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Thermal epoxy strength?
Good pics showing insulation for AMD -PELTIER setup
Just got my Maze 3
Vantec Iceburg - VGA - Chipset Cooler
Two WB's, 1/2" tubing, which pump?
silver corode?
passive heat sinks, where to buy?
Air cooled peltier
Cooling questions
can I fit a watercooling system into this case?
Need help in setting up my watercooling system
Best air cooling for p4 2.4 o/c and silent
waterblocks with 1/2" fittings?
Waterblock with phase change?
Fans that run higher than their rated rpm push more cfm?
Pelt Powersupply
Best waterblock ?
Help me!!! Water cooling
Aluminum block
my new cooling idea
GFX card cooling coldplate conundrum!
wich water block is better
whats your best inexpensive cooling fan ??
dont mind me, just thinking again
waterblock/TEC thoughts?
Blocks in series or parallel?
Volcano7+ good for XP2100 ?????
Getting a Fan Started...
Header tank
1U cooler for my video card
radiator cooling advise please
MCX4000 review
summer is a killer
cooling fluids
Okay, need pump... How do powerheads work?
Amd Xp 1800+ Sizzling
What is the radiator king?
woot just got done installing 2 rads
xp1800 needs some decent air cooling
Cooling Woes
Cooling Woes
is the swift tech water block good ?
Northbridge cooling?!
how do i get thermal pad off of Intel Stock?
Just a thought: Pulsating pump?
Is thermagic better than AS3??? Where to get it?
Would 500gph be too much?
gpu wattage
Best Cooling for P4 and the Case?
Have you ever see this ?
Foaming coolant
xtra case fans
Yet another Water Block idea, "The Wave"
Thermalright AX-478
My Watercooling
Where can I by Cooper and Aluminium??
Swiftech watercooling peltier waterblock
wb idea
Can I Use
AS3 problem
384k on on board l2 cache for 2200 ??
phase change cooling
want to learn about cooling with LN2/dry ice
So So So LOUD!
A Water Cooling Question
Water Cooling how does it work?
Anyone use this type heatercore?
Question for the experts...
Check this sweet looking german block.....
Water blocks
Volcano 7+, or other?????
stupid questions:Fans?
Where can I get the SLK-800?
need waterblock owners advice....
3 Pronged clips for HSF
too hot??
too many fans?
new rad
10 gallon fish tank = no rad?
waterblock question
Submerged radiator = better performance?
Hot System
Any TC-4 reviews out yet????
How hot should a CPU be?
Bier Keg Cooler
L@@K @ my Klipsch 4.1's Temp!
parts needed for phase change
Is this temp. good for air cooling
Whats the best app to test Load temps ??
Home Made Rad
Hmm info
Good HD cooler?
insanely priced H2o Kits!
Fan speed selector
Possible to build a copper IHS for an AMD chip?
Thermalrigh AX-7w/80mm vantec tornado?
How many watts can the D-Tek Pro Core take?
Rheostats And Current Flow ?
Hoot chute dimmer causing EMI?
Swiftech MCW40 GPU cooler
The wind tunnel air craft will take flight shortly!
How to mount a fan on video heatsink?
Buying pump
Adding another fan.. just splice???
wb weight
Tell me what you think about my hypothetical block(maybe)
Aluminum vs. Steel Case Temps
whats the best cooling system
Inovatech- would like input?
AX-7/Tornado vs. H2O ?
SLK 600 or MCX 462?
My First Water Cooling Project
Best heatercore?
Pumpless Water cooling
Question for gone_fishin
Why is cpu temp so bad?
Why is cpu temp so bad?
SLK-800 better than AX-7~ (comparison linkie here!)
Accuracy of ASUS MB TEMP readout?? Can it Be??
Eat Ur hearts out waterjunkies
Watercoolers anonomyous???
Need to go quieter...or go watercooling
Primary and secondary cooling loops.
Heatsink mounting?
Heatercore Expertise Needed
what's your dream....
