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Cpu Idle?
Need some advice with my soyo dragon plus and ax-7
Temps too high!
Crystal Fans, Anyone use them?
Serial Port thermal reading
Where to buy slk-800 spacers?
Video Card Tempeture Monitor
cooling and anomolies
Problems Cooling 1600+ on Asus
Sunon 50cfm fan on AX-7
Easier to cool: Duron 1.2ghz or Athlon XP 1600+?
high cpu temperature problem and fan advice
Amd running @ a temp of 80c help!!
A7V333 temps too high?
My latest WC creation is almost complete!
Proposed setup
7V mod
Rheostat - UK supplier?
AX-7 or SLK-800?
How many amps can you draw in the 7volt configuration?
Anyone know how much Watts a GeForce2 puts out?
Ack! High Temps! What to enhance?
help please
Stock intel P4 HSF Mod.
Fan shroud...
computer for parents
A good idea???
What fan to use
What fan to use
What fan to use
Why Teflon Tape?
SOldering Question...
This a good temp for a overclocked duron on water?
applying Arctic Silver 3...
P4 air cooler
Stock CPU fan produces high-pitch sound??
Prometeia results with Abit I7 and P4 2.4b
too cold and losing l2 cache on xp2100
Son can sand too!
I couldn't keep my hands off her!
What is the best CFM??
---How Do I Install Maze 2?---
Artic Silver 3 on watercooled blocked Q?
what should i use?
Made a GF4 Block
MBM question
Anyone seen bidirectional case fans?
90mm thermaltake
Best way to attach Valcano 7+
need help cooling vid card...
Test of VGA coolers
XP2200 @ 2.27Ghz
Digi View sensors and fan control?
* HELP * Multipliers/FSB settings
Intel P4 Stock Heatsink fan modification
Dtek Cooler Core Question
Dusty Radiator and Fan
reducers for eheim 1060
Brass Barbs
HELP!! How do you clean the CPU Core?
Thermal-Right AX-478
Pelters and Powersupplies
Is the cooler core combo (unpainted) from dtek in stock???
What's 3.3V good for?
Video Card Waterblock chipset cooler
Arctic Alumina Adhesive Drying Time
How do you decide when to get a Pelt?
Super cube
3/8" Vs 1/2"
Artic Silver 3 question
what do you think about this rad ?
can't solve temp problem
Distilled..De-ionized...is water..just water??
do i need a new heatsink?
what mixture of h20 should i use.... with purple ice
Ducting air to another fan...
Popcan cooler -> Whos made one?
Aqua via1300
7v... same?
Swiftech MCW462-UH and it's mb standoffs
Custom phase change cooling
Looks Nice Sounds Nice Cools Nice
removed fan from PSU and how to wire?
will this cool better then my HSF?
Fan placement?
Differences between the 115 and 230 voltages on the back of my PSU
Overclocked Athon 1900+ Cooling
~Idea for Future CPU adaptable direct die cooling.
Best low noise P4 HS?
thermal adhesive & filler?
Failed case fan, this is embarrasing...
Usefull article on flowrates
Heatsink Fan Question..Point at or away from HS??
... am i DONE???
Would this case fan layout defeat the purpose?
Swiftech MCW462-UH Waterblock
Temp. monitoring
Slot Fan ?
Watercooling Fluid Articles
Does anyone own a Volcano 7+ w/3 lug clip?
Need some advice...
The Ultimate Mixture? (W/C)
Cold Air Cooling
help me vary my flow rate
Artic Silver 3 Question
Budget WCing...
Sealing off wc tubes
Short but powerful cpu cooling?
mobo/cpu temp discrepancy
Few Q's...
Watercooling results...
To koolance or to not cool & wc temps
Which pump is for me?
I need a lil advice...
Gold Or Silver?
extreme Mentholated Spirits cooling
question to NE1 that has an XP2200 on an A7V333 overclocked
Powering a 226W TEC ?
