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Leufken Watercooling Kit
CUSTOM rad finally in!
--Delta 120mm = Finger Choppers--
How many amps does a PSU take?
car heatercore reconmondations?
basic cooling questions about 1.6 overclocking
Tygon vs Silicon Tubing, please explain
need some advise with going 2 rads and 3 blocks
condensation in reservoir
Who sells the resevoirs for antec cases?
Need Help with T-Bird Cooling Issues
Inline = Air bubble problem
Stupid but Important question
Epox onboard Display !!
Is this good airflow or not?
---Where Is That Watt Calculator?---
Easy way to cool down my system?
Modding Pump
How loud exactly is a 52dba fan?
Air cooling a pelt with an AX7?
New water cooling/air cooling system- will it work
AX-7 strangeness
Themaltake sensor fan?
CPU Temp
12v. pump claims to be better than an Ehiem!
Bilge Pump?
AX-7 heatsink fan mounting?
Better Temps with AS2 than AS3!
water cooling advice...
Cooltechnica Case
Opening my phase change system...
Tru-Cool LPD transmission coolers
Water/Peltier cooling
Refinements to Volcano 7+
To bong or not to bong that is my question
New peltier like devices OMG
cooling abilities
Pentium 233 MMX Cooling?
Swiftech MCX370
Replace stock fans?
RFC: Using beaten silver instead thermal compund
New use for peltier?
Advice/Criticism Needed
Maxxxpert Mono Heatercore
temp ratings for AMD t'bird 1.4Ghz
case fan directions
A new cooling solution!
Digi Doc modding
Digi Doc modding
Best showerhead for a 4 inch bong?
Does this sound right?
What Peltier size for geforce4???
Desirable idle and full load cpu temps for an XP 1800 and a 1.2 Thunderbird?
help me cool my pop can!
Flow problem?
Making junk heatsinks better
Sidewinder will start carrying the Delta 172mm
Bong Condensor Idea
Parallel transistors ... (to increase capacity)
Will my heatsink cool an xp?
cooler master HHC-001 with abit at7 mobo. will it fit?
Danner 700 gph ...too powerful?
the washers on ax478
Bong cooler help
MazeII on a Tualatin CPU
Overclock a fan
Cooling the condensor..
can't overlock, why?
Meltdown, My First Disaster
Pumps Question...
Watercooling: Fittings question.
AX7 W. Pelt
My 1.2 AMD and nice cooling.
fan/heat sink suggestions for this system
Dragon Orb: AMD cruncher?
Idea for a cheap water cooling kit lol
Need A Heatsink
Need to Cool your Flux capacitor? :p
cpm higher for intake or exhaust?
cooling a fridge.
wheres that thread about popcan wb?
new thermaltake gforce4 copper cooler
soldering the cpu fan header
Fan to get on Thermalright AX-478
Is My Amd Xp 1800 Is Burning On Fire !?
cpu fan not spinning
Special Blow hole cutting device?
AX-7, Panaflo 80mm (from PSU), 1.2GHz Tbird 51+C?
Nidec Beta V Ta450 dc
Need help, weird switch for a 7v mod..
Arg my temps are HIGH with my new cooling system...
Would 2 250 gph pumps be...
Alternative to arctic silver???
one h*ll of a project
WB getting dirty, long time 'experiment'
volcano 7 plus
1/2" fittings should have 1/2" inside diameter. Yes?
yet another wb design
My Bong Adventure
Extreme watercooler
120mm to 60mm adapter?
Strange partial failure of a transistor
Case fans replacements
Lapping a Retail
AMD K6-200@unstable
Interested in a 22k rpm 750 CFM fan? 746 Watts!
outside resevoir cooling
Home made GF4 H2O cooler
thank u all especially sonny and yodums etc
AX7 or Alpha PAL 8045?
volcano 7+ problems
abnormal temperature questions
Why is my T-bird's Temperature so HIgh?
Fridge Cooling?