Mounting water block?
mounting a heatercore WHERE???
In United States ...
Powering the Pelt Part II
socket A mounting
When you turn off your computer is ur watercoolin still going?
Where can I get copper billets?
How hot is your t-bred?
temp sensor - ga7dxr
chipset / vid card hsf
Swiftech MCX4000 or TR AX478?
Swiftech Cooler with 120mm fan.
Mounting an Eheim question...
need heat dissipation numbers for athlons
Pump Physic
Waterblock Design
an additive to water????
what's that forumla again?
Help me with my block!
rate this kit
my temps are dropping for no reason!?!?!?!?
Water cooling... in canada?
AthlonXP running to hot!!!
Sunon "Magnetic Levitation" fans
crappy stock 8k3a nb cooling!
whats a PC70?
So far so good ...
What to use?
water cooling accessory question
It's all set up...
Did my PSU, motherboard, or CPU fry?
Soft FSB, CPUtemps, vcores etc.... All in one. CPU COOL
Flow Meter, where'd you get yours?
Which water block is better?
8000 btu window A/C for cooling
Scored a used Heater core for $9.99.
Rounded IDE
Good program to test temps?
Vantec Tornado Thoughts
Bare wire to molex
Need fan advice
If i buy an Athlon XP2300+ or 2200+....
Volcano 7+ and Swiftech MCX462 . what is the best?
Fan & Shroud Question
What system monitoring program do you use?
Dual cone with pelt design
Critique this WB Design.
cooling for socket 423
Anyone seen this? Looks Cool!
All the pumps you could ever dream of!!!
Radio Shack thermal grease
cheap antifreeze?
Do all Socket A Coolers also fit FCPGA2?
new website
im not happy with my setup
technical appraisal of waterblock 'design' variables
tornado + ax7 = odd results
Water Cooling w/out fans?
Mounting Holes
Case Positioning
AMD mounting holes
PC70 plans, opinions needed
Dtek Cooler Core
A Bit odd...
Where is COOLER-ENGINEER's thread?
Water cooling setup
Watercooling on Radeon 8500 GPU?
chipset fan
water chillers what are they and where do i get one
Hoot Shute (Shoot)???
whats better 3/8 or 1/2 watercooling tubing?
vantec tornado reostat schematics
Good inline pump with "true" high gph?
HD water cooling tutorial?
do i need to WC the northbridge also?
Yet another rheostat question...
looking for a water cooling kit,
Question Magnetic Fields & Fans
Cool Modification, I added two 80mm Fans to my 17" CRT Monitor, Come Look!!!
Pump died, suggestions on a new one?
Independence Day
water cooling help
Comments about liquicool
One of you WB Meisters'
Waterblock flowrate
idiot question but just tell me
Peltier on a Athlon XP? and other Cooling ?'s
Cooling GPU and it's RAM together?
Building a new waterblock
Biggest bong here?
My Twist-Tie suspended Celeron Rig, and for only 2 DOLLARS!!!
Smack me if this's been posted before.. (pin style water blocks)
modding volcan0 7+
Hard drive water cooling
Radiater help
multi system water farm
need a good cheap case!
My finished Hard Drive waterblock pics
Has anyone seen this block before?
Assembled and filled my H20 loop last night...
hooked up my vaccum cleaner today...
How to work this water cooling?
I broke a blde on a Drgon orb! (ouch)!
ambient temp(room)/ case temp/ cpu temp ratio?
Expensive Thermoelectric goodies
How much GPH could a homemade waterblock handle?
5C for a cpu duct good?
My new Water\Peltier Design
Anyone interested in Flowrate look here
my pop block delux
nice pump
Cooling with Mineral Oil?? Anyone have experience?
Best fan for AX- 478
172mm fans? yeah I need one.
Cube radiators vs Standard radiators
"Best" socket 478 pentium 4 cooler?
Powering the pelt
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Turbine effect CPU cooling
I got my ax-478 how do I put it in?