Question about digital Doc 5
Watercooling foam. How long 'til it dissipates?
bong vs rad
uhhhhh, Litlle help
Water Wetter and anti-corrosive availability?
What do you think about this cooling diagram?
Was the forum down for everybody else, too?
Whats a good and Quiet hsf for a Amd athlon xp 1900+
Cooling Q with Oced Athlon Xp 1900+
How should I run this
horrendous temps...
to watercool or not?
Peltier/heatsink question.
For the person who finds a MIC502...
Help with Arctic thermal paste!
Coolermaster HCC-001 -- Bigger fan?
Heatercore Size
AX-7 Newbie Question, Need Fast Response
I need more cooling ... give me suggestions
-AWESOME Water-Cooling Article!-
Quick comment!!
submersable pumps...
SK-6 for a 2200+?
liquid coldpalte heat pipe thingy idea
thermal tape on blorbs
advice plz
Newbie question - What is a shroud?
Is passively cooling a rad. possible?
Is this an ok H2o kit?
Black Ice VS heater core
water chiller.... think this might work?
HSF for Athlon XP 2200
Removing the Black Pad on my Volcano7
opteron cooler
whats better heater core or a rad
would a watercool sys work with cold air?
horrible watercooling temps
PC Probe Problem
problem with MBM 5.1
More pressure for the AX 478
Huge CFM at 80mm but less noise than Delta
Noob ? - Load Temp
What is a recommended GPH rating?
Zalman Flower Cooler 6000-AlCU
anyone got their hands on..
slk-800 - to lap or not to lap
Floppy Bay Temp Display
Vapochill Unit
Is ther a problem with top mounted rads?
Watercool Leaks?
Water pump
a cool idea that needs to go more mainstream!
GeForce3 (vanilla) stock fan rating?
HP Plans on spraying water on the die!
Fan is speeding up?!
Peltier/PSU Question?
My first water cooling system - Ratings?
Manually adjusting water flow??
Is Papst 43DB 60mm fan noisy???
How Crucial is Water Block DESIGN?
2.26 P4 = 51 C
Inline Vs. Submersible
I'm thinking of putting this together
watercooling modifications
Alpha & SmartFan II
AX-7 Installation
Need Lapping Help
LED waterblock.
Watercooling newbie
Guide for Thermal paste
MAZE3 Series Blocks
Considering a new cooler...
Temp Probs...maybe someone can help me...
hard drive temp
Anybody tried one of these yet? TMF Fan
226 Watt Peltier Cooling
Water pump question
ALPHA PAL8045T fan set up
Another one of those TEC powering questions
peltier + hsf setup on a p4 northwood
thanks for what you all know
Whats Louder? EHEIM 1250 or EHEIM 1048?
37C @ MAX Load Good?
case fans
What do you guys think of this set up
What do you guys think of this set up
I have a question about thermal paste! :?
What do you guys think of this setup
How hot should a processor run?
whats a good socket A heat sink??
What to do with a 55W TEC?
Have gone waterblock mad, need ideas on what else to cool.
best non-overclocking AMD heatsink
where to buy AATA, and AA?
Order of watercooling compenents?
Smart Fans??
Opinions on the Volcano 9?
using pwm
heatsink help
Why the heck are my temps so high
Ahh! Smoke!
watercooling and relays
How does this sound H2O? (Newbie Proposed Setup)
Quick question that needs to be answered asap! :)
I'm convinced I'm getting watercooling
ALPHA PAL8045T h/s question
senfu 2 waterblock
At last lapped!
Gonna order my water parts tomorrow! need some help still tho....
AX-7 compat. question
Dual CPU watercooling question
changing PSU fans?
rad recommendation
Koolance 601 case q's
Quick Poll: Would you sacrifice this much performance?
Plexiglass Glue?
What cooling do I need to get?
So is $500 to much to spend on watercooling?
All I ever wanted to know about ducts
noise-dampening pads
How do I prevent Battery Effect???
Coolermaster HHC-001 is too heavy?
