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Frustrating cooling issue...
question on airflow
12 Volt waterpump w/ molex
Coating Digidoc sensors
Koolance+peltier possible?????
Underclocking for cooling?
Volcano 7+ vs. SLK-800
OC athlon 1200 and side question of C3
OC cooling help!!
Ready made ducts?
Ready made ducts?
whats the deal with potentiometers
spare peltier
making a Water Block ???
UCLA Researchers Cool Hot Silicon Chips by Spraying Them With Water
47% Done I think....
problem wit my via 1300
Spare Freezer...
via-aqua pumps @ a store
spacers for HSF???
will an atx mobo fit it an at case?
does home depot have plumbers goop?
What if I just put my computer in a refrigerator?
good place to find smaller heatsinks for ram or gpu
High purity isopropyl required?
total disaster !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Newb time!
Dont want to mod you video card you said?
would rtv silicone work instaed of dielectric grease?
what would be the best radiator
fried fans...
Ax478 Hsf
great air cooling temps.... withOUT the noise!
Bouncy temps?
Radiator assistance idea?
Omg High Temps!
I need one 8 CM fan, and one 80MM fan for my xp 1900
Chassis Temp (MSI KT3)
Need some TEC help, and some other issues
incorrect Airflow?
10c drop in Temps??
Shuttle AK31A and hsf
Digital Doc 5 setup....
What to cool a gf4
Temperature problems!
omg. after new side panel, extreme temps
CPU temps...
More water = more cooling potential?
Chieftec AX-01SLD
What are the basics of watercooling?
Need Help Advice cpu Temps Heatsink.
HEDGEHOG 238 which athlon
Is a 34 CFM fan enough to cool a 1900+ with an slk800?
Is My Fan any Good??
arf warm weather... now im woried (temp thing plz read)
Coverting 3 Pin Fans to 4 without a 3-4 converter
quieter cooler PSU - no xtra cost
blowing which way
case cover on or off = same temps
Slot fan or blow hole? for my vid card that is...
AX-7 ,what fan ?
Safe Temp limit for a XP1800 & Epox 8k3a? Need some help for article
Building your own heatsink
How do ondie temp sensors work?
1st Time AS3 User....SUCCESSFUL
Where is your system temp sensor located?
Anyone know if MaxiJet pumps are reliable??
How to setup fans?
koolance new waterblock
koolance new waterblock
Watercooling brand
What kind of heater core?
cpu duct question
LCD Temp Displays That Read Negative Temps?
Hybrid Heatsink - new idea
Good place to put heater core on Chieftec case?
Sanding paper for lapping?
new waterblock/radiator design
Does it really have to be an Eheim?
p4 northy temps thread
Dr. Thermal Extreme vs. SLK-800
Worth a comment
using thermocouples to cool, efective?
Quietest fans?
Anyone besides nVidia
volcano 7+ heatsink installation HELP!
Simple cooling: Put the pc on the floor
Cooling in my first custom system
Mobo Monitor 5 help
dangerden fittings
Recommend a Coolant
Comair fan question
Would this work as good as I think?
HSF recommendations for 1.3 GHz T-Bird
What cooling options do I have with a slot card?
Lapping the Core
Water Blocks and HS/F
air flow diagram, what do you think?
another WB design
HSF & p4
Low CPU temps
Need some H20 advice
120MM Panaflo Volt mod
Thermal Pad better than grease?
AX-7 vs. Volcano7+
CPU Throttling
AMD CPU & Heatsink Video (remove phase-change too)
Averaging temp of 61c with AMD 2200+
wow temps can raise
hot or not?
Sigh... I commited a cooling sin...
1 GHz Athlon with no HS!
Anyone know formula/prog on T-Bred watts
SLK-800 who used the spacers?
Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler as Rad
variable fan knob
Got any links for Phase Change Cooling kits?
Which waterblock
Check your res
80mm to 120mm adaptor effectiveness
which HSF
What effects Case Temps ???!!?