Anyone ever CAST a waterblock?
Case open...1.6A should read lower than 30 right?
Jagged edge adn chipjet wbs???
Blow direction of fans for best case cooling
brand new tornado
Is 44 deg. too hot ??
My watercooling is in your hands!
How long can I keep this mixture stored?
What temps do u guys get with watercooling ?
what do ya think?!? new benchmarking program?
Something to laugh at ??
Antifreeze Question ???
anyone use a AX7 w/ 30 or less CFM fan? what are temps?
How do I 'Lap' my CPU Heatsink, and why would I want to?
How "thin" is "thin"????
What fan for a ax 478
Eheim goodness?
intel chip on steroids
Help with pump please
Tbred + Peltier
Black ice micro
80mm on Volcano 6cu?
Need help! Building new phase cooling system
Hey look, another question on Peltiers, lets all read it!
2 rads needed or overkill?
Is adding a front fan the same as just stacking fans?
Overheating Problem Or Not
How loud is 52 decibals?
the waterblocks of the world
H2O will be the future essentials
OMG, 50c load with 8 fans?
Temp difference between Artic Siliver 1 and 3?
ram sinks?
What to use?
SLK-800 + XP 2000+ running VERY hot?
WC startover
lots of work, not much gained
115 volt fan
best 80mm to 60mm adapter?
Peltier fried on first test????????
Anybody seen this
PIII retail heatsink
Who has a Koolance?
Thermalright AX7, compatability with ECS K7S5A
I want to buy a new block.. from one of you, custom made.. :)
New Waterblock! (pics)
Is 43c too hot....?(trick question)
Swiftech's new HSF
Ordered a big Pelt
Rad Question
Fan Size on AMD 1800 Retail HSF?
Thermoengine fan?
best P4 hsf?
amd/intel running q3 w/out hsf
Koolance PC2-601BW Upgrade?
Hard drive cooling
Question about rheostats.
really quick, anodized aluminnum isnt conductive right?
Waterblocks which take peltiers, where to find them?
CPU Gaurds
Room Temp/ CPU Temp
Best Watercooling semi made kit?
Purple Ice V Water Wetter ?
slot loading celly block?
Danger Den Delivers :-D
Does my Rad suck??
My 120mm fan just died!
Looking For Rad
Pump to small ?
Colder water in a H20 system?
PSU question
water cooling with peltiers question
Drink Cooler As a Chiller/Coolant?
Best Heatsink, W/ Easily installation
ThermalRight SK6
New Block on the Block!
Would this work?
Waterblock for GF4?
Whacked out temp readings!!
Danger den heater core or 89 Camaro
Too Easy, Cheap and Effective?
water cooling configuration question
so how do i stop batery effect
trouble w/ mounting my ax-7
Quiet, cold, easy to install, not bad price
WC Temp Problems
Maze3 vs TC-4 rev.2
How much did you spend on your water-cooling kits/parts?
Arctic Silver to become OBSOLETE !!
Artic silver 3, worth buying???
Simple laptop question
dye hindering cooling?
Quick Advice on DangerDen Maze3 Fitting sizes...
Where in England sells DangerDen Maze1C-1???
Semi-New to H20, got a fe more ?'s
water chillling res?? with pelts?
Water Cooling Setup Video
8k3a cpu diode mod didnt work
Cleaning out Slavaged heatercores.
Lapping Advice
Heat exchanger or Air conditioner for ultra cooling?
faster rpm vs more cpm
Possibly off topic.... Spontaneous Reboots...
P4 1.6A SL668 MALAY vs SL668 Costa Rica...
Input requested :P
Swiftech MCX4000
Hose clamps or Silicone sealant
i need a heater core that fits
i need a heater core that fits
expanding foam
my friend wants to do watercooling whats a good kit that is inexpensive?
Cutting Ramsinks
Papst fans. Sound dampening?
what is the max u have overclocked your computer with stock cooling?
does anyone know where i can find ram heat dissipatators at a store (not online)
Cheapest Tygon?
