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Good quality fans for push/pull?
Spire Thermax Eclipse 2
i am between 4 cpu coolers plz help
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haf 932 black
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Burning up
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antec 902 question
Texas LN2 benching event, post in this thread if you want to join us.
Noctua NH-D14 versus the Prolimatech Megahalems?
Cooling / Overclocking - Just getting started!
True 120 on my Q6600, CM v8 on my i7 920, worth swapping them?
quietest 120mm case fans? want them to perform like the corsair 700D fans
Connect Ultra Kaze to TRUE
unable to cool the primary (top) gtx 460 in this sli setup
Thermal Take Frio on Asus M4A785TD-V Evo?
what is best aircooling cpu?
Stock i7 930 w/ Megahalems: cannot get below 42C IDLE. Opinions?
Heatsinks!? what are they
Core temp questions (too high?)
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Thermaltake V1 HSF CPU Cooler any good?
Case Fans
Which fans.
I have a high speed delta fan. How do i use it?
Need a thermal grease recommendation
HELP!!!!!! Temp will not drop.
Zalman CNPS9900 LED Q?
automatic fan controllers?
Will it Fit, and is it worth it?
What to do for cooling 800d
140 x 25mm fan vs 120 x 38 for CPU cooler cogage arrow?
Zalman 9700 & Fan RPM'S
ASUS P6T SE with i7 930. Idle temps too high
Spot Cool Fans x 2
Silverstone Tj06- I7 930 - What cooling
Putting normal ice directly on my cpu, safe?
Cogage Arrow vs Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme Rev. C???
Experienced people Recommendation Please.
CM V10 on P6X58D Premium?
Looking for the best 140mm & 120mm fans for Corsair 800D Case
i7 860, Prolimatech Megahalems, P95, Temps
Best 80 dollar non-water cooled cpu cooler?
TRUE AM3 backplate question.
ASUS P6X58D Chipset fan ?
Fans for HAF 932
Recommend me a cheap cpu cooler!
Sup high temps on i7 860 (first build)
Air flow control advice please
CPU Fan Idles High
CM Storm Force Fan 200mm modding advise
Fan control advice
Evercold WIC-175s
Phenom II X4 965 users need some advice.
Coolermaster V10
Thermaltake Frio, any good?
Thermalright Venomous X Pressure system?
Please recommend me a thermal paste
[O/C]How to Add LEDs to Your Fans
tough decision!
H50 club?
Xigmatek S1283 Fan Orientation?
7200 rmp cooler?
Top 3 AM3 CPU Coolers?
Thermalright Venomous X - RT Fan clip question?
Noctua D-14 AMD 955BE 3.4ghz
Push/Pull Speeds
Question about gpu cooling and Corsair A70
Sufficient cooling for potential build?
Venomous X weird temperatures?!?!?!?
indigo extreme
Aint these temps too high!!
Northbridge Southbridge cooling
Crosshair 9850b3 and Spin Q oh my
Need a cooling solution
High Temps with Nocuta nh-d14
Will NH-D14 block corsair dominator?
955 getting hot!
how bad is it to get thermal paste on your hand
i7 930 OC with Noctua D14
H70 Review
Help me cool!
south/northbridge cooling. need help finding parts
Ordering a new cooling setup, help me build it!
Cooling my new rig.
Applying thermal paste
Cooler Master V8 or Scythe Katana 3?
3 and 4 pin fans
[O/C]Thermalright Releases New Fanless Heatsink: HR-02
Coolit ECO Radiator Orientation
air cooling help
cooling help needed
The OCF Custom Cooler
MicroATX Heatsink for 4.0Ghz phenom
Teach me to WC
Cooler help for I7 930
New info on the Corsair H70
Too hot passive VGA card. Need a fan somewhere.
Black 120mm Side Case Fan
need some guidance for laptop copper mod
Need Help with Custom Water Cooling Build
overheating problems zotal gf-9300 I-E
H50 is it good? we will see I guess
Anything to worry about?
Need help with my I7-860
My DDR3 caused my CPU temps raising high. Any solution?
AMD vs. Intel CPU Temps
is this cooling enough for E8400?
Snazzy Fans, No Performance Loss - How to Add Your Own LEDs
Aftermarket Heat sinks.... for laptops.
Fan Controller Questions
CPU Fan control
CPU is being underclocked at 50C
TIM on CPU and HSF?
Thermaltake Lvl 10 cpu cooler
Quick Question.. PWM fan.
looking to replace my cpu fan
Exposed size of chip
Coollab Liquid Pro
Best heatsink on the market at this time?
