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Old CPU practicaly burning?
Problems with MBM 5
Something weird with my cpu temps...
Air Cooling Idea / Question...
Connect fan wires?
hhc-001...heard the fan will fry my mobo
How many fans are in your case?
Water cooling questions
Question on Shim thickness. (I wanna make my own if possible)
wc kit shootout, help me decide
swifteck wc kit adn piece of hardare???
Question for you water cooling folks...
Now that's a WB!
Excellent Fan & Air Cooling Primer
Calling All Electricians Out There !!!
AX478 or CoolerMaster IHC-H7I?
which wires do i connect for 12V?
3 fans, which one is the most tolerable?
On Die Temp from Intel?
Best WaterBlock
Lapping Help
my god... *drool*
ram heatsinks
Swiftech MCX4000
high temps in computer
WC case
Coolermaster IHC-L7I or AX-478
Breathe.. it's all condensation.
positive pressure
Alpha PAL 8045T Offsets
direction of fans?
Athlon XP 1.4 @ 1.58 (1600+ @ 1900+); cooling
watercooling or stick with my loud air powered system?
Icing my scorcher, need help.
Advantages to maze3 copper top to lucite top?
Fan question
heatsink -> thermal paste question...
W.B. questions....
Double barrel Res
How the heck can I cool her down?
Thermalright AX-7 ROCKS!!
UK Suppliers???
pleese help
just checking, i DONT want to mess up.
Pelt Questions
case temp 28c CPU 50c. Whats an avg difference in temps?
Heatsink and Case fan noise levels.
Zalman P4 cooler
Some quick questions bout phase change
Heh.. Talk about running cool on these old Celly's
Help me help my poor AX-7!! Please!!
How Do I ???
which heatsink is better?
Harddrive cooling.....
big fans
custom made TINY heatercore
Is my boss wrong???
Biggest n00b question.
Condensation problem
Can humidity do this?
problem with some temps
Reduce case temp.
Quick temp question...
quietest heatsink...
TR AX478 vs. CoolerMaster IHC-H7I (HeatPipe)
Simple Mods?Thinking of making a hole.
Idea about a heatsink
new system and cooling
Comp without case :(
pelt duct idea
to big of tubing?
Thermal Pads?
Changing the heatsink
Does anyone have one of these...?
Pentium 4, 2.26 - Idle Temps too high!
rad b4 or after?
thermal pad, paste and dry research.
Watercooling troubles
H2O Flowmeter needed.....
Will this work for insulating\waterproofing, Please help.
pump suggestions please
Is the Via Aqua 1300 pump inline or submersible or both ?
Swiftech or Millenium
hd corruption
This Work?
i just ordered a gemini water block! and i have questions
best 80mm fans
Koollance water cooling case
Watercooling Geforce 4
OC.au comparison Cyclone5 vs. Maze3
Enough Cooling?!?
better heatsink
Rounded Cables
Question about AMD stock coolers.
Air Filter!
Radiator fanning, ducting
Looking for heater core!
--My W/C Idea--
maxi jet 1200 as a inline pump?
P4 1.6 Northie too hot?
question for refrigeration people
Heating element in CPU contraversy
Heat Sink question
What if small bits of a peltier corners aren't covered?
Noise from pump.
Ciao,I'm Italian boy (@ECS K7s6A)....
Question on Alpha Pal8942, is your fan
New Radiator
Just finished a customers custom rig
Sansui A1110
WATER cooling= anyone got pictures of pipe layout?
I ned opinions only. See it give it a simple post
My DIY waterblock so far
Emermax Speed Adujstable Fans
Via Aqua or Rio Pump?
Preordering check
is my XP too hot?
cpu hsf problem
AX-7 question
A Koolance question
Some fancy mods for you !!
Taisol CGK7600092 and overclocking
Case Fans
Thermaltake.. Whats this?
Stopping condensation dead in its drippy tracks
err.. i hate my temps
I love A/C !!
255.9 celcius mobo temp
heat pipe
Automotive Radiators?
Pump Relay?
My first fanbus!
Will inline Pump work upside down?
Will this Idea work ????
Gemini mounting system available alone?
Peltier surface area benefits.
tell me about yoru first time, water cooling.
Help rheostat question.
question on watercooling
ViaAqua1300 or Danner model 3?
Does Pump Location Matter?
Advice for chilled water system.
Help me find a Fan..120mm
High Temp problem solved
Which came first chicken or the egg?
parallel water cooling
W/Cooling what is the best liquid mix??
cpu w/no hsf
Solder or use this?
Any data on what to OC first.. GPU vs CPU
dual rad question
Peltier Help
Help needed on WB for Slot A
Decent pump for watercooling?
Is this an excellent PSU?
For people who know
All of us that WaterCool Go here.
case cooling. shoot me.
Problems w/ maxim 6657 based AMD thermal diode reader
central ac for wc
Swamp Cooler idea
actice memory cooling
RAM heatsinks
"Squerrel Cage" fans...
BongBox Drawing
I need a quiter fan....suggestions?
120mm Blowhole
Can I run a gemini block in a 1/2in system?
need a heatercore...and other Q's
Which has better cooling...inline, submerged, or inline w/res?