Here u r my copper blue orb :)
I have this wacky geforce4 ti idea, what do you think?
Air & Water Cooling, and TEC
dB of a 7 Volt modded Screaming Delta
--Where to find 120mm to 80mm Fan Adaptor--
Dust with canned air to dramatically lower CPU temps!!
Water Block Simulator 1.0
where can one get those 'bombs' as in project stealth?
Whats this "battery affect"?
Higher the CFM use for an intake? or exhaust?
The Most Insane W/C Radiator Idea ever!
how loud is loud? and other Q's
rheastats and heat production...
I love my new Wc setup
Thin layer of Artic Silver 3
Delta Fan problem...
heatsink fan question
Maze3 or Component Fluid Injector?
how do i get mbm5 to shut down my pc
Which one of these waterblocks?
could 20 liters of water passively cool a watercooled xp1900?
Need help on Peltier/Water cooling
For people with the Volcano 7+ and would like a quieter HSF...
Quiet 120mm fan?
Used Heater Cores
HELP chosing a watercooling
Just tried it.
Peltier Rig Steup Questions???
Which Radiator ?
OVerlcok cooling
Evercool CUD 725CA cooler .. are you happy?
Cooling for XP 1800
Volcano 7+ woes
Thermaltake SK6Cu
P4 OC wattage
Via Aqua 480 inline capable?
this a good case to put watercooling in
Positive displacement pumps...
Mounting problems
cooling problems (software)
fans fans fans
How often do you re-seat your HS?
Reservoir question
AX-7 vs Valcano 7+
tempdisplay+epox8kha+mbm5 ;D
Does the AX-7 need lapping?
Will this burn up my cpu?
Temperature Anomaly??????
artic silver problem
Controlling Fans?
Temp stability w/ TtV7+
How long would this Take?
is my p4 1.8ghz too hot?
Here is my PC-70 newb water cooling setup
Cheap AX-7 w/panaflo 40cmf?
New thought?
weird question
Noise and the Athalon XP 2000+; Show your skills!
amd processors
Anyone looking for a Thermalright AX478
Friend needs some help
What a difference copper makes! :)
Have I finally got it right?
Any suggestions?
Help me decide on a fan
MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU, Wont power on
Cooling in a very hot room...
Cooling Ambient?
Watersink Question...
DC Current for cooling fans
Air Bubbles
1.6a w/ Dragon Orb socket 478
what do you think of this heatsink?
Update: Project C4 rebuild complete
Ducts help
need help fast! 8k3a!!!!
Thermal epoxy (selfmade :P)
white film in tubes?
koolance 601b
uv water in my system
Which P4 Waterblock
what is the best fan/heatsink you could buy for AMDXP cpus?????
A7V333 temp readings - true or false
Can you rate this setup please
Making a heat spreader for an amd
My TMD fan test results
COOLING CUBES DO I NEED ONE ??? guide the blind man to water...
What water block for p4?
I never thought this day would come..
water cooling Q
Great forum
fan-radiator set up
aquavia 1300? Reply if you have experience
Glow In The Dark?
anyone tried this 1/4 block?
Quiet HSF!
Swiftech wb with built in pelt
230cfm 172mm BEAST FAN!!!
My Students
Installing a Gemini Spiral Block
Case Cooling
Temps too high.
Check out this setup!
direct die safer!
which water block is better?
Quiet fans
AOC HDD Cooler
help w/ lapping
swiftech WB
Interested in watercooling, but confused
Now Watercooled
80mm to 120mm adapter
How should i cool this sytem?
1/2 or 3/8?
phaze change question
Real water pump performance
inline reservoir
Abit thermal probes
Ultimate P4 Air Cooling?
The "Magic" 50C Number
Danner Supreme
Info On Koolance PC2-C
Newbie need help on Intel hs
People Asking About Their Temps --READ Please.
Koolance and geforce4 4600
EHEIM 1048. how much does it weigh?
Fan Sound Comparison via MP3s
Quick Fan question...
