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Average case temp?
XP 1600+ overclocking cooling suggestions?
How do you remove epoxy?
Notes on Volcano 9 with XP2200+
Need some Help Plz Help Me Out
Rheostat questions
gain on tt smart fan 2 doesn't work
question on crystal fans
im an idiot
Ramsinks - advice needed
Check this cpu fan out. (pic)
High temps on a p3 800Mhz (no oc) and swiftech mcx370...
Cooling an overclocked Duron ?
need recomendations on high cfm 80mm
Fan chart
I need to quiet this thing down, please help. I just have one question.
Would a Crorb be better then the 9700 stock cooling?
Thrmaltake Volcano 7+
hows this
IS the Swiftech MCX370-0A a decent sink
Im getting SLK-800 which hsf
80-120 mm Adaptors
3 prong heatsink
Seeking Advice
XP 2000+ and AX-7
3 pin or 4 pin what's the difference to me?
XP 2000+ and AX-7
anyone wanting best performing fans, but the noise will drive you crazy?
AS3 on Graphics card and Chipset?
AC does help
How do you connect a 4pin connector to to wire untailed fan
hardcano 2 or hardcano 3?
need quick answer about this product
Quick rheostat question
what fan to go with a thermalright ax-7 heatsink?
CAK II 38 with rheostat or Volcano 7+???
Volcano 7+ fan speed doesn't have an effect
CompuNurse Mod
rpm passthrought on fanbus
Where do you guys buy cooling supplies?
volcano 7 fan came apart
Best deal on an AX7 or SLK800 online in Canada?
Best case fans for keeping it cool for overclocking
getting thermal compound off.....
Cpu cooling?
PSU Thermal Probe
i need some Cooling
How strong is Krazy glue?
UNDERclocked TBird runnning 47c idle! help!
just got a new ax-7 this is my stats
Cooljag or Volcano
Airflow project, your thoughts
Ghetto case cooling...
Problem with thermaltake volcano 7 HSF
best heatsink
Glaciator II Guide to turn fan around
Lapping the Core
How do you cool!
---Don't Forget, Post in Proper Topic
is it ok for the intake fans to be located at the back
why all of a suddent mobo temp is higher than cpu temp???
TechTV Chemical...
i got a kool idea for cooling
May seem like a dumb question but...
Fan connections
My Volcano 9 heatsink....
SLK-800 and alternate mounting??
best slot a hsf?
Is this a good CPU cooler?
is my cpu to hot?
Best 120mm Fan ?
Anyone want to help me figure out how to put a 92mm fan on an SLK-800?
Alpha PAL 8942 heatsink ..anygood?
Making temp sensing fan always on...
what cpu is this?
temp not changing
Lian Li T-3 temp monitor
thermal paste
my p4 2.53 intel fan is spinning at 2600+ is that good? seems slow.
Set in time
ax-7/mobo temp oddity
Letting AS3 set.
Zalman CPU coolers
How Can I Play With My HSf
Standard Airflow
Which one? Intake or exaust?
Just jumped up 10C!!
New Swifty MCX-462+, New King of the Hill?
same old AX-7 question
Case Coolong design help
New Mobo not showing Temps!!!
ALERT -- Read this if you have a TMD Fan!
Where to get fine grit sandpaper for lapping?
i need help with the placement of my case fans!!!!!!!
I found the best cooler!
Swiftech MCX4000 Performance
how loud would a vantec tornado 80mm fan be at 7v
will this help my temps
Vantec Tornado
will this short anything ?
MBM5 and sensor questions
What's the best 80mm Fan for an AX7 heatsink?
P4 Heatsink
HDD cooling RoadWarrior style
Couple of AX7 questions. . . .
Need To Kno
Which one? Volcano 7+(plus) or Volcano 9???
best cooling?
Enermax 431 PSU fan mod
UV Sensitive Fans
Dragon Orb --> AX-7 w/ stealth
This fan gonna be enough?
any one ever try a 80mm to 92mm fan adapter on a heatsink ?
help! plz cant get ax7 on!
Newbie Question -->Cleaning Chip and getting ready for thermal grease?
