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Front Case Fan
Anyone that has done Cooling on your Monitor, post Pics
GeForce4Ti WB's?
condensation and peltiers
80mm fan question
inline pump.....???
What do u suggest i do?
Coolermaster HHC-001 Question
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP Bios problem
watercooling Qs
Arctic Freezer Reservoir and Pump
Which cooler is better?
Bought new everything and cpu is still hot!
Keeping Case Cool
Lapping kinda sucks...
Best Air Cooling/Cheapest?
Total Fan Header Wattage for BD7?
I need some info please...
Computer Talkerz!!!!
Starting over - need advice!
Compressor label...
wiring Panaflo fans to RheoBus HELP!
to hot, why?
Alpha PAL8942 Fan direction
Heat transfer fluid
Some Observations; Your Comments?
side case fans
Swifty waterblock question
watercooling!! Order to place components???
Which Eheim?
is it worth it?
Whats the lowest a CPU temp should go?
Veterans, I've got some ?s
80mm thermaltake smart fan vs. on sk-6
will the dents in the HS caused by AMD Stepping name increase Tbred temps?
hard drive temps... Too high?
Guess what i did today..
Swiftech MCW462-UT/MCW478-UT
AH F**K it...
Socket A HSF as a GPU cooler? Which one!
i need a prebuilt liquid cooled case
pump died !!!!!! (&T(*^%(*^!
temps on 8k3a..
Think my motherboard is reporting temps 10C High
Case Cooling for an old Celeron 433
Motherboard Monitor not working
Stuck Fan
blowing or sucking through radiators?
Geforce2 fan gone LOUD
CPU Temp Differences
Metal Plates
2000+ overheating????
Watercooling problem.
Pump turns on with computer?
Water Cooling cases
motherboard temps going out of control and new lian li
Hammer HSF Preview
Thermal electric cooling?What you guys think
what kind of liquid?
Retail sub-zero temperature cooling solution for AMD and Intel CPUs!!!
Retail sub-zero temperature cooling solution for AMD or Intel CPUs!!!
Is this a fair statement?
good heatsink?
I'd like to water cool withOUT a radiator
Stop mold
Soldering Question ..
Watercooling a harddrive-
water advice
CFI waterblock
DangerDen Maze3 Vs. Gemin Sprial Waterblock-
Waterblock insulating
Unlock Athlon XP
Challenge : cool my noisey system with water without the sound
My watercooling system, *PICTURES*
Zalman 6500 cu
InnovaCOOL Copper-core Water Block or the DD Maze 2 or 3??
Stock Cooling Condition for Review
Do back to back fans = CFM * 2????
Cooling the Water
Fan placement\balance questions.
Fan control question
Fan control question
Planning Science Project - Question
Wb Waterfire 1.1 ... Made In Italy
cooling idea
It IS possible to move TOO MUCH air
T'right AX-7 on ST6
Thermalright ax478 vs. Koolance watercooled Case
New g force ti 4600 trouble heating up.. arr
Which Heat Sink Fan would u recommend for P4 1.7GHz socket 423
Angling the fan on a heatsink?
Whoa, this is cool!
Dolphin Tank Master DP-800
High output 50mm fan?
4 hours of Lapping
My try at a cheap WB
Swiftech MCW370
which should I trust?
Extra Air Cooling Need Help
anyone tried this pump out?
heat sink comparison?
evap mod
High Case Temps
Mini-fridge air cooling questions
Need maze3 inner dimensions??
5000 BTU Room AC unit for $125???
round cables
How do I know where my CPU temp sensor is?
How should I round my cables?
New Water Cooling
Newbie watercooling Woes!!!
anyone heard of a Kryon case?
hard drive cooling
Pump in basement 50' head
extream cooling article on front page
Nice system
Water getting to hot!
Bongs - and residues!
Milling waterblocks with a wood router
For wc fans....
BEWARE! RAMsinks and spreaders.