GeForce 2 Replacement fan
Any Alternatives to AS3?
I need a low profile hsf
Pelting the Northbridge
Silly Question
Need CHEAP SLK800 or AX-7
New Waterblock!
Shim and Cooling
best way to clean copper base of mcw372 wb?
Pumps for H2O Cooling
Your Opinion Needed
bleeding the system
Just add water..
Caution with Maze3
Noice and cooling
Questions on Temp measurement
Shim or not to shim
fan placement
Would a small Aluminium waterblock col a Celeron 1.2GHz?
Q on WC'ing
Hard Drive Cooling
Is this a good way to remove thermal pad?
The end of the world as we know it
Thermal Properties of Brass
Heatsink Fan Speed matters most...true?
cardboard shroud safe?
On my SX840
Removing air from water system?
Best heat transfer adhesive?
Burn in programs?
My Maze3 Setup
I saw this hdd fan at the electronics store
Help Me Get To 1.4GHz+ Again...
sealing a case
Pressure test water rigs.
Thermaltake Volcano 9 Review
Miracle of distilled water!
SLK-800 heat sink install help
cpu supercooling science experiment
Best Quiet Air cooler for a GF4
Cooling a a Gf2 Mx/mx400
Prime95 help...
Does Volcano 9 work on Socket A cpus?
Best Heatsink for Socket 370 P3 800MHz (100MHz FSB)
motherboard boot disk or windows boot disk?
Ram sinks still ok?
desperate help needed! please!
Does this look right
p4 cooler
Cooling Advice Needed
TMD fans that do not work, here is what to try
58C under load, options?
which heatercore barb
From 1.2 to 1.5 ?
INTERCOOLERS as radiators?
Lowering temps with blowholes.
Rigging an ATX power supply for a pelt
Frustrating cooling problems - part 2
Water Cooling Questions (Newbie)
Is water flowing?
Amd Xp 1700+ Temp Prob.
water cooling temps...
How long have you gone without reapplying thermal paste?
Need some help with my new watercooled system... :)
what to do with an RV AC unit?
Question about resistors:
Can a Fan be Smart?
My epic struggle (arctic silver plug)
How to decorate my bong?
Ultimate Quiet vs. CFM
Gluded a 486 fan on my memory, now i can hit 160fsb
running with high temps...bad idea?
Temperature Moniter
Water cooling kit?
Worth to upgrade from AX-7 to SLK-800?
Need help to do 5v mod for molex conectors
how the!?
Note to self: Music louder than pump = not good when pump goes out.
Good order?
looking for water-cooling solution
Another home made shroud
Queston on Thermal Paste
Queston on Thermal Paste
swiftech mcx4000b+papst 80mm
negative celcitizing
Waterchiller, where to purchase?...
problem with filling system
webmedic asked "What is a wb mounting procedure for consistant die contact ?"
Pump, flow, and cooling questions.
DAMN i'm a smart....
Random Watercooling stuff
I have been thinking....
Gemini All in one water cooling
Watercooling ?
WaterCOOLED 8k3a+
peltier controller help
While blow drying my hair....
I think this is what you are calling "Ghetto-cooling"
Interesting idea...
Help with waterblock design
New watercooling rig, but some questions.
Will socket A HSF work on socket7?
slk800 or the AX7???
What rheo do I need?
Is this setup good?
where can i get a water block?
Enuff Coolin
Any of you tried that Black Ice Micro ??
Buying an AX-7 heatsink
Orbs...are they worth it?
question about filling system
need a good fan for CPU!
AquaXtreme or Swiftech QuietPower?
Had a horrid crash - been told it was caused by temps...
Real quite 80mms with a 12v - 7v convert
watercooling radeon cards?
Who knows the most
strange cooling problem!
It7 & Mbm 5191
My first W/C setup, in progress!! (w/ pics)
Can the SLK 800 be used on s370?
Tt what next..
Heatcore ?