My location to mount rad good?
My way of RAM cooling
does pump lift really effect anything?
How tight to screw in screws?
OC=Warranty Void
Here's what I've come up with...
AlphaPal 8045 suck or blow?
Finished project pics
grills and filters?
Making a WB - Metal dimensions
adustment to PELTIER output?
coppermine cel 633 at 50?
hot cpu
Is socket 423 compatible with socket A?
Cooling vs cpu volts vs fsb
Magnetic levitation fans, case cooling, and a chipset question.
Need Link to get Metatronics Fans
mobo temps read from where?
Finshed water cooling project.
resevoirs and pelts
water cooling help
AX-7 vs Volcano 2
Socket 478 Waterblock
high cpu temps
More Voltage or More Cooling?
MCW462 or MCW362?
water cooling questions
does the exhaust have to be in the back?
best chipset cooling
Will getting an AX-7 help?
Is this bad? my temp seems to be too high :(
Taisol CGK7600092 with a fan adapter
popcan cooling
making the change; need advice
HS testing method suggestion
Very cool tool I found for all extreme cooling
volcano 7?
Cheap Water Pump
Rheostat Question
arctic silver 3
Using zinc to stop corrosion?
??? How Are These Temps ???
Normal temperatures?
whats a good place to buy water cooling set
Alpha 8045 ???
25 watt rheostats
Open your window!
smart fans
Digital Doc Fan Control
This fan looks promising
HD w/b paste
I just need a siply reply. Dun reject me
can i use this to make a waterblock?
Whats DIY?
Bladerunners GF4 WATERBLOCKS
my 4-pin panaflo
EXCELLANT hard drive water cooling/noise reduction !!!
best hs for a spitfire duron750Mhz?
Via Aqua 1300
How much cool
Switech MCW 372
Help, new Celeron is HOT
o/c potential?
mcx462-u vs. ax-7
Problem with CPU cooling...
the TIM joint battle, continued
Heatsink Recommendations on AMD?
Heatsink Recommendations on p4?
On Die & Thermal Diode Sensors
havin probs.. cooling suggestions????
Need to buy a good hsf for overclocking a xp1600 to atleast 1700mhz
water-cooling accessories - Canadian distributer
Best water cool sys for XP2100
Uh-Oh, Look what I ordered!
Whats the right water mixture ?
Final check b4 I go buy this watercooling system
cooling advice please
Best water sys for p4 and or socket7 s
Low watt GPU pelt cooling?
Accurate CPU temps from the mobo thermistor
thermal pad?
TC-4 My First Thoughts
waterblock design questions
TEC powering question
volcano 7+ not the best
A slight improvement
removing expanding foam?
SLK-800 or AX-7? (not SLK-600)
good fish pump?
No fans?
Some new ideas I'd like to try
For You Air Cooling Guys - SLK800 ROCKS!
Bong Users temps
Northbridge Coolers Suggestions
geoforce ti4400 cooling
side fan intake or outtake?
Need some advice on P4 coolers...
My homebuilt waterblock's
How hot is to hot?
tell me yr temperature
NEED HELP GUYS! best water cooling kits?
How much for a badass case?
To resivoir or not to resivoir
12v mag drive Bilge and Livewell pumps.
MBM5 problems
waterblock pressure losses
geoforce ti4400 cooling
Swiftech MCX478 with Thermaltake 80mm Smart Fan
I think I will try water cooling
hot stuff
Fitting the Thermalright AX-7
cleaning off the cpu's old grease why 99% pure isopropyl?
Will the socket clampworkon a maze 3?
I guess thermaltake thinks there a real company now?
Cooling my ATI Radeon 8500
BETTER than EHIEM pump?
Best Heatsink Out?
Cut Tubing?
Copper tubing instead of tygon HMM
Making Thermaltake smart fans dumb
Best + easiest watercooling
Chipset mod ?
how do i "lap" a heatsink?
Inline or res?
which is better? Volcano 7+ or Coolermaster w/heat pipe for 1.4TB
TC-4 Performance
Opinions on the D-Tek reservoir and pump combo
Polypropylene vs Brass
Radiator orientation
Getting air out!!!
Plexi Resevoir
Few Questions
Volacano 7+ and modded pal 6035 about equal in performence.
A little duct tape+fans+alum=shroud
ASUS A7V333 OWNERS: post your temp results
water cooling kit
arctic silver 3?
My First time - Can Arctic Silver 3 damage my CPU???!!!! PLEASE READ!!
New Thermaltake GF4Cooler
Reservir - HOw big?
my water project
DEOS THIS WORK? fan on case door
Volcano and Artic Silver
Homemade Coors Lite Duct (+pictures!)
:d I Need A Water Cooling Guide!!! :d
Submersed pumps effect on cooling???
Antec Smartfans
Thermoelectric from Target?
9 degree drop
Best case fan for money
? about AX-7 and a NON Delta Fan
Case Fan Mania
Soundproofing experience?
How do I add a peltier to an Alpha PEP66?
i was thinking punisher
tailed? non-tailed?
The most useless cooling fan I've ever seen
Helpful hint for PAL8045 users
need greater variable from rheostats
intake outtake?