Windows AC unit?
Goldengate 40 Question!!!
YS Tech TMD fan question
Im about ready to give up on H20
Enough Tubing?
chipset plumbing
Yesterday I did the stupidest thing coolingwise!
Cooling problem
Tygon Tubing and Flourescnet dye
Why are the Dr.Thermal TI-R8639L P4 coolers so unpopular?
thermaltake smart case fan
Almost finished Watercooling Project!
Compresed Air?
have you seen this g4 cooler?
My water project??
Via Aqua1300 pump is HOT !!!
Universal Fan Adaptor + 92mm Vantec
nOOb question on GF4 cooling.
enermax fans
uncooled GPU on geforce 2/nice duct idea
Best price on volcano 7+
Watercooling with Cyclone 5
First w/c attempt
overclocking voltage
heatsink on waterblock
Funny thing about Deltas...
In need of a 172 mm fan...
HSF for damaged Socket 370?
Distilled water
Plumbing suppliers?
hooking up fans to 5v?
Move over Delta theres a Tornado blowing through
Heatsink\Fan Q's
anyone test push-pull?
Did I fry my CPU or motherboard?
a corosion question, i havent seen
Water cooling questions...
Best lapping results ever!
WATER COOLING & Relays - new twist on a graet idea !!!
Thank you thermaltake
Quiet fan for a Alpha 8045T
CHIEFTEC case fans
Water, Propane, or Refridgerator?
my temps ready to oc?
Temps never change much...
Vantec Tornado...worth upgrading to?
If money wasn't an issue, How far would you OC a computer?
creating a home made waterblock
Cyclone 5 wb
Newbie watercooler
Just built my new comp :)
Whats the big deal about Tempuratures?
maxim chips
My drillerbuddy started smoking
Thermalright AX-7 is Coooooool
bare wires to molex
New water cooling/air cooling system- will it work- updated and working version
nice pump check it out.
Of Artic Silver and T.I.M's
Pool Pump?
Aluminum vs. Copper heater core?
Water cooling question.
Whats the best fan to use along thermalright ax-478 to git 3ghz???
Problems? Water Wetter + Highlighter?
Homemade holddown
wb suggestions?
intel people need your help!
Frist glance at a real live TC-4!
HSF site
is cfm all that counts? or or will a 120->80 lose efficiency?
WOW look at this case
Fans more important for cooling?
PSU lockout until H2O is flowing
hs base heat
Impellor in a waterblock, how to clamp it down?
Thermaltake Volcano 7+ vs. CoolerMaster HHC-001
Remove Crystal Orbital Fan
how heat can kill cpu????????
Peltier on Celeron T, how to work out temps?
Best place to buy a Complete WC setup?
How good is Neptune WaterBlock?
Ethyl alcohol
How do you use a 24V Fan for your PC case..
anyone has experience with exoticpc.com Iceberg I??
A Few H20 Questions
getting rid of socket-area heat
makign wall socket pumps star w/ PSU
Help getting lower temps please WC'd
A certain barrier?
Screw thread size for the AX478 and AX7?
athlon xp 1800+ coolers
thank you hoot
How thin do you like it? (thermal grease)
What do you recommend?
Prime95 link?
testing CPU heat sinks
Powering my garbage
What do I do when the computer wont start?
mini-jet and maxi-jet pumps
Whats OEM?
Back to sqaure one with my Radiator Selection
What fan is better?
??? water pumps that run on 12volts DC???
Water Cooled Hercules 8500
Do you think...?
Digital Doc 5
Attatching Plexi glass
Avg. Case Temps
pelts and psu's
Running heatsink fan on a MoBo with no connector?
Modifiying a waterblock to...
Real World Results
Old CPU practicaly burning?
Problems with MBM 5
Something weird with my cpu temps...
Air Cooling Idea / Question...
Connect fan wires?
hhc-001...heard the fan will fry my mobo
How many fans are in your case?