Cooling help
ASUS P6TD Deluxe i7 930 air cooling
Designing Better Airflow with Antec Nine Hundred Two
Does AS5 Lose Its Effectiveness With Time?
ZEROtherm NV120 + fan controller?
Enzotech Extreme-X Rev.A 120mm
Mugen 2 rev.B vs V8
Push/Pull air cooler question.
Is this air cooler that bad?
i7-930 overclocked 4ghz cooling question
How cool should my i5 be before overclock?
CPU Coolers (Air Cooling)
First time builder 2nd fan question.
need help with cooling 5870 rog
My i5-750 temp is too high?
Xiggy DK to Better heatsink?
ic diamond 7 abrasion ?
Thermalright ultra 120 extreme
NEED HELP Thermal Paste Application
VGA Cooling Question
Monitoring Temperatures
Case Airflow question
i7 930 Air Cooling
Venomous X RT question
Need to find red led (exaust fan)
50$ to spend
Fan controller problems
amd phenom 9650 x4 temps
Did I install my VX properly?
Request for help Megahalems Crosshair IV install
Laptop fan control?
Zalman CNPS10X Extreme + P5E Deluxe
High temps - i7 920 DO in Raven RV02 case with tons of good fans! wtf?! - pics
a good am2 cpu heatsink?
New round of testing coming.
Bored and its the weekend.. use AC to cool PC?
Ghetto Laptop Cooling
Stock HSF cooling temp?
endothermic reaction
Need help cooling CPU plus ive gotta cool idea.
A/C good for pc?
Best CPU coolers with attached/integrated fans?
i7 920@4200mhz C0/C1 - load temps question
Good days work with the Thermalright TRUE Black 120 rev C
cpu heatsink on a hdd
Stock cooling always fails
Heat Calculation Related problem. URGENT
Cooling an i7-860
PWM Fan Controller
Weight VS Performance Research
Scythe YASYA vs. Orig. Ninja
How is this CPU cooler?
Upgrading Heatsink and not sure what to go with.
Slot exhaust fan under GPU
Can't adjust fan speed, AT ALL.
Pure Copper vs Aluminum
Ideal RPM/CFM for a CPU Heatsink Physics Question : P
Stock Intel i5 750 Heatsink/Fan
Wich case fan to get? pic included
Silent Fans or Speed Controlled?
how to improve cooling in Antec P183
Laptop Cooling options
Air cooling
Looking for a new cooling system for my gaming rig
Gap under heatsink
[O/C]Cooler Master V6GT
where's the sensor?
Ahhhh okay LAST Thread, I SWEAR!! lol!!
Don't know what cooling system for my 800D.
best heatsink for a amd phenom x6?
Best performing CPU Cooler under 140mm in height
Do I need cooling for this setup?
My Results with the KingWin XT-1264 Budget Cooler
Rawr, nerdrage, just broke the pins on my HDT-S1283
Best CPU Cooler under 150mm in height to fit in an Azza Solano
help with fan controller mod
Prolimatech MK-13?
Something in between H50 and TRUE
what cooler should I get??
For those of you with a Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. B
Thermalright Venemous X
[O/C]Testing HS Temperatures with the Tenma Data-Logging Dual Thermocouple
i7 930 Megahalems Prolimatech Rev B High Temps?
Good or bad cooler?
Cooler Master v8 and included intel retention plate
Noctua NH-D14 vs. Thermalright Venomous X
Need a quiet sink for a i7 860
What CPU cooler should I get?!?!
Interchangeable fans?
Installed Mugen-2 cooler
CPU Cooling for Antec 900 II case
Cupboard as CASE
Fan or Liquid cooled??
NZXT Sentry 2?
Best Passive Heatsink.
Boring but really good basic knowledge about fan !
What is the correct way to apply thermal paste onto heatsink?
Free High Flow Bracket!!!
h50 isnt bad suprisingly
Need help with push/pull install of Hyper 212+!
Tuniq TX-4... might be something to buy?
Sharkoon Golfballs
Zalman CNPS10X Extreme or Venomous X???
Tuniq T 120 Extreme: Help!
Phenom 965 too hot even on corsair a50 cooler?
Radeon HD5870 cooling
H50 Mod Again.. (sorry)
Just installed Venomous-X
Powering 11 case fans
High speed 190CMF Delta for quiet pc
Socket 604 cooler
[O/C]NZXT Releases External Touch-Screen Fan Controller
CPU Cooling
Thermalright Venomous X - RT and COOLER MASTER V8
The Cooler Master V6GT arrives
zalman reserator????
Cooler & case fan for a i5-750-powered new rig
[O/C]Water-Cooled Router Mod Tutorial
Good Factory Mount AMD Cooler?