I Hate Leaks!!!!
MY student just showed me this !!!!!
What sort of performance increase do you get when adding a pelt to a WC system?
What is this battery effect you people speak of?
Finding the right 80mm Fan?
Problem w/ Antec SmartFans
Intel multiplier unlocking
need advice
What is the best radiator?
Leufken Watercooling Kit
CUSTOM rad finally in!
--Delta 120mm = Finger Choppers--
How many amps does a PSU take?
car heatercore reconmondations?
basic cooling questions about 1.6 overclocking
Tygon vs Silicon Tubing, please explain
need some advise with going 2 rads and 3 blocks
condensation in reservoir
Who sells the resevoirs for antec cases?
Need Help with T-Bird Cooling Issues
Inline = Air bubble problem
Stupid but Important question
Epox onboard Display !!
Is this good airflow or not?
---Where Is That Watt Calculator?---
Easy way to cool down my system?
Modding Pump
How loud exactly is a 52dba fan?
Air cooling a pelt with an AX7?
New water cooling/air cooling system- will it work
AX-7 strangeness
Themaltake sensor fan?
CPU Temp
12v. pump claims to be better than an Ehiem!
Bilge Pump?
AX-7 heatsink fan mounting?
Better Temps with AS2 than AS3!
water cooling advice...
Cooltechnica Case
Opening my phase change system...
Tru-Cool LPD transmission coolers
Water/Peltier cooling
Refinements to Volcano 7+
To bong or not to bong that is my question
New peltier like devices OMG
cooling abilities
Pentium 233 MMX Cooling?
Swiftech MCX370
Replace stock fans?
RFC: Using beaten silver instead thermal compund
New use for peltier?
Advice/Criticism Needed
Maxxxpert Mono Heatercore
temp ratings for AMD t'bird 1.4Ghz
case fan directions
A new cooling solution!
Digi Doc modding
Digi Doc modding
Best showerhead for a 4 inch bong?
Does this sound right?
What Peltier size for geforce4???
Desirable idle and full load cpu temps for an XP 1800 and a 1.2 Thunderbird?
help me cool my pop can!
Flow problem?
Making junk heatsinks better
Sidewinder will start carrying the Delta 172mm
Bong Condensor Idea
Parallel transistors ... (to increase capacity)
Will my heatsink cool an xp?
cooler master HHC-001 with abit at7 mobo. will it fit?
Danner 700 gph ...too powerful?
the washers on ax478
Bong cooler help
MazeII on a Tualatin CPU
Overclock a fan
Cooling the condensor..
can't overlock, why?
Meltdown, My First Disaster
Pumps Question...
Watercooling: Fittings question.
AX7 W. Pelt
My 1.2 AMD and nice cooling.
fan/heat sink suggestions for this system
Dragon Orb: AMD cruncher?
Idea for a cheap water cooling kit lol
Need A Heatsink
Need to Cool your Flux capacitor? :p
cpm higher for intake or exhaust?
cooling a fridge.
wheres that thread about popcan wb?
new thermaltake gforce4 copper cooler
soldering the cpu fan header
Fan to get on Thermalright AX-478
Is My Amd Xp 1800 Is Burning On Fire !?
cpu fan not spinning
Special Blow hole cutting device?
AX-7, Panaflo 80mm (from PSU), 1.2GHz Tbird 51+C?
Nidec Beta V Ta450 dc
Need help, weird switch for a 7v mod..
Arg my temps are HIGH with my new cooling system...
Would 2 250 gph pumps be...
Alternative to arctic silver???
one h*ll of a project
WB getting dirty, long time 'experiment'
volcano 7 plus
1/2" fittings should have 1/2" inside diameter. Yes?
yet another wb design
My Bong Adventure
Extreme watercooler
120mm to 60mm adapter?
Strange partial failure of a transistor
Case fans replacements
Lapping a Retail
AMD K6-200@unstable
Interested in a 22k rpm 750 CFM fan? 746 Watts!
outside resevoir cooling
Home made GF4 H2O cooler
thank u all especially sonny and yodums etc
AX7 or Alpha PAL 8045?
volcano 7+ problems
abnormal temperature questions
Why is my T-bird's Temperature so HIgh?
Fridge Cooling?
Here u r my copper blue orb :)
I have this wacky geforce4 ti idea, what do you think?
Air & Water Cooling, and TEC
dB of a 7 Volt modded Screaming Delta
--Where to find 120mm to 80mm Fan Adaptor--
Dust with canned air to dramatically lower CPU temps!!
Water Block Simulator 1.0
where can one get those 'bombs' as in project stealth?
Whats this "battery affect"?
Higher the CFM use for an intake? or exhaust?
The Most Insane W/C Radiator Idea ever!
how loud is loud? and other Q's
rheastats and heat production...
I love my new Wc setup
Thin layer of Artic Silver 3
Delta Fan problem...
heatsink fan question
Maze3 or Component Fluid Injector?
how do i get mbm5 to shut down my pc
Which one of these waterblocks?
could 20 liters of water passively cool a watercooled xp1900?
Need help on Peltier/Water cooling