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First H20 setup FILL HELP!!!
KT266 Cooling Must Read
Is my math right?
case temps/water cooling config
been gone. whats the latest on cpu coolers?
MBM5 question
temp question??
Watercooled Northbridge?
Need cave man advice..
Can you change a fan's internal wattage?
Using a stock P4 heatsink for ramsinks
Idea for using spare equiment in a watercooling setup
Suggestion if you buy the AX478
AGH! Temps going weird! Help!
New to Peltier
Simple way to increase turbulance?
Are There Any Complaints About Digi Doc
Why can I only see some temps? Help
Think I know my problem, but . . .
lapping methods
asus a7v133 vs a7a133 = 15c
HELP! I need cooling!
What is the best liquid for a WC setup?
It's too HOT! She can't take much more of this, cap'ain!
Hardware temp sensors on mobos. I have a ?
Rheostats for a Delta
Water cooling parts
Two different tempurture readings?
Rheostat or new fan???
Fan help!
Fan help!
--Rheostat for wall plugin?--
Tt Ramsinks Question
newb + h2o
best 1u cooler for a g4ti4400
New To WaterCooling ... Need Advice
A Good Scare
Volcano 7+ Temps Higher than Stock ?
soldier aluminum?
them holes in the mobo
Why a AX7 w/ a 50CFM Sunon and AS3 Kicks ass
4 pelts + 6 radiators + 9 fans + 4 pumps= Ghetto monstrousity
As3 ?
motorcycle radiator, ok or not?
Worried about your high TEMP? Maybe your board reads the ON DIE sensor
question about fan lubricant..
just to see if i am heading the right way
What kind of heatercore & where do i get them??
refridgerated case with peltiers?
Wow, first section to break 100k post! :D
Duron Hot???
Will a Blue orb cool this...
wow that was a close one...
best p4 cooler??
CPU Temp Ratio
What is the difference bewteen Arctic Alumina Adhesive & Arctic Silver Epoxy?
Quick questions...fans...what power cable to use?
worn out coolies
wonder if this would work
The weirdest decision I've ever made...
My new Athlon XP2000+ running at 62C??? what the...?
Mgm 5
actic silver-alumina question
Aqua 1300 "how long is to long?"
Interesting info on Pump sizes + flow rates
Waterblocks: Why a block?
Northwest Falcon running at 61c
Athlon XP Temp ??
Temp Moniters
Idea for WC
DangerDen Blue Acrylic Reservoir Mini-review
Bad Temps
Alpha PAL8942
Stability Question
Quiet fan for XP 2000
good resevoir and a ps issue
water pump
what do you think??
cheap TEC case air conditioning ?
Need quiet fan 120mm for heatercore.Very quiet.
Dessicant cooling attempt
Control Fan Speed
update: radiator cleaning
good, quiet, cheap fan from newegg.
How Much do Air Bubbles Effect Water Cooling
This looks interesting -thermotunnel technology-
Where can i get some good ram sinks
Where can i get just the CPU water jackets!?
Athlon XP 1900+ Temp Too High
Darn weather...
--Swifty MCX462 + Shuttle AK31??--
safe temperatures for athlon xp 1800?
Dragon Orb 3 and 8KHA+
Air trap for water cooler
Heatsink piped to a radiator
AX-7, Which fan to buy for it???
Very Confused!
Akasa Silver Mountain Vs CAK 38 II
AVC Sunflower vs. Alpha PAL8942
PAL8942 w/ Sunon 39CFM fan OR ThermalTake Variable Speed Control fan????
Double loop WC idea
what one do i need?
how do i do it?
Bonding Lexan to aluminum
informative pump article
Weird idea....
air cooling
Anyone ever watercooled a laptop?!?!!?!?
Innovatek WC kits
Effective air cooling method?
Pump noise
Alpha PAL for 478pin P4a? Any good?
Volcano 7
hey hey
Maxijet 1200 or Ehiem 1250
need a program to monitor cpu temp
Pumps in Parallel
Too hot?