Watercooling First time
CoolMaster V8 ~~~
Choosing Rheostat and Schematics
Ram Cooler
New case to buy
Megahalem in Antec 1200
Thermaltake Frio
Yet another TRUE question.
New to OCing - Too hot?
power fan not working?
Cooler Master V6 or H50
Could you please help with my airflow plan? H50 push/pull, 920, HAF 922
Problem with installing coolermaster TX3 pins
Corair H50
Haf X extra fans
Accelero Xtreme 5870
Thermaltake Frio too big!
cooling fans
cooling fans
Scythe Mugen 2 rev b in Antec 300
Artic freezer 7 pro rev 2 vs SCYTHE Mugen 2 rev B
Cooling the all system
H50 Mod
Themperature probe & fan controller
Thermalright Spitfire - any known compatible cases?
Can you run two loops on one pump/resv?
Ninja II rev. B - right choice of fan = a few degrees colder?
my coolermast R4 fan review ( vid )
My new air cooling beast.
Arctic Silver MTX?
[O/C]65 Fans Tested on a Megahalems
New Silver arrow and HR-02 from Thermalright
Looking for a low profile passive heatsink for an i3-540.
Thermaltake frio
Heat sink cooler for Phenom II 955 BE
Trouble finding bracket for Zalman
Questions about i7-930 w/ TRUE!!
Fans on high-end air cooling
Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro rev 2
help on water cooling demensions
Low profile heatsink LGA1156
CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series CWCH50-1
new addition to my case ( pics)
What grease? Using a TRUE
Just want opinions on my temps.
Drilling holes on my notebook?
Nice Email from EVGA
Which Cooler Should i buy?
Graphics Card - Which fan to use?
Corsair's next water cooler
Cooling my i7 930
Prolimatech Megahalems + 2 fans, temps okay?
heatsink fan not running
New build need heatsink + fan suggestions.
Corsair D800 case arrived!
different readings from temp software
Can 12v based fan be converted to PWM type?
i7 930 low profile heatsink
which one of the cpu coolers shall i buy? opinions please?
Which fans should I connect to the motherboard?
Cooling the CoolerMaster HAF 922
Lian-Li v351b + g.skill ripjaw and heatsink recommendations
Cooling problem
Noctua D14 too big for case
TIM for Motherboard Heatsinks
So i was trying a new video card cooling profile...
help finding a fan
Uneven core temps on i7...ok?
Fan splitters? I have two different opinions, need help
120x120x20mm system fan!?!?
H50 Radiator Rear Case *Intake*
2 120mm fans over GPU stock cooler, which will be better?
which Ram cooler?
Official IC Perihelion Test Results Thread II
CPU Heatsink Comparison
Need help about applying thermal paste!!
What size cooler fits?
Pre-Applied MX2. Remove or keep?
Fan speed with PSU
Really disappointed with my new CoolerMaster V8!
Hyper 212+ Push-Pull + Case Fan
Help with some heat issues for a new computer
which way should side fans blow?
Fan preference?
i7 920 just loves to run hot...
Annoying Fan
Corsair H50, Therm Venom X, Noctua up12
Anything better than Arctic Silver 5
Dell 5 Pin Fan connector
Thermal Sensors
How long does AS5 last?
ArctiClean Performance Issue
I think my 965 is running too hot. Help please.
GPU cooler?
Which Temperature Monitor Do You Prefer?
Socket Question
Antec 300 case build need advice please
best way to lower the ambient temperature?
GPU Running very hot
Good PWM Fan Controller?
Stock coolers?
[O/C]CoolIT ECO Doubles Radiator Size
HDT architecture-between disappointment and miracle
E8400 3.6ghz idling at 60 C
Cpu cooler on fsb possible?
Sensors not giving me readings in Gigabyte mobo and fans question
CM Hyper 212+, CM V8, or Noctua NH-U9B SE2?
North Bridge fan?
Anyone here using H50 and CM 690 case?
Newbie questions about Cooler Master Hyper 212+
Best air option for HTPC case?
Super Cooler For Laptop
What do you use for temprature testing?
Thermal Pads
I Was Board So I Moded My Laptop To Be 10-15 Degree's Cooler :)
First time build; liquid cooling vs other methods - advise needed
San Ace(Sanyo Denki) vs. Scythe
I need an adult!
whats the best air cooler?
Antec Three Hundred Case-Would this Antec PSU "fit"ok
Help-computer shut down-now won't boot-OC Failure?
Fan Connections
Do these VenomousX Temps look normal?
Cooloer to get I750 to 4 GHZ
TMPIN1 Shows As 92' Is That To High?