2200 xp cooling
120 to 80 mm fan adapters
Fan circuit/wiring
MSI K7T266 Pro temperature sensor problem?
Serious Heating Problems
How loud would these fans be?
patch for MBProbe???
i dont know what the problem is....
How accurate is PC Probe?
Where to get heatsinks super cheap?
7 volt mod
T-bird 1.33 ghz vs xp1600+
Volt usage for Fans... how much can i go
AS2 seems to be breaking down!
Heatsink for the upcoming Hammer
Radeon cooling
cooling project pics
computer too loud!!!
mobo temp higher/hotter than cpu temp
CPU Thermal Compound...
Best 80mm fan?
please help asus
LAPTOP Cooling..
would this work for keeping dust out?
Volcano 7+
The Cheapest Air Cooling Mod Ever...plus it works, too!
Too hot?
Got a Alpha P3125, Need ideas 4 modding it to fit a Socket A
fan too slow
cutting through the window
AMD Athlon XP 1800+
good way to cool my cpu?
anyone replace KT3 ULTRA HSF on northbridge? I need to!
Need a heatsink quick!
Antec Jet Cool Premium CPU Cooler?
Got a bar of aluminum, ideas?
What do you guys think about my temps?
WOW...temps are down 10 degrees already
Thermaltake fan
Does this happen?
j/w what a good temp is for a cpu and a mo bo?
Swiftech MCX478
AC3 and installing a new HSF
Push pull config
Sufficient Heatsink?
Before I do this.
:( hacked up panel... same cpu temp???
MBM5 or Bios?
moved in...pretty bad temps!
SLK-800 fan question
cpu temp
Simple fan question.
Should I wait for Nforce 2 chip set
Need your opinion on my temps.
Will stacking fans help.
Explain different types of airflows...
Huh!? What the HECK!
EZ way to drops temps.
Connecting Volcano 7?
Where do I place my CPUNURSE temp diode?
Stupid N00B question about cooling.....
Fan direction
P4 retail HSF fan speed.. variable?
Fan positions?
Stock Thermal Pad Help!!!!
Thermal Paste?
At last cool & quiet on air
Slick Top Fan
ASIII Fiction or reality ?
Where to buy 1 bottle TracerLine UV Dye-Lite
Who makes the best heat sinks?
clip style waterblock
Case Fans
Best P4 Cooler
Am i running hot???
Cache cooling PII slot 1 HELP!!!!!
Is 22 CFM flow rate enough to cool down an athlonxp 2000 palomino??
full speed CFM rating
How hot is too hot?
Best Air hard Drive Cooling?
Gotta love silence!!!
Loud Air Cooling Solution?
Hdd mount and cooler
Ghetto fan filters
My new 172mm 210cfm needs to be tamed!!
hmm odd temp readings
4 pin to 3 pin on tornado?
Making a 7v - 12v switch
heat emergency
Plll 1.13 MHZ
Heatsink or Memory???
How to Do a Burn-In
Your best mods for corb
T-Right or T-Take?
rear fan sucking???
Do reviewers get to keep their stuff?
Best Fans?
can POT calm my fans down?
Best program to monitor temperatures
MBM 5.20 released
Interesting Heatsink Design
Getting AX-7, fan help
Is it safe?
Suck or Blow?
turning off DigtalDoc beep
Are there heatpipes for amd processors?
What heatsink and fan?
How can I oil a case fan?
Ax-7 + Mechatronics 80mm 4 Pin 53CFM
how much of a temp drop will I see?
Best low CFM heatsink? (low noise fans)
A7V333 & PC PROBE v2.17.08
39 idle 43 load
Power Supply Limitations?
I've beed following this technology, as it looks like it may be good..-Coolchips-..
Tornado like cooling at 35 dB!
Case side panel on and off temperatures
help? conect the 80mm fan to 3 pin or 4 pin?
Ax-7 + Sunon 80mm 3 pin ball bearing fan?
WOOHOO I fixed it...
Heat sink worth...$$$$
temps ok? ;)
cheap place to buy 120mm fans
How many CFM is enough
What does "burning in" mean?