Aqua 1300
Gemini vs maze3, black ice extreme vs rest, etcetc
Black Ice Extreme
Upgraded from SK6 to AX-7
Will this type of silicone hose work for cooling?
Cooler Temp when OC'ed
Tygon Tubing
how long of a wait..
Wow, my case makes a lot of noise!
How do I attach a sensor for direct die temp monitoring?
Video card & peltier?!?
A7V333 Temps
Iron Hawk's Watercooling Journey
gettin started....
Does water wetter vaporize easily?
Something wierd happened....
Cpu Heat Sinks>
How many GPH is enough?
Shuttle AK35GTR and AX7 Problems ?
Removing thermal paste
Cutting heatsink/waterblock bases??
Dodge Viper QUESTION!!
powering a heater core....
Panaflo fans
Questions about quiet cooling (air)
Air conditioning is cool...
cheap, but rather weak pelts.
Temperatures in a Water-to-Air Hybrid Cooling System
Looking For Love. . .errr. . .Sandpaper
Check temps
water pump comparison: eheim1250 vs eheim 1048
Xp Tmps
How to make a Water Block Clamp?
Watercooling help
Is it safe to replace the fan in a standard power supply with a low noise 1500 rpm?
video card cooling
too the peeps with bad cpu temps
Got It!
Building a radiator
ZALMAN 5005 Copper +
BEST!! Socket-A heatsink????????????
Brass or Aluminum
Welcome to California!
warranty stickers getting in way of thermal transfer?
Watercooling a Lian Li PC-65
MY modified WC setup, new block preview.
Want to recommend me a fridge?
Pluggin the TT 6cu+ into the mobo?
Which P4 Cooler?
Question about Panaflo fans..
Waterblock gap
Might Leave Watercooling
Anyone used Speedfan to change fan speed on a P4 board?
How can I monitor all 6 of my fans RPM?
Swiftech HS with only 32 CFM?
Which FAN has BEST CFM at about 34dB???!! HELP!
Who here uses bongs for cooling?
water pump
What happened????
CPU heatsink/fan recommendation
Newbie Water Block Building Materials Question
the importance of chipset cooler
Ideas for an extra fan...
3/8, 1/2 whats easier
Water setup
Bong cooling under ambient?
ax-7 heatsink
Much happier with my AX7 now
Any Case Fan reccommendations?
socket A mounting holes demensions?
Innovatek H20 kit. How hard is it to add GPU block?
What should I do with an 800 cubic feet/minute blower?
very "different" HSF
crystal orb fan problems...
Going to watercooling???
for all of you watercoolers out there, something to look at..
A Few Watercooling Questions
Tt Dragon Orb 478
fan question
Which precaution for extreme cooling?
Great Prices on Cooling related stuff
Air-Trap + Black ICE2 + Z4 = ...
Case Pressure ?
How well do you think this heater core will perform
few watercooling ?'s fridges and electrics
Why I used my faucet water to cool CPU
My Heat sink design....
celeron 1200 heatsinks recomendations?
where to buy: watercooling
AX7 Un-Installation
running without case-panel
Swiftech P4 water kit install P.1
Oh, the woes of designing a waterblock (metallurgy)
Dunno whats going on
Crystal Orb Mount Finished
Combination of Metals
Is too much Cooling a Problem?
Extreme water cooling project
Voltage - Colour Relation of Intel Retail Fan
Cut out factory fan grills omg!
need quiet heat sink for dually
Check this out!
Check this out!
How to post MBM screen shot
CFM info
where to get big fans
Which screws needed to attach Delta 80mm fan (38mm) to Alpha 8942 P4 Heatsink?
New AX-7 on Celeron Tualatin
Black ice Vs Cooler Core Radiator
Gemini's Air-Cooled Reservoir...
check my new chipset block!
what heater cores would you suggest?
got my temps to 26C idle
antec "SMART FAN" psu's
Conflicting temps?