Tuniq 120 + PII X4 940 questions
Noctua NH-D14 cpu cooling fan vs. Corsair H50 liquid cooling??
Are Tempest Evo case Fans worth the money to replace with Noctua fans?
Corsair H50 water cooler review
MD-7327 Stock cooling
Rear fan for hot HDDs?
1090t plus 5870x2 cooling options?
Accessing SMBus on DDR2?
Memory Cooling
where to get used parts
xigmatek XLF-F1256
water cooling vs tec
Warm day = Running Cooler!!!
Can you cool a graphics card using convection currents?
Question about 4 pin fan headers on motherboard
Question about Dry Thermal Paste
Akasa EVO 120 V1 On AM2+
SLI 470 on air info, just to help ya
is this enough?
HR03 or Spitfire with TRUE?
Twisting Venomous X
HD4850 might have cooling issues (black screen when it reaches 100C)
GTX480 full loading at 66 degrees running furmark
Budget gamer 10 fan system
Phenom X4 9950 BE cooling issues
Unever Core Temps
Wall socket cooling fans?
65 fans, 112 setups compared on Megahalems
San Ace confusion..please help
Socket LGA1156 Motherboard Backplate
H50 vs Aquagate mini 120
Chipset TIMs
Decent fan controller for San Ace 1011?
okay corsair h50 temps
Those with TRUE 120 or Venomous X, I need your help ASAP!
$30 Cooler takes on i7-930
What difference a different heat sink makes
i7 930 + Cooler Master N520 - Troubling temperatures
Hack XP-90c to s1366?
apogee GTZ
Need some new fans...
[O/C]Cooler Master Vortex Plus Heatsink
ICD7 or OCZ Freeze
Fan Controller install ?
i7 930 temps
PWM fans with 3-pin fan controller
Air flow in Antec 900/902
First hack at DT temps sticky. Hack away!
You guys are awesome
passive cooling for 5870!!
TRUE + Dominator RAM. Would it fit?
High Amperage Fan Controller that can handle Deltas
H50 & ECO Comparison (Part 2 0f 2)
H50 & ECO Comparison (Part 1 of 2)
GELID vs Noctua (Fans)
Corsair H50 vs TR Venomous X?
Building new computer. Help!
Good dashboard style monitoring software?
Water/Liquid Chillers?
H50 Fans
Fan recommendation for Megahalem
[O/C]Thermalright Venomous X
Recommended heatsink for the i7 930
Noobie here, can't decide which cooler to buy
Thermalright for GTX480
High end air cooler or low end water cooler??
heat issues?!
Core i7 860 - are temps OK?
venomous x or NH-D14
Need a new quiet CPU cooler
65 fans, 112 setups
i7 930 - Temps and monitor program
Please help design my cooling solution
Case fans powered from wall socket
Here it is the fastest PWM Fan in the world....
Need some help plz.
Learning the Cooling Buzz - Shying from the "HMMMM"
Question on mounting a Venemous-X or other Thermalright that use the sme bracke
Multiple PWM case fans - this easy?
High Temps with thermalrite 120 and i7 930
If it fits AM2 does it fit AM3?
Drobo Challenge
no space for proper exhaust fan
Need CPU cooling advice
Good air cooler for my microATX i5 mobo?
Speed sensor for 4 pin antec fan
CPU Cooler for Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7
Noctua NH-14 Space Req.
Huge Heatsinks + Vertical Case
laptop overheating
coolmaster HAF 932 + scythe ninja 2
[Lamptron Product News] FC6 goes public!
Heatsinks for X58 IOH
How welcome is heat output from your PC?
problem with computer cooling
Best i7 1366 CPU Cooler?
Advice on a CPU cooler/heatsink with the case and motherboard situation
quiet this fan
What to do buy a corsair h50 or keep stock cooler (AMD 6 core build).
CM Hyper 212 Plus
Prolimatech Armageddon CPU Cooler
gentle typhoon question
Booting Processor with No Thermal Paste (Air Cooling)
question about push&pull corsair h50 and thermal paste
Asus P6X58D-E and Lamptron FS-5 Fan Controller
200m fan for antec? help please :)
How long to run Prime95?
Trying to monitor and control CPU fan, but cannot find software to do so.
Heatsink recommendations
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro rev 2 with i7 930 problem
Micro ATX Case-Am I going to get much better than I already have? 92 MM Fan
im using a scythe ninja
Building PWM Controller for 4 wires PWM fan
Very Weird Problems-Installing Cooljag Falcon II 1156
Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. B, Which FANS ?
Freezer 7 pro on a Socket 1156
Fx-60 CPU Cooler
Apogee XT Barb?
Video card cooler