Dangerous diode
ok is this good temps for oc amd 1800
cooling a g force card, and uhh burning it *cry*
why do some systems have resevoirs and some dont
i broke my g force ti 4600 tell me what i did wrong so i dont do it agin.. thanks
AK7333 cpu temps
can some one help me find a heatsink review
watercooling for dually
CPU Temps
Best WB design out there at the moment ???
Best WB design out there at the moment ???
Anyone use a Little Giant pump?
Silicone Tubing in Canada
The Crystal Monster Video Cooling Kit
Good CPU Temp???
should my heat sink be hot?
7 volting a Panaflow on a radiator
Is this a good way of cooling? I got my CPU to be at 15c
A couple radiator questions...
The ultimate cooling setup that is actually ingenious
Place the cpu, seperately outside of the case, and cool it directly
Rounded Cables
Making a radiator
Water cooling... reduce noise?
SLK-600 question
stock XP 1800+ running HOT!!!
Annoying delta fan noise
Question about watercooling fluid
Two pumps wow!
Adapting a koolance case to 1/2" tubing
looking for the epoxy for gluing heatsinks
changing fan on a heatsink, good idea?...
Fridge Cooling! (new)
Wb ?
anyone have the dimensions to a 87 chevette radiator?
How well will this cooling setup work?
CPU internal diode calibration
revized block
submined system?!
and this was....
My first rheobus Part 2
WHEN/WHERE is the ax478!?
need to find a krio case
Why do my case fans run more slowly when powered from a mobo header?
How to fill a closed loop setup
Water cooling temps question...pls help
Can i fit it in a lian li?
Any opinions on this HSF?
Heatsink and Fan help!!
kt7 chipset cooling question
Thinking of using an air conditioner...
Pumps & head pressure...
bad cooling
need some good vid card cooling!!
Koolance Waterblocks....
Sourcing a water pump
hard drive cooling
At What Temp will AMD Athlon XP Burns?
PWM DC Motor Speed Control Sale !!
Is this good or bad?
Whats the proper way to connect multiple Fans and Neons?-see diagram
Help Me Find A Cooler
The absolute cheapest watercooling setup
what watercooling setups do you have inside your Lian-Li cases?
Ohhh Baby!
Check out this water pump
80mm to 92mm Fan adapter
Where to find the CPU die size?
Suck and blow question.
Pin fin waterblock like Hoot's
WaterBlock Question - which is best?
Geothermal Cooling
Help me decide which cooler.
Another Quiet Solution?
chipset cooling
Arctic Silver 3 Question
Need water parts
hard drive
Panaflo's are gooood
My Chiller :)
Cooling- Present and Future
VapoChill & TEC Combonation
air cooled help
Suk Or Blow
Any Ideas
cooler 3 power lines?????
Using a transmission cooler
Looking for input on a WB
Ambitious (First) water cooling rig
Place components in the right order?
did i put too much AA?
Best socket 478 heatsink?
Advice for my H2o setup
Hello All.. CPU temp question
Vacum packed Pc
PC Ventilator
Accurate Temp?
AF Rez and Pump
Is it possible to blow too much air onto a heatsink.
Pics of my system.
Watercooling not working!!!!
phase change kooling
MaxiJet Pump or Arctic Freezer Reservoir ??
AC anyone?
Water cooling 1600 XP @ 2000+...52C???whyyy...
Anyone have a Koolance PC2-C and 8KHA+?
Fridge Cooling!
I soldered aluminum to copper. Impossible? NO!
Want to get into H20 but dont have enough $$$ for premade kit
Do you have an A7M266? So help me to help you.
What do you use to connect a waterblock to the Motherboard?
stock cooler temps?
Temps of a 1 gig Duron
Possible idea for a water block(cube)
Tell me I didnt screw up :)
Anyone here runnin a AX7 w/ a 30ish CFM fan?
can smell somthing in my comp cooking
Water Wetter
In or out?