Cooling Ducts
I'm ready for my 1st cooling project
Thermal Right SK8
Delta Screamer + Digidoc
Volcano 7+
Geforce 3 ti500
Peltier cooling? help me plz
Free cooling solution
AX-7 question
Pc going in for surgery
passively cooled p3?
Anyone have experiance with Water Dye?
AS3 hasnt settled
maskedgeek, how did you ever manage to bleed your system?
help with cooling temp
Swiftech Ultra cooling kit
Notebook cooling article
Water Injection Systems For PCs?
epox monitoring system
lowering case temps
Bong re-design, Mist recovery....
dust on the heatsink
How to clean AS off???
cool the water
finished cleaning and soldered barbs on heatercore!
Asus A7v133 have temp sensor?
DBa measuring tool; any suggestions?
eheim 1048 - unthreaded 3/8" outlet?
what is the relationship in cooling between temperature and voltage.
Handy Tips For UltraQuiet Long Lasting Fans
226W vs 220W pelt
has everyone seen this
Help finding a 92 to 80 fan adapter
old Kryotech upgrade to P4 ??
alpha spacer
Fan Wiring
does this look ok ...
How is my cooling duck?
How do i attatch a gemini on an abit board?
thermal paste or no paste?
Athlon 1900 Running at 52C Idle
Quick shim question...
The point of no return
open W/C setup
fan filter
Just ordered a Thermalright AX478
Temps same with side panel ON/OFF?? Whats this mean?
H2O: Teflon not working, pump slowly leaking
Dr. Thermal Heatsink
will as3 settle?
something i found while surfing
Need an opinion on HDD cooler
Reasonable Custom Heatsinks!
Major problem, possible cooling issue?!?
Heater core question
Cooling my 423
Maze 3 or Swiftech MCW462 UH
Watercooling Dual Athlon Mps
idle and load test program
I have found the best cooling solution money can buy!!!
does arctiv silver really make that big of a differece?
Question about using an actual water cooler...
TT Volcano 7+ Install Tips
can I rig a compunures type thing to read the thermal diode in an XP?
Looking for the ULTIMATE LOW-NOISE cpu FAN!
Fan RPM readins with a rheostat...
A Water Tower Cooler design, any bad flaws??
Dont control your fans!
Check out my dedication
Vapochill's got competition
Looking for H20 Hoses!
Antec HDD Coolers
Remove the metal guard from your Volcano 7+
Here are my fan specs, what RHEOSTAT do I NEED??? HELP!
sk6 fan size plz help!
Should I use my old T-Bird HSF as a case fan?
danner pump
Where would I . . .
Cooling I/O chips?
artic silver vs alumina
alumina vs silver 3
open W/C setup
Noblesse cooling help
Could five LED's be heating up my case?
Awesome Temps on my 1.4
motherboard being insulated?
need quick advise, how does this look?
Fan for XP 1600+
Athlon 2100, CoolerMaster HHC-001, not overclocked, too hot!!
Silicon Hose
Prime 95
Ultraviolet dye
foam causing inaccurate temp readings?
Where to get parts for a CAK38?
did i buy the wrong waterblock?
GeForce Cooling
feedback on my water cooling system
A good quiet HSF for socket 370 celeron?
acceptable cooling proformance?
what kind of cooling is this?
workin on my bong...
how in the world do i put the fan on the AX7? Please respond ASAP
120mm AC fan question
Just installed AX7
Free Silicone tubing
Guide to silver plating?
Volcano II
newbie to h20 cooling
'Lint free cloth' for AS what do you use?
Lapping question on sandpaper grit
How to reverse fan rotation
Are temps all that matter?
p4 sinks?
YS Tech TMD Fans are here!
Unmetered running water
toilet can help
Rear case fan suck in or blow out?
What is the best order to water cool
Would this method work for reading the AMD onboard diode?
Are these temps a lil high for this heatsink?
Water Cooling Choices..........