AS# and adhesive
Case cooling question
mo bo and other temps.....
Water Cooling Setups:
What was that link with sound clips of fans
will Delta's help ? (newbie)
Custom system rdram heatsink
slk 800 + 1.33 tbird + ad11
Watercooling Layout..
watercooling question
How much OC with these HS??
!!!!!!!! Ultimate do-able water-cooling setup !!!!!
mega rad layout
Watercooler enclosure
Where can i buy....
Pumps for my new w/c setup :)
Yes, a powerhead pump.
can you have too much Thermal Compound??
Epox Temp..How much higher are they really???
Help with science article
Best ducting method?
Standard temps for XP1800+?
Does water wetter go bad?
Bad if mobo and cpu temp the same??
cooling a 1.33 tbird
Alright, Ive had enough
What is the max gph I should get for my pump?
unsafe CPU temp...
80mm TMD fan?
really cheap Bong???
white crud = battery effect?
Swiftech MCX 462-U
how much watter wetter?
This a good price for watercooled comp?
Pics of my watercooling system
Do I need the 5v line for the PCmod.com's Rheobus?
Tygon has met its match
Is this ok for a pump
Beter yet, use a powerhead!!
Via Aqua 1300 = my hero
Petsmart Pumps? Will These Work?
amdxp2000+ cpu temp help =(
Quieting BONG down
rendering server
Killer temperatures!!!
where do I stick this thing?
arctic silver Vs radioshack brand? and what local store sells arctic silver
Help with balance
Fan size on MCX462?
How loud is the Tornado?
Watercooling Design Plans (drawings, explanation, need advice)
best way to cover 10" PVC?
does it mean turbulence if...
a lil problemw wit ma tubing and popcan wb..
Power for LED's
Good Watercooling Setup?
Thanks for all the responses
panaflo fan and a baybus
1U Users
Do these Temps make Sense????
I got my radiator
heater core modding
Placing Ram Sinks
Digi Doc 5???
If you put too much Arctic Silver on, will it not work properly?
Suggestion needed
Would an extra fan help my Alpha PEP66?
Good Cooling Liquid
Prometeia cooling question!!
Pelt. Worth it for P4?
Dont be afraid to take off your heatsink. I was too but i prayed and did it anyway.
Getting out all of the air in a watercooling setup
XP 1900+ Too hot, I'm stumped
Water cooling without Fans "success"
looking for a new CPU HSF...
cpu duct question
high temp today
How Fast Can a 1800+xp go without water cooling??!
Think these temps are ok for my P4? more ?'s also
80mm Fans???
help me with clips for crystal orb!!!
panaflo and ax7 = non compatible.
Slk-800 with 80x80 x 25mm ????
Open GL Games "Shaking"
How many watts does a gpu put out?
VisionTek GeForce 3 Ti200 WaterBlock Issue
Xp 1700 Temps????
LED fan from antec
eheim 1250 question..
The best radiator
how do i run my power supply fan at 5v?
inlet - outlet
The fans I want to see! And you, what do you want to see?
Food Coloring in a Water Cooling System
Need some advice please
Sealing a mobo from condensation!?!?!
Any East Coast vendors to get Brass Barbs?
How does the Swiftech MCX372 compare?
planning on using a duct
My home made ramsinks
A Sunon 40cfm on AX-7
Thermaltake might have done something right?
An inexpensive, powerful water pump
Two in one - Dr. Thermal Extreme and Vantec Tornado fans
Maze 3 question
what size tec do i need to get to ambient tempature?
Safe CPU fan auto-throttling
Thermalright AX-7 at 51C?
Radiator Question
need ASP -- (4) mounting hole diameter size for WB
Do I really need 2 fans for my heater core?
Air Cooling
xp 1600 running at 50c?
Watercooling in a small space
Hybrid Air / Water Cooling Idea
TEC wattage to get 0 C question (AMD XP)
Need a P4 Water Block
Checkout my HUGE latest socket A cooler review!!