What's the best 3rd party program to view system temps and such?
Don't make this case cooling blunder
Meaning of HSF's CPU rating
lapping geforce 3
Vantec Tornado on my AX-7, will it help?
Fan Adjusts According to the Temperature
volcano 7+ Versus AX7 (478) Which is the best?
CPUidle (the program)
45 good or bad?
Cooling a P4I Soyo Fire Dragon
air cooling a pelt
peltier condensation
Cooling For The Summer
Suggestions for temp sensors.
Screen mesh + pantyhose = air filter ?
Just started up an AX7 w/ delta 68
My First :)
WaterCooled Laptop
w00t water ro><ors!
LEDs and other electrical stuff, where to buy and what to get?
226W pelt problem.
Crazy question
Good, quiet fan for Alpha PAL8492?
almost done system... and totally stoked
Question about pump size?
which pelt?
I just got my Thermaltake CRYSTAL ORB
uhh... bong?
What cooler should I buy?
Does this have cooling possibilities?
Question about pumps
ax7 + lan-party?
how to attach 1/2 in tubing together
Primo cooling problems, help needed =D
I think I've found the baddest fan!!!
Double Ducting Idea
Greasing the socket.....
Looking to upgrade your HS/F? Check this out!!
How to get Temps and Watts for Your CPU
Plexiglass or Lucite?
temperature questions
Danner or Eheim?
HSF choice?
block casting.
Not getting airflow through rad
Radiate II Parameters for Athlon XP
Can someone recommend a good HS/F combo for this future Setup?
PS2 cooling
KX7-333 w/ AX-7
Athlon XP 1800 running EXTREMELY hot!!
What NOT to put on a Duron (if you want to OC it)
Danger Den: Pulling their Act together!
is this a bad idea?
AXP 2000+ way overheated
Help on Thermal Glue
Eheim noise
CPU Shims?
i just did a little flow testing
Is it ok to put my PC next to my AC vent?
Quiet Heatsink&Fan for Celetron FCPGA2?
WB1 of 4...my project as of now:
case fan problems
Vantec Tornado
Athlon 2000+ CPU Temp Question
Water cooling component placement
Bong Cooling Mods
fridge mod gone bad
CPU Temp Question
sound vs. cfm
Your opinion about the AS III thermal paste
Wierd Temp Change.
AMD XP 1800+ Burning HOT ! ! !
microbus + mechatronics
On-die sensors
Silver Water Cooling
Where can I find Copper stock?
Fill And Bleed
TEC Questions
Reverse Fan?
Water Block
My ax7 temps. Are these normal?
White Spirit
Heat probs
Temperature Question
EHEIM: Size of impeller diameter
Athlon XP 1800 too hot?
how do I maximize fan speed for 5 Deltas and 1 PSU?
Whats a good pump?
good or bad idea ?
6ft Under
Cooler rooms => cooler ambient temps ...
Getting very diff cpu temp readings, pls help
Please help, I wanna connect intake fan
Interesting pump design
Help understanding the Pump Relay
Z4 waterblock not cooling well, I think its something with pump
Clamping Pressure
where do i get a whole saw for cutting plexi glass?
WTF black light and Digidoc5
Eheim 1250 adaptors, help needed
New HSF help
Propane Cooler? <Read for Details>
water cooling help
Near-Death Experience
120mm deltas OMG
Question about tubing.
Water block mount springs
5.25 reservoir??
Testing Stability?
What's the best hsf?
Best place to put side window fan
Wots the averge AMD Duron 900 temp?
quick reply please- soldering aluminum
Is this waterblock design going to work?
Dragon Orb Socket 478
Increasing Case Fan Airflow (cfm)
Intel Heatsink?
Idea for case cooler. sugestions please.
my water cooling
Max Mhz? With Fan!
Why is my pc cooler with now fan??
Where the hell can I find a AX-478?!?!?
water wetter
why doesn't someone sell a 3 ghz P4 comp
Ax-7 Or Pal8045?