Hows this sound?
Delta 38CFM vs Delta 80CFM
what are your air cooling temps?
psu wc = live water?
AX7 arrived yesterday - woohoo!
Do Maxtor D740X drives get hot?
Will 15 more cfm help?
Biostar thermal sensors
AC cooling/firdge cooling
Fan Filters... where to get them?
Rheostat specs for my 120's?
Liquid for water cooling
Prepping a Chevette Heater Core
help overclocking my xp 1700
Where is this fan?
Oh no!
CPU Cooler Market Share?
Going to water cooling, what do you think of this kit?
Are all the stock AMD HSF the same? From Durons to XPs?
where can i get this conductive silver laquer for cheap?
Is active ram cooling really worth the trouble?
cooling ideas?
Newbie questions
Heatercore. . vert or horiz?
Absolutely perfect silent computer...
Typical fan circuitry???
WaterCooling Advice
Vid Cooling...
AT PSU donates RAM sinks.
WOT cooling for HDD's
Arctic Silver III vs CoolerMaster Premium Compound
317 GPH Eheim Pump
317 GPH Eheim Pump
Pump question
what are good temps?
Glaciator II or Thermalright AX-7
Cpu Temps
what is the most powerful pump
amd ihs cooling
replaced thermal grease w/ arctic silver and temps gone HIGHER !!??
wiring a rheostat
Hmm... will MBM make its mind up?
Best hardrive cooler at Nexfan.com
liquid cooling options
Help me get a case fan setup!
Watercooling question?
Coolermaster thermal grease or compund
makin sure this is allright for the fan
Err... Which is right?
60mm to 80mm fan adaptor for SK-6
xp1800 heatsink retail good bad ?
How to stop the fan or other noise bothering you
Hi just a question.
MBM recalibrate ?
New PC Temp
Best Method for Undoing Heatsink Clips
Can i use this with my delta ?
Computer case heat problem heating up my room??
MBM % Question ?
the largest <100$ radiator?
Many, many, hole driled water block
56c cpu temp help!!
Can someone tell me what HSF for a slot A
wife said its got to go!!!
Dumb question about fan screws
What HSF should I use with my XP
Swiftech MCXC370
Air cooling
Do you know where I can find one of these?
pelting a 166 pentium to get 200.
Just about to get watercooling set up....
Best HSF?
Artic silver 3?
This story you won't believe
Rheostat on a delta fan ?
Bad Points
FSB and cooling
I know this has been covered before.
Freeze/Lockup Problems
mini-fridge cooling question
Waterblock Designs, Yes, again.
only good use for a SWIFFER
wow home made shim 2C better :)
Never underestimate the power of dust...
Cross your fingers...
quite cooler needed for suggestion for XP2000+
My XP rig is going in for operation
wow the rheostat rules, wow the reostat is HOT
Will my setup be ablE to handle this?
Water Cooling! What is the best?
pump offset from motor
Size doesn't always mena better!
Danger Den's reservoir!
recommended slot a heatsink and grease
o/c'ed P4 temps
Need opinion on 2 HSFs
Ughhhh...10c hike in cpu temp
I cant take the noise anymore!!!
Where to buy waterblock clamp?
(photos) swiftech installed!
Temp sensitive control for AC fans
Water cooling lines with possible organic growth?
Will this really cool my cpu?
Lime in a watercooling setup w/ethilenoglycol
watercooling and noise
ISO AX-7 & Delta 80mm 80CFM
A new kind of heatsink?
Wny are heatsinks so thick?
Put it in a refrigirator?
Was curious if there were any guidelines on installing the gemini waterblock
The Most QUIET h/s + fan combo??
woohoo just hit 9000 with my gf3 ti 200
dbs- dismissing the rumors
good performance, decently quiet 60mm fan
Arctic silver 3
need help on my computer
delta fan noise
Watercooling Noobie!
Delta 68... how loud is it?
thunder bird 1.33 Hot?