cooler
noob needs help............
Newbie Overclocker <cringe>
web site full of very useful cooling info!!!
Anyone have a volcano 9 hs on an ecs k7s5a mobo??
rheostat gets really hot
my new cooling mod!
Just got my volcano 9...initial tests
anyway to lower the noise my hsf makes?
Steel, Aluminum, Acrlyic
Cooler temps do not equal faster performance
Thermaltake chrome orb?
quietest air cooling for athlon xp
80mm to 120mm mount??
im looking for a GOOD HSF
i forgot how to make my fan to run at 7v
Fan only or unmarked?
Help me pick out case fans.
cooler temps=faster performance?
Delta 80mm fan on an AX-7 good choice? over Tornado
Cooling ???
Delta vs. Tornado??
Fan adapters and heatsinks....
Air cooling question.
Good quiet HSF for budget machine?
CPU Copper Shim?
Tom's Heatsink review
room cooling
the thinner the better?
volcano 7+ or 9????
PCI card for extra temp. sensors?
Hi, just wondering what the symptoms of overheating are...
best monitoring program
Ahould i get this heatsink?
2x80mm fans = better cooling for my rig!!
MCX4000 with a 92/120mm fan?
Which is a better choice
Heatsink/Fan Question
AX-7 and AthlonXP2100
Warning To All Using Ax478!!!!
Gonna get some new fans
Any Ideas???????
thermalright ax478 + sunon 83cfm fan = crap!!!
fan baybus
2.53 cooling probs
Make a super slow fan?
questions about system card freezer and FB123 Universal Adjustable Fan & Bracket
how do the wires go on a rheostat
what's your lowest air cooled temp?
sk6 with weak fan?
Guys, this is absurd.
I need help measuring fan size and cooling a Gateway 350
Fan Voltage
cooling issues at current setup please help
p4 cooling question
Which is better for overclocking?
Temperatue monitors
NewEgg bargain cooler?
What am I doing wrong??
Cooling My New PC
need advice on hsf
Will this cooling solution work?
Need Help with Temps
Is the volcano 9 my best bet?
Thermalright slk-800 fan blow in/out??
READ READ There are much better stuff for heatsinks than copper!!
XP2100 temps
How to mod fan voltage?
Random temp drops
Best HSF for a Athlon 2200+
how loud would a fan 120 x38 mm fan that is running at 2800 rpm at 43dba be?
i need help please
Do I have to get a fan for my chipset?
P4 1.8A->2.4 Cooling
Glue Gone
**HOT** Clear Video Card Cooler **HOT**
So I got my Tornado today
80m/m fan with rpm sensor
hadrware monitoring hardware
voltage controller links & ideas
wierd temps
Another Quick Temp Question
what is best fan for the AX-7?
Its cooler
quietest 120mm fan
PC-Mods rheobus
using a case fan for a cpu
Fixed it
Which direction to place fan on HS
fan question
2 CPUs - 8 different temps!!??!?
Fan Speeds / Case Cooling Ratio
-MAX478 compatible with ASUS P4T533 ??
Is Bios Temp more Accurate than MBM5?
Setting up a new monster with P4B533-V, what to choose?
Those with Speedfan
MY First Overclock!
volcano 7, or 7 plus
Best heatsink/fan for P4 2.53
SMOKE to check airflow inside case?? anyone try this?
Very high fan RPMs?
ahhh it's broken
Whats a good Temp Monitoring Prog?
What case fans should I get?
thermaltake smart fan II for cpu fan?
fighting for air
what do you guys think of this fan?
temps too high??
Case pressure for ducting
***Piercing noise from fan
Are there any rheostats that work for Vantec Tornado?
Average case temp?
XP 1600+ overclocking cooling suggestions?
How do you remove epoxy?