Help replacing compaq 800mhz cpu cooler
Lapping question....
Is it possible?
water station...
Open case cooler- why?
Vid Card Help
65 deg C not-overclocked
Question about phase change systems
I couldnt take it anymore, I took out the delta and now i can hear myself think
Dtekcustoms WC kits good?
Ultimate Cooling Device!
What do you think about my custom made cooler for my Tualatin CPU???
Maybe I'm just being paranoid...
Cooljag 102c On a Gf3ti200
stupid question - How do you plug in multiple fans?
2200 T-bred Temps?
Temp reading device, cool gadget but is expensive. Take a look
Help with Maxi-jet pump.....
Cooling Fans
Volcano 6cu cooling "problems"
Working with Laptops
Gaming mouse
screwy winbond sensor
Outta room to mount a bleeder valve
CNC Machining
TC-4 Installation
Maze3 vs. Spiral vs. TC4
Thermal Pad Removal
BD7II-northbridge cooling results & a Question
heatsink question
Maze 3
The cooling preachers
how risky is watercoolign for a noob?
Anyone use a pop can WB?
n00b watercooling rig
Only 320
what is this -12v for?
XP diode reader working, thanks pH
watercooling a video card
Thermaltake VOolcano 7+ fan speed switch
I've got bugs!
alpha 8942 + th7ii-raid
My Prometeia has arrived
fan failure
Cuprum thermal paste????
No Arctic Silver with pelts???
Opinions please...
80w pelt gpu cooling plans..sound ok?
lapping a heatsink?
Please take a look and tell me if my temps are high
newbe case air flow question
kill this rock star..
Thermaltake smart fan..
Water Cooled Laptop
my first watercooling experience
Innovatek Products
How Hot is to Hot Part 2
Glaciator performance
12v DC to 24v DC power unit...Where can I find one?
newbie question - multiple case fans
3 different cpu temperatures?
water cooling first try total disaster
gpu cooling...Corb or Blorb?
cpu fan suck or blow?
How hot is too hot for a athlonxp1800+
MSI 845 Ultra-C users please read (Temp)
Securing fittings?
why is my temperature so high???
some newb questions
Help on case cooling questions
MCX4000 put to my test
This should work
Whats the largest fan with 3 or 4 pin connector I can buy?
Stupid refrig question
question about dragon orb's
fan connectors
Stock fans on Lian-Li PC-70 USB
WB Design Aided by Strawberry Container
maze3 w/ lucite bad for sub-ambient coolant?
is 39dB(A) fan loud?
Waterblock design
It's the sound
Canadian Water Cooling Site?
Any links on how to mod a heater core for water cooling?
filling a fridge
Hard Drive Cooling? Help
Anyone use this fan?
How much air flow (CFM) and what noise (dBA) do you have on your radiator?...poll
Magic Fans
Just put in xp2200+temps up to 58c
Waterblock/Watersink and Questions
REAR Fan Case :S
hmm i wonder if this would drop temp?
Easy way to control fan speed
Would a delta fan rated for 24V run at 12V????
So far, I'm impressed!
need a car with alu heater core
Removed the hsf, bad experience...
noise cancelling headphones
incorrect h1a panaflo rpm
Noise Reduction
Advice on a water cool system.
CPU heatsink too big for a video card?
What Swiftech said about lapping their heatsinks
US Plastics Questions
SLK-800 and AX-7
lower temps = lower stability?
brushless fan
received my AX7 with fan, but no plastic mounting clip! now what do i do?
which fan fit on AX-478?
how did that dust get in there.
Mobo temp sensor placement change
rheostat vs lm317
Best waterblock
Case Fans
where to get cool little fans like this one
A little funnel research
Crazy CPU cooling idea.
WCing and grounding your PSU....
cpu temps on my msi kt3ultra
thermaltake smart fan moding
HOT Video!
Hot temps- Cool system ????
effects of bleach in watercooling system
why AC?
Different MB = better cooling?