Home Brew Waterblock
DR themal QUestions
1fan + 1fan = 2fans?
made your own WB? Help me!!!
Loose flowrate ?
My waterblock with Pics
Spir@l Mounting Kit...
Watercooling GPU
looing for new heatsink help !
Stupid Problem
Golden orb
Black Ice Extreme/Caution with long screws
how would you rate my temps?
Copper Block
Who needs modified fridges!!!! A must see...
Water Cooling Setup Questions
TMD fans...
Where to get a Sanyo Denki 120mm
water cooling probs...
How to clean volcana7+
Variable PSU for a pelt.
watercool setup help
CFM for Volcano7......
which is better?
this is bull!
Open Case Cooling
Cheapest place to get Purple Ice/Water Wetter???
Best aircooling for a p4
MAJOR temp problems need LOTS of help!
Heat exchangers with 1 inch diameter tubing any good?
CPU diode..what's safe??
What Waterblock to get?
High Temps & Good HSF Q's
Best heatsink with a reasonable nois level?
Cooling Problems - I Think.
A Few Quick H20 questions
Water Cooling Temps????
Super cooled liquid water
4-5C So far cooler with water
Starting water-cooling system Need help!!
My watercooling project. What you think?
Noiseiness on a CAK-II38
Need a Monitor program there can go below zero degrees celcius.
Wow, these bong things work!
Curious question.
has anyone used the OCZ goliath HSF ??
is a 40db fan very noisy??
My curiousity has overcome my stupidy...
thermal paste?
Got the watercooling parts, now to plan setup.
Why not car antifreeze?
mission cool!
will this do ?
---My Custom Ram Cooler---
Heater Core or transmission cooler?
Tt Volcano 7 Fan
Just finished my first water cooling setup
Real Temps with A7V333
Koolance 601 case tubing?
time for me to learn how to watercool
slk 800
cooling HD`S with heatsink"sandwich"
Some Computer techs have weird ideas about cooling computers??
Holy crap!
Which one is better...
Whats the best way to cool my ram?
Ack! Temp controlled voltage regulator is LOWERING voltage with higher temp!
gimme some recommendations (Pumps)
AX478 Aluminum not copper???
dont forget your monitors!
My thought on Water Cooling
Watercooling in Canada?
Good waterblock design?
Via aqua
water is better...i think?!?
AS3 in epoxy form?
20gig drive lost NTFS filesystem
Modding my new case!!
How long does it take to bubble out?
what temperature should an AMD 1700+ be ?
Digi Doc 5
Fans What Is The Quietist ??
how much can i do?
Mission Impossible: Removing and ax-7
What about Capillary Pumped Loops and Loop Heat Pipes
Prepping Glaciator for radial/centrifugal blowers...
Watercooling Maintainence
water cooling disaster! >_<
just got it finished
cutting off smartfan sensor in volcano 7
Anyone know of a strong pump that can handle dense liquid?
Any TT Volcano 9 owners?
Cooling Sites
Need chipest cooling recommendations
How hot is too hot?
Lexan res
How to prevent, troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix air case cooling problems.
parallel radiator question
No Air No Heat!
Could my proc be a "hot one"?
Countdown 3...2....1....
Case temp question
---Where Can I Find some Spiral Wrap?---
A VERY newbie Question
Flow rate question
Replacement fitting?
holy powerful pump
how do i put a crystal orb on my new mb
T'Bird Cooling
what do i do wit my pelt, the wires broke off :|
Fan placement question
un frozen....
Northbridge cooling, how much is enough?
SVC GoldenGate 40 - Who Has One???
A few newbie questions
Is this water cooling system worth it? Need response quick.
Eheim online vendor?
watercooling tubing questions
is jbweld conductive?nt
Double Stacking the 226Watt Pelt
2 heater cores worth it?
Can I justify putting an AX-7 on a Duron 1.2?
Home Depot underground junction box as a reservoir
Pump size?
I Can Get Pure Silver Cheap Soooo....