True or BS?
HELP PLEASE! How do you take a heatsink off slot a?
Volcano7+ mini review and comparaison with volcano 7
Major Heat Problems, How should i arrange the fans in my case?
Help me choose fans
Fan Adapter On Heatsink
PLEASE help!!??
PLEASE help??!!
processor heat
Temp Drops!
quick 172mm dust filter question
changing cpu fan
Vantec Tornado as a Cpu cooler?
Quiet fan for the AX-7
What is the best way to setup your fans???
Slot blowers
Bring me up to speed about Radiate
Buying Proc Fan
Ooh Noo
What is good to clean off thermal grease?
Help ! Cpu Overheat !
Which 120mm fans?
Volcanoe 7+ and Volcanoe 9
Gladiator II's
Recommended Duron Cooling
Volcano 7+ problem
BX cooler?
New machine TOO HOT
beating the ax-7
completely passive cooling! any ideas???
Proposed system setup...tell me what you think...
unsure about comp temps!?
Temp readings good bad? watercooling
cpu temps always 25C above case.
50c Temps what can I do?
Warm Computers
Is it to hot?
is it possible the heatsink isnt screwed down enough?
Asus P4B533-V /2.26B /Silent
IHC-L71 Cooler
Crazy Cooling Idea...
How badly do fan filters restrict airflow?
SPEEZE 5R265B1H3 AMD HSF Anygood?
Cutting off temperature sensors...
17v fan mod?
Cant get temps down ! HELP !
Increasing Voltage Question
what is the quietest?
Case sizes and potential
CASE REDESIGN gives me 10C cooler! Check it out...
I think I overdid it ......
Dual fan power Supply Question
CPU Temp Sensor
need help finding a quite fan
thought up a new cooling idea??
Voltage Regulator - need PCB diagram
Lookin for somethin to sleep thru
80mm to 60mm fan adapter - need small one
burnt L1 contacts
enermax fans at full speed
Thermal take Volcano 9
Ice Cooling - A must see post
AS Alumina/AS3 applying
All you pro's...
Recommend non TMD fan for ax478??
p4 1.8a temps on asus board..
Thermal Compound...Do i really need it??
Ahhhhh.... Finally....
when you lap...
AX7 or SLK800
Cheaper Is Sometimes Better!
CPU monitor windows plugin...
ummm, i think i messed up...
HELP! Those with low CFM fans (24 cfm) in case and hetsinks, what's your temps?
Coolermaster HHC-L61
Need Fan Placement Advice!!
sensor programs???
Whats silent but better then Golden gate 40?
Best thing since fried okra.
new overclock high !!
Hard lap job
dual water cooling
Swiftech Silverado, where online in Canada
Pentium II Cooling Suggestions
Crystal Fans - Observations & Rant/Rave
Software to lower cpu load
Upgraded to Swiftech MX462: not much difference?
Your thoughts on this gizmo? (cpumate K310)
SLK-800 but WHICH FAN?
how many of u lap
What is the ideal heatsink pressure?
This may sound real dumb but.....
need advice
northbridge cooling
What the...??
On Die Temps
AMD XP 2200+ Cooling Woes
AX-7 and 80mm Sunon temp problems
Which rheostat for a Delta fan?
new hsf droped 11c
Best HSF for under say... $10
How hot can a pIII get
northbridge heatsink
How can i get more air to the front?
can a fan die from 7v?
CPU Ducting
Panaflo fan info.
Case cooling temps. Acceptable?
wats best 60mm fan
Thermal Compound Application??
Ducting great cooling aid
Crystal orb better than default cooling on Ti4400 oc'd?
Here's a crazy idea for full passive cooling
Is this to thick a copper base? 3/4 inch by 2.5 inch by 3 inch for heatsink
How long for Artic Alumina to cure?
CPU cooling problem, need some advice
I know why they called it the volcano
delta 7v mod?
Where is the current best place to buy as3?
Does benifits of Copper outweigh benifits of alumium?
Help My orb is Dying i think!
Suck or blow?