Stupid Idea?
Do the Koolance cases really do what they say
Thermaltake DRAGON 478 HSF
Air Flow
Ah, summertime temps...up they go
cooling for OC 1.8A to 2.5ghz
Out of the cooling sceene for a while!
Summer heat is killing me
Zalman CNPS6000ALCU
Oops, is there a thing as to much...
On Board Diode
Peltier goop
W/C component order
Help! going to pelt Help!
my water cooling pics
delete this thread i messed up
Why don't they make waterblocks like this?
which would be better? 2 92mm intake or some 120mm side intakes?
what 80mm fan put out most CFM?
Silverado Noise Control
YS Tech TMD fan @ Newegg
Any advice on cutting hole int he case?
New to Watercooling, need advice
Burned Up!
HSF colour?
8KHA+ owners: how to mount maze3?
AX-7, is it really the best SocketA heatsink ?
example of wahts wrong wtih my comp, any idea?
My Idea
Water Cooling advise
homemade peltier
fan adapters
heat sink's question......
Any one remember the equation for getting watts produced at OC'd speeds vs. default?
Help on WaterCooling
Zalman fan Performance? Input??
ARGH! crazy temps!
Hard Drives
Is thermal paste required?
Hows this H20 setup...?
1987 Chevette Heater Core
DigiDoc 5
freezer mod
Cases/internet dealers
i need a asnwer on this quick like in 1min plz
Beautiful new TC-4 block
FORGE heatsink??
My design for a GPU waterblock. Any good?
Whats the difference in using thicker walled tubing?
using stock amd heatsink as a water block
I think i have the best fan for my cpu.. give me ur thoughts
Cheap Pc 1066!!!!!!!!!!!!!!samsung Even
Has anyone modded a Pavilion?
Question about cooling for stock speed and Artic Silver III
bad pic of the inside of my comp.. could this be my problem?
Which GPU block?
Preparing for H20
Air getting into system
Abit TH7II Raid
best program out there to moniter ? voltage / fan / temp
RIP "Smoked RAM" anyone?
Tools to install fans
Is this cooling good enough?
My AX-7 Review
AX-7 Advice
Fan Connectors
Last Rheostat question I promise
Thermaltake Mem Cool Kit On CPU Heatsink
Wattage of a Palomino
I'm blind
Watercooling advice. Is this a good setup??
Naked Cele?
Using an inline pump with a reservoir?
AX-478: Where is it?
Thermalright AX7, SK6 or SLK600??
Inline Pumps
Amazing cooling projects! must see!
new piping technology - "Water Wave Guides"
Water cooling on hold
100% CPU load: Help wanted
Is this a question of Cost or quality?
do you need to reapply thermal paste ?
Installed my Z4 Kit last night....
Motherboard Monitor refresh rate?
I think im killing my chip (volts)
Little little radiator
chrome orb mods
My first rheobus
1800xp amd, best settings? does this sound right?
Pure Insanity
Fan question cpu
How to cool your CPU from outside the case.. (short story)
Northwood Temps
Another Fridge Cooler Project
Quick rad/fan question
Pics Finaly here!!! my wc setup
was just looking through hsf/watercooling perf. rankings..
Alright, time for watercooling
need help fast
Motherboard temps is flying uP!!! help!!
to hot????????????
Aging Water Pumps
Please check out if this setup is okay
Burn-in's Does it work?
Fan Template
Tb 1400 too hot?
Power supply with two fans a good idea?
Laping Details?
Help with a reservior
Temperature Standardizing?
I have a Leak!!!
Water Cooling Cases
need help
1 gig Duron Stock HSF
I need a BIG fan!
Idea up for review.
Anybody used the Aquacool No. 5 waterblock?
open or closed loop watercooling?
Looking for rheostats or potentiometers
Best HSF
AS3 question?
Alpha PAL8045U Question
My Watercooling Plan
Best Cooling order!
DELTA FFB0812EHE + Thermalright AX-7 ?