HSF that fits on EPoX 8K3A+
MAD stock heatsink good for gpu??
Airconditioned Overclocking
Cheapest Alpha 8942 + AS3?
Ignore this. A Mistake. Admin, plz delete.
ghetto ram cooling
which one?
volcano 7
Toothpaste to polish HS base!!!
water cooling INNOVATEK vs air colling COOLER MASTER IHC-H71
WaterBlock design?
Weird relay set up.
My second try at watercooling.
Push-Pull on radiator; Why better?
Cooling for my asus system..please help
Will this work?
whats you think of my setup
Koolance PC2-901 or home-made?
grrr this is not cool
Need help deciding.....
Deionized Water
New (?) idea for cooling
How many case fans for a watercooling system?
7v mod HELP !@!
liquid cooling
BeCooling Red UV Dye
Peltier cooling
Socket 7 cooling question
Home Depot?
Are exhaust fans important?
Newbie Temp Question
Temp's too high??
Volcano 7+ and AS3
the top of an xp and thermal transfer
Which Tygon?
good cheap non-rheo fan controller
New Heatsink
Sub 40c on full load
Case cooling choice?
If you own a Volcano 7 here is a little tip
Interpreting Joe's HS/F reviews
What tubing for water cooling?
Purchasing Swiftech Products
Taisol heatsink - any good!? quite urgent!
How it works?
Speed-speed-speed It Will Be Mine !
Is anyone out there using the TMD TS Tech fan
Need quick answer! - heatsink...
Mirroring WB channels of the BASE WB onto the TOP?
Fixing chipset waterblock on spring clip board
temp monitoring = speedfan?
Use thermal pad or go Sink right to CPU ??
new to this! - AK 821 your views!
my first ever 'build my own' experience, please answer a few questions!
what heatsink for an athlon xp 2100+ ??
Maze 2 mounting question (orientation thereof)
What size
I bought these 39CFM fans..
I bought these
Getting the tubes in the case
Please Explain benefits of Positive Airflow
Performance difference b/t Spir@l and Gemini?
whats a great quiet 80mm fan for thermalright ax-7 heatsink
whats a great quiet 80mm fan for thermalright ax-7 heatsink
box fan
Look watercoold powersupply
HLT Programs
Which is better
A small rad
Watercooling help.
help please!!! need to find a good fan for heatercore
Pump Heat #2 (and flowrates and friction)
HDD's Burning up
Help with bent clip
thermal grease deterioration!?!?!?!
How do I cool my motherboard
Couple of simple HS/F tips
Here's an Idea: Recycle Exhaust Air
Thermalright AX7 or Alpha PAL 8045
Here's an idea (though I don't know if it will work)
i've been thinking.
quiet options
Socket 478 and 423 mounting holes.
Are pumps loud?
fan voltage regulator fixing
Results of my new AX-478 HSF with real world results !!!!!!
Final pickings of homemade watercooling system
fan placement
Volcano 7 with Delta 80mm??
Do you use a peltier 24/7 ?? Post temps!
furnace? recycled cooling materials?
my leftover parts chiller
What cpu fan $ is no problem
radiator and heatercore in series
Exhaust PCI - Worthless
AX-478 help !!! How does it mount ????
Question on types of TEC's.
Cooling temperature
fan adapter and HSF
Recomend water cooling setup please. Help me pick my parts.
Water Block Design Ideas!!!
Watercooling help needed
water color
alternative to H2O
Listan Water Cooling
via aqua 1300--i just converted to inline
slowing down my fans - resistance
Systems weak point?
The finalized and ordered checklist!
What thermal paste to get?
MBM5 question
Would more cooling help?
Waterblock idea
Who makes good 70 x 25mm fans
Video card temp sensor
Hard Drive Temp Monitoring
Need help with a heater-core :D
Do it myself or a Kit water cooling?
Flowrate [The ultimate test]
Newb Question
7 volt mod
Zalman mod
Going to Watercool