Last pre-buy watercooling questions
Question on powering a peltier. (and insulating one)
RFC: Impeller inside waterblock
Thermal Properties of porcelain
Couple Basic Watercooling Questions
Copper oxidizes/tarnishes
Water lose in Water tower
Watercooling problem..
bong cluster
Heavy Case
What are some quiet fans?????
Pump interference
Ideal places for H20 Components?
Advice for a new Fan
Cleaning help needed (tubing)
freezer coil help
Swiftech MC-370 Mod to water will it work well or not?
Some water cooling questions
A SIBAK transformer !!!!!!
Pathetic VOLCANO 6Cu Temps
Cooling XP2000+ with 60mm 1U HSF
Should I?
Can my processor fan really be this bad?
Do you think I need hose clamps?
Will this pump work good?
11 waterblocks tested and reviewed !!!
5000btu AC unit
Fixing Eheim 1250 Sucking in Air...
water cooling more then cpu
where do you guys buy your fans from?
Anyone have the YS Tech clear fan w/ blue LEDS
Waterblock for Geforce 4 ???
Watercooling Kit question
CPUFX Z4 experiences?
Tygon first impressions
Watercooling in a Coolermaster ATC-201
Swiftech MCX478 for P4 @2,66GHZ??
just tellin u guys the result with my new hsf
My cpu Temps are driving me crazy!
nmeed some help look
Best way to attach plexi glas to my waterblock ???
anyone make/sell mini AC units...?
Which Choice Will Cool Better?
cooling idea, please give advice.
60+ Deg C normal for 2100+?
Where is the best place to plant a temp. monitor on a water cooling system
is a silver dollar real silver?
Is this an Ok heatsink
will a maze3 fit on an 8k3a+?
need help with some thermal sensors.
Lapping- the right way-
Best Water Block for <40?
Thinking about watercooling a special Video card
How to's of administering water to my system??
intel retail heatsink question
Folding wat does it mean??
looking for a program to test my load temps?
How about using Vodka instead of water and water wetter?
Will a Dremel cut copper? and other qs
Water-cooled Bare-bones System
Help..think my MB has been fried hehe.
Most thermally conductive solder?
A couple of questions
Flow rate tesing in the great outdoors.
hi guys and gals...the cooling expert is back in town
morphling1 using your design
i did something stupid... little o/t
help tube sizes
lapping takes away ? thickness?
Air cooling with Lian mid towers
aqua via 370 questions
Good Fan from NewEgg
Placement of Heat Exchanger in case
How to cut the case fan holes?
why did water wetter cause bubbles?
suck or blow =P help me cool this sucker!
Is MBM5 Accurate?
Wrong Radiator??
A very ppor qualitie Maze3 >:(
Thermal Readers
geforce 4 cooling
sandra temp monitorng question
Peltier on an ASUS GF2MX
Swiftech 478 P4 Installation Query
Artic Silver
Just starting, picking fan..
Will AX-7 fit on to the Shuttle AK31A?
Which To Pick.
cleaning the waterblock
Vantec Tornado
Silver heatsink
best air cooling heat sink?
CoolerMaster HHC-001 Question
Dragon Orb 3
Canadian copper bar stock supplier?
waterblock made of heatsinks and ASII epoxy
Good Gaming Computer/Cooling System?
Maze3 temp problems
most basic of questions
I need helps please..
Where can I ...
Overheated CPU
Maze 2 installing question
Flow rate question.
Why not ask a pro? Any heating/air conditioning engineers out there?
question on which case...
Cooling water w/ fridge
Actual Hard-Core Research on Case thermodynamics
New EVA-3 Phase Change Cooler Pics
AX7-related questions
Bad finish on AX7
Modding a Volcano 6CU ...
PCI Coolers
direct die wcooling links needed
Maze3, Gemini Spiral base thickness?
In love with my new air cooling!
Purple Ice and UV dye
Help me!! Stop the noise!!!!