Pump flow ratings & resistance...
MBM5 and Aopen Ak77 Pro A
overclocked, now temp is way too hot
whats the name of it???
An easy way to drop a few degrees
HS help
What type of temps do you think i will get w/ this setup?
Water kits.
Climbing CPU Temp
MCW462-Swiftech Waterblock
WCing video card Q
Project 4C (Copper Case Chest Chilled) complete!/Recipient of the O/C Macgyver Award
heatsink Question
Bleed Lines
quick Q about pelts
Mother Board Monitor 5
Small program to calculate dBA from multiple sources
AX-7 with Delta 5k rpm
Help!!!!!!Code 01
Temp node placement...
Reverse Fan?
does AS3 work better than AS2? other cooling probs?
PCI SLOTS, the root of all cooling EVIL???
Effects of thermal acceleration??
How Strong is AA Epoxy?
Its not good if you turn off your hsf
Comments on Volcano 7+
The return of the Peltiers of Doom 5
Hey i just modded my ge 4 ti 4600
omg im so dumb, HELP ME PLEASE I think i did somthing dumb
still confused about the fans
I need to find a REAL small compressor
check out this cooling method...
Could someone please post the proper way to 7volts??
Is the temperature gauge suspose to be touching the CPU?
GruntmaN took the plunge
Rewiring EHEIM 1046 pump?
Redneck cooling solution drops 20'C
Really Weird
OCZ Goliath, Delta and... a buggy tachometer??? (+)
My temps rose :-(
My final setup...
How to set up system?
Wow, i'm impressed by this Alpha PAL8045!
A site to compute how loud your fans are together.
Lian + fans
I need help with cooling setup.
i did it finally :)
Where do you buy parts?
Just blew up pelt..pics inside
Cooling airstream with a pelt?
1800+ @ 1752MHz @ 31c full load
OMG! A mini mini fridge!!
Peltier cool water?
To trim or not to trim. That is the question.
Watercooling Idea...will this work?
Eheim 1048 or 1250??
so wahts wrong wtih my comp
First Water Cooling attempt - How are these Temps?
Please help with Volcano
What is the best Heatsink?
Which model of Swiftech Q Power should i get for AMD?
Fan speed.
my first shot at a hand mill
Volcano 7 vs. dragonorb
Burn In To Lower Your Temps
How should I move my fans? and whats burn? help
Help! Average temp for 1900+?
Good,cheap, fan filter material(pics)
problem with dell case
How loud is 20dB?
intake outtake? huh waht!
what is the hottest ur cpu can get. should get, and usally gets
Water Cooling Plan
Cable Length
my WB designs, criticize please
Plexi thermal issue
Best 1U cooler
How's this for a fan shroud?
Freon Heatsynks? Where? What? How much?
Opinions about my new waterblock design !!!
Tired of noise!!!!
new block leaks.
Which rad?
Holy foaming computer Batman!
8500LE Cooled by Blorb???
I don't know where to put this, but....
Can I fix this thermistor?
case tem sensor
newbie question on stock cooling
80mm case fan
Getting out of watercooling
kinda odd cooling question
off-brand silver compound, is it any good?
A new way to cool??
mobo temp to high?
An interesting note on Althon XP temps, and A7v266e MB
Blue Orb V Crystal Orb
Which pump, Maxijet 1200 or Aqua Via 1300?
Best way to trim heaight off of Heatsink Fins?
Stacking fans
Volcano 6cu+??
good heatsink choices for AMD K6-2Plus??
MB and Case temperature monitoring
Why not use a standard 20" floor fan?
Via Aqua 1300 owners: Inline or Submersed?
P4 1.7@2006,watercooled idle 41C!? any good?
Sandra vs. MBM5 temps
w/c routing
motherboard monitor
Homemade waterblocks - Update (lots of pictures)
Best website for fans/fan grils
Really slow fan?
Peltiers, TECS