Is this concept of cooling interesting?
Alpha or Swiftech
Fan on a Gainward GeForce4 Ti4200
Were can i get a cheap temp teller thingy.....
Lapping swiftec HSF
Which heatsink is better?
Place to get SLK-800 CHEAPEST?
Spaz fans!
SLK-800 vs.MCX4000
Where can I find a socket a to p4 heatsink adaptor?
Documentations on reading and understanding benchmarks and their values
Advice on Fan on my AX-7
Whats the best heatsink and fan?
Fan Noise
Dimensions of socket A?
Strange idea...will it work?
A few quick Q's : AX-7 or Water Cooling?
Thermaltake Smart Fan II question
Pics of monitor cooling mod (+ some Q's)
volcano 9?
Help re-wiring Nidec 120mm fans
Power Supply outside case?
JBWeld...where, what...?
airflow help
1700XP too hot?
80mm sunon 3pin fan monitoring ??
What heatsink is best for a 2.26b processor?
34CFM fan vrs 80mm tornado
What heatsink is best for an overclocked 2.26b processor?
C/W of various systems
Side and Top vs Front and back
air cool temps?
AX-7 too big?
cpu shim good idea?
copper thermal paste?
lightweight but decent heatsink
omg check it out
Pentium 4 Cooler
sk6 vs volcano 7
You think a crystal orb can handle a vmod?
I'm going to dual - W/C or Volcano9?
Bent fins on Volcano 7+
have i been stupid?
modding a TaiSol CGK760
Does any1 know the CFM output of these fans?
Fan noise calculation program
Airflow in CS-601 - how to go?
video card cooling tips please?
D-tek shroud.
Motherboards to HOTT???
lapping the CPU?
This thing runs hotter than a Athlon!!!
Added an AX-7, and temps have dropped 11-14C!!
Large temp. drop
p2 fan not working...broken
Epox 8K5A2+ cooling
ambient/case/mobo temp question
does this sound like a worth while idea
How can I measure the intake vs. exhaust?
CPU cooling stuff at Newegg
time to upgrade the old cooler again
Xp 2000 overheating?
how important is Air circulation
my first time heat sink change:-)
Pump switch
Cheap and Quick Fan Shroud
Arctic Silver 3 or Arctic Alumina?
diamond thermal paste?
XP1800+ High temp. Bios help needed
how do i set up 4 fans in my case
Tt Volcano 7+ 3-prong clip?
Help: Beef system, **** score
this is a risk but i want input first!!! plz respond...
Need A Fan Atop my AX-7
My overclock & temps
sk-6/ ax7/ volcano 7+
Those Gamespot forums are funny.
Arctic Silver Adhesive
Noise-what a pain
need 92mm to 60mm adaptor?
TaiSol CGK760092
Overclockers Tower Case burning up!
Do you use a house fan? -- Read this
Which Thermal Paste?
Er...is the temp high?
MEGA HOT or does MBM 5 fool me?!?
finish craming it all in and tidy up
should i get a new hs?
Maze 3- amd to intel!
New Heatsink / Fan... Idle temps drastically changed..
Comp Keeps Locking Up
Leaks in my threads!
bunch-o-questions (newbie)
Does this make sense?
lapping ?
Top question newbies want to ask but are afraid to
Backordered Fan, Need a New one quick
Watercool Chipset b4 cpu?
Attaching Tt7+ HSF to Socket A board
thermal epoxy permanent?
silver thremal paste GOOD OR NOT???
Temps using Asus Temp Probe
Heatsink over time after applied really lowers temps!!
My New AX-7 :D
heatsink with two 80mm fans
Why is methanols flow rate so low???
gemini video leak =(
how should i cool my system
uuing compress air 2 cool cpu down ..
Possibly to run XP @ 2.0 gig on air?
milling question.
Do I need 1/2" ID or OD for my 1/2" WC
Absence of process sticky
The Most Efficient Heatsink+Fan
I have a Question
My fan is dying!
Your favorite set of grits for AX-7 lapping?
Am I too hot if I'm rock stable?
Would this be a good idea
many questions on cooling